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  1. HEY BRO i try to stay away from the BS now cause this shit is like a foot long turd slow going down the drain. But always glad to here from you bro. Peace!!!
  2. @TigetJackson well said but i guess to each his own cause I love a curve tatted up woman who got her mine right. she a true MILF like Jessica, but Jessica disappointed me with the date out of the apt. there are none in RLC that can hold a candle to her or lena or Asia, I would add Martina but i think she is getting Ass fucked when she is away from Alberto. Just saying
  3. Her tats are lovely, her body is lovely, she is truly one of the best to grace RLC. I put her in the higher up classy female spot with the like of Zoya
  4. RLC you gave us eight fuck-up apartments. You have made no demands on the tenants in them. But you expect us to give you 36 usd to watch this bullshit. 1. Why? you have not done a damn thing sense you brought out the axe. 2. As you can see the viewer ship is slowly going down. 3.Your loyal customers will be switching to VHTV cause they are still up, and you Russain Apt might or will end up there. RLC add more Barca Apts and ditch the three freeloader you got in B1. Start demanding what is expected from these girls or they will run over you and you will die.
  5. ROTFLMAO! you got that right, same show different night. RLC is dying slow and painful
  6. Exactly none of these Apt can make Me re-up. It's a shit show and Rlc can't figure out how to stop the bleeding
  7. With a push of a button RLC has kill most of our fantasies. But that not the sad part, what they left us with is murder to the eyes of a voyeur. 1.L&T can't hold RLC down by themselves 2.A&H must have been told to settle the fuck down 3.M&A are trying to fill the void from L&T 4. Dasha is running the show,and Masha don't give a fuck enough said 5.M&A&D How many times can you watch a girl jerk off before it bores you? 6S&A&K spells sak and that what RLC should do to this APT. 7.S&K&N&V&D&A See number five. 8. That facial that Belle Got makes her look like a Duck. And this APT is just plain boring, especially with Belle trying to sound like an american pornstar so there you have it.
  9. Ok i buy that , but Naomi is gone. and she should be.
  10. Wow what do you all see in the Prima Donna? Please tell cause all I see is someone who thinks she is above the rest, and a waste of a perfectly good bed
  11. My friend they are in a much better Class than that. But here at RLC Class is not whats it about Ass is what it is about. And these three just want to sit around and look pretty.More power to them but I doubt if any of them makes 90 days. With that being said Amira was something of a freak her first tour But i guess without Sorryfima to tell her what to do she is Loss and so is B1
  12. And Masha is still queen cause they don't go near her room when shes home. They got to stay they sorry asses on the couch LOL. And Masha surrender long before the name change
  13. And I guess we know who the Fool is, Masha looks 100% better than Dasha on her bad day.
  14. But it looks like she is trying to step her game up, maybe a little too late but she's trying. from what i can tell from the thumbs. I might rejoin or maybe just call it quits. but for right I'm enjoying my grand daughter running track . she has her papa speed guess cause I raise her from the day she was born. the Girl is a cheetah
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