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  1. Bree & Drew

    Just for info, Curly's name is Matt.
  2. Cleo & Axel

    These foursome sessions are getting better & better. After another session of strip/dare cards,which got pretty steamy, Agnes (other girl)stays in the bedroom after her boyfriend Carl crashed out it the LR. First Axel used a wand on Cleo, before Cleo got stuck into Agnes, while Axel got into Cleo. At the end of it all Agnes was done. No shock there as she had had a great solo bate session in the bath before the evening events started. (VH subscribers have a look in the archive moments section,wow!)
  3. Stella & Stephan

    So the last place wasn't big enough? Where are they moving to a warehouse, an airport terminal?
  4. Mary & George

    Last night I sent VHtv a 'support ticket ' about the disgusting scenes that I ( and many others ) had witnessed. I urged them to call the Police. I got this response from them; "Good day, Thank you for your email and interest in our project. We consider this behavior unacceptable. We condemn him. Violence is unacceptable on our project. We will definitely take action. Thanks for your time." So Why is this apartment back up ? And why is George still there in the apartment!? I notice that the 'Timeline' around the events I outlined above has conveniently gone. Trust me it was awful & you don't want to see it. This week I also witnessed some disgusting scenes at Anastasia's place, just that I haven't had time to write it up.It involved her new man friend & his mate pissing out of the Loggia window, and then man friend encouraging his mate to take advantage of a very drunk Anastasia. The mate tried it on a few times, Anastasia left the LR and on her return he would try again. He didn't get the hint. At one point she got in bed with Nyusha to escape him. There was also a very drunken violent incident at Viki & Kate's place last night, and the Manager there is also Jeka. Probably a coincidence,but still. So any sort of physical violence ,abusive,disgustingly volatile behaviour is acceptable on VHtv is it? And that includes attempted sexual assault? Well not to me. There should be some simple rules. Any form of violence, especially against women will not be tolerated. No if's or but's, you are done,gone and you will not return. No matter who you are, or who the Manager of the apartment is. Any Manager who fails to control his/her tenants, or enforce the rules will also be gone. VHtv need to have a long hard look at themselves today, and they really do need to have a discussion with their 'managers' and tenants about future behaviours. THIS SORT OF SHIT CAN NOT CARRY ON !
  5. Mary & George

    I think the question here is,who is responsible for vetting these tenants? It looks to me as though it is the responsibility of whoever is the 'Manager' of the apartment. It was obvious to me from watching this apartment very briefly over the last two days, that there would be problems. In this case Jeka is the 'Manager', and he fucked up big time !
  6. Mary & George

    I predicted it earlier. The apartment is gone from the menu following a horror show. George went out & on his return he was so wasted he had to be physically dragged into the the apartment by Mary. He passed out on the LR floor. Mary watched something on her laptop & had a beer. He woke up decided he wanted the beer, a brief scuffle he falls backwards,then deliberately knocks Mary's laptop to the floor. Then he throws the bottle at Mary, she ducked, beer up the walls,curtains,over the sofa & the floor. I could see by Mary's reactions that she was used to this stuff. He became more abusive,she packed her rucksack and left. By the time she returned he had gone to bed. She lay on the LR sofa and contemplated her lot. He woke up,she immediately rolled herself up into a ball & she knew what was coming. What happened next was disgusting & disturbing on many levels. He first used the LR floor as a toilet,both urine & faeces. He then started shouting at Mary,throwing things at her,and then smacked her hard across the face a few times. The poor girl looked terrified. At this point the apartment went down. In all honesty I wish I had never seen the violence I have just witnessed.I don't subscribe to VHtv to watch this. I will not post pics of the incident because most of it was too disturbing & gross to be posted on this forum. I genuinely fear for Mary's safety & hope that VHtv have done the right thing and called the Police.
  7. Polly, Ray

    Another example of Fake News ! Whoever is running the VHtv Twitter account, really needs to get the shit together. They said; And the reality was;
  8. Darcie & Stifler

    A few days late but...It was advertised as this; I was looking forward to it,we've seen Darcie & Mira before so..... The constant buffering of the BR cams made it almost unwatchable! But how cute does Darcie look here! After an hour build up of the girls watching porn. Darcie started to yawn & decided to move things forward. Just the action was heating up & clothes were coming off, Darcie switched off the lights ! A frenzied 10 minutes of lesbo mole sex plus the buffering turned this evening from potentially great to piss take!
  9. Mary & George

    First impressions. I am not a fan of this whole white rasta, ragamuffin stylee. Not sure if George is an alcoholic or drug abuser or both, but he's got that look about him. I think VHtv & whoever is the Manager of this apartment need to keep a close eye on it, because I can see it getting out of control very quickly.
  10. Polly, Ray

    First impressions. Ray need to stop playing to the cams & behaving like a rock star,it's already becoming crass. Although he is a lucky sod. The other night he entertained Polly who seems like a cutie. And yesterday he has introduced us to the very attractive Valery, he had girls girls working on him early yesterday evening! Before Polly removed herself and let Ray & Vallery carry on. Polly has done a first for VHtv, certainly that I can recall. Entertaining a black guy,or should that be a man of African origin, or a non-pink person? Difficult to call these days when people are waiting to be offended.Fkin' libtards! The camera angles and lighting need sorting out in this place, then it could be a star apartment.
  11. Maria & Mari

    Grisha is visiting for his birthday............meh.
  12. Nina & Alan, Serena

    Well look who turned up to visit Serena ! The much missed Edda & Serena have fun dancing around the LR.
  13. Viki & Kate

    Anyone know why Jeka is staying there at the moment?
  14. Candy & Dean

    Yeah this looks like a couple who "broke up".
  15. VHtv General Chat

    Anyone except Catherine & John.