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  1. Eyenthesky , the above was my Quote from ADMIN , sorry I did not make this so clear , I was quoting
  2. The latest version of the forum software was just released, and it has some great new features. I will likely be doing the upgrade in the next couple of weeks. It's a complete version upgrade not just a service pack. One the new features is the ability to create create "clubs" which are essentially private groups. I will provide more details later, but it has a lot of new features that think will be very beneficial for us. Edited 5 hours ago by Admin Wow , great NEW idea, No one ever thought of this ? As for the knockers , how strange it is Admin support 'Groups' - Seems to me an ENDORSEMENT to the Freeloaders to continue their pursuits . I think Freeloaders is poor choice of vocabulary as there are NO Freeloaders. They do not drain the system, use resources , cause financial burden to others, in fact contribute to the health of the Site by means of , support , posts, and more.
  3. To be BANNED by RLC is one thing, the resolve is easy - You just join again. You lose your 1 , 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. After numerous bans, it can be expensive , as you get no gain apart from the Altruism you may experience to share and generate comments. I was prepared to PAY and join RLC , however I had a permanent Ban imposed. SO- WTF does one do ??. Toss the site and find another ? It is not on my conscious to have POSTED and receive no penalty. RLC should have in place a method to prevent free-loaders Posting. RLC collected my money , willingly, and banned me. I am just getting my money's worth and some ( as THEY Do ) NO one has ever complained about my posts , surely Members saw them , and did not mind, Hell 150 - 200 'looks proves this . Comment unwarranted and inappropriate .
  4. I am grieved by the notification of RLCF being targeted with a DMCA order. ( I guess it dispels our thoughts of the two sites being in collaboration , at the present anyway ? ) In other ways I am happy , as this will only strengthen the RLCF Family , and increase the bonds of the "Sharing Network" which is in it"s infancy. The "Network Sharing" is among members who trust each other, to share Pics, Clips and Vids. Without fear of having them "APPEAR" suddenly elsewhere . Hopefully this is a curve for us and will strengthen the true Voyeur bond, United we stand , divided we ????
  5. Ah , 2 couples M&S. I meant Maya and Stepan
  6. I always wonder if any of the apartments are actually owned by the Tenants. M&S in particular.
  7. Welcome for now Helen, Hope you are not from Helen and back
  8. texl01Today 5:33 PM Sorry to change the Subject fellas. In the previous Administration the MODERATORS could suspend an account or ban the offender. I thought I had put a stop to @tylef , Bu t it seems he can continue. His last post when opened alerted my Firewall not to open . How can I protect Members who do not have efficient blocks for this behaviour. I implore you Guys to write to ADMIN expressing your distaste at the lack of autonomy the MODs have
  9. Thanks so much for sending me that clip from both angles. It certainly was a full blown Grand Mal Seizure. It moved through the stages typically seen in seizure. Not only, commonly observed in 'Epilepsy', but there are many other causes to make one have a seizure. For example - Drugs ( legal or illegal ) , cerebral tumors, exhaustion severe fatigue , a blow to the head, and many more. I think the blood we saw was from a cut to her head or commonly from biting her tongue or inside of the mouth during the seizure. Often the patient is incontinent of urine. I am glad someone from CC has alerted her to the real event. This needs to be medically investigated with a degree of urgency to establish a cause and rule out all the other nasty things. And be treated. ( I am sure a Physician would appreciate Video evidence of the event. ) It certainly bought back memories to me , as distressing as they are. All one can do is ensure a clear airway, protect the patient from injury, ( as we saw in Nicole's case bumping her head repeatedly ) and do not restrain the clonic/tonic movements. Her posturing of the arms is called Decerebrate posturing. I hope Nicole is pro-active in seeking advice. She would not want an occurrence of this, if Driving for example. Very lucky capture , Thankyou.
  10. Yes all people, Male or Female who have just given a Blow job, brush their teeth . Rinse and gargle, just to be on the safe side. All guests, are ,Given by RLC the secret code to disable the Cams . It is a lot easier to disable a Cam, rather than to throw a cover over it. Dasha has a Blue Tooth mini cam between her legs and that was what the guy was looking at. As for Dasha she was looking at her Nubian lovers cock as he masturbated . Was unfortunate the "planned liaison" was not shown. As for the Sphynx cat -- It sucked you all in and was a ploy by the Script Writers and RLC Agents .
  11. Thankyou my friends for you wishes, I do appreciate you all, Man hug to you all
  12. Thankyou Art, so nice , and the Bow.
  13. Well done Giromino, and well stated, I can see you are a true Voyeur and have the patience, not like so many who should be really watching Chaturbate for their quick fix. Voyeurs unite and explain to some , what a RLCF Voyeur expects and waits for. Anticipation is like patience - all good things come to those who wait. Best Post I've seen for ages texl.
  14. Thankyou Mee, Have just been discovering new things lol
  15. Anna seems up for anything, Hotter than Masha's hungry pussy