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  1. dougiestyle4u

    prostitute or not ?

    Gotta love a prostitute since she is more real than all the RLC fake lesbians or actors/actresses. At least a prostitute will "put out" and have sex out in the open as opposed to undercover masturbation/sex. Chatters want the girls to have sex, especially lesbian sex so why not have porn actresses as tenants on RLC. Would that be too real or too much porn. Chatters should ask themselves "what are my expectations and desires from the young immature girls?" I think most of the chatters lost sight of what the voyeur site cams are and what is actually real life. What percentage of real is perceived as real - 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 99%? What the Fuck. In reality, ALL apartments have some fake shit especially when the tenants intentionally have sex or show nudity directly in full view of the cams for the thousands of viewers/voyeurs. Chatters are like play-by play sports announcers broadcasting what they see or imagine what they saw. At least RLC doesn't allow the so-called experts to show the instant replays. As I said in an earlier post here - "I looky, no touchy". All this is for your viewing pleasure - NOT for you to be the director or movie critic. Enjoy what RLC decides to put out there or walk away. Why would RLC cater to you or all the suckers willing to pay for an unreal product that is promoted as being real. Try window shopping for a change - it is a hell of a lot cheaper and you won't feel like you are getting ripped off. If you really want to, go out and pay for a prostitute and you will get your voyeur thrill and your money's worth plus the reality of "real" action. Sad thought - are chatters acting like pimps - telling the young girls when to have sex, who to have sex with and when an orgy is due. Some chatters get way too attached to certain tenants as if they own them or are a family member. WOW!!!!!!!!!
  2. dougiestyle4u

    Maya Fan Page

    Maya who? Gave up on this apartment long time ago like a lot of other RLC apartments. For others, if this is your thing then enjoy it.
  3. dougiestyle4u

    "Lesbian Girls."

    That is probably because so many of the men actually want to be a lesbian themselves (all-you-can-eat-pussy buffet) - lol.
  4. dougiestyle4u

    In defence of RLC

    Why are chatters NOW complaining about the tenants - especially the young girls and guys. Paid subscribers are just that. Take it or leave it - SIMPLE. It seems that paid subscribers think that THEY control RLC and the tenants. Get it through your head - RLC DOESN"T GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT PAID SUBSCRIBERS (there are many new suckers willing to hand over money). The chatbox is actually hilarious and pathetic, in the same breath - sheeeesh!!!! Young girls are just that - don't expect anything more from them. At that age, they pretty much only have their body working for them - so enjoy that - SIMPLE. The phrase "you can't teach old dogs new tricks" applies to young girls - "you can't teach young puppies old tricks". Tenants are 100% at the discretion of RLC Mismanagement - it is their business - not yours.
  5. dougiestyle4u

    Fan Page for Julia and Eric

    I generally do a quick peek at the apartment but never much happening. Their fights/disagreements are real life and her pussy flash does get stale. She tends to hide her tits. Perhaps they should both just parade around naked more often and turn into sex addicts or SOMETHING. The only thing getting rubbed is the rabbit and whenever Eric scratches his underwear crotch. This couple does have a following, for whatever reasons, but don't have good customer service - lol. They have to up their game soon but I really don't think that they have the energy or ability to do anything more. Maybe they should try role playing - Eric can be a psychiatrist who fantasizes about having sex with his female patients and Julia can be a psychotic woman who is afraid to have sex with guys but only gets excited when she flashes her naked pussy at guys. So there is Eric (while still looking at his phone) rubbing his crotch and asking Julia some questions about her erratic behavior. Julia is laying spread out naked from waist down on the couch with that beady scary look in her eyes. Ok Eric and Julia - finish this off - lol.
  6. dougiestyle4u

    FUN FACTS about Nina & Kira

    Another one of RLC's limited but often played scripts for the tenants to perform. Don't worry body painting, candles, group dance parties, twister and oh wait - HALLOWEENIE masks/party will boost the ratings. Still waiting for DJ Nora to blast the house. I think Nina and Kira are due for another fight or disagreement so Kira could get naked drunk again.
  7. dougiestyle4u

    Anastasia, Lexy & Pete

    Pecker Pete is damn lucky to have playful roommates. Lexy is a fav of mine and Anastasia has a gorgeous shapely ass.
  8. dougiestyle4u

    FUN FACTS about Nina & Kira

    Sorry, but I don't make a habit of taking pics of nose pickers or booger eaters. I only learned how to capture pics about 2 years ago. I saw one of my favorites, Suzan, do the same thing (eat her boogers) but her big shapely tits gave her a pass plus she swallows cum so Suzan can eat her boogers whenever she wanted to. By the way, for some cultures, booger eating is a natural and acceptable habit. I am just waiting for someone to come along and pick my nose for me - lol.
  9. dougiestyle4u

    FUN FACTS about Nina & Kira

    That is definitely Nina - been watching this apartment over the years.
  10. dougiestyle4u

    Anastasia, Lexy & Pete

    Had to grab these pics quickly to show how the bright sunlight bounces off gorgeous shapely Lexy.
  11. dougiestyle4u

    FUN FACTS about Nina & Kira

    Finger lickin' good - such a tease and proof that RLC is sometimes "real life" - lol.
  12. dougiestyle4u


    Tenants participating in front of all the RLC cams definitely know that voyeurs are watching them. A porn site is actually a voyeur site, isn't it? Porn stars performing in front of cams definitely know that voyeurs will watch them. The only differences I see is the amount of fake lesbian sex, undercover masturbation or sex, boring real life tenants, some resemblance of normal life activities 24/7, excessive phone use and stupid childish activities/scripts. The question is - which site is more real life? To me, porn is real because sex is real - orgasms, cum shots, squirting, pissing, fucking, sucking, licking, anal, lesbian, etc. Sometimes the scenes have some resemblance to real life prior to or after sex. To me, RLC is both fake and real (some tenants/couples might live a more "real" type life in front of the cams but then turn around and intentionally "perform" for the cams). Therefore, in my twisted logic - porn sites are more real than RLC but they are both voyeur sites. Basically, it comes down to your own convincing fucked up logic and how much you are willing to pay to satisfy your own voyeur needs.
  13. dougiestyle4u


    Must of got some nasty bruises on her legs and doubt she will try that again.
  14. dougiestyle4u


    Don't surprise me. In a short time, I have realized how fucked up and disorganized the retail business is. Don't need shopping carts when the shelves are always empty but the backroom is congested with unworked products. Good teamwork and communication buddies - you obviously qualify for our high paid management positions.