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  1. Plank

    Paid member versus Hero member

    What the fuck has happened to this friendly forum? Not sure if I'm going to go off on an epic rant or start packing?
  2. Plank

    Evi & Alan

    See Kiramy & May's page.
  3. Plank

    Kiramy & May

    Maybe I'm a dense Plank but isn't K & M supposed to be a lesbians apartment? From what I have seen so far, I'm not sure it is. Alan & Evie came to visit,I don't know much about them because every time I have looked in their place there is nothing going on. Anyway they came to visit May tonight. From the start Alan was very friendly towards May & Evie didn't seem to mind. Evie settles down for the night,Alan says g'night to May,no wonder he is smiling. Once Alan is sure that Evie is asleep he goes to the bedroom. Yes mate,we've noticed. The fun begins. At least he is going to wear a condom. All change.I'm glad to see that band of gold on the third finger left hand isn't hampering his performance. Just check how we look in the mirror. I think she enjoyed that. Also checking that he did use a condom & that it worked,smart girl! Phwwwwoar ! As they bask in the afterglow & watch the phone, Evie is awake. As they continue to watch the phone, Evie is checking hers. When A & E left there were hugs all round so it's safe to assume that Evie knew all about it. Maybe that is part of the Vhtv contract,that you can shag who you want,when you want,irrespective of your relationship status?
  4. Plank

    Anastasia, Lexy & Pete

    Part 2 It was only a temporary delay of game as Ana changed the tunes and then launched herself at GG pulling off her shorts & pants. Ana & GG were having a great time leaving Pete as a bystander again. Pete's turn to get hands on with GG. And wow what a job he did on her,as Pete & Ana kissed, GG came hard. GG had thoroughly enjoyed herself,before she went to get dressed she kissed Pete,she kissed Ana with more passion. There is clearly more to this than we have seen? As GG got dressed in the bathroom,Ana was already playing with Pete under the blanket. As soon as GG went out of the door Pete & Ana went at it,and looked to me like they were ready for it. Looking forward to seeing how Pete & Ana make up for this to Lexy. And I hope that we get to see GG again very soon!
  5. Plank

    Anastasia, Lexy & Pete

    I have split this into 2 parts. Sorry for the length of the post,but then again, it's not exactly busy in here is it? Part 1. Must admit that I was a bit concerned at where Lexy & Pete's relationship was heading before she went away 'to visit family'. Before she left the Trio went over to Ruby & Calvin's for a party. Pete got very drunk,Lexy voiced her concerns to him about his alcohol problems. Ruby seemed to understand what Lexy was saying as she has a similar problem with Calvin. Although the main difference is that Lexy loves Pete,Ruby tolerates Calvin....for now. When Lexy went away Pete & Anastasia behaved themselves,boring by their standards. Ana entertained herself with a random guy or two,but didn't go anywhere near Pete. Maybe this is a rule of their fantastic relationship? Lexy returned, talking of property, I hope they are not thinking of leaving just yet! Another gathering at Ruby's this time Pete behaved & Lexy was alll over him,they say absence makes the heart grow fonder? Anyway lets get back to the main event from a few nights ago. L&P&A were visited by Lisa & Grant and a couple of girl friends,one blonde-ish & curvy. The other girl, tall & slender,pretty,sexy & for me mesmerising! Lisa looked lovely & Grant continued being his anti-social self, spending time laying on the bed looking at his phone, while the others had fun. Eventually Lisa,Grant & Blonde girl left. The slender guest girl, or Gigi, GG as I am calling her,got comfortable and changed into shorts. After a while of drinking & dancing,Lexy went to bed.Pete,Ana & GG watched music videos and chatted. Yes Pete, I know exactly what you are thinking ! GG started to put on her trousers, I thought she getting ready to leave. Nope it was for a mini photo opportunity. She got changed into her shorts again. And Pete was thinking the same thing again ! When the opportunity presented itself Pete seized it. Ana got involved and the girls started getting very passionate leaving Pete as a bystander. To my dissmay things were getting interesting when everything stopped for a smoke break.
  6. Plank

    Clara & Stas

    Clara & Dana chat as they wait for the boys to turn up. The fun begins. C & S go off to their bedroom leaving C & D in the LR. Well look who has come to join the party. Girls turn first,and Clara introduces Dana to one of her toy's. Stas & Chris celebrate, & why not ! Can I have one for Christmas? Boys turn. Dana enjoying the view. Looks like the students are learning already!
  7. Plank

    Dana & Chris

    Well didn't Dana have a busy day! Started off at her place with some afternoon delight by entertaining a girl-friend. She then went over to Clara & Stas', and you should go to their fan page,now!
  8. Plank

    Scarlet & Garry

    The thing with Gary & Scarlett's place is that you never know what you will walk in on? Random nakedness,massages,naked girl-friends,everybody playing with everybody else. Yet always the real danger that Scarlett could go crazy at any moment. For example. Are you sure that you can't see through that blindfold? Scarlet remembers the cam.
  9. Plank

    Bonnie & Clyde

    Who the fk comes up with these names? So this is Bonnie?I thought that Clara had a sister! Not seen much happen yet but the good news is she does naked Yoga! I bet this looks great from that other cam! And even though I don't usually post shots of a 'graphic-nature',but I will make an exception here. If you want to see the graphic stuff,get a subscription to VHtv.
  10. Dearly brethren of rlcf land I bid you Greetings! Bless me for I have sinned,(well there's no change there then), I know I have been slacking of late.....so sue me. Quite a few interesting things going on as per usual. So with the help of the 'VHtv weekly digest',(heavy edited of waffle & in italics), I decided to have a look through all the apartments and share some views. There are some post's with pics for those who have a low attention span & those who are hard of thinking. Go on then off you go.
  11. Plank

    Nina & Alan

    Shockingly, another 'I have no idea wtf is going on?' apartments.
  12. Plank

    Polly, Valery

    There's a saying that,a week is a long time in politics. Looks like it's the same at VHtv. Strange goings on this week with deleted tweets & vanishing apartments. I have not been a fan of some of the 'business' that has been going on their of late, but I wish both girls good luck & above all be safe!
  13. Plank

    Courtney & Heather

    'Courtney is still in the process of moving. We wish her to get back to us very soon.' We know that Courtney will be sharing a place with Lil' Heather the hellcat. Nice to see Heather getting some action instead of being Courtney's maid/fluffer.
  14. Plank

    Juliet & Pablo

    'Zack fixed the cam positions in Juliet & Pablo's place so we now have a good view on everything again.' This is one of my 'I have no idea wtf is going on?' apartments.
  15. Plank

    Clara & Stas

    Clara & Stas, in a new place and the cams are wrong. Nice to see Chris & Dana visiting.It will be interesting to see if that thing develops. Last night saw Alice & Spartak visit.After a minor delay of game, a same room session got underway. *No VHtv logo on Kitchen cam Clara couldn't wait to see Spartak's cock. Stas had to keep bringing Clara's attention back from watching. For no reason,it all stopped. Stas made coffee,everyone chatted for a while. Stas makes more coffee,meanwhile Alice is busy. Stas went to bed,meanwhile the girls swap notes. By the time Stas woke up things were getting interesting again.It certainly got the attention of Clara. Clara mesmerised by Spartak's work,probably wishing,me next....' Time to say goodnight/morning. Clara & Alice share a passionate kiss. Clara gets hers. Will this go any further? Maybe Clara & Alice will have fun. But I think Stas is still haunted by the Tim incident.