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  1. Mira & Henry

    Darcie visiting again. I won't hold my breath for anything to happen, there have been too many false starts with this girl no matter how cute she is.
  2. Ary & George

    Nasty argument last night between these two, he was drunk. Slapping & spitting at each other....nice.
  3. Masha, Sasha, Dasha Threesome.

    Really ? Still having this discussion? Let me take you back to a time when there was only one Barca apartment. For months we were all kept dangling on a string by Kami & Kristy. The 'will they,won't they' saga. Lots of flirting,random nearly moments and lots and lots of teasing. Oh by the way...they didn't! The same thing is going on with Mash,Sash & Dasha. There is absolutely no need for them to do anything yet whilst everyone is clicking on & watching the apartment. The viewing figures will reflect that traffic. Only when folks stop watching the apartment & there is a noticeable downturn in viewers, and when it has an impact on both RLC & the tenants income. Then it might need to happen.
  4. Maria & Mari

    Last night Maria & Mari went at each other and it was a thing of beauty & passion. First things first. I don't know if this was scripted or pre-planned and I don't care! Mari has become a favourite of mine. But the invisible barrier was well and truly broken and I hope it happens again because it was fantastic to watch. At the beginning Maria finds it funny that the cat has become self-aware!
  5. Stella & Stephan

    So while the gorgeous Stella is away for a week, her friends are using the apartment as a Cam Girl/Boy studio. I wonder if S & S or VH get a % of the tokens?
  6. Catherine & John

    No one cares !
  7. Candy & Dean

    Candy had her birthday party last night, it was a tame affair by their standards. in attendance; Dean,the bloke from the weekend,Anna & Alex, Em and Sackless Sid.Bree & Drew and their mate who is 'staying with them for a while'. You know that guy that keeps helping himself to a grope of Anastasia when she's asleep! Drinks flowed but the expected escalation of events didn't happen. After everyone had gone home and the weekend bloke slept on the LR sofa,I watched a drunk Dean & Candy chatting/arguing in the BR. I don't really know what was said because I don't 'speaka da lingo', but I could read that Dean wasn't happy about the parties outcome. Candy seemed to be explaining that she didn't mind a party & wherever that goes,but what was expected was, in her words 'pornographia'. I get the impression that Candy is a smart woman who may be having second thoughts about having an apartment on VH and what might be 'expected' of her? Speculation on my part,but interesting that their place is offline today with 'technical difficulties'?
  8. Betty & Rick

    Yesterday I posted this about Betty & Rick in VH General discussion section; "They continue to entertain a variety of male guests,I'm not one for being age-ist or any sort of '-ist' or '-ism',but for me this all a bit sordid and tacky." Last evening saw B & R 'entertain' a young couple.It was billed on Twitter as this. The guy had been entertained by Betty last weekend & must have persuaded his wife to join him for an evening of swapping fun. They got the girl drunk and she seemed to be having a nice time. Betty tried her usual bath-time routine which usually leads straight to the bedroom for a session. She wasn't interested. Betty is an attractive woman of a certain age who looks after her body.The same cannot be said of Rick. Just imagine for a second that the roles were reversed, that Betty was fat & Rick was an attractive older man. Would you want to go there? The girlfriend last night clearly was not interested in whatever was on offer. Her bloke might like the prospect of Betty, but his girlfriend is expected to entertain this fat elder gentleman, Hell No!,I don't blame her one bit. What a Hunk ! In the kitchen they plied her with more booze as Rick massaged her arms which ended with a sneaky grope of her tits. Although she laughed it off,you could read by her body language that she didn't like that either. Rick & the bloke can see that this evening is crashing, so it's up to Betty to rescue the situation. She tries to relax the girl by giving her a back massage. It doesn't work, the girl is so drunk that she just wants to go to sleep. Betty goes to inform Rick that, 'it aint' happening'. I'm no saint but there are certain lines you don't cross.I was disgusted by the behaviour I saw from this lot. Deliberately getting the girl slaughtered-drunk to the point where she had difficulty walking, just so they can satiate their needs. What happened to consent,morals and a bit of common decency?
  9. VHtv General Chat

