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Found 6 results

  1. Did any one caught the guests doing anything sexy? Either in the bathroom or in the living room?
  2. Not sure if anyone else has noticed it.. but Masha has quite the scar running down the middle of her back... what ever it was mus have been bloody painful.
  3. Masha

    Today's activity in the tub. For the vid. Click (HERE)
  4. Well I missed the sex party I saw discussed but Sasha has just given Masha a very comprehensive fuck from behind. Think it must have been anal judging by positions. Ended by cumming over her back. As always no affection apparent - just need.
  5. fantastic
  6. I won't bore you all with my sad tale of woe.. suffice to say it involves scaffolding, a 3 am prowler, a police dog and a criminal that got away... anyway... whilst making a tea to recover from this I missed M & S's session at 8.30am (their local time) about an hour or so ago.. did anyone capture it?