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  1. This girl is really beautiful and at the same time, interesting to see. She seems to have an ace up her sleeve. Every time I see her with Monica, it seems her appeal could rise exponentially. Perhaps, and I only say it as an opinion, Nica, is a bit green at parties with chcias. Which perhaps Anita, is not so green. We know that Anita has a partner outside of RLC, but this is a world apart. If she can separate what her life is out of RLC and what is inside RLC. She could aspire with Belle, Jas and especially Rose. In the real winners and that make everyone want these girls come back next time. I think she's smart enough to let herself be advised, by girls as worthy as Monica. I hope they have a good understanding. With this we will win all.
  2. This morning, Belle has gone out the door to leave the RLC project. Objective accomplished, young lady, your participation has been unbeatable. I hope many other girls have taken note of their participation, how to do things well. how to be a natural before the cameras, how to be a good companion, how to be a good friend, and how to enjoy and enjoy the stay with the compañeras. By the time you return to the project, I no longer know if I will be in it. But it has always been a pleasure to observe it. THANK YOU!
  3. Fan Page Monica

    Actually, his movements of going from one house to another, of being with a boy, then later the next day or the day before, with two girls, can dislocate a little. When this does not stop being a show. Last night, he showed us that you can get water from the desert if you propose it, but perhaps you lack a playmate worthy of you. At least, thanks for trying last night that you are still good investment. Maybe, at least, your stay in GP, can be a little more enjoyable than in B2. Finally, I would like to suggest that you see Monica and Anita, because it seems that Anita understands Monica better than Nica. Since last night, she looked like a little girl (I mean Nica) when Monica was attending Anita, then Nica, it seemed that she did not know what to do, or interrupted Monica on her way. But that, I guess you learn over time. Only, I hope that Monica has more chances to love Anita along the path of pleasure, which Mónica sure knows how to travel.
  4. Fan Page Naomi

    Last night, if we can say, that Naomi, uncovered his jar of essences or almost. We could see a Naomi, who enjoyed and enjoyed Sofie. Even just for that, it would be a big step forward. Perhaps, in all the less good of last night, were his kisses, they seemed like the dice for young boys (fish style), I guess she did not want to be carried away by her passion or her fever, or maybe, she is like that. Certainly, letting go for the moment, may lead you to give free rein to all that passion. But saying this. Tell the important "THANK YOU". Thank you for sharing with us those moments of pleasure, those moments of intimate encounter, where the skin speaks for you, where touch is more important than words, where looks say more than a sonnet, where the smell of lovers covers a faint veil every corner of the room. And I'm just waiting for the next meeting, where they will once again enjoy their wonderful bodies. I think I'll never marry seeing them.
  5. Fan Page Sofie

    Really a good show, as you say, better not stay in the details or perhaps we would get into something less interesting. That's why, for me part point in the mouth. The truth is that whoever adds the game of girls, was really very aesthetic, the bad, at times the cameras do not do the girls a favor, but I guess you can not have everything. The role of Sofie, it's great, nobody can discuss that. How he controls the situation, how he makes things work wonderfully. And above all, that makes a little a lot. On the other hand, she knows that the telephone is often too much, and last night, at times, she managed to forget about him. A challenge and an achievement that only the best can achieve, all this, being narural. Finally, your kisses, letting yourself be filled with passion, is so natural, but so difficult to achieve in front of the cameras. And I think that she let herself be carried away by emotion, and that she looks like a girl, who controls everything. In short, and as I always say. If they enjoy, that is the prize for the spectators. We enjoy watching them enjoy. Courage, Sofie, you are in the best of ways. And with your partner Naomi, you make a good couple. BRAVO!
  6. Two things, which seem not to have been said, or at least I have not read. RLC wanted a "massive" occupation of the house. The greatest number of girls in the house. The idea is not all bad. It could work, in fact it works, but it is true, that girls have less privacy, but other girls have shared a bed, and have tended to have less privacy, if we compare situations. In fact. I think, as now happens with Serena, that being alone in her "lair" without someone to guide her, she is little or nothing interesting to look at. A friend who guides her and shows how things "work" in RLC, makes a girl have or not the chance to succeed or not. Another thing, it is already what the girl is committed to the company. There are girls, who have given their best, and have become real stars in RLC, others who have passed without grief or glory and many, we do not even remember their name. Of course, saying that, I know that there are girls, who have more experience, and others who seem neophytes. But everyone learns, if they have the opportunity for someone to guide them.
  7. Obviously, if we separate what is their natural beauty, what they really do together in bed, that massages that you say ... I do not know if it would really be five o'clock. As you say, they do the minimum, to keep the viewer awaiting, it's not my case, but I understand that there are spectators who like to see that one and another night. But do not understand it as a criticism that it is not. I suppose, as you also do, that a more intimate game between Jas and Blair, is to think or to have a hope that in the end, we know that it will not happen.
  8. Tiana was an uncovered candy, it was a nice wrapper, but I think we did not know what it really hid. I had a point of voyeur, I loved when I furtively watched Sofie, while Sofie, enjoyed showing openly in the shower for Tiana, looked at her. It was time, that a voyeur, really enjoys. Those games, those I want but I do not dare, even if they were not real, were truly a pleasure for the senses. His body would not be a girl ten, or perhaps had the youth of other girls, but she had the just ravens, that every woman has to have to like a man and a woman. She had a penetrating look and perhaps, she lacked to be more her in GP and in B2. Maybe he had some actions against him that could be misinterpreted. Not trying to interact with the compañeras was a weak point in her stay, but even so, I can affirm, that she has been much better than other compañeras who have gone through the house before. I hope that she decides at some point to go back to Barcelona and to RLC. She will always be welcome, and will always have a screen reserved for her on my computer.
  9. Actually, I miss Tiana's presence. I think it was a girl, that for reasons that I do not know, we have not seen her real potential, or maybe my impression was too good of her. Of course, I miss having lost that 69. I am absolutely convinced that it would have been apotheosis. But there are shows that I imagine were lost to the spectator and the opirtunity was lost forever. The case of Rose and Tiana, or was the case of Sotie and Monica, two spectacular women.
  10. Fan Page Sofie

