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  1. We have a better class of Nutters on RLCF !
  2. Karla & Arnie

    She was opening up more, for example; yesterdays dirty dancing routine towards Arnie in her new outfit when she peeled off her pants & threw them at him. But he is a nasty little b'stard who destroyed her mood.
  3. Clara & Stas

    Ok let me sum up last evenings 'very interesting' events for you. Clara & Stas had a long session, Carla wore the mask and a collar and said 'meoww' a couple of times, & the magic wand was used. That is all,as you were.
  4. Mira & Henry

    They returned about 30 minutes later, and went straight to sleep. The good news is they are still there. All is not lost?
  5. Karla & Arnie

    From VHtv's Twitter. Announcement! Realm Arnie & Karla leaving VHTV. New participants will come really soon . Looking forward to! 2:40 AM - 13 Dec 2017 There has been a few bits of stroppy behaviour from him,the lad can not handle his booze. Karla should do herself a massive favour and dump the volatile sod for her own good. She struck me as a girl who liked having fun, as seen many times with her mates,but the mood in that apartment changed as soon as Arnie showed up.
  6. Viki & Kate

    Absolutely fabulous! That was incredibly sensual & erotic!
  7. Mira & Henry

    Not sure what is going on anymore really? Marina was making up the sofa bed, I thought, oh here we go! Then Henry gives them some keys. She gets dressed,they both get their coats & shoes on & leave. But they have left their bags? Meanwhile Henry has gone to bed. Did they fancy some fresh air, a brisk walk at nearly 6am, have they gone to get more booze or stuff for breakfast? Very odd?
  8. Mira & Henry

    This one entitled, WTF is going on? One of the strangest bits of behaviour I've seen,and again I wish I could speak the language. The epic card game was going on some,not that unusual, & the smoke breaks,& checking the computer. (grrrr this is getting to be an issue for me ) Then I'm not too sure what happened,M & H are in a hushed conversation in the kitchen whilst the new couple,Marina & Tim have another smoke. Mira then starts getting the sofa-bed linen out & fecks off to bed. Henry follows her in there,obviously to ask, 'what's going','we have guests','you're being rude'.....whatever? A naked Mira goes back into the kitchen much to the shock & delight of the new guy Tim, she kisses them both,maybe some sort of apology? & starts to go back to bed. By now Henry is there trying to put a positive spin on it,there is some nervous laughter from Marina, then Mira returns opens his fly takes out his cock,gives it a quick suck,hugs him & goes back to bed. I don't know if this was Mira trying to accelerate the evenings events or trying to appease Henry? The new couple are bewildered,well you would be! The look on there faces was priceless. Henry joined Mira in the bedroom where they have a talk for 15 minutes. Mira then gets up & dressed & they both rejoin the new couple, and carry on as though nothing happened? They spend another two hours talking & Mira goes to bed. I get the impression that Henry has Mira's consent to do whatever? I will try and stay awake for the rest of this saga,but don't hold me to it !
  9. Mira & Henry

    From VHtv's Twitter; Dear friends! We hasten to inform you that Mira and Henry are waiting for the guests today. Meet Marina and Tim! Hopefull it will be hotter! We will have to wait & see what happens when the wine gets going, but Mira looks pissed off already?
  10. Anastasia & Rock, Nyusha, Rapunzel

    Yes mate, good idea. It should be a hoot with Rapunzel hiding & Em wearing her Dinosaur suit, can't wait. It's seem like a long time ago since A & R's first night that ended in a threesome with Nyusha.
  11. Karla & Arnie

    Karla has got a new sexy outfit.
  12. I am depressed ! I went into the Chatbox in the early hours of my time (GMT),I had a back & forth briefly then went to bed. To my shock & amazement,12 hours later and my convo is still on the page. Now when I was a lad, and all of this was fields, you would have to scroll back to find out what had happened in the last 20 minutes. If you wanted to know what was going on 12 hours ago,good luck! You would have to go through the ball ache of 'load more' and even then the convo's would be loading so fast that you would be tripping over yourself trying to scroll back far enough. This has saddened me to see how far this forum has sunk in a short space of time. Maybe us members need to do more,chat,post's etc to keep this place alive, because quite frankly, at the moment it seems to be doomed.
  13. Anastasia & Rock, Nyusha, Rapunzel

    From VHtv's Twitter. Announcement. Em from the realm Lisa & Em will move to Anastasia & Rock, Nyusha, Rapunzel apartment on Sunday 17.12. I hope Em knows Rapunzel & will be company for her, or maybe a replacement for Rapunzel who has been conspicuous by her absence or hiding in the bedroom. I suppose this mean Nyusha will be gone soon?
  14. Clara & Stas

    From VHtv's Twitter. @VoyeurHouseTV 4h Something very interesting is waiting for us today in the realm Clara & Stas . Show begins in 7-8 hours from now. Looking forward to!
  15. Fan Page for Anabel and Efim

    And how many of us expressed our concerns when F'him was brought back? Stupid decision by RLC in the first place!