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  1. I am glad to see that they made it somewhere, but they look so different now "sexier" and what happen to Nina's tattoos?.."as if anyone would know."
  2. You might be right, I am thinking and from the looks of things that Dick and Jane just took the place of Sasha and Dasha but only Masha get's to share Dicks "Dick" that's all, after a two or three weeks of that then you and I know the rest of the story.
  3. Read my PM, and hopefully you well understand my thoughts. I thought all PM's was private!!! "if a member wants to use you as a pillow to cry on that's fine, but understand that some members love to use my name in their comments in a negative way and when they don't see things their way." I have nothing against you, and if you want me banned for defending my name... push it!!!
  4. A big Question..."what are these three Angie, Emily and Samantha...what are they doing now?" Seem once things started going well like others the big CRASH!!! How did we end up with the Barcelona GO-GO girls???
  5. You must have been away from your computer a day or so...Stella had company, Gina, Numi and her so call brother aka the B1 House Maid/Tattoo guy for all the Barcelona lay overs, I think she like others gut a tattoo and afterwards she and Gina put on some kind of show for the viewers. Since her return, I think she has been keeping it real, if anyone is keeping it un-real..."that might be her room mates and their stuck up visiting friends.....who seem to keep their distance"
  6. RLC seems to be trying to pull their heads above water, and with the appearance Leora I do think that some of the members are glad to have her back as I am. Unless RLC is finally at the bottom of the bucket, and can't get any other girls to come into these Barcelona apartments at least what they could do is hire someone to write them more and better scripts...."their plays have become more boring and predictable then ever. I guess their hidden advertisers aren't getting threw to the people, but cry's and whines when others do. LOL "With that said...lets see if RLC can get some REAL lesbians into their own apartment next, unless your hard up the fake ones just aren't doing it for the viewers anymore."
  7. Sending Leora to the B3 apartment with Belle would have been an interesting and surly a most viewed move...."I totally agree."
  8. Seeing that they was one of the best couples before the crash, I would have thought either Masha would have had them visit first, or RLC would have granted them an apartment first.
  9. Leora has been looking sexy most of the day, and now while laying on her bed in her panties she is looking even more sexy. I guess most of us well have to wait and see how long it well take for her to get her first guest. Finally another real voyeur apartment I can view with out a bunch of scripted crap.
  10. Wow!!!! Just think...if I thought like you do about these tricks, I would be thought of as a pathetic pervert!!! So sorry that I just don't think I like you do!!! I don't think any of my comments has anything to do with anyone leaving..."except yourself." Expressing yourself and comments is what the Chat and Forum is all about. Seems you worry about these Tricks feelings more then you care about the members here anyway. Stop trying to turn members against each other for your gain and SATISFACTION!!!!
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