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  1. Instead of leaving she has moved to the best bedroom as Lola has moved to B2 sharing the big bed with Anna. I am simply bored of her as nothing new or interesting. She doesn't even sit around airing her 'gina like a couple of months ago
  2. When it was reported that Rose was packing just not her belongings but also food, towels and bedding I would have put a bet on either B3 appearing or B2 relocating given the issues with the neighbours and the police appearing. However it seems she is away from RLC for at while at least. Much suggested she was genuinely into girls but, as Iloner says above, despite constantly trying could not get any real response. Should she be back again hopefully RLC can match her with another genuinely les or bi girl without strings attached.
  3. I have posted similar comments before, particularly since the change in RLCF ended the chat room ( shout box ) history. I don't want to see pages written but it would be good to see a few lines summarizing what was actually seen when anything interesting and/or significant happens.
  4. Rosie will keep trying but I think no more likely than seeing one of these
  5. Interesting ..... where & when was this? I can't match it to anywhere in B1 or B2.
  6. They do make mistakes though particularly after a few drinks and use a real names. This has helped those members who are either clever, lucky or have lots of free time find VK, Instagram etc accounts.
  7. If Julia is going sit here the furniture rearrangement is a disadvantage for RLC viewers. Edit:- Here is fine though Eric just tried to play with the kitty but got fended off .....
  8. Earlier was just getting in the mood to go out. Gina went braless. Polya mixed up drinks for their walk into the city. We can only hope they have fun but don't go OTT again.
  9. Gina and Polya are back to partying. In a while we will know if they are staying in or just preloading and getting in the mood to hit the city. Which ever all the speculation that Gina would have left by now and new girls arrived seems to be wrong.
  10. Since I looked in mid-afternoon in the chat room there has been much speculation about what might have happened since they returned when the clubs closed but no proof or even combining the sequence of events near certainty. Gina seems to be able to bounce back after all night clubbing / partying and drinking but maybe the last two nights have caught up with her and why she is subdued now.
  11. Iloner, I too expected more. One key difference now is that she is with girls who are less easily directed. Last year when B2 opened generally she could control the girls to be interesting to RLC viewers. She also may have realised there is no or little benefit to her for putting in more effort. I signed out last night about 00:30 LT. I'm guessing by the lack of comments after then nothing of great interest happened. As I post this B1 seems empty. Did the guy leave with his case?
  12. Sadly Violetta didn't get to grips with the RLC theme. Watching a girl gradually relax and open up is far more interesting than one who is down to skimpy undies in a couple of days and often naked or a robe but no undies after a couple more. Her day on the beach getting baked didn't help but when no change into the third week it seemed unlikely it was going to happen. She spent a lot of time alone too but her choice as the others seemed to try and encourage her to mix in. Last night after scotch and coke she clearly became relaxed. I had to sign out around 00:30 LT so didn't see how the party progressed. I hope she is happier back home, or wherever she has moved on to.
  13. This thread was started 25 February so Gina's total time is over 90 days which is a first for the Barca apartments. Ukraine have introduced biometric passports so a Visa is no longer required for travel to most of Europe but the 90 day rule for business, tourism or family purposes till applies. Of course we don't know what documents she holds, dual citizenship is a possibility but also remember she knew the twins Lia and Mia outside of RLC. For me the interest in the Barca apartments has been the changing girls, how friendships develop and how they become relaxed in the RLC environment. Mostly after 60 days we do not see anything new. The same applies to returning girls unless they develop a close friendship / relationship with a girl they have not been with before. The reason for so many returning may well be RLC failing to recruit new girls. Most who have posted here have listed a girl they would like to return but equally would probably be happy with all new girls so long as they have the same appeal. If the same group do continue to rotate and/or some stay beyond 90 days for me the interest in RLC will decrease.
  14. Whoops. My counting was way out. From 8 March to 21 April is 44 days. Now is around 75 days so presuming a 90 day visa 15 or so days left. Regardless while I only see the thumbnails of B2 I don't seemed to have missed much. She still doesn't seem to be able to organise anything nor know when others want privacy, or at least do not want her company.
  15. I found RLC just before they left so only saw them a few times, and I was still understanding the background to RLC, but did see intimate activity in their main room once. I too support a return.