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  1. Despite what happened in Barca yesterday Polya took her troop out last night, or technically this morning as after midnight. Chat reported Tereza, Regina & Sher came back about 05:00 but Tereza went out again. To a point yes there has to be defiance and life carrying on as normal but was this really wise for 4 foreign girls. Earlier Polya had given Regina and Sher money and they returned with 4 bottles of wine. They then played a board/card game together for a while. Right now, just before 16:00LT, all 4 are heading out. By what they are taking most likely either to a park or the beach.
  2. Right now all four B1 tenants are together in the lounge. Time will tell how often Tereza goes out alone, with Polya and/or Regina and Sher. My initial view is that Tereza will only do things if suits her rather than just to please Polya. Also she will soon realise Polya's motivation is all for her rather than her giving and taking as a true team player does.
  3. Welcome Teneza ! I understand by changes in their rooms that Polya, Regina & Sher had been in the apartment during the UM but once back live Tereza was home alone and had no one to help get at least one case up the stairs. It seems she too is a smoker as she went out on the balcony. At midnight LT she went out. I hope she can bring some viewing interest to the apartment.
  4. Thanks for the correction. I saw non of this as busy making ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's rather my interpretation of the various chat comments. It is a pity a few more don't post on the forum where the detail is permanent rather than soon lost.
  5. Just to complete the Helen chapter when B1 came back from UM all her luggage has gone and Tereza has moved in to the room. She looks to be home alone as no sign of Polya, Regina or Sher on the free cams or fuzzy thumbnails and she just dragged her case up the stairs by herself. We can only speculate if any of them were there during the UM time.
  6. Piecing together the various chat room comments it seems Helen did something or a combination of things that made RLC abruptly end her contract. At first she didn't mix a lot. My view is that she didn't like Gina. Since Gina left she mixed more. As to Polya my view is outward she is friendly with almost anyone but really is using them purely for suit her. Look how last night then again today Polya, Regina and Sher went out leaving Helen alone despite her feelings and situation. A few nights / early mornings ago she came in sprayed in gold as captured above. She danced naked in the lounge plus fell into the corner chair. She may have been under the influence of something. She also wrote / painted on the wall in addition to the posters and cutouts she already had on the wall. Recently she was in less. One post said she was heard to say some along the lines of ' I have to work more to buy all the things I have to take home because they are so expensive '. She was far from the most exciting girl RLC have contracted but equally far from the worst. She was herself though rather than an actress or game player and seemed not easily lead. After Gina left Polya persuaded her to go out with her but stayed sober while Polya liked and normally had a few drinks. Once B1 comes back off UM we will find the start of the next chapter. As Helen's departure was sudden will there be another tenant or will Regina and Sher each get a room so some privacy? Did RLC decide a few days ago to end Helen's contract but not tell her until they had arranged another girl. Whatever B1 overall has not been very interesting for months so a kick start is needed ..... but can that happen while Polya is still there ? Back to Helen I hope she soon settles after this seemingly unexpected change to her life.
  7. Tonight B1 is now empty ... Regina and Sher went out around 22:00 LT then Helen & Polya just after 23:00. Helen was ready but ended up hurrying Polya up, when it comes to getting ready Polya seems second only to Danaya.
  8. Polya is trying to have a party at B1 with Helen, Regina & Sher. However it looks to be fading. I think one issue is none of them want to drink with her like Gina. After the cocktails I saw one round of shots - scotch? - but the others didn't down then in one. Helen went into the kitchen, tided up then went upstairs with a cup of water. Regina ( I think ) dancing. Polya now more interested in her phone. I'm off to bed, if anything interesting happens hopefully someone will post a summary. B2 are all at ' home ' too.
  9. Policy Change - 7/19/17 - Please Read

    For me while in the UK less of a time zone difference the situation is similar. 5 if not 6 days a week I have to go to bed when late night / early morning parties are still up and running. I relied on the forum pages to find out how things ended when I logged in the next evening. If there were screen grabs and video uploads added that was great. However the decline in posts made events harder to follow. Sometimes various comments in the chat room would give a summery, sometimes not. Maybe this is something the majority don't want but I would like to see a timeline summary of notable events at each apartment. Each entry mostly only needs to be brief but o work it requires a good number of members to contribute.
  10. Policy Change - 7/19/17 - Please Read

    Briefly first thanks to Admin and the team for keeping RLCF alive. I have contributed screen grabs from the free cams. I saw this as a way of balancing the details posted by RLC subscribers. My postings had tapered off primarily because there has been little that is interesting and fresh on RLC when I have been viewing. My only comment is that publicly or privately nobody had advised not to upload images other than the risk to me of being totally blocked from viewing RLC. RLC's stance on content from the free cams is of course their choice but actually is publicity, as has been pointed out by numerous people. Only by finding it do people then visit the site and maybe subscribe. When I first found RLCF I did join in the chat room but generally stopped for two reasons. The first was that I felt posting on the fan pages was better because the content was permanent and second it was often difficult too keep track when multi-tasking on email, and other websites. Finally Admin don't be too harsh on yourself about falling traffic to RLCF. First for many it is summer so other activities going on that are not in the depths of winter and second IMO anyway RLC has become less interesting.
  11. While Helen went to B2 on Saturday then out clubbing, we can only surmise with the others, overall she is not being given much opportunity to mix. Gina and Polya if in but not sleeping / recovering seem now to be mostly in one of their rooms rather than the lounge or balcony.
  12. Instead of leaving she has moved to the best bedroom as Lola has moved to B2 sharing the big bed with Anna. I am simply bored of her as nothing new or interesting. She doesn't even sit around airing her 'gina like a couple of months ago
  13. When it was reported that Rose was packing just not her belongings but also food, towels and bedding I would have put a bet on either B3 appearing or B2 relocating given the issues with the neighbours and the police appearing. However it seems she is away from RLC for at while at least. Much suggested she was genuinely into girls but, as Iloner says above, despite constantly trying could not get any real response. Should she be back again hopefully RLC can match her with another genuinely les or bi girl without strings attached.
  14. Write it up!

    I have posted similar comments before, particularly since the change in RLCF ended the chat room ( shout box ) history. I don't want to see pages written but it would be good to see a few lines summarizing what was actually seen when anything interesting and/or significant happens.
  15. Rosie will keep trying but I think no more likely than seeing one of these