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  1. That is Brilliant.. Lol
  2. No point having the money and nice car if you can't drive worth a fuck.. lol
  3. Mine... Queen Gertie Dubois
  4. God loves a trier.. lol
  5. More over Leora there is a new Queen in town..
  6. They sound a Great couple to watch.. Lol Next time I need a cry might get in my wardrobe, see what it's like.
  7. Think I will join you CowArt.. Starting to dislike RLCF even more... Think some of you need a Job or a Hobby. Give you less time to make up bollocks.
  8. Catlyn is just another wannabe " Cam " model.. Looks like Daniel has serious anger problems and needs a good Slap.
  9. Well Said CowArt... Better Get Ignore finger ready won't last 2mins without someone talking bollocks without proof.. lol