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  1. Dazzan

    Fan Page Irma

    *Sighs wistfully* Hi Irma... welcome back.
  2. Dazzan

    Fan Page for Julia and Eric

    NOOOOO... what happened
  3. Dazzan

    Maya & Stepan

    Sorry to ask, but I've been away/ dipping in and out for a while... but WTF is going on between these two.. is it on... off or somewhere in between?
  4. Dazzan


    Hi Dougie and Scotsman... good to hear from you. @dougiestyle4u Thank you for your wellwishes... I wondered what had happened to Dasha and Demid... but as you say its about time... not a lot going on there for a long time... @scotsman... LOL!!!!
  5. Dazzan

    mayas new awakening

    seriously... i go away for a couple of months and this happens... Will have to keep a closer on eye her from now on.
  6. Dazzan


    So I've been away for a while... long story... (nothing criminal, just father in various hospitals throughout the UK), but enough of that, what have I missed???
  7. Dazzan

    Fan Page for Linda and Tibor

    (Image Content No Longer Available)
  8. Dazzan

    Fan Page for Linda and Tibor

    Tibor did the same thing last week... let me find a piccie
  9. I saw it too... it was ...HOTTT... I am sad to say... that I prefer voyeur house to RLC now.. no time restrictions on the free cams.... Very, very... horny tenants
  10. I just watched her bating... OMG.. she must have come 6 or 7 times and shes not done yet
  11. I am loving Mika and Layne... she is HOTTT!!! and very naughty, I love her panties..
  12. Dazzan

    Economies button

    You beat me to it cowart... I noticed it over the weekend too and have absolutely no idea what it is
  13. Dazzan

    Fan Page for Julia and Eric

    She's my favourite too.
  14. AWESOMELY put... Bravo Sir, I salute you.