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  1. Masha and Sasha Fan Page

    (Video Content No Longer Available) this is 40 minutes of the swinger session
  2. Sex Party

    great upload, just wish there was volume
  3. Adriana Masturbation

    no she played for a little while under the covers earlier today
  4. Paul Going Crazy??

    i saw paul was naked in the kitchen did they have make up sex
  5. Paul Going Crazy??

    there is a picture posted above that shows her in tears running to the bedroom
  6. Nelly & Bogdan

    OMG! i am so happy that nelly is back she is smoking hot!
  7. Nina and Kira Fan Page

    i just wish they were a bit more sexual towards each other
  8. Zoya Fan Page

    i think zoya and leora should move in together and just have their solo fun!
  9. Paul Going Crazy??

    they might even end up throwing them out for good, i would hate to see that happen
  10. Paul Going Crazy??

    i wonder if RLC will step in and shut their apartment down for what he did to her today.
  11. Paul Going Crazy??

    WOW! what a fucking cock, he is such a loser. no wonder she strays from him all he does is sit and fuck around on the computer, while she cleans, cooks does damn near everything. if i was her i'd grab that dumb guitar and sneak up behind him when he was on the computer and bash the fuck out of him with it
  12. fake posts...

    if you jump on here every day and read through the forums and get in on the conversation it doesn't take much to get to 25. unless i misread the new rules for here
  13. Paul Going Crazy??

    WOW! i missed all of the craziness! i just jumped on here did they make up after the fight

    all of this girls are so much fun to watch and they look so damn young
  15. Leora and her female guest

    it would be so much fun to see her with another women, i bet she would love it