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  2. Happy Easter everyone. Enjoy the vid!! easter-egg-done-properly.mp4
  3. These voyeur sites are looking more and more like glorified cam show sites. Getting tired of this.
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  5. Sad reality is that it is RLC's business to do what they want. They supply the product and services (this is laughable) and it is up to the subscriber to like it, pay for it or leave it. They don't give a shit about what people say or want in these fan forums. Basically, accept their crap or be a freeloader or move on to other voyeur cam sites or porn. Just remember, you and your money will be replaced by new voyeurs and subscribers and that is why we can complain all we want and NOTHING will ever change. Subscriber's rights - pay for locked cams or not. As BTR would say "Simple".
  6. Need New couples because what they have are fucking terrible. If this is what they are like on camera, you can only imagine what they are like in Normal life.
  7. Unless there has been some kind of restrictions between the Vacation apartment and B2, the twins and Gina haven't been doing any type of visiting lately. Or are they planing something big? I am glad to see that all four in B2 are looking sexy, and so so glad Gina has cut down on her drinking...."for me..she looks way more sexy when she is not so drunk." I wonder well Amy continue to keep her distance....."it shows!!
  8. Now that Madam Diane is pulling strings for all the girls in most of the VIP apartments B1, B2 and GP, she needs to have RLC add her guy friends name on the board, seeing that he is going to spend most of her stay with her as he has been since her arrival. I do think that his presents some times hinder the girls ware for the viewers at times, but shouldn't since we do know that they well strip for all once the heavy drinking begins....I do think that her guy friend has made himself real comfortable with all the free activities "bed and breakfast." LOL
  9. Seems Alana does a lot of house sitting when everyone else is out...."or I may be checking in at the wrong time too." I am still waiting for the big night Alana gives us some real action now that she has lights on the headboard.
  10. Nelly was looking very sexy today..."nice sexy outfit"....we know how Nelly like's to some times roll play with herself when Bogdan is not around....and also masturbate while viewing her Lap-top. I do hope they cut down on the vacations this summer and get back to having those nice parties again.
  11. I guess Kelly and Ginger well have to keep B1 above water, seeing that Amalia has already headed towards the GP apartment "surly with the help of Madam Diane"....and we the viewers know what the future and out come of that's going to be. I do think that RLC should have sent Loraine to B2 instead of sending Amalia there. Seems most of the girls they are getting comes with a spoil package now. From what I am seeing Kelly and Ginger shouldn't have any problems holding down B1 anyway.
  12. The Masha's place LOL....No!! Masha, Dasha and Sasha seems to still keep their distance between each other....I did notice that yesterday there must have been some kind of heat between the three..."Masha made Dasha and Sasha move their clothes out of her room"...Sasha wasn't to pleased about it, but Dasha didn't say much but did move all of her things. It seems as I type these comments, the apartment is empty. Also lately Masha has been doing a lot of masturbation sets...and I don't think she is getting a lot of attention.....I do think once she either moves or get ride of Sasha and Dasha, things well continue to head towards the bottom of the lake. In given time expect more feuding between these three lost souls.
  13. Topic for Ruta & Christian. Place your Comments and Pictures for this Apartment.
  14. Fan Page for Asya & Artem.
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