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    Policy Change - 7/19/17 - Please Read

    Hi everyone, this is Amy3. I would just like to say that anyone who posts any comments in the RLC forums once CC returns is a trader. For what they did to the whole CC site they should be shunned. Each comment you post there makes RLC money. You should join VHTV for having the balls to come out against what RLC did. Just for that I will very likely resubscribe in a couple of weeks. I would hope that VV, Camarads, and any others will come here and denounce such tactics. There are more civil ways of dealing with these sorts of problems. Anyone with a brain in their head knows that there is a symbiotic relationship between the sites and us commenters. If there is an imbalance then it should be discussed with the admins until a solution can be found that restores the balance. Launching a full on attack against this site and CC is a wrongheaded approach. I just hope all of you RLC posters realize that the attack wasn't just against the sites, it was against you too. Join VHTV and post comments there instead.
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    a warm welcome to army sniper and amy3,well respected members.due to vhtv support in this trying matter it has convinced me to become a paid member,so i will be taking membership when coin allows,
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    Thanks for the info Amy3. *Plank holds onto rope and commences ship-jumping.....Huzzzzahhhh!!!
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    Policy Change - 7/19/17 - Please Read

    Based solely on this post, I purchased a membership with VHTV. I was never privy to any VHTV content before, but I am truly impressed now that I have seen it. Thank you guys for understanding how a community such as this works, and, for what it's worth, you've got my recurring membership for the foreseeable future. Also, in case I didn't mention it, EXCELLENT content.
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    Right here,a site that doesn't treat it's customers/supporters with contempt. Thanks for your support VHTV, one question,do you accept VISA ?
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    Policy Change - 7/19/17 - Please Read

    Very good idea. I wish every RLC member would do the same when it comes time to resubscibe. For taking down the whole site including forums that don't pertain to them, they deserve much distain.
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    VHtv General Chat

    Thank you VH for having a brain in your head regarding the whole debacle with CC. I'll be resubscribing in large part just for doing that.
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    Policy Change - 7/19/17 - Please Read

    Yes, they accept VISA. That's what I used.
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    Refreshing to see the mutual support, unlike RLC who appear to be combative. Free advertising from both these fan sites (similar to word-of-mouth advertising) can generate big money at no cost. Big winners all-around for Voyeur-House TV, Voyeur-Villa, Camarads, RLCF and CC while big loser for RLC. To me, Voyeur-House TV is #1 followed by Camarads since they offer the best voyeur thrills for my liking. Voyeur-villa is trying to improve it's site.
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    Fan Page Gina

    Gina, we all thought highly of you when you arrived. You always seemed to get along with everyone, especially with the twins. We appreciated the fact that you were so down to earth and never hesitated to display your beauty. However, you were more than reluctant to show anything of a sexual nature and we never could understand that. So, after five months, you're returning home. We wish you well and hope you will find what you're looking for.
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    Fan Page Helen

    A 'cult of drinkers', perhaps! LOL
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    Hey Guys, Thank you for your hard work. The team of Voyeur-House.TV is with you on this and would like to participate in supporting your projects. Please reach out to us if we may be any help to you. Dear, @Admin, dear @StnCld316, you are the best and we miss contacting you very much. Hopefully we will get CamCaps back very soon for everyone to continue posting awesome content and sharing our opinions on websites we follow. Sincerely, Team of VHTV
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    Fan Page for Anabel and Efim

    They've been away on vacation the last weeks. Summertime is maybe not the ideal way to judge an apt. But I agree with you - after putting in all their hard work just to get an apt. on their own, and seeing how little happens in this house now, maybe a new couple would do better. They sure haven't delivered what they promised.
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    Policy Change - 7/19/17 - Please Read

    I want to join in thanking Admin and StnCld for their work in restoring the site, especially as I had renewed my Premium Membership the day before it went down! I won't even to pretend to understand much of the conversation above but I concur on the danger of public posting of material that is copy righted by RLC. Anyone doing so is simply being dumb. I enjoy the Chat Room most of all, though I do wish folks would keep their complaints briefer or post the more negative comments in the appropriate areas. Thank you to the many who have befriended me over the last year as I have learned how to do things on here.
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    what we need is a dedicated place to upload pictures,as most other sites take down pics n videos,as not everyone is online at the same time its not fair for them to click and only find dead links,maybe the tech crew could find a way of doing this that does not break the rules.and keeps everyone smiling.
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    Policy Change - 7/19/17 - Please Read

