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  1. Gia & Mike

    damn right on both counts
  2. Gia & Mike

    Gia in that position - she is just asking for it

    HERE HERE !!! All tenants (male and female) should be required to perform this on a regular basis. Saw Desiree do the naked cleaning once and she danced with the broom/mop in hand - that was amazing to watch.

    One time I saw Minnie looking at the mess for a while with her hands on her hips and just decided it would be easier to turn the lights off and go to bed. Go figure. Still believe in naked housecleaning yourself or hire naked housecleaners. It seems that camarads requires all tenants to do their own cleaning. RLC and VHTV CasaHot supply cleaners.

    Too bad because they were new, looked real even though she cammed and she was worth watching.
  6. Gia & Mike

    Things are looking up - lol.
  7. Gia & Mike

    Well H-E-L-L-O-O-O Gia. Nice to see you. You are looking just fine. We will talk face to face later - right now I would rather talk to your ass since it is my favorite subject as you probably already know. Yeah, I can be such an ass myself sometimes - LOL. Gia, you made me smile from ear to ear.

    Minnie and Voodoo apartment came and went. This must be the shortest stay EVER!!! Disappeared like magic or was it voodoo and gone from the forum. All these voyeur sites definitely make money but they sure have a problem getting good quality voyeur subjects. Some are excellent while others are terrible. Some tenants must be brought in out of desperation just to show growth in the business.
  9. Guests.

    They are voyeurs watching us members. They are hesitant to sign up (for a while I was one of them until I crossed the line to finally admit to being a voyeur which kinda sounds perverted). Same as being a freebie with the voyeur site cams these guests are freebies to this site. They choose to follow us but not participate.
  10. Who is your favourite female?

    My favorite voyeur site female is the current girl showing off her tits, pussy or ass or sex acts right in my face. I am an "at the moment" kind of guy because I am old and tired waiting for some naked skin action. Too many tenants conveniently get camera shy or space out their optimum viewing times so now I enjoy the "who, what, when and where" at any given moment. I think RLC made me into a lazy frustrated voyeur who wants pretty much anything NOW!!! (RLC is like watching paint dry - and I ain't talking body painting FFS).
  11. Who is your favourite female?

    Robwin, send these girls my way - I ain't picky - ok, more like being desperate for pretty much anything - lol. Don't they say "variety is the spice of life"?
  12. Tver

  13. Linda & Carrie

    Maybe she needs a group hug from all of us plus would a group fuck fest be asking for too much? Seems like VHTV accommodates anything - lol.
  14. Mika & Layne

    I think that basically VHTV is a free-for-all and it would be free for us too if we were there (anything and anyone is free game) - lol. Definition that applies here for free-for-all A free-for-all is a situation in which several people or groups are trying to get something for themselves and there are no controls on how they do it. A contest, race, etc. that anyone may enter A chaotic situation resembling a free-for-all especially in lacking rules or structure