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  1. I really like Jessica, she seems like a sweetheart & she is quirky.
  2. Part 2/2 Meanwhile in the loggia. It's my party and I'll sing if I want to..... Review of the footage & viewing figures? K & A toast the end of a great opening night. The only downside of this evening for me was, I thought it was noticeable that Dominessa's crew had very little time for Alexandra....? 🤔
  3. Well I called it ! Do I get a prize? Maybe a badge,'The Prophet', 'The Seer', 'Sad Bastard'? 🤣 The cute girl got her reward for all the 'hard' work, in the apartment where we first saw her This is a large post so I'm splitting it into two parts. (1/2) The guests arrive for the party. And it begins. Alex gets a refill. Top Tip; NEVER give a true Scottish person Bell's Whiskey ! You will get a stream of abuse on the lines of 'Wutt ! that's fekkin pish,I would nae use that shite fae cookin'! You may also get slapped, you have been warned! Meanwhile in the bedroom.
  4. Lisa & friend do some cam shows. Oil time. Leg show/feet.
  5. Certainly a different niche cam-girl look. Like I said before,petite & cute.
  6. It's a good start. They seem like a fun couple,and let's face it,any woman who knows her way around stockings & suspenders etc will get my attention. Behind you !
  7. I will admit that I have not been posting on here recently,sorry if I have been letting the side down, I have been busy,but I have been keeping an eye on VHtv. At the moment there seems to be stuff going on that makes no sense. Sergio & Melissa seem to have gone AWOL (MIA ) at their own apartment.Yet they turned up at Mira & Henry's for a few nights with Aaron? Aaron certainly sorted Mira out! Then they showed up at Daniel & Dominessa's place? Alexandra entertained with her cute friend,then she vanished leaving cute friend & her friends to entertain us. And she did a damn fine job and would deserve an apartment on the strength of those performances. I have always been a fan of Clara & Stas and was delighted when they returned,but damn it they have been boring. Davis & Alisha,new couple,she is cute enough, but what a surprise another cam-girl..... Meanwhile Piper seems to have vanished and Hunter is now over at Clair & Patrik's? Leah is at Lisa & Grant's and looks bored out of her mind.But let's be honest Grant could bore a glass eye to sleep! Juliet......why? Courtney is in love and has toned everything down considerably & pocket rocket Heather has gone.Be interesting to see how long this place last's? Darcie & Stiffy seem to be having fun with their friends,although Stiffy's frustration that he is not allowed to stray is painful to watch. I was going to post something about how nice it was to see Nina again when she turned up at Kira's,but I've gone off that idea when she brought the new camera shy boyfriend with her. Basically he seems half hipster, half salad.Nina's sexual frustration got so bad that she got Kira to scratch her itch and later turned up at Sinister Sina's birthday bash and fucked Alan in the bedroom. But the worrying thing for me is the amount of apartment stalking she has been doing.Has she lost the plot or has she become an under manager to the wonderful George? With a bit of luck she will take over from him & he can fuck off! And finally what caused this mini-rant. Lika & Carter 'Offline...relocation'. For fuck sake why!? This apartment is incredibly dull! I think they have had two sessions since they started,blink & you've missed it. Am I just being overly cynical or is there a major clear out needed? The majority of these apartments have no interest for me,there are no personalities to engage with. Whilst some of the 'action' is good, there are a lot of these apartments that are just going through the motions and most of it has become very predictable.
  8. Ok, so their either trainee opticians-technicians. (try saying that three times after a few large ones 🙃 Or they are inventing a new form of wearable smart-specs,similar to the iWatch,but you don't have to look down to check your phone,social media maps etc. And if they get it right they will be multi-billionaires and will buy the EU,Africa and a Third territory of their choice. (A Risk game reference.) 😎
  9. You are off your Meds again aren't you! 🤣
  10. That cam is proving to be popular with the girls,they are almost taking it in turns. 😉
  11. Plank


    So Leah does a bj on bf. As he approached the point of no return he put his hand on the back of her head to stop her pulling away(yeah that old move),he didn't need to bother. She swallowed the lot & even mopped up every last drop & thoroughly enjoyed it! He was literally,blown away!
  12. Serg & Mel and Alex & Aaron's new place is open. They had a party with various faces we've seen before. It took ages to get going,lots of karaoke & games but ended up with a same room session with S & M and Dan & Dominesa in S & M's bedroom,or the Blue bedroom if you are taking notes. Later Alex has a session with a new shy guy in her room,sorry,the white bedroom,well ok then. Later on in the day Aaron is getting close with this girl.They go out & Alex is with new guy? OK it's their lifestyle choices,we will wait to see how this turns out,but I hope this does end nastily.
  13. Lucky sod of the week,again! Great to see beloved Edda again , and a few days later Giselle visits.
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