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  1. Fan Page Kitty & Smith

  2. Masha, Sasha, Dasha Threesome.

    Sadly, with all the long drawn out shenanigans this apartment has become a joke and the viewers are being toyed with but not surprising since this seems to be RLC's "modus of operandi". Can't stomach this apartment anymore after seeing the cam actors. If they would stick to their previous porn style activities like fucking, sucking, fingering and the oooohs, and aaaahs by Masha then it would be acceptable to watch. This has gotten to be a total farce and beyond belief for a supposed real life voyeur site FFS. This threesome should be given the Golden Raspberry or Razzie award for worst acting ever.
  3. Fan Page Kitty & Smith

    If it is not spousal abuse/domestic violence then in those countries I guess it must be foreplay so that they can then have makeup sex soon after - FFS.
  4. Fan Page Kitty & Smith

    Starting to wonder if the owners of RLC and VHTV are one and the same since they both condone spousal abuse. Think about it.
  5. Mary & George

    Lately, it has become obvious that VHTV and the other voyeur cam sites are getting desperate for tenants or struggling to maintain their competitive edge. Quantity of tenants/guests and apartments outweighs any desire for quality. The voyeur sites will take pretty well anyone and "wait and see" how they do as opposed to being properly screened first. Previously guests were usually friends or relatives of the tenants but it appears that they are there to "audition" for a future apartment, participate in orgies or wife swapping or whatever else and perhaps to create drama in order to attract certain type of viewers/subscribers. In my honest opinion, all these sites have gone downhill fast due to a variety of reasons and lost any resemblance of real life. No point following any apartments on any sites - just do a quick tour or a "fly by".
  6. SPREAD legs

    I think Julia has learned off Leora and optimizes the camera position to tease viewers.
  7. Candy & Dean

    Read the earlier comments over the last few days - they had a brutal physical fight.