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  1. Dazzan

    Fan Page Irma

    *Sighs wistfully* Hi Irma... welcome back.
  2. NOOOOO... what happened
  3. Dazzan

    Maya & Stepan

    Sorry to ask, but I've been away/ dipping in and out for a while... but WTF is going on between these two.. is it on... off or somewhere in between?
  4. Dazzan


    Hi Dougie and Scotsman... good to hear from you. @dougiestyle4u Thank you for your wellwishes... I wondered what had happened to Dasha and Demid... but as you say its about time... not a lot going on there for a long time... @scotsman... LOL!!!!
  5. Dazzan

    mayas new awakening

    seriously... i go away for a couple of months and this happens... Will have to keep a closer on eye her from now on.
  6. Dazzan


    So I've been away for a while... long story... (nothing criminal, just father in various hospitals throughout the UK), but enough of that, what have I missed???
  7. (Image Content No Longer Available)
  8. Tibor did the same thing last week... let me find a piccie
  9. I saw it too... it was ...HOTTT... I am sad to say... that I prefer voyeur house to RLC now.. no time restrictions on the free cams.... Very, very... horny tenants
  10. I just watched her bating... OMG.. she must have come 6 or 7 times and shes not done yet
  11. I am loving Mika and Layne... she is HOTTT!!! and very naughty, I love her panties..
  12. Dazzan

    Economies button

    You beat me to it cowart... I noticed it over the weekend too and have absolutely no idea what it is
  13. She's my favourite too.
  14. AWESOMELY put... Bravo Sir, I salute you.