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  1. My calculations are that for Irma 90 days will be up next weekend. However 60 days will be up for the twins first as they arrived 30th January. If Irma is on a trip there is the possibility that they are leaving before Irma is back for a final couple of days.
  2. From what I saw Belle, Gina and Stella drank most of two bottles rose sparking wine and one either white wine or Martini ( or similar ). They had the first bottle earlier while Alex brought the second rose and the white. Irma had one glass of the white / Martini. I saw Stella open the second rose bottle and divide it into 3 glasses around 00:30 LT. I stopped watching around just before 01:00 and all looked fine then. Possibly by the time Belle was home combined with the food, maybe a bad choice on top of the drinks, it then hit her. The food could have been bad but if so the reaction was very quick. Yesterday she was at B1 with Irma for several hours then they went out together late evening. Stella was around for a while but went out alone earlier. When the B2 girls are at home they are mostly in their rooms. Angelina seems to want to do something different and be out a lot. Gina teams up with Lia and Mia as the triplets as often as possible and they don't really want to mix, only Irma's organisation gets them together from time to time. So Belle only has Irma and Stella to mix with. Remember too things with the triplets got off to a bad start on Belle's first night back when for them Belle's antics the stair rail and the tinsel still up from before Christmas was OTT for them. This showed we are very unlikely to see anything more from the triplets.
  3. For those that didn't see following on from a phone conversation two evenings ago between Alex and Irma, who was essentially the intermediary for Stella, Alex turned up at last nights bodypainting party with a new iPhone for Stella. Money was discussed during the phone call but there is the possibility it was not full payment ...... A couple of weeks ago a phone was dropped in the bath, at the time unsure if Stella's or Irma's. They put it in a bowl of rice to try and soak out the water.
  4. Last night one twin was at B2 with Gina, the other was out and so was Stella hence Irma was alone at B1. Belle dressed then went out turning up at B1. Alex arrived too. They did some baking. Alex briefly had Belle alone for a cuddle as well as with Irma. Alex left. Belle seemed very happy dancing and jumping around. One twin then returned. Alex arrived again perhaps an hour later. Alex briefly had a cuddle as with the twin. Irma quickly dressed casual then she and Belle with out with Alex around midnight local time taking the baked cakes with them. From the chat room posts today Belle was back at B2 around 01:40 and Irma at B1 just after 02:00. The posts describe both of them as sober and sad. I wondered how long before Alex appeared when Belle was around. Sober we know from Milena she will not be led into something she doesn't want to do. However I'm sure Alex is much more subtle and we know Belle can't handle alcohol. I hope once Irma goes we neither see or find out about Alex having contact with Belle.
  5. I too liked Kitty and, as I saw things, the issue was how Smith treated her. As to Efim the event with Diana was before I found RLC and the use of the belt with Annabel IMO went much too far but with the antics on the sofa at Nelly & Bogdan's I wasn't so surprised that they got an apartment. That is not to say I agree with him back though. So far from what I have seen he seems to have behaved but they have been far less active than expected given how they were at N&B's.
  6. After all we saw last year of their relationship the return of Kitty & Smith has to be the biggest surprise this year so far on RLC. I hope they really have sorted things out so we never see similar again.
  7. I saw last night / this morning up to Belle arriving and the opening the boxes UV lamps. Why do they start all this past midnight local time? I guess the lamps and UV paints were bought by RLC, maybe Nora arranged them. Did anything significant happen beyond them all getting painted, dancing around for a while in the dark so cameras switched to Black&White then clean off's in the showers. Was there any significant intimacy in the showers? I guess Gina stayed over with the twins and Belle with Irma or Stella or on the sofa. As Iloner says above the limit of the triplets is dancing around topless. Occasionally LIa & Mia come down naked but it never lasts while I can't recall seeing Gina downstairs in B1 bottomless or similar comments at B2. Gina seems she will drink but the twins at most one glass. From the chat room postings last weekend it seems the comments that killed the atmosphere on Belle's first evening about her behind her back but not made quietly enough were because having loosened up with a few glasses of fizz she was sliding on the stair rail, as captured on one of the grabs I uploaded, then took off the tinsel and played with it. Jess I recall put it up with the lights that are still there and Christmas is long gone. It is not as if the twins had just put it up and Christmas was yet to come. Yes Belle was tipsy but no more. If to the triplets that was OTT there is no chance of seeing any more. When Belle changed into a one-piece costume I thought there was a good chance of her loosing it later. As it was all we got was an escaping nipple. Had the group been Belle, Irma, Stella, Jess I'm sure the party would have carried on and Belle stayed over. Irma is about out of options. I think we can write off anything more with a twin or Gina. When one twin was going out alone I thought there was a chance. Stella is still a possibility if they both have several drinks and no one else dampens the atmosphere. Assuming Irma is on a 90 day visa she has about 2 weeks left. B2 is dead. From all I see through the fuzz Belle and Gina mostly keep to their rooms. When the twins visit all three are mostly on Gina's small bed. Only when Irma and Stella visit are most if not all in the lounge. While Angelina has yet to be in for long with Belle the initial signs are not good.
  8. Irma does not seem to have used her We-Vibe many times this visit. I wonder if she has been tracked ......
  9. We must not loose sight of the stark reality that all who have accepted a contract from RLC have done so for the combination of free accommodation and money in the bank so to them it is work. I doubt many, if anyone, who reads this would do what ever they do as a job without receiving what each considers to be a fair rate or at least the typical rate for the job. For a night out these girls have a choice of pay their way in cash or pay some other way. With time on their hands and potentially an uncertain future after RLC the latter means they go home with more money. Likewise swapping time for say store cards means they go home with clothes perhaps not available or very expensive at home without using the money. While we may like to think of them as having morals we consider reasonable, e.g. being skimpily dressed if not nude and ideally enjoying girl-girl intimacy just for fun, I firmly believe that to find out about RLC they must have some prior involvement with the adult entertainment industry. This could be modelling, club hostesses and / or dancers if not anything more hands on. Hence they have already made decisions as to what they are prepared to show and do providing they receive a certain reward. I don't doubt there are long term connections with Irma's family and Alex but only for what they receive. One thought is Irma would rather have this kept private than seen by all who know about RLC. Stella having found what Alex provides in various forms to Irma's family may well have decided she is prepared to do certain things so long as she receives what she considers a worthwhile reward. The twins and Gina perhaps still need to realise the full cost of a night out.
  10. In the kitchen four large prime breasts ....
  11. irma getting intimate and her funbags fondled
  12. A couple of hours after my post above. Photos / video for Alex? Then a while later close dancing with one of the twins. The chair went back in the far corner , although needed there now B2 have arrived.
  13. Just now Irma dragged the chair that has been in the corner farthest from the cameras since Jess arrived to in front of the window. I'm sure one reason Irma liked it in the corner was she could sit with her phone on charge. Will it now stay in this area?
  14. Overall my view too. Posts have stated that Irma and Alex have a Sugar Daddy arrangement. However this needs to be kept outside of RLC and not significantly reduce the time she is in the apartment or affect her behaviour. In addition while no hard evidence I think the others will get more than the things Alex has been see to bring. That is not to say the girls shouldn't go out for whatever reason. Far better that they have a couple of nights out a week and are away for the occasional night then are happy and fun for the rest of the time then just sit around looking glum, bored etc. or are girls who have no motivation. A few grabs from when they came down last night :-
  15. I had forgotten that Irma was still in Barcelona when Stella arrived until the post below my first one.