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  1. RLC Videos are all over many tube sites. RLC has an impossible task at getting each and every one of them. Tube Sites also get DMCA Takedown Notices but most of them just remove the link change the name of the Title and place it back on the Server again. It's just a continuous circle. I don't exactly know how much RLC pays the DMCA to Issue Removal Notices but the process is not cheap. I always classify it as Free Advertising but RLC (Tech Fashions Inc.) just doesn't see it the same way.
  2. If a Third Party Host is used for uploading they have no reason to come after the Reallifecamfan Servers. The DMCA Takedown order will be issued to the Site where they Upload was done from.
  3. Stesha is being a Good Girl in the Morning
  4. Maybe by tomorrow she'll wake with that Burning Feeling. Not very smart on her part having unprotected sex. The guy only lasted about 3 Minutes but at least he got something.
  5. The good thing about CasaHot is the Participants change on a Monthly Basis to what I have been told.
  6. Attention All Hero Members Effective Saturday July 15,2017: Any Hero Membership that has been Inactive for a Period of 6 Months or Longer will be set back to Member Status. It is Imperative if you wish to keep your Hero Membership Status is to keep it Active. You must be Logged into the System Online. Signing in Appearing Offline (Anonymous) does not Register as being Active. You must be Physically Online where the System Recognises that you are signed into the System. The reason for this is because we have Paid Members that pay $12 Per Year for Access to all Features & Benefits of the System and a Hero Member gets the same Benefits without ever having to pay. Any Inactive Hero Memberships set to Member Status on July 15,2017. or after will be required to pay the $12 Per Year Membership to Gain any Further Access to the Full System Features and Gallery Content that are included with the Paid Membership.
  7. I think she only seems to clean the place when they are expecting any company over.
  8. Smoking Pussy
  9. This was the same Picture that you had posted I just copied it over to this spot to show you about the ID Code in the bottom left corner. There is a workaround. I'll send you a PM explaining as I won't tell in Open Forums how to do it. RLC has big ears.
  10. Gina should not be there for much longer either.
  11. They have Blocked Your IP Address for Posting a Picture with the Identification Code in the Bottom Left Corner. When the IP is Blocked you'll get nothing but a Static Image. In the Bottom Left Corner of the Picture you can see the ID Code of 7 Characters.
  12. Obviously RLC only cares about the Money. A persons Health seems to be of no concern to them. If they were concerned for her Health she would have been on a Plane and sent home so she could get the Medical Treatment she needs.
  13. She only has a little over 3 weeks left and she'll be gone.
  14. Here's a List of all the Past Apartments of RLC The Archives are not as Extensive on RLCF as it didn't start until sometime in 2014. Vanessa & Marketa (May 13,2017. to May 21,2017.) - Only Tenants of this Apartment then it was closed Vanessa & Thomas (April 28,2016. to February 14,2017.) - Only Tenants of this Apartment then it was closed Carina & Sabrina (January 21,2015. to January 22,2017.) - Martina & Alberto's Apartment Elisa & Fima (October 14,2016. to January 05,2017.) - Linda & Tibor's Apartment Kitty & Smith (October 23,2016. to November 30,2016.) - Julia & Eric's Apartment Suzan & Hector (March 30,2015. to October 01,2016.) - Julia & Eric's Apartment Anezka & Karel (March 29,2016. to September 12,2016.) - Linda & Tibor's Apartment Carla & Mario (July 17,2015. to May 12,2016.) - Desiree & Raul's Apartment Chloe & Joshua (January 14,2016. to February 9,2016.) - Linda & Tibor's Apartment Katka & Lenka (November 30,2015. to January 26,2016.) - Only Tenants of this Apartment then it was closed Lera & Alex (October 28,2015. to December 13,2015.) - Linda & Tibor's Apartment Beatriz & Santiago (September 25,2015. to November 12,2015.) - Only Tenants of this Apartment then it was closed Nora & Kiko (October 1,2015. to October 18,2015.) - B1 Apartment Jitka & Marek (September 13,2015. to September 30,2015.) - Linda & Tibor's Apartment Nora Et al. (September 8,2015. to September 25,2015.) - B1 Apartment Nora, Kamila, & Kristy (November 21, 2014. to September 7, 2015.) - B1 Apartment Taya & Yarik (June 24,2015. to July 21,2015.) - Nelly & Bogdan's Apartment Veronica & Lucas (September 25,2014. to July 1,2015.) - Desiree & Raul's Apartment Alina & Anton (November 26,2012. to June 11,2015.) - Only Tenants of this Apartment then it was closed Polina & Egor (April 6,2015. to April 22,2015.) - Zoya & Lev's Apartment Diana & Efim (June 24,2014. to March 30,2015.) - Zoya & Lev's Apartment Marta & David (August 16,2014. to January 11,2015.) - Martina & Alberto's Apartment Sofia & Roman (May 30,2014. to October 13,2014.) - Nina & Kira's Apartment Katya & Ruslan (May 2,2014. to September 28,2014.) - Dasha & Demid's Apartment Isabel & Marcelo (August 19,2013. to August 24,2014.) - Desiree & Raul's Apartment Alma & Stefan (March 13,2013. to July 3,2014.) - Adriana & Daniel's Apartment Nastya & Zheka - Aka Nora & Kiko (November 26,2012. to May 30,2014.) - Only Tenants of this Apartment then it was closed Lora & Max (November 26,2012. to May 1,2014.) - Only Tenants of this Apartment then it was closed Angela & Valera (February 4,2014. to April 10,2014.) - Dasha & Demid's Apartment Varya & Igor (November 29,2013. to January 5,2014.) - Dasha & Demid's Apartment Ariel & Harvey (March 13,2013. to August 14,2013.) - Desiree & Raul's Apartment Elena & Artur (February 17,2013. to July 4,2013.) - Maya & Stepan's Apartment Lina & Mark (January 2,2013. to June 26,2013.) - Leora & Paul's Old Apartment Gia & Ian (January 5,2013. to March 5,2013.) - Desiree & Raul's Apartment Ana & Danna (January 8,2013. to February 27,2013.) - Adriana & Daniel's Apartment Olga & Sergey (November 26,2012. to February 17,2013.) - Maya & Stepans Apartment Maria & John (November 26,2012. to May 15,2013.) - Leora & Paul's Old Apartment I'll check the Archives and see if I can dig up the Locations of these Apartments
  15. Same to you Booffer Happy Canada Day.