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  1. The Compilation of Clips I am posting on the Gallery are in Recognition of the Wonderful LEORA. It is not in anyway meant to be demeaning, but to appreciate her natural beauty and unselfishness to share these attributes. She has salvaged RLC in times of despair and bought Membership up to a Premium . Leora please be pleased with your Tribute
  2. Well done Plank - Excellent Haha
  3. Irma's replacement could be Maya. (or the like ) Would be in keeping with the non-events. BE CAREFUL what you wish for.
  4. The girls MUST do what their bosses tell them to do. Why the fuck else is that or other aging gentlemen doing there and getting such entertainment ??
  5. Thanks Momo, great pics.
  6. Dazz, I really hope it does not come down to freeloaders and predators. I think Nora is there to put the brakes on that. Better watching Apartments as they were when Irma first joined the scene. We don't want larrikins spoiling and soiling 'our girls'. lol
  7. Well written Iloner, and a true , honest version of what happened. Commendations on unbiased account with no demeaning or derogatory comments. So good to see all participants enjoying and endless smiles , taking the event for what it was -- FUN. MMMM is a gentleman ,unlike previous Predators who visit.