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  1. I didn't see that part but, definitely, good riddance to bad rubbish, as the schooldays saying went! Oh, and I hope Kenny hurt him!
  2. Well they've gone, and kinda suddenly too!
  3. Simonspy

    Fan Page for Martina & Alberto

    A pity that "Masha" and "Kitty" didn't look at Martina to see how good sized boobs look and move before having their turrets installed!
  4. I notice that the Living room curtains are now almost permanently closed. Is this a directive from above to stop us freeloaders from seeing the outside views?
  5. Simonspy

    Adriana Fan Page

    Sorry that they've gone. They were a breath of, relative, normality here. Good luck to them!
  6. Simonspy

    Maya Fan Page

    Nothing to do with anything else but has Maya misconstrued the meaning of "Shaving her pussy"? I'm, sure that doesn't mean the cats! That aside there does seem to be a major clean up going on there!
  7. Simonspy

    Fan Page for Jane & Dick

    Will need sub titles tho'
  8. Simonspy

    Fan Page for Jane & Dick

    So, is there going to be "Fun with Dick and Jane."?
  9. Simonspy

    Maya Fan Page

    For her sake I hope so. I know I couldn't live like that, maybe that's what drove Stepan away! Who Knows.
  10. Simonspy

    Maya Fan Page

    Looks rather like Maya is packing up. Maybe really moving on. Will be the end of an era if she goes!
  11. Simonspy

    Leora Fan Page

    Whilst Leora was warming up for this session the dog came in to the room, took one look at her bottomless on the couch and rushed off to hump it's pillow in the hallway! You sure it's a female? must be gay!
  12. Simonspy

    Fan Page Lana & Robert

    She has been gone a long while! Any ideas why?
  13. Simonspy

    Suzan in Tub

    Nothing wrong with that bush! Leave it alone!
  14. Simonspy

    Maya Fan Page

    Good stuff, I was just thinking how she doesn't do that as much as she used too! Which is a pity!
  15. Simonspy

    Adriana Isn't That Hot

    True but I have never seen her even topless in the "Public" areas.