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  1. Come to think of it - I believe RLC owners and the cast of characters/misfits/tenants belong in this "Funny Fails" topic - LMFAO.
  2. Amazing how many people are so fucked up in the head. No thinking needed, just do whatever and wait for the "fail" to happen. No need to worry about getting brain damage because it is obvious that they are born with it.
  3. In Canada, all traffic stops when a school bus has flashing lights on when dropping of kids. The bus took off before the kids crossed the road. Kudos to the transport driver for doing hard braking. Shit lucky kid.
  4. Just plain stupid, especially in wheelchairs!!!!!
  5. Brutal attempt - not even close. Still would have been awesome to see her do this naked - mmmmm.
  6. What a party pooper - lol. By the looks of it - did look nice but it was set up to fail anyways but he ended up being the fall guy (pun intended).
  7. Even Mods and Admin avoid the Chat Room. The late great BTR was the previous Admin and he would participate in the chat plus warn chatters of disorderly conduct. RLCF has continued to allow the Chat Room to talk shit. It is what it is. Very few participate in the chat room and the forums now so it is what it is.
  8. So let me get this straight. The chatters use short form for the Barca girls to distinguish Milena and Milagres with Mi and Mil, Re for Renata, Da for Danaya, Ir for Irma, Mo for Monica and the same for other girls. Supposedly it is quicker for doing their lame chatting. Well, the up and coming Barca tenants will be - Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do. Kinda has a ring to it, doesn't it - LMFAO.
  9. There's the psi or pounds per square inch factor again. "You break it, you pay" policy applies.
  10. Some duct tape will make it all new again.
  11. Dumbasses start at a young age. Definitely will be an All-Star performer for Funny Videos as he gets older. Guess kids even need training for a simple bum slide - FFS. They should label this video as "RLC Head Banger Slide" - lol.
  12. It is called making the fast buck. Offer a decent product that customers like and make millions in a hurry and then let your business crash and burn. Then screw your customers with an inferior product and jack your prices up. Usually here in Canada you would then ask for gov't help in funding to preserve jobs. I am sure this type of business would not fit the criteria for gov't money but this is what businesses do nowadays - pocket their profits so they can be rich in a hurry and then cry for financial help or the business shuts down. Even gov't money finds it's way in the owners pockets with very little put back into the business (no gov't insight or follow up as to where the money went). As a result, the business still closes the doors. REALITY!!!!!
  13. The Chat Room dialogue or discussions/comments reminds me of old-time radio shows before TV and modern technology.
  14. Now compare this to how RLC is being run. Exact same thing. Owners, managers and even tenants get arrogant, ignorant and distance themselves from the subscribers, viewers and fans. Once the money comes in they forget or don't care about the person handing over the money. Maybe a little tease here and there but basically a "FUCK YOU" attitude towards it's customers. I check into the sites a few minutes a day to maybe catch something good. Like I said above, few nibbles but nothing biting so porn and cam sites are my vices now. People will continue paying for all the farce with RLC and VHTV but not me. Can't ever see these supposed "real life voyeur cam sites" reversing their plans and go back to the original concept of true apartment/tenant voyeurism. VHTV got carried away with their porn style voyeurism to the point that they themselves ruined their own product. I wonder how many subscribers purchased heavily stained used panties from their favorite female "star" - lol?
  15. Hey kid - should have factored in the weight subject to the diameter of the tree branch - psi or pounds per square inch (or pound-force per square inch). Basically, your fat ass resulted in the branch breaking. Point to consider kid - pick on something your own size - lol. Or just settle for being a tree hugger - haha.
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