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  1. jugghead

    RLC FIGHT CLUB (male)

    LOL! You guys are amateurs. Bogdan?. Tibor has all the fucking moves. He's got the hottest babe on RLC and she can't keep up with him. That fucker can move!
  2. jugghead

    RLC Sexiest Female.

    Goddamit I picked Linda and so did a lot of others. I knew it!
  3. jugghead

    L & P's pet issues

    Yeah, you're right. I'm pretty thick.
  4. jugghead

    How long has Leora and Paul been on RLC?

    41/5000 LOL, mon ami, Tamani. Nos entretiens me manquent.
  5. jugghead

    L & P's pet issues

    LOL, wow, I'm the hardman? Cool!
  6. jugghead

    L & P's pet issues

    Give it your best shot.
  7. jugghead

    Leora Fan Page

    I think the doggy just had some planned surgery. Paul took her out in his arms. When she returned she was in bandages. She seems to have recovered now tho. Must be getting old.
  8. jugghead

    Leora Fan Page

    I'd like to see some of you do better.
  9. jugghead

    Leora Fan Page

    That joystick right in the middle makes it!
  10. jugghead

    I can do her better than Paul

    Shaka you couldn't fuck Leora with Smith's dick. It's a good thing you posted this 3 years ago because i'd be the first one knocking your ass back that far!
  11. She's hot and they seem to be making a few waves.
  12. jugghead


    Perhaps I should rephrase the question. What does your ideal chat look like? I'm not being facetious.
  13. jugghead


    Can someone please tell me where the bullying is? Name names. Even if it's me. Just get it out there. I'll help if I can.
  14. jugghead

    Red screen warning?

    You know, you're a pretty serious dude for someone who's avatar always features a skull.
  15. jugghead

    Red screen warning?

    Thanks for looking at it. I was gonna say something before but I was doing something else.