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    Most people younger than 30 would rather have you take an arm than their phone, so that will never happen.
  2. Fan Page Sher

    Happy Birthday Sher!
  3. RLC Words Game.

  4. Step Up To The Plate.

    On a more serious note... Women ARE a beautiful mystery, one I hope never gets solved.
  5. It might depend on where you are in Russia. When you look at 3K (Moscow), the water is clear when they fill the bath. When you look at all the St. Petersburg apts, the water is brown when they fill the tub. I would not drink that. Our tap water in The Netherlands is very good. It's absolutely 100% safe to drink, and there have been blindfolded taste tests where the tap water was considered better tasting than a lot of the bottled water.
  6. latest RLC E-Mail

    Nov. 17, 2017 CONTENT UPDATES New apartment with Angie, Glasha and Sonya NOV 08 Twins: Lia and Mia are backOCT 24 Neia joined the projectNOV 04 Beatrice, a friend of Neia, joined the projectNOV 10 Leona left the projectNOV 02 Nita left the projectNOV 04 Nina and Kira are planning to be out of town since November 22 till December 02 TECHNICAL UPDATES Two additional cameras have been installed in the apartment of Leora and Paul GO TO REALLIFECAM.COM
  7. Welcome Neia! And to all the replayers: Replay on B2 is messed up to the point you can't find a thing, so go to 11:14 on cam #8 for a nice full frontal before the shower, her first shower from 11:15 to 11:24 and a short but sweet flash on cam #8 at 11:26:58.
  8. Welcome back Lia & Mia!
  9. You are so right my friend, that's why the chat is occupied with just a few posters now. Compare the situation on the chat to say a year or a year and a half ago... Then you had to be really quick to be able to read your own post before it scrolled out of view. 15 to 20 simultaneous chatters were no exception. The focus then was also on B1 and later B1/B2 after B2 opened, but all the other apts were discussed as well. I don't go on the chat much anymore, maybe once every other week. I log on, and first sit, watch and read for 15 minutes. After those 15 minutes, I usually go "Oh, screw this", browse the forum for a couple of minutes and go somewhere else. To be completely honest, it doesn't really bother me that the chat is mostly about B1/B2, that are the apts I'm watching 90% of the time anyway. I wouldn't recognize some of the couples if I bumped into them in the streets. The trouble with the chatbox however is that even when both apts are empty, or they are all sleeping, and there really isn't anything to talk about, it still goes on and on. Every move the tenants made before gets analyzed, and for everything that happens I can come up with 10 or 15 reasonable explanations, but the chatters always find the one far-fetched explanation why such-and-such is a ploy of the girls just to annoy the viewers. One question I asked so many times, but never got an answer to: "If you dislike what happens in B1 and B2 so much, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL WATCHING IT, PAYING FOR IT, AND DISCUSSING IT?"
  10. Belle or Irma?

    I'd rather see new girls. I know, they can be disappointing, but not all of the returning tenants have been living up to expectations either. I always love the first few weeks. Get to know them a bit and see them get more comfortable with the cameras (or not).
  11. Free acount Reallifecam

    Free accounts, or accounts stolen from someone who actually payed for RLC with money he worked for?
  12. Where is everyone from?

    The land of cheese, tulips, windmills and clogs. Oh, and we also have a reputation for cannabis and prostitutes.
  13. latest RLC E-Mail

    October 10, 2017 CONTENT UPDATES New couple Adeline and Markus joined the projectOCT 06 Victoria joined the projectOCT 09 Nita, a friend of Leona, joined the projectOCT 04 Leona joined the projectOCT 02 Irina left the projectOCT 09 Zlata left the projectOCT 06 Lola left the projectOCT 02 TECHNICAL UPDATES Three additional cameras have been installed in the apartment of Adeline and Markus.