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  1. 11-02-2019: Kylie (re)joined the project with Rus. Previous stay: B1, April 7th until May 5th 2017, shared the middle room with Stella.
  2. Dunno, I'm amazed they're able to find so many people with a three-month gap in their calendar. If I want to have a three-week vacation from work, I have to to some serious planning ahead, well in advance.
  3. 10-02-2019: Diane (re)joined the project. Previous stay: B4, November 27th (opening) until December 29th, 2017.
  4. 10-02-2019: Malena and Emilia left the project.
  5. 10-02-2019: Jenn & Frank and Stella & Leo left the project, apartment currently empty.
  6. 29-01-2019: Ginger joined the project.
  7. 30-01-2019: Leia & Erin left and Lia, Mia and Anna (re)joined the project.
  8. CowArt

    Fan Page Lia & Mia

    💕💕💕 WELCOME BACK LIA & MIA 💕💕💕
  9. 27-01-2019: Daisy left the project.
  10. CowArt

    Intimidated by the chat

    Intimidated? Don't make me laugh! I spent many pleasant hours on the chat in the past, but it's just not for me anymore. I lurk in the shadows from time to time, and 95% of the posts I see fall into one of two categories: Complaining about what is or isn't happening on the cameras. Day in day out, the same comments, over and over again. Why anyone would spend their every waking moment watching and commenting on something they clearly aren't enjoying is beyond me. Fantasizing about what the tenants, especially the ones in the "on vacation" apartments, do when they walk out the door. Some chatters keep posting about stuff they found on social media. It's often quite the leap from the actual social media post to how it's presented on the chat. Things are taken completely out of context, or a post is taken and hypothesis upon hypothesis gets built on top of it. I wonder what colour the sky is in the world some of these chatters live in...
  11. CowArt


    There have been 124 different girls in the "on vacation" apartments since the first one opened in 2014. I could try to have a go at making a list, but it depends on your definition of sex I suppose... Just with a guy? Does only penetration count, or also hand and/or mouth? With another girl? If so, again the question: how far did it have to go to qualify as sex for you?
  12. CowArt

    Fan Page Gina

    Welcome back Gina. And welcome to the 200+ club:
  13. 09-01-2019: Malena and Emila joined the project 11-01-2019: Oksi left the project.