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  1. Quite the big dick on this guy. There is no voyeur house logo on this camera.
  2. Now that's what I am talking about. Ass should be served up on your supper plate at home or in a restaurant or have many asses like this as a restaurant buffet (all you can eat and fuck for one price). I would go broke a happy man but didn't gain weight eating and fucking all the ass and pussy - yummy - lol.
  3. Elephants know a good thing when they see or feel it - lol funny mix2 - Elephant looking for treats - EroProfile WWW.EROPROFILE.COM Watch funny mix2 - Elephant looking for treats at EroProfile - the free adult dating community
  4. Lately it seems that you hear a lot more about the RLC tenants than what is actually happening within the apartments. Basically, I guess you are better off reading the chat to get an update on all the actions instead of watching the paint dry in each apartment. It's like describing a piece of new shit in the toilet - which girl's ass it probably came out of, what she probably ate the hours or day before, if she only had a light meal followed by lots of booze, if she eats all her main food groups for proper nutrition, if diarrhea then maybe the girl has stress or sick, if some blood in her poop then she might have hemorrhoids or should see a doctor, did she leave skid marks as the shit was flushed, would she be good for anal sex. Such over ANALyzing, second by second play-by-play and hypothesizing on what the girls will do next, why the girls don't get along, who likes who more or what ever. There is a common denominator between the girl's shit and the chat room. Any guesses what that is - lol.
  5. I think, basically, we are ALL in agreement that all of us "real voyeurs" are getting frustrated in not being able to see and enjoy the "real voyeur type activities" that we got hooked on when RLC first provided this concept for paid subscribers and free cam viewers. Whether it is RLC or VHTV or any other cam voyeur site (past and present) the lack of any subtle voyeur tease plus the aggressive use of fake participants or pornstars or cammers or sex workers has pretty much killed the terms "real life" and "voyeur". Since RLC and VHTV and Camarads don't appear to change I have spent more time searching and watching "voyeur type activities" that give me a rise at all the porn sites available on the internet. Sure I tour VHTV and quickly look at Camarads thumbnails for something but mostly nothing for me. If I catch something on VHTV worthy of posting on RLCF I will continue to do so. I understand fully where Pleasant and Plank are coming from but my beef is with voyeur sites that lie about their product. Suggestion to the dumb fuck owners - offer up half the apartments doing the porn type activities and the other half of the apartments doing real voyeur type teases only. This way there IS something for everyone - duhhhhh!!!!! I will never stop being a voyeur. Fixated on women when I first got a look at these sexy teases when I was in grade 2 (7 years old - my early recollection or was it an erection - lol). The sight of a girl's bare legs (my young female teacher), a women's cleavage and upper boobs exposed (my big titted aunt and her big titted daughter) or following a girl's ass as she walked to school (my sister or other female classmates). At a very early age I learned to appreciate art - the female body. At my age, even mature women or grandmas pass the test of acceptability. So if there is any infighting let's take it outside. By this I mean take it up with the voyeur site owners and not between RLCF members. If anything, badmouth the owners or constantly make denands or suggestions for an improved product. Perhaps we are in need of another site that will satisfy the "true real life voyeurs". The voyeur tease is dearly missing (occasional sex is okay) which gets my imagination going and the desire to hopefully CATCH more skin or MAYBE some tit, naked ass, pussy flash or the "coup de gras" - nudity.
  6. new VHTV theme - WHO"S YOUR DADDY? - lol. Can't wait for SLEEPOVER AT GRANDPARENTS or NIGHT WITH GRANDPA or VISIT WITH MY BISEXUAL GRANDMA. Hey, never know, VHTV is always experimenting with sex scenarios. Think I watch too much porn? Naaaaah, never ever enough porn.
  7. I would sooner look up to people than look down on them. Hmmmmmm - what would I prefer - upskirt or downblouse? Okay, it is settled, need more cams to better view women.
  8. That's a nice view of her shitter. Always love the behind view - bum, asshole and pussy.
  9. Looks like the girl is primed and "good to go". If she talks too much you might want to duct tape her mouth (oops, did I say that out loud - lol). Such a playful good looking girl.
  10. Would love to park my face right there - good eating. Appetizer before all the other good stuff begins.
  11. I'd say with a huge " I am so happy" smile on my face. Lots to look at. What did she say? - lol.
  12. I often make a tour of some of the VHTV apartments in hope of catching something good or different. Well for over a good minute I watched this girl doing what I hated seeing Paul do on a daily basis. Paul was good at it and never shied away from the cam as he was determined to come clean. Paul would search long and hard for those nasty irritating boogers. What really amazed me was the fact that this girl did her nasal chores right in front of her girl friend while talking face to face. Sure nose picking is an accepted practice but generally some discretion or privacy is, I think, being respectable to others. The girl went to town - going gangbusters as you will see. Personally, I believe this is the first time that I seen a two finger nose picker (one finger for each nostril at the same time). WOW!!!. That takes some athletic maneuvering with the fingers. Fuck, I can't even do a headstand (hmmmm - come to think about it, when my cockhead happens to touch the floor is it considered a headstand? - lol). At least if the girl was naked while she furiously picked her nose then the other girl could view other enticing body parts. The last pics shows her expression as if "success" - booger free finally. These are voyeur cams to watch "real life" activities so as a voyeur I caught something real - unless the search for the boogers was fake/scripted. Fuck, is anything real anymore? ...grrrrrrrrr!!!!
  13. But of course, the chatters know EVERYTHING about the RLC girls and even their social media accounts. True, we don't know the RLC women - only what we see and what we may want to believe. They have their life and do what is necessary to get by. We may not like it but it is their life. I love genuine fun bubbly girls that make others laugh but not too many exist. Tough world so just have to accept other's weaknesses or bad decisions on how they live their life. Some of us are fortunate to be true to ourselves and others.
  14. I believe this is 100% true - they hide the whole truth and put on a persona that would be likeable and believable by some. Some are definitely good people but from a distance and without seeing them in person there is no point considering them as a "real" person - only a screen image of what you make them out to be. Sad but you don't see their whole life - only snippets of them in front of the cams. Just like actors and actresses - their real life is different from the characters they portray on screen. So for me, I enjoy looking at tits, bum, pussy and their body/image/personality and that's it - a visual thing. Sure I would love to bump into the odd girl or twenty but it will never ever happen so I just consider them as a showpiece of meat (crude way of putting it) but that is how I look at it. No disappointments. Tough enough accepting a real live gorgeous woman who occasionally shows her bitchy side - OUCH!!!! - lol.
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