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  1. Plank

    Candy & Dean

    So D & C have left the building. Did they fall or were they pushed? Despite a mini-orgy/swapping session last week, I feel that their days were numbered anyway. How or Why these two are still together is beyond me? At times they are great, but the majority of times they treated each other with contempt and occasional violence. Dean can be an asshole, we know,but Candy has turned from a vivacious creature into a Nag of the highest order. I have no doubt we will see them turn up somewhere probably Lexy & Pete's. But I will remember the good times at the old Anna & Alex's place,and the parties at Bree & Drew's etc where the action never really got started until 6am. I wish them well for their future's, but I would suggest that hey split-up before one of them kills the other.
  2. Plank

    Lexy & Pete

    Around 50 views of the post above since I posted it, no likes, with one exception, thanks StnCld316 , no comments good or bad...nothing. Why do I bother again?
  3. Plank

    Nina & Alan

    I would love to see Edda return, but if Joe is to be part of it he needs to change his old ways big time! Of course I am hoping that Edda would eventually invite Noshable Nora around for some fun, but that's probably wishful thinking on my part. As for Sina she is desperate for an apartment! I have not been impressed with her activities over at Kira's place recently, or for that matter the stuff going on with Kira & Dawn & Sina and assorted stray guy's. And talking of Kira's place. I watched the other night as the photographer guy, aided & abetted by his red-haired friend,as they tried to force that young blonde girl into doing stuff she didn't want to do. The red-head looking up at the overhead cam,as if, 'look I'm getting her there',trying to push the girl for the benefit of the photographer. It was obvious that the blonde girl didn't want to go there and she got quite upset a couple of times. For me it wasn't too far away from abusive. George needs to stamp on that shit soon before apartments start getting taken down or the Police are visiting. But the Russian abuse/crimes against women laws are a joke compared to ours in the decadent filthy west. There are too many of these apartments that are obviously 'selling services', if that gets worse, or any more blatant, I will have no hesitation in cancelling by membership.
  4. Plank


    The good news for all us fans of Anastasia is that Eli the boyfriend is out of the picture! Great can we have the fun Ana back now?
  5. Plank

    Lexy & Pete

    Oh I am a very happy bunny again. Bree has come to stay with Lexy & Pete for a week or so! Great to see these three together,there is a lot of genuine love between them. Still not sure if Bree's head is back in the right place yet. A comment that bothered me, that Lexy repeated to Pete was, "She say's she loves us,but doesn't love herself." I would walk over broken glass to make that girl happy. Anyway Lexy & Bree danced,Pete enjoyed the view. Yes Pete I know what you're thinking,we all do! Beautiful !
  6. Plank

    Nina & Alan

    Just show's how much we know mate, spotted tonight at N & A's. A couple of sessions on their own in the bedroom. Just like the old days.
  7. Plank

    Dana & Chris

    Part 3. The girls continue to kiss,! Blonde wants Dana involved as she cums again. And still they carried on with some oral fun. By this point the girls were done. I think Chris would have carried on for another round.He still hadn't cum. After over an hour of action,where the objective seemed to be,to give the blonde a damn good f'king. Objective complete.
  8. Plank

    Dana & Chris

    Part 2. Chris leaves the girls to it,but is not far away. Dana gives her consent,let the shagging commence. Coach Dana watches from the sidelines. I think she is enjoying this? Blonde looks to Dana for reassurance,granted,carry-on. Coach Dana consider the techniques & decides to give some hands on instruction.
  9. Plank

    Dana & Chris

    Well light the blue touchpaper & stand well back ! Split into three parts, again too much for one lump. Part 1. C & D had a lovely blonde friend over. The drinks & strip poker started. Slowly but surely the clothes came off. By the time Dana's pants came off Chris couldn't hide his excitement. Once everyone was naked the fun really began. The girls started getting into each other as Chris looks on. Chris is another member of the Lucky Sod club ! The blonde's hand wanders. Dana gives directions,blonde takes the hint. Dana is fascinated, plays with herself while watching. Change around and blonde's hand wanders again.
  10. Plank

    Ary & George

    So another night of nakedness,cards,massage & chain smoking. Yeah that's what I thought too. Read on. The action got started in the bedroom, nothing that we haven't seen before. You know that line that we thought would never get crossed? Well it did! Damn shame that they turned the lights out!
  11. Plank

    Mila & Noah

    Errm if you look behind you mate, there is a camera? These are the video's that you don't want to accidentally send to your Maiden Aunt.
  12. Plank

    Em & Sia

    Sia had a few minutes spare,and has a little pink toy. By now the kitten decided to investigate the strange buzzing sound.
  13. Plank

    Clair & Patrik

    Couldn't agree more matey, I think she has one of the best bodies on the site. They have a very healthy sex life, some of the close up bedroom stuff is! But they don't have the usual parties we see on VHtv, so they are in danger of getting over looked whilst all the rest of the carnal carnage is going on. Which is why I think they sometimes invite friends around to entertain us to keep the viewing numbers up. Stunning woman!
  14. Plank

    Gia & Anthony

  15. Plank

    Stacey & Bridgette

    Another apartment where I have no clue what is going on. Most of the time they seem to have forgotten that it is an apartment & are running it as a Bar/Chill out zone? Reminds me of some hazy days in Ibiza,most of which I don't remember!