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  1. (Image Content No Longer Available)
  2. Like I said a while back....He caught something......not sure what it could possibly be to make them stop haven contact with each other..... BUT, from this moment on after she gave him that needle......they stopped haven sex, kiss or any type of contact with each other except sleep in the same bed........ Just Sayin....
  3. Bea's been so fuckin horny the past week she needed this.......lol JUST SAYIN........ (OH Yea, More in the upper pages... ) When Uploading in Open Forum RLC Boards a Third Party Host must be used. Thanks.
  4. IT TIS YOU TISN'T It.......LOL OR, maybe one of them coming home......lol Only the shadow knows.......lol
  5. Don't forget to add Ilona's as well. What yea got here is 3 young ladies with small tit's , Thought about a boob job, and went over board.. It's to bad cause a size smaller might of actually worked for them.... OH WELL.... Tis not I that needs to life with it......lol JUST SAYIN...
  6. Sam was sleeping way before she let Eva have her way with her. Pretty sure she didn't want anything to do with Sam that night. Eva was trying her best to get her going...... Surprised the crap out of me when she jumped Eva first.....lol To bad she wouldn't cum out from under the covers thou...
  7. Yea, That's unfortunate... But Eva had her fun in the open at least... Image Content Removed
  8. Correction Sir,... Still teaching...... The dog still humps it better......... LOL But she's a quick learner......
  9. Walkin around with one nipp hangin out.........lol (Image Content No Longer Available)
  10. Some one needs to read news letters... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On New Year’s eve, there was no electricity in Neia, Nicole and Gina’s apartment. It was entirely our fault and we apologize for the inconvenience. As we told you in one of the previous newsletters, fixing these issues requires a serious technical upgrade of the heating and electrical systems in this apartment. These upgrades haven’t been done yet. We will let you know the expected duration of these repairs once we have a specific plan at hand. If they have no effect and the apartment remains unstable, we will have to shutdown this location and provide you with a new one – more comfortable and safe for participants, and offering stability and positive user experience to all our customers. As far as we know, right after the electricity went off, the participants left the apartment and went to a discothèque, then came back around 5 AM and went to beds. The apartment was online at 6 in the morning. We just want you to know that we’ve never done anything intentionally to affect the user experience. Please note, however, that we cannot and will never be able to guarantee 100% availability of all cameras and all apartments. It’s also hardly possible that every viewer will be interested in all participants and their lifestyles. The needs and preferences of different customers are often conflicting and contradicting. This is exactly why we offer diversity on the site so that every customer can find just the right content here. We sincerely hope that all our viewers who are not satisfied with the content offered on the site will find something that will make them happy in the coming year. We would also like to thank all the users who support us, appreciate the concept of the project and share our love for it. Your words of support mean a lot to our team members and motivate us to continue our work. Wishing you and your families health and happiness! Happy New Year! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( Seems to me they've been haven a few problems with that apartment.... Just Sayin... )
  11. I use our flag if needed....ones always willing to take one for his country........lol
  12. It may smell bad, who knows.....one thing we do know, is she keeps that place pretty dam clean....... as for the female dog pissing and shitting all over the place,,... Look again.....they have her trained to do her business on the mat they have laid down for her in the hallway..... JUST SAYIN.......
  13. Well This so called new place gives me, myself, and I, no incentive what so ever to renew my premium when the free cams turn out to be not so free when the girls are in the room....I click on the preview screen to see whats going down, and low and behold...that cam is unavailable all of a sudden.... Funny how it wasn't 5 min. ago when the room was empty......lol....I'm in Canada so at $68.00, a month you can only watch people sleeping so many times.....lol... If this is their thought of a new tactic to get people to renew.....think again......I don't make a habit of paying for something I can't see first... Just Saying....
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