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    • stevo802

      i  wonder what  site rebecca is webcaming  on
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    • vortios  »  texl01

      Do you know if they have closed the chat?
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    • vortios  »  curious101

      I was not aware of this, and many people either, but the rumor has spread yesterday, that Rebecca and Lola have had sex in the dark room, would not have been correct.
      Yesterday, that if I went, people were against me.
      I have nothing against this, in fact, if for any question, is something that none of the two girls want it to look, just what can be made out, as often happens to leave, another one?
      Create controversy I see absurd, and that much I complained the last two days, this has led me to expel me RLC, but hey, here, there are good people, and I continue to report.

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