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  1. After seeing the titty suckin and lips kisses..........I have to say; IT sure looks as though she made a couple plow trips through the furrows. Got me wondering how much longer before we see more from them.
  2. Rita says, "But Nuns never do that!!"
  3. (The Image Content is No Longer Accessible)
  4. (The Image Content is No Longer Accessible)
  5. (The Image Content is No Longer Accessible)
  6. 3 oranges and a kiwi in less than 5 minutes; either she is starving, trying to eat all the food before Danaya can have any or SHE IS justa P I G. Remember how the other girls would eat like they were on death row and every meal was their last? NO difference with them here either
  7. ON closer inspection........ it's coming in just fine.
  8. Compare this to Milana's dance routine where she flipped off at the end....