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  1. Top Knot and his woman are gone. Now Masha & Sasha have another couple there now. Are they just Guests or another Couple to have fun with?
  2. That's Sabrina. Carina has the Butch look.
  3. RLC was Cracking Down on everyone long before the Replay Feature came along.
  4. If she had to pay for the Water Consumption she likely would not be doing that type of thing. But since she doesn't have to pay, it likely doesn't matter to her how much she uses.
  5. She'll be gone at the end of the Month.
  6. Good Candidates for Listeria.
  7. I believe this is the picture in Question. The Code was left in the Bottom Left Corner.
  8. The next
  9. Please be respectful and only post positive comments. Welcome Linda and Tibor
  10. She won't be a bore much longer. In 4 days she is heading home. Then Nicole will be moving from B1 over to B2.
  11. There is no Free Room in Kamila & Kristy's Apartment. It's all Premium.