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  1. A & A visit. Anna being Anna. On a serious note. If Alisa's performance at Darcie & Stiffy's was enough to get her her own apartment,then surely B has done enough at Mel & Serg's to be rewarded. There was a fantastic rapport between B and A & A. B was in bed when some visitors arrived. A & A and K & A. And where were Mel & Serg. Asleep in K & A's bed.
  2. Prior to going to Mel & Serg's. A & A visit. Anna could be a UN Peace envoy. I have seen her in numerous situations where there has been volatile people,too much booze & recreationals or emotions have been high, for instance last night at Darcie's with B in tears in the bathroom. I would love to know what this conversation was about. Cheers!
  3. A & A turned up. Serg,Mel & Brenda show up. They have already had a busy night. I have no idea who the guy is in the burgundy shirt talking to Alex is? Strike a pose. It was not easy getting any pics,at one time or another all the LR cams were blocked by bodies. Anna & B dance. A gets cheeky. D & B A inspects. B gives A some of it back. B inspects. Meanwhile Alisa has been asleep in the bedroom,they decide to wake her up. M,B,A D & Alisa look at pics on Anna's camera,Mel into her phone. Oh it had to happen! This guy arrives. No,it aint happening,she doesn't want to know. Alisa, Anna & Mel. A & A enjoying the loggia.
  4. Sunday evening party. Bethany & Craig in attendance and a new couple. New girl relaxes. Everything was ticking along nicely when Leonnie & Barney turned up. These two sucked the life out of the party, and over stayed their welcome. Brenda goes off to the bedroom to party with Craig with Bethany supervising. Mel & Serg bring new couple in,Serg encourages new girl to have a grope of B's bum,she declined,her partner didn't and that didn't help the situation any. Guest guy tries to persuade his partner. Guest guy returns & is trying to chat up Bethany. It isn't working. Serg talks to guest girl. Guest guy getting sneaky. Very sneaky. Bethany & Craig went home.Looks like the party is over. Looked good until guest guy turned off the lights. Back to mole vision. 🤬 Half hour later M,S & B went over to Darcie's. Go there.
  5. Part 2. This is where things went a bit weird. K rejoins the fun. But she is in a belligerent mood, acting out,over egging the pudding etc. Meanwhile in the bathroom. K moaning and yelping. Giving instruction to B about moaning etc K knows that she has pissed off A. B & A continue. Andrew's brain is somewhere else. They call a truce & rejoin the others. This is where I lost a little bit of my adoration of Krista. Belligerent,argumentative,picking at Andrew etc. Brenda got between them at one point,Mel signaled to Serg to 'shut her up', Serg put his hand over K's mouth but she still went on. K," He shagged me for 5 minutes, that's all." I would love to know what was said here. Mel opt's out as usual. Peace talks worked. A & K seemed ok when they left & had make-up sex.
  6. Krista & Andrew came to visit.An act in two parts. 1/2 A lot of time spent drinking and chatting,but eventually it was show time! WTF moment. Krista," Of course you realise that I have now fucked both of you at the same time!" B & A carry on.
  7. Mel & Serg arrived back with their friends and some random guy? By this point random guy could not hide his excitement,it was sticking out through his pants. This seemed to be the part where guest explains to random guy,that this is an 'exclusive club' etc. 'We have to have clearance etc'. With Mel out of the room, Serg doesn't just get a nibble,he is face fucking the guest.
  8. Another delay of game....oh well I'm here now. Fair warning there's a load of Mel & Serg etc stuff coming. Last week Mel & Serg had a few days away leaving the drunk cat in charge of Brenda.
  9. Mira gets her hands on Felicia's pussy.
  10. It's still working! Just for old times sake,or scratching an itch? A very quickie? This apartment is crap! 😉
  11. Or we could do what was suggested in numerous posts about the fekking Chat Room and just get in there and chat about VHtv or whatever else. Many a time I've wanted to go into the Chatroom just to give the VHtv fans a heads up that such & such is happening. But I don't. I feel like I'm intruding somehow? 'Your sort don't belong in this here neighbourhood. ' 🤠 Which is is silly as I used to live in there at one point. It's our RLCF forum, and that includes the Chat. RLC have done this site no favours,why should our Chat be solely dominated by their site?
  12. Plank


    Before those pics she had just had two rounds with a gentleman caller. 😜
  13. Nikki 's place has had some Gay activity recently,don't know if they intended to go in that direction,but it has. And no I'm not against it,some of the finest people I know are gay, it just isn't my thing,but then again there are 10 of the realms that are of no interest to me.
  14. We are back to 'a picture painting a thousand words' again. A & G have a couple staying with them. She is cute, red/pink hair & a nice body. A subtle tattoo of a constellation of stars cascades down from the nape of her neck, across her right shoulder and meanders down the right side of her back towards her hips,but stops mid back. Very nice and I don't like tattoo's. A game of strip poker and a separate rooms session each. The only action in this apartment for a long while, and we can't show it. I am aware of the reasons for this, and support A & G in this,but the lack of publicity must be hurting them? 😕
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