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  1. Regardless of the anger and dissent, free viewers to RLC are like Mexicans to Donald Trump. RLC appears to have outgrown the freeloaders, and they are taking the action a business will take when they believe the time is right. In spite of all the whining, I'm quite sure they've crunched all the numbers and decided the product will stand on it's own. If they are wrong they will relent. If they are correct, they will control who sees what as they always have.
  2. Yes, it's quite fun that way.😁
  3. I've done that in the past. Pretty much done with that but I would get drunk and say whatever came to my mind. LOL.
  4. LOL, you all be crazy. We love Leora, or else why are we here? Whether she's the first to do this or that or the the last is inconsequential. She is beautiful, she is real, and she is on our minds. For the gentlemen who frequent this thread, we will always remember where we were when we first saw her bring a toy, when we first saw the new toys come out, and when we first saw her look at the camera. Call it what you want, I love remembering all that shit.
  5. I have never seen an argument on chat like you describe. If it were there I would be your first defender.
  6. Just seeing this vamp. You da man.
  7. But I did pay and I will use that to my advantage every time so deal with it, sucker.
  8. Save your breath and go elsewhere. It'll mean less camera interruption for me.
  9. Perhaps, but I am not here in the forum whining about it, am I? Looks like you people read and moan but do little to get out there and say something about it. Good luck hiding in the forums.
  10. You pussies need to quit whining and shut the fuck up. Leave some of us old dudes alone to speculate when they are gonna fart next and fuck the hell off if our fantasies don't jive with yours. Just enjoy the show and don't act like you own the joint. That goes for everyone!
  11. I don't believe a backhoe is needed. Just go on and talk. In fact, ask a friend on here to be there at such and such a time then chat with him and ignore others. That is the only way things will change. You are letting people crowd you out. It's totally unnecessary. No one will tell you to shut up. They'll just ignore you. So you ignore them. Easy peasy.
  12. I guess. I don't bitch about the chat. I just muscle my way in.
  13. Wow. This forum thread went into the shitter...
  14. I thought that shit was the bomb. really.
  15. Bro, I forgot this conversation even happened. Thanks?...for the resurrection. LOL
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