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  1. And Stella & Stefan and ?Sonia are still going at time of post.
  2. This drunken threesome has been going for over two hours. Still going at time of post.
  3. Brian & Nadia visited for an evening of card games,dancing etc. Then, Lisa takes Nadia to the bedroom and sets about hitting all of her buttons. I think they both enjoyed that. Anyone else noticed how happy Lisa is when she is getting into another girl? Just me then. 🤔
  4. Well that was a statement of intent wasn't it! What was it 12 different people all over the apartment? Wow! 😮
  5. Unfortunately it's all about the viewing figures & if the apartment isn't being watched or posted about they are gone. With a few exceptions,for me most of the new participants are just more of the same.I don't feel engaged with them & their personalities. Example;Lexy & Pete,Drew & Bree. There is no tease or anticipation of what might happen. For instance,what is she wearing under that dress? And the eventual reveal. Most of them are almost naked most of the time,which is fine,but I would like a bit more intrigue instead of legs spread wide to closest cam & bate session six times a day. I also feel that there are some participants that need to go.
  6. The post above is shit without pics. I have sanitised these pics because it got very graphic. Just to add, the wrong choice of word. Graphic is better.At times it was like a 'Dummies guide to Anal', folks could learn something,if you want to. Having said that A & A always did have safe practices,condoms,lube & disinfectant spray for the dildos,plugs,toy's,power tools etc. Anica clearly loves anal & Alex didn't let her down, surprised that she could walk after the pounding Alex gave her. Really great to see Anna in flight again. And they carried on in the bedroom for a while longer !
  7. Looks like the sessions with M & M paid off then.
  8. How to get your partners attention away from their mobile.
  9. You've seen the body painting on rlc. This is how VHtv does it.
  10. At some point they have to stop flogging this dead horse.👎
  11. As I said above,that Stella & Stefan was odd? We also had Billy having a sneaky BJ with Ethel trying to hide from the cams....derrrrr. Then Sam had a full on session with some guy last week.Obviously the numbers weren't good enough. It's a shame because Sam was cute yet filthy & very noisy in the bedroom.
  12. I see the headboard cam has moved.
  13. You never know,next time it could be a Roman candle. It would be different & colourful. 😄
  14. It's always great to see A & A, damn I still miss Anna. Well that turned into a classic A & A shag-fest. 😲
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