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  1. See how those boobs just plop out and drop with a bit of a bounce. Women are amazing and have a way of giving a guy an immediate erection and the gorgeous babes have fun doing it too. Sure wish I knew women that like to show off like this. Big tits are something women should be proud of because I sure the fuck enjoy seeing and feeling them up with my perma-grin smile like a Cheshire cat - lol.
  2. Ride/rub and tease a cock like that is bound to cause an eruption of enormous proportions. See what I mean about women being such a tease - LOVE IT and feels so damn good. Great gifs mikeusa.
  3. Always nice to see a cocksucker in action. The bond between a woman's mouth and a cock is priceless and so beautiful.
  4. So true. Whoever labelled these girls as models must be blind or never seen a real model before. These Barca girls can be called other names but I hesitate to use them since the backlash would be fast and furious. Surprising how excessive makeup can work wonders. Mature women are more real and beautiful, in my opinion.
  5. The chatters are obsessive about speculating what the Barca "top-of-the-line models" will do. My obsession is fantasizing what the next female that I see in public might look like naked or how good she is at sucking cock and at sex. My fantasies are more real (at least in my mind - lol) and I get my jollies that way. RLC tenants leave you with saying "WTF!!!!" and no imagination or fantasies about them because they have zero excitement level, to me anyways. I get more rise out of seeing and feeling "morning wood" than looking at the Barca girls or any other RLC female tenant.
  6. RLC continues to prove itself as NOT being a true voyeur site. They bring in useless single girls and deadbeat couples to manipulate paid subscribers into believing that is what they ask for and take the money. RLC dug themselves into a hole and are slowly burying themselves. Sad reality but VHTV has done the opposite in terms of going too deep into porn and the site is not as watchable lately (other than naked girls and lots of cock and balls flopping around).
  7. So - Let me get this straight. RLC cams were slow loading or freezing because too many freeloaders. Well, less apartments now, dead as fuck for any action or tenants even being home in the apartments and vary few free cams available to freeloaders. The cams still take forever to load. So shut the fuck up with the bullshit and quit feeling sorry for the pathetic RLC owners. They take your money and offer shit service with even shittier returnees or fucked up tenants. Pretty sad when grannies and grandma & grandpa participants on porn sites look much better and have a more active sex life than the useless young soft dick RLC actors and fake actresses (their 20-minutes of fame is past their expired date, by the way). Shows you how far RLC has fallen and how desperate members of RLC and RLCF chatters are to accept such a brutal cast of characters and that still don't accept the site as porn and think it is real life. HaHa HeHe Giggle Giggle LMFAO.
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