    And what have I learnt from another weekend of VHtv. Betty & Rick continue to try to promote Betty's belly dancing/singing career. If I might offer some advice as I work with pro-singers. Stop flogging this dead horse ! They continue to entertain a variety of male guests,I'm not one for being age-ist or any sort of '-ist' or '-ism',but for me this all a bit sordid and tacky. Mira and Henry won the weekend with two foursomes. The first which turned into a squirt fest. The second with the delightful Darcie,although she is still reluctant to go whole hog. Maybe she just not attracted to Henry. The funny moment for me came when Darcie & bloke were having a noisy session in M & H's bedroom, meanwhile M & H, but mainly Mira were watching the action in the Loggia on VHtv. What was Mira watching? Lisa & Chloe have a new place,but they will need to do more than sit around without wearing pants.Known as 'Bree syndrome'. Yes I know that this will usually attract viewers like me, but it's not enough to retain the viewers attention. That message needs to be passed on to Em & Cleo. Don't get me started about Catherine & John, currently offline & no-one noticed ! Waste of bandwidth! The party for whatever reason on Friday night at A & A's place. Bit of a let down if I'm honest. Although we did see a reversal of roles,where Drew was very drunk & getting belligerent and Alex was being the adult & stopping Drew from getting out of hand. As Candy slept Dean seemed very interested in Lisa, and Bree seemed very interested in her bloke Dan/Dax whatever, that could be one for the future. It looks as though Alex has fixed Cam 9 at long last because it was unwatchable. I am concerned about Sid's sex drive, because if I was anywhere near Em I would smash the granny out of her ! The Trinity of Nina, Alan & Serena reassembled. Everything was geared up for a threesome session on Friday night, all was going well. Alan must have said something out of line because Nina suddenly got up & left the room. Alan & Serena looked devastated, Serena almost curled into a ball as Alan sat with his head in his hands. Nina returned an verbally laid into both of them. All was not lost though as the re-arranged fixture happened the following night. I've said it before...Alan is a lucky sod ! Lexy & Pete had a very drunken party on Friday with two male friend that we have seen before at A & A's and Anastasia/Nyusha's place. Everyone was so drunk that they couldn't even walk up the steps to go for a smoke.I was concerned that one of them would fall down the steps,at one point Lexy had her hand behind Pete's back just in case. What was interesting was the chat in English about sex,penis size etc. After a long time Lexy & Pete started to play in the LR, one of their friends, the guy who had his head shaved at A & A's sat there watching and eventually got involved. Lucky for Lexy that he did because Pete & his other friend were too drunk to do anything. Again what made me laugh was the 'shaved head' guy going into the shower room the next day where L & P were playing, and asking in very polite english, 'would you mind if I watch you & masturbate?' I sprayed coffee across the room. Anastasia is still sleeping on Bree & Drew's sofa. She looks whole lot happier & healthier since Rockhead got kicked into touch. I might as well finish this with a gratuitous shot of Bree in fishnets,why not? It works for me! Oh by the way this is my1000th post, and to think I was worried that I would never get to the 30 post to get access to the Gallery so I could look at pics/caps of Carla. Just proves what an awful lot of shit I can write!
  10. Candy & Dean

    Happy Birthday to Candy ! I hope there is going to be a party. The guy from the Saturday threesome is already there!
  11. Edda & Joe

    I thought this was going to happen some time ago,the writing was on the wall. But still it's a damn shame to lose a great couple. I hope we will see them turn up at Nina, Alan & Serena's place. And I wish them both well, but especially the lovely Edda.
  12. Candy & Dean

    It's no wonder that Candy had a sleep through the A & A and Em party on friday night. She need all her strength for the early saturday evening three hour long threesome at her place later. All kicked off in the bedroom and went on for an hour & half before half time and then into the LR. I was going to post some pics,but there's too much to choose from, not including the dp action! Candy has been a favourite of mine since I stumbled across her at A & A's old place. (subscribers check out some of the old party footage in the Archive Moments) I said this in a post for the A & A and Drew & Bree apartment about a month or so ago. "When Candy is good she is very very good, she is sexy,horny & naughty. When she is bad, she can be very very mad & sometimes even haughty." Although she is a favourite she is not immune from criticism, she has in the past been 'difficult'. She has opted out of a parties, but has more than made up for it the next day. She does give Dean a hard time,which he probably deserves. But she is the only one,that I have seen,to have the balls to confront Misty about her behaviour(s),especially around other girl's men. And saturday evening is why I'm a fan of Candy. Insatiable!
  13. Anna & Alex, Em

    Is this Lisa moving in or Anna & Alex moving out or any combination? Your guess is as good as mine. Just to confuse the situation more Anastasia & Dan are visiting, they spent last night on the sofa at Bree & Drew's place.
  14. Carrie & David

    C & D had another foursome last night with their friends and again it was great. These sessions seem to be inching towards swapping, but not yet. I think Carrie is the one resisting at the moment.
  15. Stella & Stephan

    Stella & Stephan and Cindy the curvy blonde, although in today's world we probably have to refer to her as 'person carrying a few extra pounds'. Anyway, last night turned out as I thought it would. Sexy Stella seduces Cindy somewhat.Seductive slurping & sliding strap-on before Stud Stephan's involvement. Stella,Stephan & Cindy succumb to sordid shenanigans, a full on sexual soiree that left them spent.Superb ! News at's Debbie with the Weather & Traffic.