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    Fan Page Diane

    Every time I look at Diane's breast's I lose my breath...."I am trying to figure out how would I be able to put those milk jugs in my mouth." LOL She has enough breast to feed an Army of men and a few lesbians...Dam!!! LOL

    Fan Page for Jane & Dick

    Looks like Dick and Jane have two sexy looking ladies visiting them...."I wonder why they don't talk them into having sex with them???..instead of the two "ROCKS" that they have had over in the pass. I do wonder why Masha haven't visited them YET?

    Fan Page Serafima

    Serafima's wicked ass should be leaving sooner then some of the viewers want. RLC has become blind in both eyes to be letting her get away with the bull shit that she is doing on their site. Yes she has a sexy body, and really has done nothing since her stay but start of a few fake scripted shows in the vacation apartment...her mind is wicked and her ways her very nasty.

    Fan Page Eva and Sam

    Eva is looking very hot and sexy tonight!! She seems to be doing better then some in the VIP "B1, B2 apartments." I love watching her when she is alone and not being under Sam's control.

    Fan Page Serafima

    Seems Gina has the vacation crew "Rus and Kylie" and the twins from B2 visiting and having a get together, while Serafima, Ginger and Mila are hiding in her "Serafima's room acting more like being asses and acting very in-mature. Seems this has been going on for a few weeks now with Serafima and Gina not getting alone. I do think that someone needs to leave very soon..."not only is there silent feuding hurting the viewers but I am sure its making RLC look more and more screwed up. Serafima seems to control a few of the girls at the GP apartment when ever she wants and who know's why her and Gina doesn't get alone with each other. Lately B1, B2 and the vacation apartment has been nothing but either to much alcohol, drugs and feuding among each other. Lets hope RLC is watching and rectify this situation soon. Lets hope that Serafima reads this and also stop using B1 as her secondary w*%e house!!

    Fan Page Mila

    Looks like Mila, Beatrice and Elvira are starting a show tonight. I do wonder when Rus and his lady well be visiting them. Mila seems to be at the GP a little more then usual lately....I hope she continues to hold her own in the house. Mean while Diane give us a great shot of her sexy ass today....I am waiting to see if she well soon join the rest in a bed show.

    Fan Page Ginger

    Looks like Ginger's visiting girl friend has left B1..."seems yesterday she went to turn a trick or two at the vacation apartment with Rus and Kylie, and got to drunk to finish the job." LOL I wonder if Serafima cut her pay short for that? LOL Oh well I am sure there are others lined up for the job in the coming days. Mean while Ginger is still keeping B1 above water with her masturbation sets.

    Fan Page Maluma

    Looks like Maluma is hosting the party for Rus and Kylie today with the also and can't get ride of "Gina". LOL The gathering like all the rest in the pass seems to be ok.."until everyone started playing the kissing game.."spreading chlamydia around"...that's when I lost interest. Oh well another day of entertaining. Enjoy Rus...surly there's going to be MORE to cum in the days ahead with that group!! LOL "Lets hope they don't give Gina to much to drink,..once drunk she well show her ass to any and everybody..."weather its that time of the month or not."...I am sure Leo misses it. LOL

    Fan Page Olivia & Nick

    Olivia and Nick....as always nothing shy and fake about these two...."they did give me a nice show today" I do love it when they roll-play. RLC should have given them a better apartment..."nothing going on in B1 or B2...they should have gotten one of them." LOL

    Fan Page Ginger

    I am not disagreeing with your comments, "but I think that this visiting friend is just a distraction so Serafima can keep doing her nightly activities out side the door." There is nothing physically sexual about Serafima....she seems to sit back and let other "Ginger" do what she's not doing...."as long as she has been at B1 she done nothing for the cams but pose, rubbed, and kept the apartment clean and fucked off outside the door away from the cams." I did catch the visiting girl at the vacation apartment today, and was wondering why didn't Serafima send Ginger there instead...."seeing that she would have most likely had sex with some one..."weather it was Russ or Kylie"...something would have happen other then scripted bull shit. Like B2, they well use Russ and Kylie for boring scripted entertainment for the next few weeks anyway.

    Fan Page Kristy

    Looks like Kristy and her boyfriend are still keeping things alive in the apartment again. While Kamila and Kaley has been doing nothing but failing night after night and sitting on their asses waiting for night to come so they can stay out all night. I can almost figure out when Kamila and Kaley are going to stay out all night.."when Kristy's boyfriend comes around. Question: why won't RLC get rid of the dead weight and those who is walking in the same foot steps of the head dead weight? I do think that Kristy is doing a great job of keeping the viewers, but its time for RLC to stop the bullshit and get rid of Kamila and possibly Kaley too.

    Masha and Sasha Fan Page

    For that Midget..."he would have to visit Jane and Dick"...who seems to have social visits from one off and on...when he and Jane are hard up for anything with a hole. LOL

    Fan Page Ginger

    When it comes to anything sexual.."Ginger is the bread provider in B1...the others are there just for show and outside business only."

    Tenants before Leora & Paul

    Like Masha, Sasha, and Dasha....Leora and Paul may be around for some time and may not be going anywhere.

    The Chat Room!!

    No harm to you or your comments my friend, "but welcome to THE CHAT ROOM!!"