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  1. Welcome back Leora! Finally a go to room once again where I can always count on seeing a cute girl with a beautiful body. I hope to see you get back to your hobbies such as painting, and maybe more visitors this time, as you seemed to be restricted by Paul before. So happy to see you back before the holidays. Just to let you know you are the reason I joined RLC 4 years ago and I am glad I made that decision.
  2. If this were a couple that had just been there a while, the sudden departure wouldn't surprise me. But this seems like a hasty decision on RLC's part, if that's what it was.
  3. I think Nelly is used to Bog being gone, so let's see if he goes back to work and she gets together with her friend for some fun
  4. Now that you mention it, the excitement has mostly gone away from this apt. I still enjoy that she roams around naked a lot, but if they are pretty set in their ways, I see no improvement. Mixing with a few of their friends could bring it back to life, but I don't get the impression they are the mixing type.
  5. I will have to get the wide angle lens ready on bandicam, but it is well worth it. She is not camera shy
  6. Maybe he can just pull the hair out of his nose, and save a step. Not much hair left on his head. πŸ€₯
  7. I have always liked Leora. In fact her and Kristy were the reason I joined. I'm sure there is a little acting in her bates, but they don't look like a show that is just for our benefit. She enjoys her body, and so do I. ☺️ I have been watching the thumbs, and she still seems to hold a top spot
  8. If she calls out a name during sex, it won't be him she is with. πŸ˜‚
  9. Damn, I may have to look into joining VHTV again!
  10. I would have to agree with you guys. Just think how many couples would be happy to get a free apartment in Rome. Maybe they would even have friends over that are willing to mix things up and not be so boring
  11. Just saw Maya's sister at her house, and she is almost down to Maya's weight. Maybe she can move in and get rid of Worthless#2
  12. If you are saying it was more Real Life back then, I could not agree with you more. What could be more real than Nelly and Bog getting married. Too bad most of the newer couples are so complacent.
  13. She has been doing a lot of that lately. I think she was ashamed of her body before she got her boob job, but she shouldn't have been
  14. I don't think RLC wants to invest anything in Maya's apt. I can't believe it is still there. They have configured the furniture so that you can't even see them anymore, and if they have sex it is as far away from the cameras as you can get. And RLC has the balls to raise their prices! I guess it's time for me to put up or shut up, but unfortunately I just renewed for 180 days πŸ˜–
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