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  1. Most of them confuse themselves, one minuite they love them the next dislike them.
  2. The stuff that happened in the laundry room now happens in the downstairs toilet.. lol
  3. Cars A - Z.

  4. Empty Chatbox.

    Maybe better being empty, you don't have to see the same people complaining about the same boring stuff. Does mean you can find something else to do. Bye all.
  5. what does Leora do for a living ?

    Her and Paul will have to grow up sooner or later. God help them if they ever get a Real job.
  6. Yes Or No Game

    No. But couple of my wife's friends are hot. Have you played for sex?
  7. Double Letter Game.

  8. Mira & Henry

    Mira enjoys a good fucking.
  9. Some are actually obsessed with some of them I think and because they pay have the right to be arseholes. Social media accounts that's another thing that needs to be addressed.
  10. Empty Chatbox.

    Some are suppose to be mature men and chat like little girls.. And if talked about my daughter like some of them do, would be the last time. Some of you are a disgrace.
  11. Empty Chatbox.

    It is just the same people chatting about the same Apartments all the time.

    Looks like another one punching above his weight. Must have a big cock. LOL

    Yeah looks like Anna and Alex are visiting new couple.
  14. what does Leora do for a living ?

    Fake masturbating shows.