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  1. Stn Cld316 , I realise it's Italian , but in some light the red is more orange, so to please both Irish and Italian they both got a mention lol
  2. American Flag ? Why, for the same reason they have an Irish or is it Italian flag, on the wall above the table if you haven't noticed it - This question is very intriguing to me, but don't ask me 'WHY' ? Simple answer to why they have an American is "42"
  3. A Cock is the same, depending on the size , a stroke may be 4 to 6 inches, multiply the strokes by inches and see how many miles a cock does over a life time ?? You are the mathematician Hung, LOL
  4. This may be true or not, let's say perhaps an incentive may be offered. As all the action happens on certain Tenants sites . Surely if a money incentive is offered, the whole site would be fucking like rabbits. How many Tenants do not expose themselves , I guess the wealthy ones .
  5. Really good Post Gilbert , and every word true. Stella is a genuine girl and obviously all her RLC peers are fond of her also. I hope you don't mind sharing a leaf from your book to others
  6. In the past few months, it is apparent Members are becoming too Critical and Disrespectful to RLC Tenants. Comments being made lower the standard of RLCF and this reflects on all Members here. Banter is acceptable if appropriate , but Tenants are NOT Whores, Hoes or any other derogatory terms being used. Please THINK before commenting and phrase comments with respect . In the past, We have expected Members to treat each other with veneration and this seems to be adhered to. It was stated long ago the Tenants are open to any critic, comment good or bad , or distasteful post. Obviously, this ruling is obsolete and archaic . Please help to maintain the the reputable standard of our site - RLCF Thanks Fellas - texl01 Chat Moderator.
  7. As I am Chat Moderator, I feel partly responsible for the decline in tasteful Comments and the gutter talk about Tenants. Perhaps a lot of our genuine Voyeurs , have had enough and left or have decided not to get involved in the Coprolalia that fills the chat recently. I will endeavour to keep closer scrutiny on this and look forward to receiving Screenshots from displeased Members, as Stn Cld316 has advised. I will look in to the Rule - "Open slather on Tenants" as this is inappropriate and not to our standard. Cheer texl01