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  1. Dearly brethren of rlcf land I bid you Greetings! Bless me for I have sinned,(well there's no change there then), I know I have been slacking of sue me. Quite a few interesting things going on as per usual. So with the help of the 'VHtv weekly digest',(heavy edited of waffle & in italics), I decided to have a look through all the apartments and share some views. There are some post's with pics for those who have a low attention span & those who are hard of thinking. Go on then off you go.
  2. Plank

    Nina & Alan

    Shockingly, another 'I have no idea wtf is going on?' apartments.
  3. Plank

    Polly, Valery

    There's a saying that,a week is a long time in politics. Looks like it's the same at VHtv. Strange goings on this week with deleted tweets & vanishing apartments. I have not been a fan of some of the 'business' that has been going on their of late, but I wish both girls good luck & above all be safe!
  4. Plank


    'Courtney is still in the process of moving. We wish her to get back to us very soon.' We know that Courtney will be sharing a place with Lil' Heather the hellcat. Nice to see Heather getting some action instead of being Courtney's maid/fluffer.
  5. Plank

    Juliet & Pablo

    'Zack fixed the cam positions in Juliet & Pablo's place so we now have a good view on everything again.' This is one of my 'I have no idea wtf is going on?' apartments.
  6. Plank

    Clara & Stas

    Clara & Stas, in a new place and the cams are wrong. Nice to see Chris & Dana visiting.It will be interesting to see if that thing develops. Last night saw Alice & Spartak visit.After a minor delay of game, a same room session got underway. *No VHtv logo on Kitchen cam Clara couldn't wait to see Spartak's cock. Stas had to keep bringing Clara's attention back from watching. For no reason,it all stopped. Stas made coffee,everyone chatted for a while. Stas makes more coffee,meanwhile Alice is busy. Stas went to bed,meanwhile the girls swap notes. By the time Stas woke up things were getting interesting again.It certainly got the attention of Clara. Clara mesmerised by Spartak's work,probably wishing,me next....' Time to say goodnight/morning. Clara & Alice share a passionate kiss. Clara gets hers. Will this go any further? Maybe Clara & Alice will have fun. But I think Stas is still haunted by the Tim incident.
  7. Plank

    Zack & Blonde

    'There is now pretty much the same routine in Zack & Blondes place. Zack meets hot girl Jade while Blonde is with Leonie. We hope to see some more hot parties there in the future.' Yeah, where do I begin.I will admit that I am slightly jealous of these guys because I yearn to be back in my 20's,fit & have an array of girls to have fun with. However, I despise all their 'sex as a contact sport' approach.Such as the other night Zack's treatment of Selma,determined that she should deep throat him. Now ok she know's the game and was up for some fun,but it was a bit rough. Same for the treatment of Courtney & Heather. And yes both of them can play games & drive guys nuts but the,sometimes, brutality of Z & B and some of their friends, for me is too much.
  8. Plank


    'Mary is back too in a quite small but very cozy place. She got visited by hot girl Venera and later her friend Tony visited for some hot action too.' And just when I thought Mary had run her course,she came up with a very enjoyable threesome last week. If only the cams were better & hadn't become grainy or switched into mole-vision because Mary switched a lamp on. It's not like she's obscured the cams before, is it? The action started with a bit of role play.Mary watched from the living room. The action moved to the LR and started to get interesting, that's when the cams went to shit Meanwhile from two miles away. Great night apart from the cam issues.
  9. Plank

    Anastasia, Lexy & Pete

    'There is no week without party in Anastasia & Lexy & Pete place.' And I will not have a bad word said against them. Lexy,Pete & Anastasia what is better than that threesome? A five-some.
  10. Plank

    Viki & Kate, Evelina

    Cam-shows,waxing,rinse repeat.
  11. Plank

    Ary & George

    'Ary & Anni again had a lot of fun with George...Ary again tried with Pat but the guy was still able to resist her attempts.' So far she has achieved a couple of quiet hj's, and I am getting bored by the saga, if this was an attempt at dragging in the viewers,it has not been pulled off. (see what I did there?)
  12. Plank

    Darcie & Stifler

    'Darcie & Stifler met a really nice couple: Mandy & Ricky. They had several parties together and the atmosphere there got pretty hot and naughty things happened like both couples having sex together on the sofa in living room.' And Mandy is very easy on the eyes.
  13. Plank

    Lola & Otto

    There have been some excellent threesome events with their dark haired friend. Gone a bit flat of late.
  14. Plank

    Kira, Red & Herman

    'Finally crazy couple Herman & Red joined Kira....' Another of my 'I have no idea wtf is going on?' apartments.
  15. Plank

    Grace & Jacob

    'Grace & Jacob pretty much spent all time in the bedroom.' Yeah and if I lived with Gracie that's exactly where I would be! Gracie was visited by a mysterious lady yesterday for some fun,looked a lot like Sara of '& Jeka' fame. Both are gorgeous women.