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  1. I heard many quotes on the same theme but not this one ....... just need an opportunity to use it !!!! A similar one is Couldn't organise a booze-up in a brewery followed by a bunk-up in brothel. Sometimes with the add-on Maybe eventually they would get to the brewery but long before they arrived at the brothel the girls will have given up waiting and gone home.
  2. Indeed Lola knows how to throw a party. The apartment will be laden with food and alcohol. She had hardly arrived and was having a beer with Stella. The next move might be to the adult store for some toys rather than the art shop for body paint again. Perhaps, as I recall, her downside is once well full of the party sprit is coming on too strong rather than letting others take things at their pace so actually they shut off. Will Belle and Rosemary be round before Belle's time is up ? Belle of course knows Lola as while then officially she was a B1 resident she spent plenty of time at B2 and regularly slept on a sofa there. There may too be days of recovery but at least after good viewing. Hopefully the lesson at the end of Stella's previous visit, I recall Lola was still at B2 then, has been learnt and they don't again start taking other substances. While for a while last year B1 was far less interesting than recently there should be a step increase in activity. Lola " welcome back "
  3. The issue is that if Gina needs so much strong alcohol flowing inside her to loose her inhibitions against full on intimate girl-girl pleasure she and Stella are too far gone for more than a cuddle and fumble. Then it takes a day of sleep and a lustless evening to get over it. Lets hope that next time half as much alcohol will be enough to get them started then they have the energy and drive for a time of real passion. Kylie is Stella's bedmate and it seems the big room is being kept for incoming tenant(s) so Stella has to sneak away. Gina potentially is going to be lonely at times as while she mixes, drinks and goes clubbing etc. with Kylie and Stella overall she spent most time with the twins.
  4. About 90 mins later and she is still home alone, just her phones for company. She went out on the balcony for a while.
  5. Surely the clubs all close long before 09:00 so where might the trio have been .........
  6. The sad part is she was alone in her room not with others.
  7. I have not seen any reports of their return, just Kylie and Stella going out soon after 10:00 LT. Just before 14:00 LT the twins and Gina appeared in the kitchen. Now, just after 15:00 LT, Kylie and Stella are at the table eating. They shared the red can in mugs, a soft drink, beer or an energy drink? The twins are up on their bed, I think Gina is between them but not 100% sure through the fuzz.
  8. Kylie was in charge of the drinks tonight then Stella drained the bottle before they departed. The twins only had two shots each one earlier and a second just before they left. Kylie, Gina and Stella split the rest of the bottle equally so must have left buzzing. The twins may well return first and sober. Based on past form most likely the others will not come back until after daybreak and swaying then sleep most of the day. A few grabs, my PC locked up just before they left
  9. The soap opera covers B1 too. Unless her contracts / visas is for less than 90 days Rosemary still have a good length of time. Angelina is now over 80 days, likewise the twins. Belle is up to around 75 days.
  10. Time flies as now about 75 days since Belle's return so likely she is maximising viewings for any extra payments and to get herself noticed for all the right reasons.
  11. Iloner, Overall I agree with you that the twins are attractive and entertaining. There have been numerous others who have been far more boring or out far more often. They are in for a good amount of time, spend a decent amount of time downstairs, now rarely wear more than undies and are often topless. In that respect likewise Gina who is regularly sans-panties too. Right now with 5 tenants overall B1 is working. Regarding seeing one openly bate I admire your optimism. As I've posted before I felt me the limits were clearly set on Belle's first night back when she and Irma started to get sexily playful. The best chance will be if they do get sufficient alcohol inside, Stella and Gina need to get a couple more bottles of Jagermeister in as they were drinking that while mostly leave wine alone. Having said this we have seen nothing significant new in the last couple of weeks hence the comment that 60 days is enough so long as RLC bring in good replacements.
  12. Iloner, My references to a muddled mind were intended to be confined to the parties when she had plenty of alcohol at least in her body. Generally I agree that she is a good actress who does just enough plus creates the impression that there will be more but actually avoids doing it if she can to get what she wants. Old ground but I think the fall-out with Milena was Milena having a plan which Belle would not do be it the content, level of reward or both. Her real sex drive has been questioned before.
  13. I've posted my view about Belle on her page. With B1 round at B2 now maybe the opportunity for Rose to mix with the twins although I think it is unlikely anything would happen tonight. If there is chemistry she needs to get the twin alone soon as by my calculations, presuming they are on 90 day visas, only 12 or so days before they leave.
  14. My view is that, on camera anyway, Belle doesn't want to be on the receiving end of full on play from another girl. Time dulls the memory but from all I recall over her previous time with RLC as soon as anyone got their fingers or anything else on Belle's pussy she shut down. Yes she got involved playing with others mostly at B2 parties. However they were heady times as Lola always had plenty of alcohol in and several times, not just the Coke Boys weekend that ended with Stella's sudden departure, it is probable other substances were being taken too. Hence Belle's actions may well have been influenced by the combination of the atmosphere, encouragement from Lola and others and a muddled mind.
  15. When the wine came out and for once the twins each had a glass I thought maybe the last pair of panties might get discarded, more so when Kylie and Stella went out, but sadly so far not and they are now sat quietly rather than dancing around. RLC ought to get a Wifi receiver for the TV so they can link up their phones instead of having to share watching a tiny screen.