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  1. Overall my view too. Posts have stated that Irma and Alex have a Sugar Daddy arrangement. However this needs to be kept outside of RLC and not significantly reduce the time she is in the apartment or affect her behaviour. In addition while no hard evidence I think the others will get more than the things Alex has been see to bring. That is not to say the girls shouldn't go out for whatever reason. Far better that they have a couple of nights out a week and are away for the occasional night then are happy and fun for the rest of the time then just sit around looking glum, bored etc. or are girls who have no motivation. A few grabs from when they came down last night :-
  2. Typically they come down just as I need to go to bed . Here are a few quick grabs.
  3. A few more from earlier this evening before Lia went out.
  4. A few more from yesterday evening. When did we last see three, let alone four, tenants of B1 together at the table except a planned party by Nora etc? Surprisingly Irma didn't loose any clothes. Sadly in the last screen they have all reverted to their phones .
  5. You let that quickly
  6. Bogdan gave Nelly a good long massage then got his reward and, as ScottScottman posted above, the massage table couldn't handle it ....
  7. Again today airing the kitty although that long top / short dress covers it. My kind of girl not wasting the budget on fancy undies .
  8. They are getting comfortable and confident now. One, Lia ?, knickerless and the other flashing tit. Yesterday before the apartment went UM one, Lia ?, was down naked tidying up. Maybe she thought UM had started?
  9. I had forgotten that Irma was still in Barcelona when Stella arrived until the post below my first one.
  10. Stella is now out with Irma. They had a few drinks first, Irma must be better as she didn't drink last night. I wonder If Irma will be introducing Stella to Alex and/or MMMM ? . I had forgotten that Stella smoked, last time it was summer so much more time spent by the girls on the balcony anyway.
  11. Earlier before Stella arrived
  12. Before they went out. I have not seen another laptop or even tablet in the apartment just phones so now Jess has gone they will not be able to watch Russian language movies, only the channels available on the TV.
  13. Subscribe
  14. Another welcome back albeit surprising given her very sudden departure. Right now she is getting to know Irma, the twins are out .... I mean Lia & Mia although maybe not long before one if not two other twins appear .
  15. A couple more from this afternoon showing the other side