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  1. Looks as though Mary is looking and feeling much better then she did last night. I am sure she and the others had a good day out side of the apartment today thanks to RLC and others...but why leave Chiara all alone?..B1 has been empty before for a few house!! I do feel that by the end of the week things well pick up again for some.

    Masha and Sasha Fan Page

    I wasn't talking about your comments...."its was just a joke about Masha and her crew.."that's why I said who!!!
  3. Looks like Amina has left B2...I am glad she is gone...I do think she is one of the super chicken's that help run both B1 and B2. She really was and is not my cup of tea....I was also tired of watching her ware those same gray funky looking shorts for two With the money I am sure she is making she should have brought more things besides bull crap. As for Alexa, "her head should be cold by now...seeing that she won't be able to put it up Amina's ass around the clock.".....where ever Amina is..she's not far!!!
  4. Mary seems to be sick tonight...I do think she threw up in the bathroom and Elly and Bridget came and helped her. With all the things that go on in some of these apartments, I am not surprised that germs are not all over everywhere. re-using dildo's that may not be clean right...fingering each others puss then digging in their asses pulling out their undies...laying on sheets that someone masturbated on, others laying on sheets that other and some one had sex on...dam I would be scared as hell just to spend the night......"especially at the house of all germs MASHA''S....I think that these girls need to start doing more cleaning on their own, and stop depending on the maid. If Mary's sickness had anything to do with germs, I hope she get's better with the right treatment.

    Fan Page Kitty & Smith

    I agree...that would be nice....I do think if RLC keeps doing what there doing, they need some more mature people in these apartments for viewing for those of us who want to see some real sex, and not one trying to be a dam jack rabbit macho man, or women pretending to jump from puss to puss for a fake eat out..LOL....and that's what it has come to "some real funny crap."

    Fan Page Kitty & Smith

    Looks as though Kitty and Smith has a sexy mature lady visiting tonight. Its been a while since they have had a real visitor in the apartment with out any loud music...she could be either one of Smith's or Kitty's family members.

    Long vacations

    Seems like the long vacations with a lot of these tenants are starting to be a trend....I have seen some come off of a vacation and within two weeks go back on another. Seems like the more add on apartments the more vacations these tenants take....some don't earn enough viewing time in the apartment to have one in my opinion. With B1 and B2 who has the title "Girls On Vacation" I think RLC need to shorten their stay from 90 days to 30...after the first 30 days these "bed and couch" sitter's start getting boring to watch......unless one is into men "bringing in a so call macho guy for one girl out of seven doesn't help matters either."...who ever thought of that "BRILLIANT" idea!! The local apartments should also rotate tenants out every so many days...after watching some of them do ridiculous sex scripts week after week and look for ways to keep viewers has become boring also....not all of these apartments are boring, but some needs to either shut down or become a rotating one. I know that these words are just heading for the trash as most do, but there just my thoughts.
  8. Looks like with all the happenings going on the Megan and her man, Chiara has no choice but to catch on fast. With most of the girls paring up in twos as friends she seems to have to work things out on her own.

    Fan Page Eva and Sam

    As I try not to focus on Sam, Eva, Masha, Dasha and Sasha and their animal behavior...I have been checking on Sam and Eva's house guest who seem to be doing a better job then them. I do hope they get an apartment of their own.