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  1. CowArt

    RLC Slow

    For me the only apartment that seems to be struggling regularly is B4, especially between 20:00 and 22:00 local time. But it is the apartment with the most (37) cameras. Yes, RLC upgraded most of it's cameras to 1080p in 2017. Some 720p cameras still remain, mostly hallway and balcony cams (Eva, Adeline) and Desiree's bathroom. The bandwidth is not only affected by the picture quality, but also by what's happening in front of the camera. In normal daylight, full color on a 1080p camera, the stream I receive is on average somewhere between 70 and 80 KB/s in an empty room. With a lot of motion close to the camera (mostly notable on the camera at B2 and B4 at the foot of the beds in the big bedrooms) I get incoming streams of well over 1MB/s, with peaks up to 2MB/s. Imagine what that does to the upstream from B4, when seven girls start walking around in front of the cameras in multiple rooms, with multiple cameras each.
  2. If Kim wouldn't have opened the front door at that exact moment we all would have been none the wiser. Miami would have entered the apartment crying, we wouldn't have know why, and they would most likely still be in the apartment. Good thing that RLC took action right away, the apartment was UM the following day for several hours and Miami & Tony were already half done packing their belongings when the cameras came back online. Sadly, seeing that Miami initiated contact with Tony the following morning (and had sex with him twice) suggests that for Miami this was a normal Tuesday night, apart from the Tony getting thrown around the apartment by Kenny part. Tony seemed to be suffering more from getting his pride hurt than Miami from the beating. I hope Miami has friends or family back home that are aware of this now, and will help her get rid of that @%$#W%.
  3. Up to version 68, you had to give permission to run the Flash plugin once on a website and Chrome would remember that choice. As of version 69 (with the rounder design), by default Chrome will now ask for permission after every restart of the browser. The following will restore Chrome's behavior towards Flash to how it was before, i.e. you don't need to click to enable flash on RLC every time you've restarted your browser. Go to chrome://flags Find the "Enable Ephemeral Flash Permissions" setting and set it to "Disabled" You will be prompted to restart the browser. After that Chrome will remember the Flash permission for RLC (and all other sites).
  4. CowArt

    RLC Overwiev: How many cameras? I trust you can work out the time-zones yourself, either by the location or the clock in the upper left corner of the RLC streams.
  5. CowArt

    RLC Sexiest Female.

    Can't help you there, I have no powers here, I'm just part of the furniture. @StnCld316 can probably make it go away.
  6. CowArt

    RLC FIGHT CLUB (male)

    Start a new topic, give it a title and type the text you want, then select "Poll" at the top: The rest is pretty much self-explanatory. You can add multiple questions to a poll and up to twenty answers/choices per question.
  7. CowArt


    That would have been a really easy task on November 27th 2017. And even now the fanpages could be sorted into B1 and B4/GP in a matter of minutes... I don't care whether the forum sections carry the B..-names or not, it's just if they do, it would make sense to keep it the same on RLCF and CC.
  8. CowArt


    The Dutch practically invented compromising, we even have a name for it:
  9. CowArt


    B1 should just be B1. It has sentimental value for many, and I never understood why the new house was named B1 in the first place. Besides, us oldtimers have difficulty handling change... Why not keep the naming here the same as at camcaps (and as has been suggested by a few her already)? Now it looks like it's just different for the sake of being different. B1 = Irma, Danaya, Karol B2 = Alexa, Amina, Valeria B3 = Couples on Vacation B4/GP = Mary, Bridget, Megan, Dina, Shaila, Tina, Anita.
  10. CowArt

    Unauthorized transactions

    From Snakeater:
  11. Lovely pic StnCld, but why in Aria's fanpage? She's not in the pic.
  12. CowArt

    Unauthorized transactions

    I don't know where everyone is from so can't be entirely sure, but so far it seems everyone targeted is a USA resident.
  13. CowArt

    Unauthorized transactions

    Posted on behalf of member Snakeater of CamCaps who doesn't have an account here:
  14. Welcome back Megan. First tour August 2nd until September 22nd 2016 in B2. Roommates at the time: Lola during that whole time, and Amy, replaced by Anna, replaced by Rebecca, replaced by Carolina. Her old fanpage:
  15. CowArt

    Fan Page Jasmin & Jim

    Yes, for 11 days, she stayed in the small room (that in my memory will always be "Irma's room"). She hung out at B2 most of the time though since that was where her friend Belle was and I think she cared very little for her roommates Milena and Lima. She moved to B2 when Carolina moved out and a room opened up there.