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  1. Sorry all of this happened. I understand tho.
  2. Yes. Good estimate. It was about 2 years ago although it was a slow change as you would imagine. I only caught up to this genre around 2013 or 2014 so I am still trying to get it. It's still in it's infancy and it is in need of someone to steer it correctly.
  3. I thought this was the Leora FAN page.
  4. And, Oh Exalted One, how did you come upon this compelling piece of info?
  5. Kitty is modeling. She and Smith left the project about 2 weeks or so before the Russian shutdown.
  6. It bothers them because it seems too much like camsex and I do understand that thought. I don't come here to watch a camshow, either. But this form of "porn" for lack of a better word is all still very new compared to actual porn which has been around since somebody learned how to operate a camera, and everybody has an opinion about what direction this new-ish thing takes. I just like it because it isn't a camshow. They are living there lives in front of us and we're not paying them tokens to shake their asses. But I would hope a little birdie flies in someone's ear over there once in a while, LOL.
  7. Kitty looked at the camera a few times. I do love when they do that and it is rare. And yes, I agree RLC is going through a transition and I don't believe it is all bad like some others do.
  8. I don't know who you mean, sir, but she is Paul's baby. Also, I don't know about pioneering the looking at the camera. In all honesty, many things were just the next step for the tenants and RLC. I don't know who did what first but I know what I liked and I am more appreciative of some of the things the site offers. Mostly, I feel lucky for the resurgence of some shit while I just sat and wondered what next. I have 4 weeks left on this sub. This has been the whackiest ride I've ever experienced on any site, ever. It has been quite a ride! LOL!
  9. Yes, she's been doing it for about 6 or 8 months, minus the two she was gone of course.
  10. Regardless of the anger and dissent, free viewers to RLC are like Mexicans to Donald Trump. RLC appears to have outgrown the freeloaders, and they are taking the action a business will take when they believe the time is right. In spite of all the whining, I'm quite sure they've crunched all the numbers and decided the product will stand on it's own. If they are wrong they will relent. If they are correct, they will control who sees what as they always have.
  11. Yes, it's quite fun that way.😁
  12. I've done that in the past. Pretty much done with that but I would get drunk and say whatever came to my mind. LOL.
  13. LOL, you all be crazy. We love Leora, or else why are we here? Whether she's the first to do this or that or the the last is inconsequential. She is beautiful, she is real, and she is on our minds. For the gentlemen who frequent this thread, we will always remember where we were when we first saw her bring a toy, when we first saw the new toys come out, and when we first saw her look at the camera. Call it what you want, I love remembering all that shit.
  14. I have never seen an argument on chat like you describe. If it were there I would be your first defender.
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