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  1. Unless there has been some kind of restrictions between the Vacation apartment and B2, the twins and Gina haven't been doing any type of visiting lately. Or are they planing something big? I am glad to see that all four in B2 are looking sexy, and so so glad Gina has cut down on her drinking...."for me..she looks way more sexy when she is not so drunk." I wonder well Amy continue to keep her distance....."it shows!!
  2. Now that Madam Diane is pulling strings for all the girls in most of the VIP apartments B1, B2 and GP, she needs to have RLC add her guy friends name on the board, seeing that he is going to spend most of her stay with her as he has been since her arrival. I do think that his presents some times hinder the girls ware for the viewers at times, but shouldn't since we do know that they well strip for all once the heavy drinking begins....I do think that her guy friend has made himself real comfortable with all the free activities "bed and breakfast." LOL
  3. Seems Alana does a lot of house sitting when everyone else is out...."or I may be checking in at the wrong time too." I am still waiting for the big night Alana gives us some real action now that she has lights on the headboard.
  4. Nelly was looking very sexy today..."nice sexy outfit"....we know how Nelly like's to some times roll play with herself when Bogdan is not around....and also masturbate while viewing her Lap-top. I do hope they cut down on the vacations this summer and get back to having those nice parties again.
  5. I guess Kelly and Ginger well have to keep B1 above water, seeing that Amalia has already headed towards the GP apartment "surly with the help of Madam Diane"....and we the viewers know what the future and out come of that's going to be. I do think that RLC should have sent Loraine to B2 instead of sending Amalia there. Seems most of the girls they are getting comes with a spoil package now. From what I am seeing Kelly and Ginger shouldn't have any problems holding down B1 anyway.
  6. The Masha's place LOL....No!! Masha, Dasha and Sasha seems to still keep their distance between each other....I did notice that yesterday there must have been some kind of heat between the three..."Masha made Dasha and Sasha move their clothes out of her room"...Sasha wasn't to pleased about it, but Dasha didn't say much but did move all of her things. It seems as I type these comments, the apartment is empty. Also lately Masha has been doing a lot of masturbation sets...and I don't think she is getting a lot of attention.....I do think once she either moves or get ride of Sasha and Dasha, things well continue to head towards the bottom of the lake. In given time expect more feuding between these three lost souls.
  7. Seems that Adelita has brought her some new toys.. and after playing with her toys most of the day she has to be some what sore around those sexy pussy lips of hers. I did enjoy each and every minute of her masturbation play. I thought she was going to be lonely and lonesome once her roommate left, but "not" she is still giving the viewers 100%, and I love it. I am waiting to see who well be her room mate next. Thank you Adelita...nice...real nice.
  8. Welcome to the B1 apartment Amalia, I do hope you enjoy your stay.
  9. Well, Angelina didn't stay around long!...Seems when things were getting better for B1, she was gone. I like Angelina, she was straight and did give 100%...but like most of all of the ladies that has come to the B1 apartment, they do stay out late and over night at times. I thought Angelina was sexy...she didn't give us viewers any kind of warning that she was leaving like a few has done. I do hope that she well return again one day and maybe stay a little longer next time. lets hope she has a safe trip back home.
  10. Ginger still giving us the viewers great masturbation sets...even sexy Kelly and sexy Angelina are worth the wait. I did catch their visiting friends from B2 today, I thought things was going to heat up after watching them watch porn on the T.V.
  11. Believe me my friend, a lot different.
  12. It looks like Madam Diane's guy friend has had his fill and has now left the house, surly once his tanks are full he well return again to have them drained. ...."I am still wondering why he wasn't allowed to get his fill up on the other girls like Rus did?" LOL
  13. So far since my stay, lately I have seen a lot of things change from the beginning of my start until now....some good and some bad, not all have to do with the Chat or Forum. members come and go just like anywhere else once things get dull. Some come on the Chat to talk good or bad...same as the Forum...."nothing is going to change." If all that where.."WHERE" suppose to talk about, "is every thing good then, there's a lot to get rid of "including pictures and most of the girls in some of these apartments." Yes this is suppose to be a Voyeurs site...lol..."I remember when it was a real Voyeur site and not so much porn." If people like myself are keeping others away by speaking the truth then so be it, its easy to stop commenting....and if it wasn't for people like me.."what would people like you have to talk about....besides.."does anyone knows whats going to happen next." I agree with your thoughts, but I highly not agree with the Forum and Chat room are responsible for this site going down hill.....and if I thought that was true, I would kindly stop commenting on anything to please you and others. As long as the money is coming in like it is...this site is not going anyway..regardless of who says what. I think that RLC is doing a great job of attracting members with its VIP apartments B1, B2 and the GP apartments...they speak for them self"s. May be that's why there losing so MANY members. I don't make money here....I just put money into the system just like you,...and yes "like to comment on what I see." I hope these comments haven't interrupted our friendship.
  14. As far as others....I only see the Chat and Forum....if they neither aren't doing well...then keep protecting and have them both shut down then!!
  15. Surly if we can talk in the Chat about how hey fuck, suck, how big there pussies and tits are, their Instagram Accounts, where they live, what they do outside of the apartment, who licked who or who you want to see lick who, who got fucked the hardest, who has fake tits, and what they might be thinking..lol...I can't see what would be wrong with the REST!! Isn't that what part of the forum is for too? LOL
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