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  1. A few of the male RLC tenants deserve it up the poop shoot. Any volunteers - lol.
  2. This guy has 2 or more left feet. He should stick to playing with the balls between his useless legs.
  3. Gotta love a team player - lol. Gotta see this happen in one of the RLC apartments so that it would light up the chat room chatter - haha. Maybe the RLC fake lesbians should use strapon dildos on each other. Oh wait, they can't because then they won't be fake lesbians anymore - lol.
  4. Scotsman84, you are right - LOL. This guy looks like he has a stalk or bunch of vegetables on his head like a bunch of celery or asparagus. Old 70's and 80's meaning of "tubular" was A once-popular expression meaning, essentially, 'really cool'. Synonymous with far out and awesome. I guess today the term "TUBULAR" would refer to your hairstyle. Go figure. Zero chance of me riding this wave since I would need a wig - lol.
  5. pics taken about a week ago but just posting now.
  6. Couple of safety violations. The guy running the forklift is busting a gut laughing at the fall guy. Best laugh at someone else's expense.
  7. I kinda like the kids new hairdo and the expression on his face and his big eyes - so funny.
  8. Oops, wrong gear shift - lol.
  9. Hey RLC, you can learn something by looking at this gif. A true voyeur takes a chance and some risk to catch a sneak peek at a girl like this. Even getting caught and a slap on the head (or something worse) is part of the adrenaline of being a voyeur. RLC, your tenants don't know how to tease the viewers.
  10. When Masha and Sasha first appeared on RLC they would fuck, suck, lick and perform in various positions directly in front of the living room cams. They did this often and the sex shows would last a long time. With the breakup and issues of the 3some the apartment is a "WTF is going on now" show. Well, if Sasha and Dasha would do similar sex performances like M & S did before right in front of the living room cams then I would pay close attention. Now imagine if Sasha and Dasha would straight out have lengthy sex shows right in front of Masha to rub salt in the wounds (if she is really upset at losing Sasha). That would be a sight to watch and to observe Masha's expressions as the dirty deeds are done right in her face. Still think everything in this apartment is acting as if a soap opera to maintain viewer numbers. Masha, Sasha and Dasha must know that sex sells so will they do some major sexperimenting or just keep trying different scripts to keep the curiosity going. Who the fuck knows but I still believe Masha is the ringleader of the circus.
  11. Can't vote because none of the couples captivate my attention enough. Some are okay but none are outstanding.
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