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  1. Club Option Waste Of Time.

    Have made a few just for the craick, but waste of time really if being honest. Hardly anyone uses forum and chats about much there, so not going to chat in club option. Only thing keeping this going is chatbox. Time for a pint
  2. Your Favourite Pizza?

    Mine is Meat Feast
  3. Her and Polya were always going to get on, even better that it seems to annoy some of you lol
  4. 1. Linda 2. Stesha 3. Nelly.
  5. Aloha...

    Awrite @Dazzan good to see you are still with us. Haven't missed much, same shit different year. LOL
  6. Time To Go.

    No need to be Sorry, at least you have an opinion and say what you think.
  7. Time To Go.

    Not sure what the craic is with these two but for your own sanity leave RLC get a job and get on with your life's. Both of you are sooooooo boring. Surprised the animals haven't killed themselves.
  8. Zoya Fan Page

    No-one is perfect in life. But like a few on RLC has many talents but picking men isn't one of them. She should visit specsavers tho lol
  9. Zoya Fan Page

    Good to see her back, hopefully she has killed and buried Lev somewhere. Let's Pray.
  10. what would all the girls do without there cell phones

    They Wouldn't last 2 mins, and that is being nice.
  11. How long has Leora and Paul been on RLC?

    Too Long.
  12. Welcome Tereza. Looking good Shame about your choice of drink lol
  13. Boob Jokes

    Q. What is the origin of the word " Boob "? A. The " B " is the aerial view, the " oo " is the front view, the " b " is the side view. Q. What do you call a woman who adds a third boob? A. A chestnut. Q. What did saggy boob say to the other saggy boob? A. " If we don't get some support here people are going to think were nuts. " Q. What did the bra say to the hat? A. You go on a head while i give these two a lift!
  14. Boob Jokes

    Boy asks his new hot step mother, " What do you feed your baby? " Step mother: " Milk and orange juice. " Boy: " Which side is orange juice? "
  15. Fan Page Helen

    Bye Helen. Another pretty one but God boring as fuck.
  16. Maya Fan Page

    Had to do something to keep them in the game lol and roof over there head. Would have booted there ass years ago. jmo
  17. 9/10 same shit different day. More chance of winning the lottery than seeing girls in B1 or B2 fucking anyone. lol

    Anna is dirty, always has a hand between her legs my kinda girl
  19. Boob Jokes

    Q. What do you call the space between Pamela Andersons breasts? A. Silicon Valley. Q. Why did god give women boobs and nipples? A. To make suckers out of men! Q. What do you call the patch of hair between an old ladies tits? A. Her snatch.
  20. Top 5 Favourite Films.

    1. Man On Fire 2. Die Hard 3. Enter The Dragon 4. The Warriors 5. Dumb & Dumber
  21. another comlaint about hiding

    Yeah i know just having a laugh. Hiding and undercovers bollocks has been going on for years and moaning/complaining about it does fuck all. Sooner some of you get use to it the better.
  22. mayas new awakeing

    About time she got rid of that waste of space.
  23. Don't give a fuck anymore.

    Haven't been on either RLC or RLCF recently, find both are getting boring and waste of time. Seems a lot of the old school members have had enough too. Try and catch up when i can. Have Fun
  24. another comlaint about hiding

    Nothing wrong with a good moan once in a while lol.
  25. Getting Your Dick Wet ( No Chance ) lol

    Nicole Fair play. Say what you want about her, at least she has the balls to do anything.