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  1. And Masha is still queen cause they don't go near her room when shes home. They got to stay they sorry asses on the couch LOL. And Masha surrender long before the name change
  2. And I guess we know who the Fool is, Masha looks 100% better than Dasha on her bad day.
  3. But it looks like she is trying to step her game up, maybe a little too late but she's trying. from what i can tell from the thumbs. I might rejoin or maybe just call it quits. but for right I'm enjoying my grand daughter running track . she has her papa speed guess cause I raise her from the day she was born. the Girl is a cheetah
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/17th_Infantry_Regiment_(United_States) A little history of the 17th Infantry
  5. SGT. SHAKA ZULU 2nd and the 17th Infantry Div Fort Ord, CA. Says Thank You
  6. Well Danny I would say you got most of it right. would keep B1.B2,and GP but would make some serious changes. Also would keep Annabel because with that Violin she sooth the Members, A lot of us love to hear her play. now Fhim you can throw under the bus LOL. Desiree can stay cause the way she uses her dildos is just plain Outstanding. But you can toss Mr. I need A dick extension. Now Leora and Paul is somewhere around owner status. when All else fails here comes Leora to Bail. she has bail this site out more times than anyone else. Just my thoughts Peace
  7. I'm going to put a nail in one of your tires and you will be rolling on 17 teen lets see if it puts a kink in your metrics LOL. How ya doing buddy? Hoping you are pumping your brakes and will be home for Turkey Day. Keep it eighteen down and rolling. peace
  8. Important my ass they are a bunch of lazy Heffas. who for some unbeknownst Reason think they are the Jewel of RLC. Thank you for your vote. and you never know it just might work LOL
  9. Now what is this about the 6th vacation For Kami and Kaley. Must be hard work laying on your ass all day rubbing each other's legs and eating. Well Dammit we need to hold a Special Elections on this APT. if Girls in the other Apt, can be removed for little to no activity, then why can't they? 1. They are not the Hottest Girls on the site anymore. 2.They are the most boring Girls on this site. 3. outside of Kaley occasional open bate and her annoying water bate, and Kristy 30-45 seconds bate. This Apt. is for Shit !!!! So I say lets Vote and maybe one of RLC trolls will see The results and report back to his master this Apt. is a LOSER. Kamila 1.Stay 2.Get The Fuck Out Kristy 1. Stay 2.Get The Fuck Out Kaley 1.Stay 2.Get The Fuck Out Duckey 1.Stay 2.Get The Fuck Out PLEASE VOTE AND EVERY VOTE COUNTS
  10. They are one of if not the best couple here . nothing fake about them and they are the only proof to the Title of the Site. REAL LIFE CAM. They are living and having funny
  11. Shes not that good cause the one girl she wants to break is not having it and that is Val. Also i think Karol Broke her and not the other way around. But yes Amina & Karole are both Experts at cuddle seduction
  12. Somewhat, Here's why You do have apartments that live normal lives N&B, A&E D&R K&S AND THE MOST FAMOUS OF THEM ALL KK&K. So in a court room you might not win that argument
  13. but you have already pay for it. So weather We watch or not They have been paid. you
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