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  1. check out Eva and Sam...Aug.29.... over a month !!!!/.....there should be a subscription discount.
  2. I'm curious as to what happened while the 2 (M&D ) were away?...seems more into each other, than getting cock...any thoughts.
  3. him sticking his pecker in another hole... while she was not around.
  4. note...all 3 in bed .. Dasha in middle....never use to be that way.... Masha was always playing the recipient of all affection from both......she should never have given Dasha the o.k. to fuck her guy !!
  5. I think Dasha has become #1 love interest of sasha...Masha may be the one to leave.
  6. thanks for pics... I never got to see... just her vacuuming up glass
  7. and then the 3 went at it again...while the two visitors "slept"...on the couch.....Sasha even tried inserting into Dasha while she ate out Masha....but his dick didn't want to work.
  8. I wonder if her pussy is as bushy as her eyebrows
  9. but that still doesn't answer me StnCld316 my question of " How does Sasha And Masha get to stay so long?.... its been over 2 years.?
  10. I don't think Dasha will be going anywhere soon.... how does Sasha and Masha stay so long ???... maybe they are sponsoring her , being they gave her a place to fuck...I mean Live.
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