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  1. Looks like sexy Adri has another visiting guest!!! "and may I add she is very sexy" WOW!! I wonder how long she is going to be around?
  2. Seems Candy is living up to her name "very sweet and sexy looking"...I was hoping she would soon open her wings and start having fun once her boyfriend left.
  3. Now that Mila doesn't have Serena in her shadows I think she well be able to open up a bit more, I just watched her give a very sexy and open and up-close masturbation set...I must say with the music in the background "it was nice to view"..LOL I am hoping she won't stop giving the viewers her sexy pleasures anytime soon.
  4. Goodbye Darina, I enjoyed your stay....and your great participation with the other ladies. I do think your pay should have been doubled..due to the fact you had to babysit your room mate Serena most of the time and even masturbate for her at times....I don't think she had a clue how to or why she was there anyway!! Either way you have a safe trip back home and come and see us viewers again!!LOL
  5. Anastasiia and Malina seem to have had a busy day today...they even had a late work out. Since being in the big room they are truly good friends and seem to always stick together...they seem to act more mature then some "Serena" who reminds me of a young in-mature teen who always wants her way....hopefully she well be replaced by a much more mature acting adult, and someone who is welling to show her energy and not her bad side. I really don't know how many more weeks Anastasiia and Malina have but hopefully not to soon. Adri, Mila and Darina seem to be keeping the viewers watching...Candy's stud has gone so I guess we are going to have to wait until she gets over that....hopefully we won't have to wait to long..." like the others Candy" is very sexy to view.

    Fan Page for Linda and Tibor

    That's funny...when they first join, the would watch porn openly in the living room while having sex....I wonder what changed that?.....or maybe they got a glimps up Masha Dasha and Sasha in a hard core porn movie and got turned completely off.LOL

    Fan Page Kamila

    Kamila who still brings nothing to the table but coming in early mornings around 4am while the sun is coming up and quick and not worth seeing masturbation set's. I am still wondering why RLC still have her around. While Kaley and Kristy do keep up the slack....Kamila still does her sneaky thing and seem to and well continue too. She has turned into a real bore.....what every is out the door that she gives her energy to, I think she needs to be with and RLC needs to put another person in her place.

    Fan Page for Linda and Tibor

    I see that Linda and Tibor are still doing their thing keeping the viewers watching.......all real and keeping their love life between them and them only.

    Fan Page Elisa and Fima

    I see that Elisa and Fima are back off there short vacation...and they seem to be making up for the lost time too. Some say that they are boring...well I rather see boring and real other then a lot of fake scripted material. I did think by now that RLC would have moved in another mature couple in with them by now....a young couple won't due. "My thoughts only"

    Masha, Sasha, Dasha Threesome.

    I see while Masha has left her witches den "purposely of course"...another script has began and Sasha and Dasha has begin to "breed" again like two lost animals with out there trainer. Not being a fan of either in the apartment, I try not to endorse this apartment any more by giving them any credit for any thing. As some said "if you don't like what you see then move on to another apartment" and I have been doing just that lately. Even though I can't, but help see this apartment going threw the motions of looking for better and others...I well and do drop them a good welcome line here and their to give them something to read!! Maybe one day I well get the opportunity to sign on and see all three packing to leave...but as long as RLC seems to think that they are there money makers we all know that's not going to happen...its sad, but this apartment has gone from voyeurism to hard porn just for an extra dollar or an extra viewer......until then I well keep on hoping and hoping and hoping that one day they well be gone!!!LOL
  11. Serena, who came to the apartment with a lot of energy is now packing to leave.....seems she quickly lost all of that energy and turned it into a lot of bad attitude and toward a few of the ladies in the apartment. Serena really didn't bring anything to the table the last two weeks but a lot of sleep to which she did by laying around under Mila....and using her as her pillow. I had thought she was going to be more then just another sexy looking lady but turned out to be the totally different. With her changing bad attitude and not really participating with most of the other ladies in the house, lets hope RLC not be so quick to bring her back so soon....packing is about the only thing I have seen her do on time lately. Serena you have a safe trip back home, and spend your money bad you didn't earn it.

    Fan Page Angie

    Thanks to Angie, and her still existing crew "GLASHA AND SONYA" I believe this apartment is dead!! Looks like Glasha is having sex and sleeping with man NO#15 in Angie's bed!!!
  13. Earlier Darina masturbated in Serena's bed...and it was great and not fake. I do believe if Serena who and could take her head out of Mila's ass for an hour or two she could have done the same. Darina is a true participant when it comes to the apartment and when the ladies get together. I see that Darina has to masturbate in Serena's place for her also...Maybe its time for Serena to pack her shit.