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  1. She'd have to chip away a layer of crust first
  2. You sink you have bad day; just my ruck!
  3. She's my drug of choice
  4. Asking for a member's ID on is a violation of our rules. If you ask after being told so, you WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED. PLEASE READ THE RULES!!!
  5. is a voyeur site; IT IS not a porn site. Members view the tenants 24/7, just like the sign on the front door says. While we have a few that can translate, for the most part we watch and make assumptions. Please, be an active members within the forum, voice your opinions, make speculations and acussations as freely as you wish. We do however take a dim view on arguing, without proven facts to back these opinions. We also will not tolerate badgering and belittling of other members of the forum. Have fun, enjoy your times with us and be friendly to all!
  6. Is there a distinct possibility that Kitty and Linda are related? They are both just so fuckin gorgeous............ Get on the back burner Leora; there's a better company, and you ain't it, no 'MO
  7. And what does that make the guy she's doing it with? Double standards. It makes the guy a Whore Master. Think about it !!
  8. Look for it.
  9. I wonder why they have an American flag?
  10. I hardly think this episode was structured and manipulated, by any means. These guys virtually raped this girl, even after she said no, repeatedly and.her only true choice of survival was to give in. No one came to her aide. Even Vanessa allowed it to happen. If violence against women is condoned on, then why did they remove Efim and Diana after they had the police at their abode. And why, after seeing Yarik lose all rational composure, were they closed and Taya is now back? Restitution? My guess after seeing these guys at their worst, Someone is in jail and probably will be for quite some time.
  11. OKAY, only one complaint--------- I don't see the world famous, most awesomest, eye poking. glorious, glamourously gorgeous, nipples. I speak of everyone's favorite; SUZAN!!!
  12. with the exception of Elvis........
  13. Consensual sex; Not Rape. WTF? Sex can be fun, as observed by the other tenants of Watch the ones like T&W and O&N. M&S------------They have fun with the sex. That's what we want to see; Not animals out to kill and maim. Those guys would have hurt her if she hadn't given in. Hopefully now they get to be someone's bitch in an 8 X 8. It's really too bad--------Sorry to see the apartment shut down, it looked like an answer to some requests to the Administrators, too.
  14. Do you know why single women are skinny and married women are fat? Single women come home, look in the frig and go to bed. Married women come home, look in bed and go to the frig.