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  1. Nina and Kira Fan Page

    I had a chance to look in on Nina and Kira....and Kira is looking VERY sexy tonight.
  2. Fan Page Amina & Nil

    I guess the cams are slow....Amina is at B1 controlling everyone and the party... if you watch closely she sneaks out of sight here and there...I guess getting orders by cell phone. Her stud Nil has gone to bed.
  3. Artists/Bands A - Z

    Frankie Beverly And Maze
  4. Fan Page Angie

    All I can say is grab you a drink and roll up one..."here we go AGAIN" so hold on for yet another ride..LOL
  5. Masha, Sasha, Dasha Threesome.

    There is a saying "That if you stop feeding the cats, then one day they well go away"......
  6. I want to say that Belle is gearing up for at party for B1, but I think not.... seems that Amina has taken charge of everything and the girls too. I would think that "Belle" who has been there the longest...would have some kind of seniority. I guess Amina does have special privileges and a V.I.P card set up with either Nora or RLC.....she has taken over B1 and B3...LOL
  7. Fan Page Amina & Nil

    I think the only thing your going to see and get out of these little girls are scripted games and lots and lots of giggles and laughter. "They are true hired gold diggers"
  8. Fan Page Glasha

    Things seems to be going slow with Gasha and Sonya since there short vacation...I wonder if they took time to read some of the things that was said about them? A month ago Glasha had a know sign of him. Angie seems to be trying to step up her game....and Sonya...oh well she is still there. All three ladies are still some what sexy and I am sure keeping some of the viewers waiting to see whats next. Hopefully one day all three well give the viewers something to see besides drama and different dates going and coming.
  9. You may be right.....I feel that bringing in guys to stay didn't help get them points!!! and I am sure some well say different. Jasmin and Nica should have gone to the vacation apartment from the start. Now we have the girls drifting off to be under Nica and her stud....."what was the purpose of bringing there boyfriends anyway?"
  10. Artists/Bands A - Z

  11. I have to admit that I am really not to much of a fan of Rosemary, but I think she and Belle are doing a great job of keeping B1 above water right now. I am still waiting for Tiana and Blair to step up to the plate. Hopefully Jasmin well get back into the game now that her boyfriend is gone. If RLC could keep Nica at B1 instead of her trying to move in with Amina and Nil it might help give a little more energy to B1, if she "Nica" is not going to be at B1 then RLC should send her packing...." Surely Another product of Nora's"
  12. Drugs

    I once saw this in an apartment "but I won't tell witch one"..LoL
  13. SPREAD legs

    Seems like "Chubby" is starting to happen in a lot of the apartments lately.....I say "to each his or her own"....I am more into petite...Sorry!!
  14. How much abuse can one endure

    Kira and Nina "The true and only real lesbians at RLC" does have there up's and down's at time, but if you really keep up with them you well see that they are real "nothing scripted like some of these wanna be lesbian "girls." Yes it does sometimes look as though Kira does a lot for Nina...."their married and I am sure Kira excepts Nina as she is." I love watching this apartment a lot...I do wish they would sometimes do more, but these two and there visiting room mate are as real as you can get. RLC needs to have another apartment with lesbians or start putting real one in B1 or B2 instead of these playmates who pretend like there into each other and are not...just to get some viewers. Sorry but I really don't see any abuse. "My thoughts only"
  15. Fan Page Amina & Nil

    I wonder why does RLC keep hiring these spoiled little girls who want there way all the time?