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  1. I know looking quick at my pict and clips that somewhere halfway in 2016 till end 2016 all the livingroom cams was free .how long it was free in 2017 I can't remember the exact date have to look maibe one of the admin knows . also does not matter that much . yet it would be nice if we could see both cams in the livingroom from today 2018 or you dont agree ? special for the new viewers in rlc greetings
  2. Karol is hot !! but wat I don't understand is why rlc choose for 1 one free cam in the livingroom we have so mach fun in the past with all the girls in this appt becouse we could see Through the both livingroom cams. every day we talk about this appt and the girls , actually we make rlc bigger talking about it , maibe now rlc think is not importent that we can see everything what the girls do in the livingroom and talking chat about it ,,, becouse the are now big enough ? , or do the expect that the girls are sitting on the livingroom table all day and evening ?? ps welcome Karol and the rest of the girls
  3. I did not say ( that she did it for Sam ) people in this forum say this . also you say (There is even a likelihood that when last week she deliberately dropped three glasses one after the other she was telling Sam this will be our relationship if you thwart my desires) can you understand what the talking ?? if you can understand what eva and sam was talking , this mean just one thing Rubberman is 100% spot on (read page 9) greetings from metmij
  4. StnCld316 you are 100% right I sould not use the Wh...re word , I have many respect for you as admin sorry . but fact is That Eva a so beautiful and smart girl let herself so go and f...ck a rael ugly guy who looks like dracula in the nosferatu movie ,its true look at the movie . tels me that it seems (to me ) that al the girls are the same when the get H...rny .it makes no difference if you are ugly or handsome guy . if she did this for Sam to make him happy what I read (say) in here she is realy supid . the only explanation I can think of , she is paying this way Sam dept back to mister nosferatu . also every girl in rlc is expose to the public and must therfore taken into protection from those who are close to her , special her own boy friend or man . SO SHAME ON YOU SAM !! good that nosferatu use a condom and he did not bite eva , god knows what then happend to her . I hope this comment is not offending someone , I am mild today yet I keep my eye on you al !!! what I wrote is my opinion and only my opinion greeting from metmij
  5. so the admin from this fan page delete my post . wat can I say : the truth is Hard . I did not know that the become soft in here . you can criticize my opinion tell me that I've completely lost it , but delete my post as self censure because you do not agree with me .that is totally new for me in al the years as member !! atleast write me a pm and tell me way you delete my comment post .thank you have a nice greetings from metmij
  6. worst day ever in RLC when Zoya go every one knows I realy like her above all the rest of the girls . But kitty and Smith did come back, and Nelly & Bogdan ,kamila & kristy ,even Efim did come back . so maibe the move to a better place a better apt who knows so lets Hope . I dont think that Rlc is so stupid to let our Zoya Just GO !!! gr Metmij
  7. WHERE is my sweety Zoya are lev and Zoya on Holiday ?? any one Knows ?? greetings Metmij
  8. what for question is this ?? if we are ready , we living in 2017 not in 1950 . you could ask if we are ready for 5 male midgets running naked around in the apt with a boner all with A strainer on their heads , and 1 midget Girl hidding under the dinner table schouting all day what the fuck is going on in this house . LOL of course we are ready , its free to choose the apt you like , I dont have watch it so why not . gr metmij
  9. first Hi Rob1 hello all I have the best Idea for 2017 next kick out of RLC and why ,for what reason Maya and Stepan = Never Home and verry Boring and maibe the animals get a good place to stay . Adriana and Daniel = when Home boring , only Andriane playing with herself on the bed is worth watching Desiree and Raul = A fat child sleeping most of the day serrounded by stuffed animals only playing whit her left tits and she has two tits . Vanessa and Thomas = why are the Premium ?? no one seems to watch this couple most even know the are a couple in RLC . Julia and Eric = Julia she has no sex-apeal at all and mostly hidding under a blanked . Linda and Tibor = A too normal couple and she looks 40 but is maibe 24 ?? have sex 1 or 2 times a week to stay free in the house . These are my ideas , I like to Provocates !!! so don't bother explaining why I am wrong , or what I have written is insulting behaviour !! (I Know I am Rude lol ) Greetings from Metmij
  10. now we all know its Nora wil be fun if next is ilona ,that would be a shock for Nora if she see ilona naked around the house hihi lol
  11. me ,Zoya ,jessica --- first night me , kamila ,kira ----second night me ,belle ,anabel ----third fourth night I be probably dead !! hihihi
  12. what do you think ?? ilona ,irma ,anne ,belle ,white , nora ,danna ?? I think it is Ilona who is comming back in the house greetings metmij
  13. hello happyman I always respect one opinion ,but what you wrote is a psychological analysis . what about the girls do there thing outside the appt ?? you have seen Jessica come at least three times in the bath ,no one in here or the other fan side talk about this , no pict no vid clip nothing ?? so for me all these things make no sentence to write them down . maybe you read a litle too much in freud's books. soo my advice too all stop reading books of sigmund freud , write what you factual see !! make comments about it, give your opinion about it ,and enjoy RLC as it is . greetinhs metmij
  14. For me no welcome !!! i hope Anabel stay and the losser Efim go soon , beter today as tomorrow . Everyone should have thier own opinion and be able to say it in Here , this is my opinion . sorry for all the Fan's And StnCld316 I was verry respectful and positive ,for my standards Greetings From Metmij
  15. Happy Birthday C Днём рождения! BELLE
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