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  1. reallifecamfan51

    Leora Fan Page

    LOL is right Alittle ! philo, philo, philo. Seldomly a dull and uninteresting perspective from you !
  2. reallifecamfan51

    Leora Fan Page

    She is quite attractive IMO ! Much more so than the first 2 to 3 years with RLC when she was noticeably quite thinner, perhaps somewhat a little too much on the thin side. Now, she has blossomed into a quite appealingly attractive woman.
  3. reallifecamfan51

    The Dog

    Aye mate, and so it may be for the lad in your avy also. lol Good one though mate . lol
  4. reallifecamfan51

    Leora Fan Page

    She still looks great to me and certainly more attractive than the first couple of years there when she was noticeably quite thinner and IMO, though she has always been gorgeous, she was somewhat a little on the thin side and did not appear quite as appealingly attractive as she has blossomed into over the last 2 to 3 years. Now, she is certainly a quite attractive and full figured gorgeous woman with very nice curves and an amazing body who also is in possession of a very beautiful face and smile.
  5. reallifecamfan51

    Leora Fan Page

    Having been one who has had the good fortune and privilege to have had experiences and observations with quite a substantial amount of women myself, I must profess that you are right rj to possess an opinion as to such as that part of her anatomy certainly is beautiful. But then again, she is quite beautiful herself.
  6. reallifecamfan51

    Leora Fan Page

    She looks to be even more of a well built and really nice looking woman now more so than ever IMO. I think she is amazingly attractive.
  7. reallifecamfan51

    Leora Fan Page

    Well stated ManofRubber my friend.
  8. reallifecamfan51

    Leora Fan Page

    Although the lovely woman of the L & P residence has always been attractive, it is my opinion that she is even much more attractive with the somewhat more of her that has developed over time than was obviously evident during her first 2 to 3 years with the project when she was somewhat on the slim or thin side. She has filled out quite nicely and developed into an even more so attractive and beautiful woman of whom I for one have a high level of admiration for.
  9. LOL. I have to hand it to ya mate, that avy is something ! Hilarious stuff ! Good one Scotty ! LMAO  :lol:

    1. Scotsman84


      Cheers mate. Glad you found it funny.

  10. reallifecamfan51

    Leora Fan Page

  11. reallifecamfan51

    Leora Fan Page

    I have not Poe. But, I've noticed that it seems that most times, she seems to strive to use her natural wetness or moisture secretions to suffice as somewhat of a lube for her. Maybe why she makes sure she's wiped off besides she has always been a very hygienic woman. She has seemed quite reserved about allowing any of her natural wetness or secretions to possibly be observed by anyone for some reason even though it is very natural. Always wondered what it could be like if she would use another form of lube and let her natural wetness secret as it may or even if she could ever orgasm intense enough to release perhaps even more.
  12. Nice pics in Gallery JB.

  13. reallifecamfan51

    Leora Fan Page

    Yes, and I also have observed her shave her legs in the tub while showering but those times were quite awhile in the past and ever since the last time she ever did it in the tub, she had begun using her razor in the toilet room that is off to the side and out of cam view so I believe that she likely still shaves some of her crotch area too because I have noticed it to have been reddened somewhat on a number of occasions after she had went into the bathroom and retrieved her razor and started going back and forth from the toilet room to the sink for a while before ever getting into the tub to shower. Perhaps she just does not like being observed shaving any part of herself for whatever reason.
  14. reallifecamfan51

    Fan Page for Anabel and Efim

    Efim already had an apartment with RLC in the past with another girl at the time called Diana and he ruined it then by mistreating and abusing her, and now he and his latest girl Anabel are perhaps just as bad off in the ways of seldomly ever having anything of interest occurring at the apartment or just not there period. So, it's not that it is just because it is summer season, because they already had a 2 week vacation and then took an even longer vacation period after only being back from the first one for only 2 or 3 weeks. Also, whenever they are not taking vacations, they are much of the time not even at the apartment. They need to be let go and replaced as previously stated.
  15. reallifecamfan51

    Fan Page for Linda and Tibor

    Linda is definitely a sexy little hot woman for sure ! Wish she would become somewhat less uninhibited enough to show more of herself even when her companion Tibor was not around. They must not be aware of anything in the way of additional compensation in they're periodic subsistence allowance for more cam hits or viewer times. Or, maybe just do not care about having any more.