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  1. Most likely make cheap porn movies. LOL

    Fan Page Lana & Robert

    Looks like Lana and Robert does have company again...some I have seen before...surly things are going well these two.
  3. As I do try and give my weekly summary and opinion on Masha, Dasha and Sasha....."I do think that now that they have convinced "their fans" some but not all viewers that they have some kind of put together love for each other...I do think that they should move on an let others move in to that apartment'.....after alI who really do want to see day after day one man who does nothing but walk around in his panties sit around looking unemployed watching his desk top computer all day.....and his two bed wenches who does nothing but lay around, play card games, gaze out the window as if they was in prison or jail, and or waiting for another heated moment to try and pay their dues to the viewers...surly if this was real voyeurism and real life "all three should be bored as hell" even with sitting in the apartment all day. For me "who is not a big fan..but use to be...I see nothing but posing sex.."in other words....they fuck like the are posing for pictures especially Sasha....who's women has giving him the freedom to screw her friend when ever he long as her friend eats her out once a week....that's all fine and dandy...but I do feel that they have succeed on what they want us to believe and with that they should either consider on moving out the way for others or change things for the viewers....."it has become a boring least for me."

    Fan Page Amina

    After checking in on Amina and her borrowed help..."I thought Amina had hired a man...until took a close look and realized it was Amina....she need to buy her some tit' I should call her chester the flat chested boy or girl..."but she does want to act like the guys." I guess Alice doesn't want any more part of the scripted show and went to bed..."could be for her own good too.....poor Kim and Amanda.....or should I say poor Kenny and Pablo who may have been told to stay away and let Amina have her way with the girls tonight...."what a snake she is."

    Fan Page Kitty & Smith

    Kitty and Smith are back from their short vacation....I did think that they would have been gone longer. Lets hope things start to get better for them and their love for each other.
  6. Looks like Anita and the other ladies has started doing some new and different games for a change..Nice!!! I do think that the viewers was tired of seeing the same old ones anyway.

    Fan Page Amina

    Looks like Amina is on the attack again this poisonous snake seems to have her a fruit fly "Kim"..tonight....surly she took Danaya's meal from she has done other's in the pass.. lol Well maybe she might just have Kim go down on her while she is still on her monthly cycle, unless she makes Kim sleeps and make out with one of the other girls...."but we the viewers know that Kim well do anything to please her master if needed." LOL "Moving on"

    Fan Page Kamila

    Looks like Kamila and Kaley made it back off there short lived vacation...."whats next ladies?"
  9. Looks like Nora must have had a meeting with Kenny and Kim earlier...."could be Kim has to pay her rent fees, by sleeping the the king snake "Amina" instead of Danaya tonight.....surly Danaya well get her's later. I do feel sorry for Kenny and Pablo who have no control of their ladies at this point of there stay...." I do think now would be a good time for Kenny to make a visit to B1 and have a chance with Danaya...who lost her bid for Kim tonight with Amina.
  10. Looks like Anita and her crew Deborah and Tina are chilling tonight...."they do seem to whisper in each others ear's a lot" girls crap.. LOL I guess if I can put with Amina and her slick and scandalous ways I can start to enjoy the things that go on in the GP apartment.

    Fan Page Danaya

    Its all in fun....just like the games they play with us members......"but little due Kenny matter how much ass he kisses....these women doesn't want his dumb ass there"...when well the rock absorb water and wake up? LOL

    Fan Page Danaya

    Every since her return back to B1 Danaya has been on a pussy hunt....and that hunt wound up being the brain spaced Kim from the vacationing apartment. Although Kim who doesn't seem to give her man "the dumb founded Kenny" any type of respect once she is around the poisonous snakes of "Amina and Karol"..who also seems to be the instigators of this seduction and unrehearsed scripted...Kim well do anything that these two want...even go against her man. As I did view last night with the three Irma, Danaya and Amina bed show...."it seems that Danaya was trying to get Amina attention sexually but did not succeed....Amina did not seem to be turn on to Danaya sexually but only in a friend ship way.....and Irma did not have a chance either, seeing that she is more like a mother figure then a sexual figure......Amina's pet "Karol" was still laying in bed in another room with her boyfriend at the time of all of this. I can't blame Danaya for wanting Kim to eat her Kenny once did, but why would one put them self's in jeopardy when these "girls" know that Kenny is very jealous. It would have been nice if Kim would have been single and not have a boyfriend...but doing what she is doing now shows her respect towards Kenny. I suggest that Danaya continue to try and get Kenny drunk and maybe she might have a chance to have Kim take a dive between her legs...but me and I am sure some of the viewers think that the only way your going to get Kim to do you, is by letting Kenny have his way "again" with you. "Suggestion for Kenny, "once this is all over and he start to do some cleaning around the house...make sure he gets rid of all his trash....starting with Kim."

    Fan Page for Julia and Eric

    Julia and Eric are a strange but real couple....."Julia if not watching T.V has starting to watch her cell phone a lot lately....most likely viewing the well scripted episodes of B1 and B2." I do think that they may need someone to come in with some spark and get them started. I don't think things are going to get any better with these two....whom ever interviewed them upon their arrival might have been wasted at the time. LOL
  14. After checking in on Amanda and Pablo earlier today...I did see that she was crying and upset....later while Kim was talking to Amina on her cell phone and after she seem to be ok. I guess that conversation put a spark into Kim because she was happy...and later she and Kenny got dressed and went to the B1 apartment to be Danaya's treat for tonight. Amanda and Pablo who seem to be the smartest of the two couples went else were.