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  1. someone should tell her it's for vacuuming hard floors. way she's looking at it wonder if she thinks it's a vibrator. appears to be re-cahrgeable
  2. ok. if you have a body like steve Austin, the rock or vin diesel...different.
  3. white guys NEVER look good with head shaved
  4. We all know that these three share a common brain cell. So books? Pretending to write? Computer?eee
  5. can we have the visitors wearing sport jerseys with their names on the back.
  6. ok listen up. thie is really a secret tribe of man-hating amazons. their mission is to fuck sasha to death. right?
  7. good idea, but to make it work people at rlc will have exert effort, ya know the "w" word.
  8. no. one of the purposes for the eu was free movement across borders. workers a free to come and go. the real question is what does russia allows its citizens?
  9. no matter what you think of her, it hurts me to see a woman cry
  10. is it just me or do a couple of post seem a bit OTT?
  11. anticipation is about to turn to boredom
  12. dougiestyle you might be right. i see, however, leora as being not the brightest bulb on the tree. my evidence is some of the things she does. ATM she's cutting something out with scissors. in addition, the look i often see on her face is sort of blank. i could well be wrong, but she does seem a bit dim.
  13. As a retired chef, i agree. As she is preparing food for only herself, the dick-on-a-stick (sasha) and the visitor, so be it
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