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  1. Hi Iloner, Indeed Jess seems always happy to listen and learn. In addition, particularly while Nora is there, she doesn't want to do anything that might jeopardise a return to RLC. Ultimately we know her priority is getting as much money in the bank as she can. Last Friday when Danaya and Karol visited showed how she can mentally separate work and fun. While things still seem cool between her and Nicole she had no qualms getting hands on when the situation arose. N.B. The last two grabs are copied to illustrate the text. Irma too is mature and will not rush or pressurise risking in getting blocked so will take things gently. Still to be established is on camera how far Irma will go with another girl. When they had the 3 way massage was the mood just not there that night, was it Nicole and Fernando coming back that spoilt things or did Nora end up using her toy herself because neither Irma or Jess wanted to do it for her? While not serious earlier they were close on the sofa.
  2. Iloner, As I posted elsewhere Jess is a showgirl so up to a level can appear sexy but really is not turned on. Irma will have to get past that point. Right now Nora is back but once Irma does not have split loyalties it will be very interesting to see how intimate she will try to get with Jess and how far Jess will let her go. I may be wrong but I don't think Jess will take the lead, at least not for personal pleasure rather than pulling in the punters.
  3. Certainly Jess is a Showgirl who knows how to turn on the charm to get viewers to her cam site pages and watch RLC plus integrate well with a group. Back in the posts / translations copied or linked from CC there was a comment after the night when Irma, the guy and her ended up in the shower that she said she thought 3 months with out real intimacy or sex wouldn't bother her but then was really wanting it. If right it implies it takes a lot to get her to that level. Time will tell but I think a much better probability of intimacy when Nora has gone and Irma can really get to work without split loyalties.
  4. I grabbed these earlier but had no time then to upload. They are not in time sequence. Irma was the first to be painted and already done when I looked in. I only took the one of the 4 girls in the kitchen because it is such a rare occurrence ! As it was Nicole was only there briefly. I've not seen her since and she was dressed so probably out now.
  5. Irma, Jess and Nora are watching a film, from the chat room Showgirls. On one side Nora has had her legs intertwined with Irma and on the other Irma at one point put Jess's hand on her exposed left tit. Now Irma and Jess are holding hands and Irma's free hand is now between her legs. Irma doesn't seem to be really getting into the film like Jess and Nora. Is she wishing Nora wasn't there so she could get into Jess ...
  6. It sounds like your situation is similar to mine. The best activity is often early morning so after I have, or even at a weekend should have, gone to bed. Once RLCF could be relied on not just for posts summarising significant events but screen grabs and video clip uploads. Now, totally understandably, RLCF members who are also RLC subscribers will not upload screen grabs and video clips. Also the RLCF chat room archive feature has been lost. RLC have now added the playback feature at additional cost but as I read the discussions about it only for the last 24 hours. Of course viewers interests vary but if recordings of key events were available for a month like TV iplayer it would be better value. To clarify my only issue with RLCF is the loss of the chat room archive. I have no issue with RLCF members.
  7. Karol arrived at B1 with Nicole. For some time Nicole was out on the balcony smoking then on her phone. Karol was talking to Jess while she was cooking. I guess a change of company from B2 and two girls happy to chat. Nicole changed and Jess was in her cooking outfit. Karol relatively was overdressed.
  8. Jess and Irma then Nora too in the kitchen earlier. Irma's outfit was doing a good job keeping her boobs in place Irma then dressed and went out. Now I think Nora is out too while Nicole has come ' home ' with Karol. Jess and Karol chatted while Nicole went out to the balcony to smoke. Jess has been cooking now for a couple of hours at least.
  9. As I've posted more on already to me last night was far too biased towards RLC viewing numbers and potentially tenants bonus payments first and against Reallife. Nicole is being far more reallife as observed doing what she wants to do. Inevitably this isn't going to go down well with Nora and what she would expect, probably have requested, Nicole to do. Back to Monday night Nicole arrived at B1 just as the others were leaving for the B2 dance party and finally arrived maybe an hour later. Having said this overall Nicole is out the apartment too much at the moment.
  10. Iloner, Thanks for summarising last night. I bailed out when Nora and Kiko left / Nicole's back only massage looked to have finished. All that follows is my thoughts only. We know Jess is a webcam girl so playing to the cameras and teasing while keeping within her limits is normal to her. Only after drinking heavily might she go beyond and do or allow something she later regrets and/or jeopardise her life outside and after RLC. Similarly Irma really looks to enjoy herself and be very natural but equally knows what brings viewers to RLC - summed up by the quote ' find a way to get paid for what you enjoy and do anyway '. For now Nicole's loyalty seems to be to the guy RLCF have named Fernando. If it was to RLC she would not be out so often and when in have him round. The background to the guy we can only speculate. Regardless of anything else there may well be genuine friendship with Jess and Irma but I'm sure they have made it very clear what is on and off limits. Hence he does not try to push the girls but lets them be in control. In some way though I do think he has an interest in the financial performance of the apartment. I can't recall him at B2 but that could easily change. Without Fernando it would be Nicole who I think would be most likely to go all they way with him, particularly if well fuelled with alcohol. Specifically last night I do think it pushed the boundaries of Reallife, even allowing for the reallife of cam girls and performers who are there for their income, in that it was staged for RLC viewings and individual rewards and any fun / pleasure was secondary. Also significant was Nora giving up the master bedroom and massaging Kiko in the lounge followed by a long bath. If the guy had been arranged by Irma and Jess alone primarily for their pleasure they would have had to be in Jess's room so Nora and Kiko could have the master bedroom. Of course equally if just for their pleasure not RLC viewings Nora could have gone to Kiko's place or arranged another night. To repeat all my thoughts and I would be happy if most were wrong.
  11. Nora is setting up her DJ kit. Jess and Irma are dressed sexy. Maybe B2 are expected, note I say expected rather than invited, later ?
  12. Well I had hardly hit to post the last reply when she appeared in this sheer white number ...... She was moving around so almost impossible to get a sharp front grab. IF she carries on like this and doesn't dictate to the others my opinion of her will change.
  13. I was very surprised on Saturday when she came down without undies. My view is if it was almost anyone else but Irma they too would be told not to come down with tits and more so pussy on show. It will be interesting to see what she does and doesn't wear during rest of her short, I hope, stay. She will not want to be upstaged by Irma yet neither seen to have lowered her standards. Back around 18 months ago I don't recall much being seen.
  14. This is the playful teasing Irma we know !! Her and Jess seem to be getting along fine.
  15. This certainly fits what we have observed.