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  1. Plank

    Cleo & Axel

    And you're back! If you have skipped the previous part & are not playing the game then you are despicable and will fail the exam at the end of term! Lights,Camera position's/angles, check! And off we go! Axel didn't last long thanks to Whitney's expert skills. Next round. W reaches a peak, but goes off to finish herself with the shower jet! ( cam is in focus again, yaaayyyy! ) Next! The cat doesn't care, just trying to chill out. Cat having to hold on to Cleo's foot for stability. Cat enjoying playing with Whitney's hair. W leaves for a smoke, Axel smashes the bejasus out of Cleo,she cums loudly! Axel starts to cum. He came so hard he managed to hit himself in the face! The recent addition of W & B to C & A's life is interesting. Some may say it's faked, put on for cams/viewers etc. I don't care. What interests me is that we have never seen Axel being allowed to play with Cleo's friends to this extent. Maybe she is softening Axel up so she can go full on with Ben or Oscar?
  2. Plank

    Whitney & Ben

    For the previous installment go to Cleo & Axel's page. After the mornings fun they all went to B & W's. The girls enjoyed a shower. There was a friend of Ben's in the apartment, so they ended up in the Bedroom. The girls have some fun on their own. Next ! Later there was a serious looking chat between Ben & Cleo, then between Ben & Whitney. Notice how Cleo limits Ben to what he can & can't do with her? Both girls leave & turn up at Cleo's with Axel. Yeah there's more! Off you back over to Cleo & Axels page!
  3. Plank

    Cleo & Axel

    So after the previous evening/morning events Axel was out, Cleo was in the shower, so Ben & Whitney got busy again. Ooops, Cleo walks in on them. And gets involved. And so does Ben. Cleo uses her magic wand on Ben whilst Whitney is busy. Cleo uses the wand on herself. Ben helps. Cleo & Ben cum simultaneously. And they weren't done yet. For the next installment, get over to Ben & Whitney's page!
  4. Plank

    Cleo & Axel

    Part 2, It looked to me that a decision had been taken to put poor Oscar out of his misery.Cleo got out some lotion. The girls started giving Oscar a HJ. Typical Oscar couldn't resist helping himself to a handful of Whitney. Ben didn't seem to mind? I'm not sure if Oscar came or what,he made a weird noise which got Axel's attention. He kept looking at his watch as if he had a better offer somewhere...yeah right! The girls helped him freshen up in the shower. I think he was hoping for more but there wasn't any. Axel took Oscar home. Whitney started blowing Ben & Ben encouraged Cleo to start licking Whitney. When Axel returned he got straight into the action. It stayed like this for about an hour! Whitney worked at Ben even giving some prostate massage. Cleo encouraged Axel to get to grips with Whitney, moving his hand to grope something. I wasn't sure why Axel was dry Cleo when he could have done the real thing just as easily? Maybe concerned at where it might lead? After an hour of working on Ben's dick I still wasn't sure if had cum or not. The sweat on Whitney's back showed how hard she had been working. The night was over for now. The next episode started three hours later. The next installment will follow later,ifI get the time & can be arsed to edit & write it.
  5. Plank

    Cleo & Axel

    For the previous installment see Ben & Whitney's page. This will be in two parts again, because there's too much for one lump. Part 1, Ben & Whitney visit Cleo & Axel. Oscar is also visiting for drinks & food & video games. The girls go for a shower & entertain each other on a blurred camera! Ben went for a shower, with nothing to report. Axel went for a shower and that was a different story. He was joined by the girls. The girls too a sexy selfie & it went from there! Everyone returned to the LR,seeing as they were all almost naked, they might as well go the whole hog.
  6. Plank

    Whitney & Ben

    So Cleo & Axel turned up at B & W's. The game of spin the bottle started and we were under starters orders! Round 1,the boys turn. Ben couldn't stand it anymore. Axel was being a bit reluctant again but was ok once B & W left the room. Round 2. The girls turn. Again Ben stepped it up. He manhandled W in to a position where she could get at Cleo. For the next installment see Cleo & Axel's page.
  7. Plank

