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  1. Yup, totally agree with you. Adding money incentives to perform above and beyond has ruined it. RLC and other voyeur sites have become too commercialized and presented more as entertainment. Similar businesses that have gone that route are "old time wrestling" to "wrestling entertainment or WWE", sports leagues like NFL, NHL, NBA and others plus singers & musicians. All are paid millions by contracts and endorsements. Most musical artists of today don't even compare to the great ones of 30, 40 or more years ago. Instruments hide their shitty voices now. Many, many old members have disappeared (don't blame them) but I think way more have dropped out over the last six to nine months. Really sad. In my opinion, the amount of members logging in each day is declining at a fast pace and BOTH the chat room and forums are getting less and less attention. Few of us try to add posts daily but it is hard to maintain any interest since RLC is brutal and VHTV is too pornish. When I want porn I search for it elsewhere (not VHTV). I want the voyeur tease - dammit. Why continue to post stuff if only a few members log in daily. Actually not many posting anything anymore. RLCF has most of their eggs in one basket (RLC) so RLC is the main culprit or lifeline for RLCF. Obviously members got tired of waiting for RLC to improve so they don't bother logging in to RLCF.
  2. That's what we are talking about. The original RLC was as real as could be. Very little phony shows or forced sex or attempts to entice viewers. Real tenants were offered up and that's it, that's all. You really felt like a voyeur or peeping Tom, Dick or Harriet. You even hesitated to watch because part of you thought it was not right or you were invading their privacy which got you vibrating with excitement and your heart was pumping in hopes that you might catch some skin or a subtle but good tease. It was "the bomb" (awesome site).
  3. Hey VHTV - your apartment cams freeze way too often. Are you trying to compete with RLC for poor video feeds?
  4. Personally, I believe "voyeurism" is alive and well but the "realism" is not being offered anymore. It is all fake scenes, forced porn and gangbangs, often used cam performers and "here I am, look at me, do absolutely nothing supposed models". Even couples are for the shits. Perhaps the need for nudity and sex with tenants has pushed real life away. I look for "the tease" and a bit of nudity but sex is bonus if it happened. VHTV is mostly porn, camarads is a mix and RLC is "I don't know what the fuck it is anymore!!!!!!". The voyeur sites do get subscribers, RLCF and CC do have new viewers registering and include many guests looking in plus old members still log in once in a while to see if RLC has gotten any better. So I believe the voyeur cam sites are desired but the quality has deteriorated quite badly over the last two years. Are you willing to pay a price for shit quality and even shittier service? The voyeur site owners are the deciding factors on how things play out. Do they ask for subscribers' input and react? Do they even care? Do they try different things to hopefully please paying members? When has a voyeur site provided a survey/questionnaire to all paying subscribers about their product/services? They constantly add more cams or position them badly. Apartments constantly going under maintenance almost daily - what a fuckin' joke. In my opinion, the voyeur cam site owners are - " THE WEAKEST LINK!!!!!!!!"
  5. Even the die-hard chatters are dying out. Chatters are getting fewer and fewer by the numbers, some only pop in briefly since the same boring tenants offer nothing to speak about, the conversation is usually one or two word comments and the chat room time used by chatters is down to only a few hours and could drop to minutes per day. Like most of us have being saying over the last two years - RLC SUCKS AND KEEPS GETTING WORSE. The original real life voyeur cam concept is no longer offered by RLC. It also appears that RLCF is on life support since many members don't log in as much or participate lately (same few try to keep RLCF alive). Where will this lead to? Too much reliance on RLC by most RLCF members. Need the new voyeur site to fire up and RLCF members need to support VHTV and camarads. Very little posts, if any, about Voyeurhouse.com. Why support RLC?
  6. Get some head and a piece of tail any chance you get - lol
  7. Initially slated to start on Sept 7/19 and then pushed back to Oct 19/19 and then to sometime in Nov/19. Well,
  8. Looks like a big zero for this possible site ever getting started. Vitax last logged in on August 10, 2019.
  9. Me thinks, that Pamela & Joseph of VHTV will soon join the "cast of characters" as tenants with RLC (desperation mode).
  10. Next up for them - back to camarads or perhaps RLC will grab this couple to try and reinvigorate nudity and sex in front of the cams even though it is all "fake performances". But hey, RLC exemplifies fakery and repeat performances and mundane tenants.
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