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    Fan Page Amina

    you and others "Rhodie, and iloner are right"....why does this has to happen??? because one who fall in love with someone in these apartmentS and needs this diaper changed because they don't like what is said about the "girl" who he is never going to meet.."IN LIFE", and he wants others to agree or not talk about them In a negative way......"I say take your dick out of your hands and wake up man!!!" stop hating those who don't agree with your pathetic thoughts and grew up....this is a site for all who have opinions..."that my not agree with yours all the "TIME."...if you don't like what you see move the hell on!! With that said RUBBERMAN is out..."for good...you figure it out!!"....but who would I be hurting if I did that...or even making HAPPY..LOL I THOUGHT THIS ENDED MILES BACK DAM!! "STOP CRYING"......"Unless you all get together and have someone ban me for good so one or more can be happy I really don't know what to tell you....I have just signed up for another three months a week ago, so until then!!!, I have also blocked iLoner out and Rhodie out of my comments and from me seeing theirs..."is everyone happy NOW!!!Hot dam!!

    Fan Page for Chloe & Tyler

    I see that here is a visiting couple staying at Chloe and Tyler's apartment. I wonder if they are auditioning for an apartment?
  3. Tonight looks like the girls are having a small party..."I am hoping like hell that its for Anita's leaving...I am so sick of her and her phony shit"....even though she has turned Dalia out for her own gain and money making...she has also made Dalia the apartment W$&*^@...who and what ever can have her when ever they want...."Yes she is a well trained Mule." LOL

    Fan Page Karina

    I did take a dare to view Karina, Amira and Serafima's first porn movie....with the help of Jenn and Frank..."who really doesn't live by his name." LOL If I had to rate to nights show I would have to give it a "G" rating...."yes the ladies where sexy but the action was really dead and has been used by others to many times in the pass." Surly some well say its better then nothing..."I would have had nothing..."but just the sexy ladies giving me a sexy dance." I am sure while these three and the two "Jenn and Frank" are around there well be more shows to follow. I guess I could have been watching Anita and her sweat hogs do worst. I do suggest that in the future "if they are going to give a sex show using the vacationing crew...make sure there are up to it and don't give them to much to drink"...seems once everything was over they was tucked in bed by three mama's after a short bed time story. LOL "I still love you ladies!!"

    Fan Page Kitty & Smith

    I agree..."As much as I like Kitty, they do seem to show the signs...AGAIN...and for some reason its always this time of year.

    Fan Page for Jane & Dick

    My belief about Jane and Dick is that, they have to please Masha and Sasha more then just there viewers...."who also may be keeping an eye on them around the clock when not mating but watching there computer." Jane and Dick does have friends who sometimes I or others think are going to get involved in their games but don't..."and that's when they bring in the hired lady from off the streets."...this lady would look sexy if she didn't look like a kid and that's what make both Dick and Jane look like two pedophiles having sex with a child. Un-like Sasha, Dick does work daily.."or leaves and go some where" the apartment haven't really become to boring yet once Jane start giving the viewers more masturbation sets and get her a more looking mature lady for their shows things could pick up for them. From the looks of things, they had few people over last week, and from some of the viewers chats one couple did bring in there own drug store with them.

    Fan Page Serafima

    Serafima and her room mates "Amira and Karina seems to be getting alone great so far.....even though Serafima does like to keep the apartment very clean, which is a plus in my book I see that the others have no problem with it too...."after all once one goes to the GP apartment surly you might encounter some sort of a floating STD or germ in the air as much as they put on sweat hog shows pure night." These three do remind me back a few years ago when Nora, Kamila and Kristy was together in B1.


    I think the name should be changed to "REAL LIFE PORN"...that's what it has turned to anyway.
  9. Now that the head Mistress "Anita" is back Oksi has to get back in her corner and wait until she goes out again on another street job before she can ever run things again. Mean while Dalia continues to be Anitas gofer and used sex slave for the viewers and her extra bank money. Hopefully the others well look threw her before she leaves.."which I hope is real soon."

    Fan Page Eva and Sam

    Here again Eva and Sam has slowed down...."funny the last time I said that....the next day they had another female between the two of them." I do some times wonder if Sam has another female on the other side of town that he is screwing.

    Fan Page Varvara & Fedor

    Since Varvara's last female visitor and almost sexual move...there have been nothing but love and sex with her and Fedor. At the way these to go at it with each other sexually, I hardly think that they need an outsider to join them...."they do sometimes reminds me of another "Anable and Efim" but with out all of the musical instruments around the apartment. I do think that these two may go far, but its still to early to say..."sometimes watching a couple having the same sex can become boring to view also" I also haven't really seen Varvara do or give any type of masturbation sets yet.

    Fan Page Yulia and Ivan

    Yulia and Ivan seem to be the real and not the fake....they do keep me checking and I guess I need to more often.."if I want a real voyeurs apartment." Like a few other apartments that's on their level...if you have patience this may be one of the apartments for you. If your into putting a coin in a video player watching porn then you may want to check out the GP apartment. LOL