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  1. Fan Page for Linda and Tibor

    I think this is my favorite couple on here. Not because either is the "hottest", but because they seem to have a great, healthy and fun relationship - it's kinda nice to see instead of a "house of drama"... And, this is the longest anyone has been in that apartment which until the last couple (Tall blond and old dude), has been cursed.
  2. Wot us texl01... long time no see

    1. texl01


      Gidday Nick, I have been  about in moderation , I must admit,  I guess the time differences are opposite. A little respite does one good to 'refresh. :)

    2. Nickrivers


      True that...

      Time differences do play a part.  When I get time to look, everyone's in bed...asleep and that's no fun.  Be good!