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  1. wizard0229

    Can someone help me figure out Masha and Sasha?

    Rubberman, can you tell me where or whatever happened to the videos that used to be in the "gallery" ?
  2. wizard0229

    Can someone help me figure out Masha and Sasha?

    Masha is a very hot and sensual woman...she loves to eat pussy ass mush as she loves taking Sasha's huge cock. She has also shared her pussy with other women and men. I would expect that Sasha has had his cock in Dasha by now. We all know Dasha's old roommate on RLC wasn't getting the job done! Can any one confirm?
  3. Hi Mike, is the "foursome video" archived on the reallifecams fan site?


  4. wizard0229

    Suzan in Tub

    Looks like Susan is getting a little "winter growth" , love a big bush !
  5. wizard0229

    Who would you say have the nicest boobs?

    #1 breast award goes to Suzan.
  6. wizard0229

    Fan Page Suzan and Hector

    Suzan is the most sexual female on RLC. She is highly aggressive when having sex and is quite skilled. We have seen her giving pleasure to Hector in many ways, foot jobs, fantastic cock riding, heavy breast with erotic nipples, and most of all squirts when close to orgasm. She also loves giving oral as well as insisting that Hector eat her sweet pussy...What else can we ask for except more of her....
  7. She is the poster girl for us that love puffy nipples....mmmmm
  8. I did see the guest poking her breasts a couple of time yesterday when Hector was in the bedroom. She casually brushed his hand away and smiled. Then she got a piggy and put her coat on and signaled the guest to come with her..I believe she is enjoying his attention and no doubt he is keeping her pussy wet.
  9. wizard0229


    I love her petiteness and slightly oversized breasts. Of course her tight little shaved pussy looks so inviting. I am curious if Blue ever enjoys a big cock.?? Anyone ever capture her playing with her bean?
  10. wizard0229

    Fan Page Chloe and Joshua

    Love her tight little pussy!
  11. wizard0229


    Tabu was no doubt a hottie, but we will never know how hot. She never did squat in front of a cam. Most daring photo was her in a bra changing her shirt..But I'd give up all the good times I ever had in life to see her big breasts swaying on my outer screen....
  12. wizard0229

    Livingroom action 151101

    Suzan is so worth waiting for...all around sexiest woman on RLC.
  13. wizard0229

    Fan Page Chloe and Joshua

    This is one hot looking redhead that I wish wasn't shaved !!
  14. I shouted to all yesterday that I thought Carla was pregnant. I still think that she is and I will make my case here for all of you to comment. 1. I have noticed that Carla has been putting on a few pounds lately. 2. She is incredibly hungry in the past several days. Yesterday Mario made what looked like big steak dinners for lunch and she woofed hers down in no time. For the evening meal Mario prepared two large sausage sandwiches on torpedo rolls for each of them, of which Carla devoured in quick time. 3. Her breasts are enlarged in size, no question about that! 4. Yesterday she emerged from the bedroom with bra in hand and was in the process of putting it on and I could not help but notice how her aerolas were bigger in circumference and much darker in color than before. It is possible that there are other explanations, but I'll leave that to your comments.
  15. wizard0229

    Vote for the slutiest tenant at RLC

    I'll reiterate...Leora is queen tease. How can she win the "slut" award when you never get to see her perform. When did you see her fucking and performing as a slut lately...Its been a long time ! Masha and Carla will fuck everyday, orgasm, swallow, flick the bean and give you your monies worth !!! We only can dream about watching Leora perform like a slut !!!