    She has a spectacular body, if you see her from camera 10, her breasts and pezines, are inotizers, it hurts that she has the habit of turning her back on that camera. If she touched her nipple in front of that camera, I think more than one, our eyes would skip the orbital basin.
  11. She is a woman 10 as it was said of Bo Derek in his time. She in my way of thinking, is all that RLC and the houses of Barcelona need. In addition, she has the luck, why not say it, of some friends of luxury, who are at her height. Belle and Jasmín have set the bar quite high, in terms of the interest of the spectators. If Belle puts the good humor, the naturalness of their actions. Rose puts the head, the elegance of the show, knowing how to have the viewer of her to see what is happening to her so that we are aware of her. And most important, the other compañeras, seem to appreciate her a lot, not because she is in charge of the house, but because she seems to have won the love and respect of all. And that is fundamental. The day she has to leave, I think it will be a real shame, because I do not think we can see another girl as complete as her.
  12. Fan Page Naomi

    Really motivating, that she wanted to show that intimate part of her sexuality, although I have my reservations, but I want to be positive and keep those thoughts to myself. Naomi, perhaps, will never be Monica's friend, but seeing that Sofie has a bad time, she should open a little range of possibilities. Maybe, the approach to Monica is not such a bad idea. Although saying that, I still think that his rapport with Sofie, is really a luxury. I just hope he keeps showing his body and his sympathy. She is beautiful, and always nice to see. I hope and desire, that she will continue having the desire to keep on distrutando of her "vacations" and to show us her avail, that she is avail it.
  13. Fan Page Sofie

    Sofie, even in her strange things, she still seems like a good investment for RLC. She loves her body, and offers us magnificent views when she caresses herself. She also shows us that beautiful body that she has, and that she likes to caress while she is with Naomi. It's a pity that she is not 100% and I would like to know the reason for her being bad. If I had to make a suggestion, she should sunbathe as her GP mates do, since they say that it improves mood. And although not with the same freedom as in the other house, your balcony is an ideal place to sunbathe, more now, that there is an area that is invisible from the street. I just hope that before her departure, she will be the woman with that wonderful smile, pleasant to the deal and that she can enjoy the pleasures of caresses and company with Naomi again.
  14. Fan Page Monica

    I trust your good judgment. And I hope and wish that my doubts are not confirmed and make me fall into pessimism.
  15. Fan Page Monica

    No one would expect a guest to entertain better than an official girl, and less to participate in an entertainment such as a 69 (I do not say it was not wanted by the audience) but I would be surprised. Anyway, I do not understand the use of so much wine, to get a performance so low, if we compare to other parties where they have watered in wine, the performance has been much better. But two things, Anita, to be a simple visitor (I understand an RLC girl candidate) is managing her participation well, and yet Monica, unfortunately loses the macho desire she has. Yesterday she could not help throwing sexy photos at her man, whom I can not stop pleasing with her phone in her hand.