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  1. Kristy's return might be good, but I wouldn't expect a whole lot of nudity around any of the apartments with her,...yes she is a good teaser and still sexy, but unless she has changed her ways she won't be as wild as some of her friends in either of the Barc- apartments....."but who knows what RLC has offered her too!!"
  2. Now that Nelly has gone back to where she is suppose to be anyway at the Vacation apartment, and lesbian classes are over for Sophia, I am wondering if Masha and Sophia well start some kind of scripted up relationship or just take turns masturbating for the cams until Nelly is allowed to comeback again as a token. Someone well have to keep what viewers they have left entertained from time to time.
  3. Welcome Maracuya and Eidan, who has already started out giving the viewers something to come back to on their first day. I am hoping they have lots of friends to visit from time to time so they won't become bored with each other.
  4. How does anyone "HERE" have an opinion when half the time your never able to express it with out it being flushed over or downgraded by others anyway. Seems in the forum your never going to please all and that's normal...in the Chat unless its has something positive to do with a Barc-girl your going to be wrong anyway. Most of the forum members know who's running the forum...."all the members I hope and believe".....Who's really running the Chat Room? We have lost so many members and I don't think it's all because of the site, but because of the control of not being able to express their opinions freely with out going threw a 24 seven day a week dictator, and more less in a authoritarian way with others. Everyone has their own opinion, every one that's read this topic has given there own home definition and meaning of what a opinion is, but no one has rectified the situation. "Note I did say members of the forum and members of the Chat Room...."these are the one's who are normally responding in these rooms daily or weekly." This is just my Opinion on things...none positive or negative......I would rather be able to express either one without someone else doing it for all the time, surely they won't volunteer to pay for your next 90 day membership. LOL
  5. We might be a bit to late in thinking RLC well ever go back to Real Life or anything to do with Voyeurism...some maybe two or three apartments are still there...but face it the Barc-girls have taken over or became more of a priority!!!
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