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  1. That only happens when Stella is around!!! LOL
  3. Well it looks like Angelina decided not to leave, or RLC might have had a long talk with her, and poor Arnold well still have to put up with her quick temper!!! LOL
  4. Well that didn't last long!!! "After a night of great sex, it seems that Angelina and Arnold are fighting...."Angelina seems to be mad as hell and throwing shit at Arnold." I wonder does it have any thing to do with Nelly and Bogdan's visitors, I like Bogdan and Nelly, but it seems that may have also took over the house. Either way Angelina is packing her shit and seems to be ready to leave or beats the hell out of Arnold first.
  5. And yes!!! "Masha has brought her visiting Male hired stud in for a second round of "Oh Oh Oh's" for the cams as she did two week ago with her black male stud, and once the weekend was over....the show was over." I think Masha is starting to act like the girl in the movie "Looking for Mr. Good Bar" LOL
  6. Alberto does seem to be some what useless when it comes to sex lately, and may be out of shape too.....I caught there 3 min sex show earlier this morning, and Martina didn't seem to please with the ending results, or maybe she didn't want her visiting friend to hear either.
  7. Like others that work for RLC, "Leora well continue to entertain her fans daily, and bring in viewers as she has done in the pass. Leora may be boring but does keep viewers coming back for more of her masturbation sets..."even those who claim they don't like her are probably checking her out more then they say they aren't....or how in the hell would they know whether or not she is boring" LOL
  8. Carla and Yanai did have a little party last night with some nice friends over. I like these two because they are real and not fake, and do have mature friends.
  9. How many have forgotten Anabel and Efim???? "I wonder if they are on the list to visit RLC next?" When not playing with their musical interments they did give the viewers some nice action 100% of the time, and kept a few members hypnotized too. LOL
  10. Now that things have slowed down in the three VIP apartments, Hakeem and Asia might just get some kind of recognition and a view more viewers. Not being one of the high rating apartments but does better then some when it comes to being real, I think that Asia should now start bringing in some of her female friends.."that's if she has any."
  11. Looks like Naomi and Aria had another pajama party last night with two from the B1 apartment that tuned into nothing but another rub down. I am sure Naomi like others in those VIP apartments is giving it all she has to keep viewers, but should also change the game or games to something different in the future....."yes they could have been wasted to the point of passing out" LOL....I would say last night was just a fun and a sleep over that well more likely move over to the B1 apartment next.
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