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  1. No more Nelly and Bogdan!!! I wonder well Nelly and Bogdan show up at the deep sinking Masha and Sasha's place to help them out....."now they all need help."
  2. Now that RLC has dropped most of its apartments people like Hakeem and Asia well have to work over time!! I guess Hakeem well soon start bringing in his leading lady Asia into his gigolo activities to help keep the viewers minds off of leaving once there membership is over....."I do think it would be more pleasing to view seeing hard core porn has been a catcher lately and he seems to be really fucking and not faking it." LOL
  3. Looks like Sofie and Amalia was the star of the scripted show at the B2 apartment last night. While Karina and Amira sat back and really did nothing but look on and had a few drinks, Sofie and the visiting Amalia found a welling male "John" off the streets and they both played or did their regular jobs when not working for RLC of being two tricks for the guy....lol....at times he looked more homeless and needed a bath then any thing. As the night came he acted like their puppet master, and they did what they was told to do for his entertainment. Oh though this guy who probably paid for his touches and feels more less wasted his money, "because he didn't have sex with either....surly it was to easy.....but may have known the pass of both his paid tricks dark side too. We the viewers know that Sofie wouldn't have put out any way......."Amalia would have given him and others a free ride once the drinks sat in." I wonder well Chris get his part of the payment or was he really a hired want to be stud too? LOL You ladies have been here way to long...to try and bullshit the viewers.."Who in the HELL gives it up on the first date...Oh YES I forgot!!! these are the Barcelona girls..lol I say "stop entertaining and start being real"...it might bring in all the viewers instead of a few....so don't give up!!! LOL
  4. After today and tonight's EVENTS!!!..."if this is what we have to look forward to of 8 apartments".....its a big LAUGH!!!
  5. No harm to your comments......"But look what all there latest ideas have done."
  6. I agree!!! and the free gifts aren't going to replace the lost apartments..."free replay?...what is so exciting to replay and view now...hell its just 8 apartments. With out the help of some of their in house salesmen lets see how long the ship well keep afloat.
  7. I am hoping that they "DO" start getting more viewers now that RLC has lost most of there more interesting apartments for those who joined as a voyeur, and yes they are real life day to day people with out scripts. As far as anything sexual, Martina and Alberto well like others tenants may start to have more sex in the apartment for viewers....I do think that this visiting friend may have been just a close relative....surly like the others 7 apartments, they may have gotten the word to step up things to keep whats left of its viewers too. Some members in the pass have commented at times that they was boring, but now these viewers have no choice seeing that its only 8 apartments now.
  8. Do you think RLC is trying to get rid of the real voyeurs and keep the dick beaters around to gain more money? LOL
  9. One of my favorite apartments as a real voyeur!!! I hate to see them go.
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