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    Who do you think is given these girls these phones in the first Why do you think some of these girls have 2 phones.... Take a closer look at the phones... They all have Apple phones and Laptops......And dam near all of them are the same colour... Free phones with unlimited data must be part of their contracts... You'll never see these girls without a phone...Hell some of them are in heaven with all that free JUST SAYIN.....
  2. Fan Page Angie

    And here I thought I was the only one to catch Shouldn't of known better.. Big Bad Rob's always
  3. Fan Page for Stesha and Marco

    Fuckin right....I know if I were a special agent with the government, that's the first place I'd be living.... On a voyeur site where nobody would see who I am..... What a DIP........ LOLOL...

    I have a GREAT Idea, RLC should either have translators or something that auto translate for That way there, there might actually have some truth to the crap everyone is saying in the Oh did you all hear the latest, Vicky is Something to do with a hole in a condom or something......not sure, couldn't sit threw the rest of From what I can make out of it, when a girl rubs her belly it means she's pregnant I I don't know about all you others in here that don't have a fuckin clue to what they are even saying, But Some seem to THINK they know exactly what seems to be going on in these peoples I'll tell yea, There is definitely some entertainment right here......who needs the comedy ENUFF
  5. Cars A - Z.

    2017 Ford GT
  6. A - Z Occupations.

  7. Celebrity F**k?

    OK... You do have great taste in women...I'd tap that...
  8. Films A - Z

    Mad Max--- The Road Warrior
  9. Famous Name Game.

    Blake Lively
  10. Fan Page Lia & Mia

    Did these girls finally get between the twins..... Been watchin them for close to 40 mins now and they haven't even said boo to each other......WTF..... lol Just Sayin.....
  11. Double Letter Game.

    The obvious..... Letter
  12. Horror Characters A - Z.

    Grim Reaper
  13. What's Your Madam Name?

    OK, so this doesn't make much sense.... In the manner of the word initials.... mine are BV.... Now if I use my first and last letters in my name it will give me a completely different last So is it letters or initials we are to use........ Aug. - Old B. - Lulu V. - White or R. - Beaumont You choose....... LOL Just sayin...
  14. Poor kid's got a bit of an acne problem.... no wonder she don't go out anywhere...
  15. Starting to feel a bit sorry for this kid......ever since her playmate left she's pretty much been hibernating in a ball in her room.... Renata seems to be going out mostly and the other 2 ghosts.......well enuff said about