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  1. Masha & Leora

    Yeah, just like the old style Asian porn movies where the lip or mouth movements didn't synchronized or match up to the dubbed in English voices spoken such as oooh, aaah, fuck me harder, fuck me deeper, oh you so big - lol. These early porn movies were hilarious but nice to watch and both Leora and Masha can appear obviously phony for the cam but still sexy to watch. If I laugh too hard then there goes my erection - damn.
  2. Masha, Sasha, Dasha Threesome.

    As a true voyeur, how can you not watch it play out. I just peek in now and then and hope I catch the full blown (pun intended) action. Believe it or not they are funny to watch and the sex show does have exciting moments especially when "I wish I was there participating". I don't like awful tats either or noticeably fake tits but I love watching women "performing and climaxing". Watching it live is better than a replay or video capture sent to you later. I like Dasha's butt the most. I look past any flaws a girl might have and focus on her sexual appetite and the few things that would excite me (ie. cuteness, nice smile, gorgeous eyes, huge tits, shapely ass, meaty pussy, big clit, wet pussy, cute asshole or loves anal, will she swallow, does she enjoy facials, how long is her tongue, do her toes curl when she has an orgasm, does she have a filthy swearing mouth when having sex, will she squirt, does she like tossed salad, any lesbian action will be bonus, and so on). So, in other words - I HAVE TO WATCH - to see if any one or all of these examples mention do happen and give me a rise. A voyeur's #1 rule is - WATCH with your cock or pussy in hand - LOL.
  3. Masha & Leora

    Agree that they are both fake and intentionally play for the cams/viewers. Just watch how they strategically place themselves in cam position for optimum viewing. Leora twerks and shakes her ass specifically for the cam while Masha does her naked exercises as close as possible in front of the cam. Both scenarios I do enjoy but this IS NOT real life. Masha is now doing the "double fake" because of her newly enlarged fake tits. My guess is that both Leora and Masha get additional "performance" bonus money by going above and beyond on a daily basis. Perhaps to some, RLC appears more real than the other voyeur sites mainly because most RLC tenants are boring as hell which is probably comparable to their own lives - lol.
  4. Masha, Sasha, Dasha Threesome.

    I believe they are setting up the mood for the "coup de grace" similar to the previous other long visit female guest. It is to keep the viewers in suspense for mainly RLC's benefit. The stage will be set exactly how delta10 suspects with alcohol and some other stimulants. I am sure all 3 participants want it bad. And then Dasha will be provided with her own apartment. Stay tuned and get ready for the climax - lol.
  5. Stella & Stephan

    Great captures cyberleader and what a twosome.
  6. Tver

    Love big tits that hang and swing at the slightest of motion. They bounce, they jiggle and they are fun to watch.
  7. Lisa & Chloe

    Oh yeah, time for some naked exercises. This will definitely work for me. Lisa will do the exercises while I finish my bowl of icecream and then polish off 2 donuts with a glass of chocolate milk. As she does her workout I am starting to feel the burn already. I think I am on track to lose a pound or two just by watching her. ........Oh shit, I think I have heartburn instead, damn. But she does look good doing naked exercises - mmmm.
  8. Agree with you. To me, Nora is just a nice shapely girl who is very watchable but the Boss or savior title doesn't apply to her because she does ruin the behavior of the girls. Nora should just act like a tenant and let the other girls do their thing (good or bad). No one likes a boss that can be controlling or arrogant. Doubt if Nora will even show up anytime soon but if she does - I hope to catch a glimpse of her (especially her sweet ass - mmmm).
  9. Speaking of Boss Nora - she does have a rather nice shitter. I wouldn't mind her coming back for a while and spending time showing off her gorgeous shapely butt and spreading her cheeks to expose her butthole. She was and still is much better than any of the new girls. Nora knew how to tease by how she dressed but I didn't care much for the childish games that the girls would intentionally act out for the viewers (finger/body painting, dance parties, candle shows or guys showing up for example).
  10. Tula

    Just captured - naked cooking and a bald pussy
  11. Tula

    captured a few days ago
  12. Porn Gifs.

  13. Porn Gifs.

    I had a female friend running towards me like this because she was so happy to see me that I had a huge smile from ear to ear since I was also VERY HAPPY to see her -- mmm. She definitely made my day.
  14. Masha and Sasha Fan Page

    Don't forget - some people are born this way or come by it so naturally - lol. Actually I don't mind them with their daily routine (maybe I am just like them - haha). They do show nudity very freely and are very comfortable with the cams. I even don't mind when Sasha walks around with his big cock floppin' around. Funny thing is - when he does I get a craving for a sausage on a bun and spaghetti and meatballs - LMFAO.
  15. Fucking Crazy.

    To me, they both have their own issues but Julia does scare me. Perhaps she has multiple personalities and could possibly be related to Kitty who is also very unstable - lol.