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  1. Scotsman - do you remember this ?
  2. This is HILARIOUS -- Seems you are in to this Ha ha ha. http://www.kaotic.com/video/k4w0popE_2017204015458_t This could have been her Agenda if Eric was not on hand
  3. How good is that ? aaa95 thanks for the link. Finally and worth the wait. I said on Sat afternoon ( my time) it will not happen again. Well -- I was proven wrong , and frankly GLAD of it. I hope all the tension has now been released. I am hoping the repeat 4some was done at the Tenants own initiation and leisure . And NOT with any incentives from RLC. Sasha, the game you and Masha are playing. is rapidly transposing into something far more serious. These sort of games should have strict boundaries and rules at the start. All the rules are out the window by certain parties. BEWARE Sasha.
  4. Sorry JC. Post what you like now. You are banned - go for it lol
  5. So apparently M&S and Top-Knot& Partner have allegedly had another foursome in the last <24 hrs. As I can't subscribe to RLC . I can only see the free rooms and thumb nails. In the last 24 hours I have spent considerable time flicking around Apartments and rooms. I could not help but notice the large following by Premature Ejaculators of M&S apartment . Calling shots a 4 some was happening , with not even 4 people were engaging. From what I saw only on thumbs it looked like not much happened. Did not appear to be any intimacy above the covers and no-one reliable could agree on what was what. I would like to see 1 picture, of any sort, that indicates a foursome has taken place in M&S apartment from the second Top-Knot& Partner arrived in the last two days. 4 in a bed with nakedness, a breast . a thigh , a penis This 4 some thing has become Mass Hysteria and the Contagion Effect is gaining momentum. ( In the interest of Good Health it is advised to not smoke 420 and make a comment ) lol
  6. As Bogdan has been seeding Nelly since their appearance and no pregnancy has developed , I guess someone should tell them that Nelly has to stop taking the Oral Contraceptive, We have all seen her take her tablet - by the way.
  7. Try using " Super Simple Video Converter" ( free to download ) The converted file will go to a document file and should be set to upload.
  8. Somehow my last 2 comments made in Official News have somehow gotten to this Page !!!! Sorry
  9. Thanks Momo, great pics.
  10. Nora Irma Nora Irma Danaya
  11. Nelly's kitchen back to the way it should be.
  12. Here's a treat for you LL.
  13. Lev likes this position also.
  14. Grubby bastards, hope the cat is still alive.
  15. Keep your hand on your Visa Card as RLC is now recruiting new Paid Members . The appearance of Top-Knot and Partner will surely be the demise of the weak willing to fork out or renew membership. The much anticipated round 2 of a 4 some will NOT happen. If it was going to happen, it would have by now. Sorry to be the bearer of sad news but someone has to do it. lol