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  1. Masha and Sasha Fan Page

    what situation did sasha put himself in?......
  2. are you recording masha and dasha ...please 


    1. Harry1949


      I think I got some of it.  Unfortunately my computer is in the 2nd bedroom which the spouse also uses.  Normally I often have to set in on Auto Record and I get what I get.  I'll check with the room is free.

    2. Harry1949


      Oh, I got it so I'm uploading to Dropbox.  Will take a bit but I'll have it off to you as soon as it is uploaded.  By the way, you should find Magnify in your settings on your computer or tablet.  I spyglass will come up that allows you to magnify the screen.  Some of the Chatters that live alone have RLC hooked up to their tv screens for a full picture. 

    3. thetwatwatcher
  3. Masha, Sasha, Dasha Threesome.

    I wonder if the "vacay" was the official 3some together.... off camera... because they couldn't wait..... and now decided to make viewers wait to increase membership'? per others' speculation of summer before we get the show.