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  1. dougiestyle4u

    Lexy & Pete, Lisa & Grant

  2. dougiestyle4u

    Cleo & Axel

    Wouldn't mind these three little birds showing up on my doorstep - lol.
  3. dougiestyle4u

    Lola & Otto

    Like you, i don't mind either - just an added bonus for viewers that appreciate women in more ways than one - lol. Hey, when you gotta go you gotta go. Great capture YonYonson.
  4. dougiestyle4u

    Clara & Stas

  5. dougiestyle4u

    Clara & Stas

  6. dougiestyle4u

    Clara & Stas

  7. dougiestyle4u

    Clara & Stas

    These clips were taken over a few days (2 fuck sessions). Clara does have a wicked ass.
  8. dougiestyle4u

    Lola & Otto

    Then they finished up with some good ol' fucking
  9. dougiestyle4u

    Lola & Otto

    Next up was the always necessary expertise of cock sucking
  10. dougiestyle4u

    Lola & Otto

    Pics of the above action posted by StnCld316 (few days late) First, there was some ass whipping on her butt and across her pussy
  11. dougiestyle4u

    Fan Page Kitty & Smith

    Do love Kitty's meaty pussy - yummy.
  12. dougiestyle4u

    Nina and Kira Fan Page

    A big thank you Kira for hanging your laundry on the drying rack while totally naked just a while ago. It is ALWAYS a treat to finally catch you do natural stuff/housework in the buff. You definitely have a nice curvy butt and love your shapely boobs. Your pussy is a bit of a tease because you walk around too fast and keep your legs closed. You need to spread them legs and air out your pussy for an eye opening view - mmmm. As you moved around i kept looking at your face and you had this cute devilish look that i think you knew you were teasing us with this beautiful show of nudity. I will say, if you were into guys then you would have many wanting a chance with you and falling in love with you. My advice to you, Kira, show off your gorgeous naked body more often and i am sure plenty of complimentary comments about you would show up in your fan page. I believe you would like to have more frequent sex with Nina but there is always the freedom to masturbate for us if Nina is unwilling to pleasure you. Kira, you are so damn cute and always keep us wanting more from you - you are such a cock or pussy tease - lol.
  13. dougiestyle4u

    Abused Tenants..?

    That's funny - what staff??? We only have StnCld316 and he is too busy to deal with bad members and besides we all like you.
  14. dougiestyle4u

    Fan Page Elisa and Fima

    Surprised that Fima doesn't jerk off while watching porn in full view of the cams like he did during their last apartment stay.
  15. dougiestyle4u

    Nina and Kira Fan Page

    Kira does have nice puppies. Totally agree that she should be topless more often but seeing her totally naked doing her housework would be such a beautiful sight and a treat for her many fans.