    Mila & Noah

    So they arrived home & Mila gets changed. She emerges from the bedroom and is met with indifference from Noah. I think he was more concerned about having his food cooked. Sorry,did I break your concentration? Noah paid Mila hardly any attention even when they were sat together on the sofa.Ok maybe they are happy enough so what.Not sure that I could resist. Mila was bored watching TV & went in the bedroom to get her nail file.He missed that opportunity completely. Later with Mila stretched out on the sofa he is laying on the bed. And what is so important? A game on his phone.....really?
  8. Part 3 L & P and other guy went at it so much so that they broke the sofa-bed, that didn't stop them. Zac came on Lexy's back it wasn't over then,an almost continuous session going on in the LR. Lexy was insatiable! Alex joined them again but managed to resist getting involved even though Pete offered & Lexy was eagerly eye-ing up Alex's cock! Alex was busy being DJ & coach to the other three, who continued going at it, and when you thought they had finished,they carried on again! Alex was getting sorely tempted by Lexy's ass & all the action, but again he managed to resist. Who is this guy, and what has he done with Alex!?!? It was after 9am before they all settled down to sleep. What a Fantastic opening night!
  9. Part 2. Anna goes to the bedroom to get ready. ( ignore the time clocks, they are wrong) Anna & Alex & Zac some threesome fun. Lexy & Pete entertained each other in the LR. When the threesome had finished Alex & Zac walked in on L & P, Zac did not hesitate to join in with L & P. Alex seemed interested,but resisted,Lexy seemed very interested, but it looks like Alex is a changed man! Anna has seen & done all of this stuff before,and then some! Alex made sure that Pete got a look at Anna's butt plug! Alex & Anna went to the bedroom, L & P and Zac carried on.
  10. Lexy & Pete have a party to open their new apartment. No sign of Lisa & Grant. This is in three parts because there is too much stuff for one lump. Part 1 of 3 A few of you should recognise the rear on the left. Yes it's Anna & where there's Anna there will be Alex. There was also another guy there in the red shirt,Zac who is obviously a good friend of Alex's, he was spotted earlier in the day at Ruby's place? Anyway the friends all settled in to watch the big game on TV, drink & pizza. Anna & Lexy were dancing when they noticed that the bathroom tub was leaking! Lexy sprang in to action whilst Anna had some slip & slide fun. After the crisis Anna,Lexy & Zac had soapy fun in the tub together. Back to the LR no-one is wearing clothes because they are all soaking wet from the bathroom clear-up.Anna is wearing Lexy's fishnets which is never a bad thing. Anna started the fun as she has done so many times previously, Lexy & Pete soon joined in. Zac watched on before being beckoned into it by Anna. Pete seemed to be having a slight issue despite getting worked on by Lexy & balls deep by Anna. Anna & Lexy kiss and more. Despite both girls working on Pete, there was a problem.He seemed embarrassed & apologised to Anna, it didn't matter in the scheme of things.
  11. Plank

    Nina & Alan

    I refer the Right Honourable Gentleman to the answer I gave some moments ago !
  12. Plank

    Nina & Alan

    Part 3. Round 3. More of the same but with some more aggression, the noises Edda was making were pure filth. These two have waited for this for a long time! Edda & Alan are spent, but wow did they enjoy it! Throughout all this Nina stayed in the LR, when they were finished they woke her up to give her a full match report! Nina checks for proof!
  13. Plank

    Nina & Alan

    Part 2. Round 2. Full on hardcore, with some attempted anal which didn't quite work. Edda swallows!
  14. Plank

    Nina & Alan

    Another post that is going to be split into three parts. Part 1. Just another night where Edda visited Nina & Alan for drinks & cards......oh no it wasn't! For those that don't know let me give you some background info. Edda & her bloke Joe were participants of VHtv. They are good friends with Nina & Alan & Serena. There were many parties where the action got heated and it was obvious to us lot, that Edda & Alan really fancied each other, but there was no way that Joe would let that happen. The nearest it ever got was once when Edda was allowed to suck Alan's dick briefly before Joe shut it down. So last night was the show-stopper that I/we had been waiting for for a long...long time! Round 1. Fast & furious, with a hell of a lot of pent up passion. Alan cum's. Edda cleans up!
  15. Plank

    Nina & Alan

    Part 2, saw Sina & bloke flying solo, putting the teaching into practice. Sina was a different person,very confident & very rude. Yes that is her without her specs.Just proves that you should never judge a book by it's cover! The action builds to a climax. 'What no cum shot?' Oh go on then,I'm too good to you lot! Not looking at the camera is she....? I think she has passed this module!