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  1. 18-04-2019: Angelina left after 60 days, and Amalia joined the project.
  2. You must have missed a bit on the first night, the correct score is Lia-Gina 1-1 and Mia-Gina 1-0. Perhaps one of these days Mia will even the score with Gina as well. And then of course there is the Lia-Mia 0-0. It would be so very, very wrong if that score ever changed... But I would definitely watch it. You know, For Academic Purposes. 💕
  3. 02-04-2019: Jaya left the project, after 37 days. 03-04-2019: Amy rejoined the project. Amy's previous stay was in B2 from August 2nd (when B2 first opened) until August 17th 2017 (16 days). Her housemates at the time were Lola and Megan.
  4. 01-04-2019: Serafima left the project, after 125 days in total (9 days in B4, 112 days in B1 as a tenant and four more days as a "guest" in Ginger's room).
  5. 01-04-2019: Beatrice left the project after 94 days and Pam joined.
  6. 28-03-2019: Kelly joined the project. Also: Serafima's name has been removed from the apartment, but all of her stuff is still in Ginger's room, so I'll keep her on the list for now.
  7. 27-03-2019: Laura left the project after 29 days. Olya and Ariela joined.
  8. Hi--just wanted to say that I miss you on chat ,  I know you do not like some of what is said . But glad to see that you keep active other ways--Your Friend--Vampire.--

    1. CowArt


      Thanks buddy. I'll try to drop in one of these days.

  9. 21-03-2019: Laima left and Loraine (re)joined the project. This will be Loraine's second tenure, she was in B4 from June 23rd until August 21st 2018 (60 days), in what's now Adelita's bed. Elly was her roommate during her entire stay.
  10. 11-03-2019: Blair (re)joined the project with Mike. Previous stays: B4, February 11th until February 21st 2018 (11 days), and B4, March 4th until May 21st 2018 (79 days). During the last stay in B4, Mike joined her in the master bedroom from April 23rd until May 11th (19 days).
  11. A bit late on the update, but... 26-02-2019: Adelita joined the project 27-02-2019: Laura joined the project
  12. A bit late on the update, but... 25-02-2019: Anna left and Jaya joined the project.
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