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  1. Thanksgiving.

    And I would like to second that. Happy Turkey Day !
  2. Katie & Phil, Lena & Peter

    Eric & Layla over at the apartment, and a load of boxes. Looks like there is packing going on?
  3. Violet & Jeff

    I have decided to keep the Cat themed funny's going. This trio entitled Cat & Rat !
  4. Karla & Arnie

    Well she has certainly come out of her shell these days. Yiiippppeeeee!
  5. Linda & Carrie

    I thought I did rather well with my choice of language to be honest. Do I have to go stand in the corner again? I do feel sorry for Carrie, it can't be easy for her.
  6. Mika & Layne

    Where do I sign up? I have a valid passport and can go at short notice. Could I request that I am sent to Bree's or Edda's place please !
  7. Nina & Alan & Serena

    Nina giving Serena a hug before she takes her to start her holiday break. Serena will be away until 27/28th November.
  8. Lisa

    The patience of a Saint approach of Lisa's guy finally paid off.
  9. Anna & Alex, Bree & Drew

    So Bree decided to see if she could distract Drew's attention away from the TV. Well that worked!Why wouldn't it, she is gorgeous. They went to the bedroom,where he had to take a call. Undeterred Bree went and got a bottle of wine & some grapes,no glasses which upset the connoisseurs out there. I mean damn it all, standards must be maintained! The look on Bree's face,"and now you are studying the label on the bottle.....really?" He didn't for long. Three rounds of fabulous sex, and a noisy Bree. Fabulous!
  10. Mika & Layne

    Dark haired guy & Red-ish girl went at it in the bedroom last night,Layne was in the LR. So he obviously knows it's going on. In which case ignore my post above, just me talking shite....again!
  11. Nina & Alan & Serena

    Thanks for the info. There was more than booze going on last night ! I like Serena, but as I said, it really is shitty behaviour when the participants start playing these sort of games. If someone is going to be spooked by the camera's then they need to go somewhere else for their party. (see rlc barca etc.....ooh he didn't go there did he?..... Yes I damn well did! ) But my poor identification of the guy last night was probably due to me not being able to see very well. I rest my case m'laud!
  12. Nina & Alan & Serena

    Interesting night at the apartment. Nina & Alan go over to Edda & Joe's,while Serena entertains a couple. The guy we have seen before, he was the one who smashed the bejasus out of Serena a few weeks ago. Although this time he had brought a girl-friend with him. What followed was a night of threesome sex,you name the position they probably did it! There were a lot of toilet breaks, with all three of them going at the same time. They all seemed to have a great time,Serena certainly did, although the action became a little chaotic towards the end. Running out of steam or did those toilet breaks take their toll? I have however one complaint. And it is relevant for VHtv, RLC, Camarads and V V. Tis the season for twinkly & flashing little lights,available in various colours from your local stockists. However, these lights cause serious issues for the camera's. For instance the first part of this evenings entertainment in the LR was only watchable from miles away on Cam 2, a free cam. Meanwhile, the better view would have been from Cam 1. You know the ones we pay for, rendered practically unwatchable because of the lights.( & Cam 3) Now I have long had a theory that certain members of Vhtv, who will remain nameless, have been using lights to obscure the camera's for a long time. It is downright shitty behaviour on their part. If you want to obscure the cameras with lights,curtains,clothes,deliberately move them, or in the worst case, switch them off. Then what the flying f**k are you doing on a Voyeur site???? VHtv, RLC, Camarads and V V need to warn their participants about this issue as soon as possible before all the festive lights & decorations go up. If we can't see,we don't pay !
  13. Mika & Layne

    Layne, his dark haired mate & the red-ish haired girl with glasses What is going on with this 'menage a trois' at Layne's place? Layne has been there with this girl. His mate has been there as well. But there is something else, another dynamic at work. The dark haired guy & red-ish girl couldn't wait for Layne to leave the apartment yesterday, before they were having sex in the bedroom. Later that evening, all three go to share Layne's bed and go to sleep. Once Layne is asleep the other two get up quietly sneak off to the bathroom for more sex,before sneaking back to bed. What the hell is going on, why not tell Layne that they are into each other and he needs to step out of the relationship? I'm wondering, what sort of hold does Layne have over these two?
  14. Katie & Phil, Lena & Peter

    Nope, not a clue? As for being called a 'font of all knowledge', I'm usually called names that include some of those letters,mainly the f and k. I think tharkibwj is more up to speed than me. Damn shame if we lose Lena,helluva' body! And I will miss the cat.
  15. Nina & Alan & Serena

    Serena was visited by a new guy last night, he tried his luck, he failed miserably & was shown the door. Serena gave a match report to N & A in the bedroom, and then consoled herself by getting involved in some threesome play. It must be really tough being in Alan's shoes...... ?