    First off, a big thank you to @Admin and @StnCld316 for the hard work they put in to salvage the site. It really must have been hours and hours, because I see that not only the gallery is gone, but all over the forum posts have been deleted as well. Both the gallery and the chatbox were the main assets of RLCF. I posted my observations about the chat here in response to another post. In my opinion, that has to be addressed. Without the gallery and with an empty chatbox, RLCF will completely lose its relevance. And that would be a shame, us perverts would be forced to start gathering in the bushes outside someone's window at the risk of being arrested.
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    ShaKa ZuLu Forum VJ

    Leora Fan Page

    Are you a voyeur or A JEALOUS MOFO? So sick and tried of U all pretending ( speak and act so as to make it appear that something is the case when in fact it is not.) that it all about Paul but in fact it's all bout Leora bating. If Leora don't bate it's Paul fault, if Leora don't get nude and show the goods , It's Paul's fault. WOW !! some of u all have reverted back to your childhood, Which doesn't suprise me calling them the FLINTSTONES ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT HOW HE PICKS HIS NOSE. This ain't the third grade. But wait it gets better we have in house psychiatrist ( A psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in psychiatry, the branch of medicine devoted to the diagnosis, prevention, study, and treatment of mental disorders. Wikipedia) Now we all know everyone and i mean everyone is entitled to there own opinion . But does this mean we have to suffer through this [email protected]? and where are your credential? look what I'm trying to say is this once L&P is dismissed will you same take up resident in another apartment and turn it into your childhood cartoon ? when the female of the apt don't do what you want her to do, will it become her lover's fault ? will he become your George Jetson working for spacely sprocket? I guess only time will tell. But i do like the fact that most defend their observation with the fact that they have been here for years, THING THAT MAKE YOU GO HUUUUUUUMMMMMM
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    Fan Page Nicole

    The only real thing RLC cares about is the $$$$$$$$$. I do agree she should be sent home to be looked after. She's definitely not doing herself any good by staying with the project. Health is more important.
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    Fan Page Taya & Will

    Now that's what I call "hammering" a pussy...showing it no mercy...it takes a beating and keeps on bleeding....you'll never wear it out !!! Let's do the math - you pound that beaver 3 times a week, with an average of 125 strokes till you blow your load.... 3 times 125 = 375 strokes in and out a week.....times 4 weeks is 1,500 strokes in and out a month....at 12 months = 18,000 strokes in and out each year. You are together for 8 years till you break up, so that amounts to 144,000 strokes in and out !!!! Don't you wish your tires were made of pussy, you would get 1 million miles out of them Michelins !!!!!! That coochie is certainly magical and immortal !!!!!!!!!!
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    Fan Page for Anabel and Efim

    Welcome back to Musicians Corner with Plank. Today we have a study Frustration.As every musician knows, practice makes perfect. However there are those days when nothing goes right. We can see Anabel is going through a complex piece involving unison & chords,not only are the fingers making shapes but the bow technique has to be precise. But there are those moments when frustration can sometimes overwhelm a player. Leading to the great urge to 'smash up' the instrument, or the 'Townsend syndrome' as I call it. (see British Rock; The Who). Of course this would be foolish as your instrument is precious and loved, and in some cases, ridiculously expensive! The only solution is to offer a prayer to St. Cecilia and ask her why she has deserted you in your time of need?
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    Fan Page for Julia and Eric

    And now an artistic study in Voyeurism, entitled 'The Glass of Milk'.
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    Fan Page for Julia and Eric

    Exclusive report from our correspondent Plank who is embedded with the apartment. Earlier there were unsubstantiated reports that Julia seemed to be in a, 'good mood'. I can now confirm that this was not an isolated incident, nor was it an attack of gas due to an excess of noodle soup. Her often pensive expression turned from ,nonplussed, to coy, to a grin and then into a shocking full blown smile. We will keep you updated as this story develops.
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    Nelly Fan Page