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  1. Plank

    Sina & Jules

    I really wished I had capped the other nights action of Sadistic Sina losing her mind,first at Kira's place then later at her place. Smashing up the kitchen,throwing a glass at the wall for no reason, kicking over the dining table. That girl has some serious mental health issues that she needs to address. However that is not my main point. I will not be viewing this apartment again,if I can help it, after what I, & many others witnessed the other night. Creepy George the 'Manager' up to his old tricks again. I really don't care who's birthday it was,there is no excusing this behaviour. George's long haired cute brunette friend,who we have seen at Alan's place trying to be persuaded into stuff, joined the events of the other evening. She got very drunk and took herself to bed. George seizing the opportunity forced himself on the intoxicated/out of it girl.In my world,way too drunk to consent to anything! Some might argue that she was into and.....bullshit! She had no choice in the matter as George started to use her like a sex-doll for his & the cams benefit. Sina decided to join in with a magic wand,as George fucked the girl doggy style,Sina carried on with the wand, even though I could hear quite clearly the girl saying No. Obviously to George & Sina No means yes so they carried on. Later the girl came out to the LR where George & Jules took turns at her,again Sina aiding and abetting. The girl was screwed relentlessly even though she was almost unconscious.Eventually someone must have realised how this all looked to the viewers. They stopped. The girl went to the bathroom & sobbed her heart out. George you really are an absolute cunt! Despicable behaviour once again, and yet VHtv will do the same as they have before, absolutely nothing! 😡
  2. Plank


    This seems to have turned into a charade.Will they,won't they,did they,if not why not etc. We gone from tentative steps to clothed dry humping, to semi-naked dry humping,naked dry humping and a session where we think they did,but it was very short & why the fuck did he stop?
  3. Plank

    Darcie & Stifler

    I have no idea why D & S have been sent to Juliet's, she certainly doesn't need any help getting viewers. So maybe this is a trial run for this new couple,Monro & Scrudg ? In which case we need to evaluate their performance. It seems that Darcie has given permission for her play-suits to be used. Different day,different outfit.
  4. Plank


    The kilt wearer got in before me! I was just about to report on the return fixture! 🤣 And when Trixie gets excited she sounds like an Asthmatic running up a steep hill carrying a bag of cement!
  5. Plank

    Marilyn & Martin

    This couple haven't got off to the best of starts really. An incident of domestic violence by him against her. He made sure it was off cam, but we could still hear it. Twat! But Martin is desperate for some swapping to happen,Marilyn is having none of it, & that is what I think caused the earlier incident. Anyway, there is a couple who turn up & there have been some same-room sessions.Everything was going so well, Then other girl,encouraged by her bloke, does this, Game over,lights on,friendship ruined???
  6. Plank

    Matilda & Martynas

    Must admit I've not really watched this apartment much because of the whole cam-girls on VHtv thing, but when this cam-girl turns up to do a show, that's a different story. Really nice to see Stella again !
  7. Plank

    Viktoria & Adolf

    This was last nights outfit. Meeeeoooowwww!
  8. Plank

    Viktoria & Adolf

    Sorry for the delay of game. She has settled in just fine mate!
  9. Plank

    Clara & Stas

    See Kathy & Molly's page.
  10. Plank

    Kathy & Molly

    Part 3. The threesome gave each other a massage & talked for a while, then.... This is a first for me, something I have never seen C & S get involved in. K wants to show of her technique,C agrees! And daaayyyyuuummm she is good! Balls deep. Just when Stas doesn't think it could get any better. Looks like K is going to finish what she started. A brilliant evening,everyone had a great time. I hope there is a return fixture at C & S's place. Not sure if Molly would attend? But I would not be surprised to see C & K share an afternoon together.....I hope!
  11. Plank

    Kathy & Molly

    Part 2. The game continues. As S gets to work + the blue vibrator, C & K are getting into each other. K hand wanders. Bath time, K shows C where the best position is for the water jets. I thought it was all over. Nooooo.
  12. Plank

    Kathy & Molly

    Just when I think I have had enough of VHtv something like this happens to restore my faith. I will warn you that this post is huge and has been split into 3 parts, and believe me when I say that I have had to be brutal with some of the editing,3 hours worth of stuff! Part 1 Well look who turned up at K & M's to party! Lights,camera,strike a pose. Ice breaker,C does the full Britney! Let the game begin. You must do the task for a minute. When M got involved, Stas almost lost it. K tries to hold on. C is feeling it! End of part 1. I got the impression that M was going along with this game,and when a break came she made her excuses and bedded down in the LR.
  13. Plank

    Ruby & Calvin

    The only saving grace for this apartment is that Anastasia seems to be living there most of the time.
  14. Plank


    See Lisa & Grant's page.
  15. Plank

    Trixie & Leah

    I was glad to see that they moved. I like these two,almost 'normal' by other apartments standards. Although there was almost a threesome the other night. But I feel that Leah wasn't prepared to share her man fully with Trixie?