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  1. I want to Welcome Belle and Nate to RLC and RLCF . Do not know much about Nate But I do about Belle . I really like her . She is as fun a girl as you have ever seen on RLC. Every one give her a chance to and do not judge to harshly . She is a little pixy with a lot of energy . Can over party at times , But who doesen't on RLC . I think she will be a great addition to the other apartments . And Yes , Iam her greatest Fan .---LOL---
  2. dougiestyle4u--cyberleader , As usual nice picks from you guys .--Thanks . This site is a bit like Cam Soda . Strikes Me as a glorified Cam Girl site . The girls are nice though .---Will give it further study .---
  3. Yes , A lot of friendly bull shit on chat , I thought that is what it is for . What is nice is if you do not like it . No one is making you go there .---
  4. Dam , I misquoted -Cool Hand Luke , I should be shot.---Not sure about the song , But Iam sure I was insulted in there some where.---LOL--
  5. Rubberman---What we have here is . A lack to communicate.-----LOL--
  6. Rubberman , I said I was not their parents , So none of My business what the girls do. I have a Daughter and she has turned out pretty good.She does not smoke and hardly ever drinks. Graduated from a top 20 Law school -Magna Cum Laude . She is doing very well thank you.--LOL--
  7. Iam surprised that the twins smoke , Gives you crows feet around the mouth , Being models should know better , And they do seem to drink more then they used to. May be the Gina effect. Iam not their father and they are adults . They are doing what a lot of us did when we were their age. Have fun girls and enjoy your selfs while you can. You will grow up and be like the rest of us some day.--
  8. Hi--just wanted to say that I miss you on chat ,  I know you do not like some of what is said . But glad to see that you keep active other ways--Your Friend--Vampire.--

    1. CowArt


      Thanks buddy. I'll try to drop in one of these days.

  9. Rubberman--I do realize that all will not agree or this place would be very boring . You give your opinion and I give mine . No right or wrong here and no animosity meant.--Just friendly differences of opinion.---
  10. I do not--But get so much shit about the Chat--We have gotten along well before , No problrm.--Hope to see you there.--
  11. Obviously Not---LOL--Wow--What less then a Month Makes.--Me stupid and you smart---LOL--
  12. Max--You are here--Guess your life is not so good--We strive to have fun on Chat--We talk about a lot more then just the Apartments , but you may miss that part.--The funny thing is , We on Chat think that you take this place to seriously--May be a problem of miscomunication. and under standing.--We are here to have fun--The haters have a misconception we can not change about Chat--Maybe We should have--Stncold resolve it--I would take his verdict .--
  13. A lot of Gina haters out there. Funny cause you seem to watch every thing she has done in the past. I have seen a newer gina--Yes she still likes to have fun-- she is a lot more controlled now--And is still hot as hell--Do you people even remember when you were her age-- Dam--Maybe you should grow up .---She will eventually , And be boring like us .--
  14. Scotsman--Was a way to short stay for Anna , She is a nice and talented girl--RLC-- We need more like her .--Bye Anna --I always felt that she had more to show us , Just has not been the right setting I think.--
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