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  1. My apologies. I had to remove the prior version which wiped out previous submissions. There was a large update that broke somethings during the upgrade. Going forward it should be much more stable. We are now able to setup custom durations and categories, whereas previously there was only one competition that auto-reset every month.
  2. Do you like the new theme?
  3. Admin

    Site Outage

    The site was down for about 36 hours (maybe 48) because the SSL certificate was expired. I was traveling at the time and I was unable to update the certificate. However, the certificate has now been renewed and all is well. Thank You,
  4. Admin

    Forum Update

    All, I have upgraded the forum software to the latest version. It has some great new features. One of my favorite new features are "Clubs" which are basically groups that can be set to public or private. They essentially enable sub communities within the forum. There are too many new things to list, so feel free to explore, and let me know if you run into any errors or issues. Thank You, - A
  5. This image is hosted on: https://www.myairbridge.com Here: https://mab.to/QysUpeJfb
  6. This image is hosted at: http://pichoster.net Here: http://pichoster.net/image/AKAJ4
  7. This image is hosted on: http://keep4u.ru/ Here: http://keep4u.ru/image/St6K8
  8. This image is hosted on: Thongloader.com Here: http://thongloader.com/images/r6kpsh.jpg
  9. This image is hosted on: http://imgur.com/
  10. This image is hosted on: Postimg.org Here: https://postimg.org/image/58dj16pd1/
  11. This image is hosted on: http://imagetwist.com/ Here: http://imagetwist.com/xxnral8v2pl6/large.IMG_6144.jpg.0dc761994d86ca74e6ada0f7a5c8df64.jpg#
  12. This image is hosted on: http://picpie.org/ Here: http://picpie.org/image/k1gh5V
  13. This image is hosted on: http://imagevenue.com/ Here: http://img196.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=931077135_large.IMG_6139.jpg.663bef61789d7ba771535bd59e772013_123_587lo.jpg
  14. This image is hosted on: http://pimpandhost.com/ Here: http://pimpandhost.com/album/6799728
  15. Here are 10 FREE image hosts: Pimp and Host, Image Venue , Image Twist, Pic Pie, Post Images, Imgur, Thong Loader, Keep4U, Pic Hoster, My Air Bridge The images below are simply examples to show how the images look, and to prove that these hosts work on this forum. It took a matter of seconds to post each image, you can also add multiple images at a time. Note: Make sure to copy and paste the "BBcode" otherwise it may not work.
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