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  1. Damn, I may have to look into joining VHTV again!
  2. I would have to agree with you guys. Just think how many couples would be happy to get a free apartment in Rome. Maybe they would even have friends over that are willing to mix things up and not be so boring
  3. Just saw Maya's sister at her house, and she is almost down to Maya's weight. Maybe she can move in and get rid of Worthless#2
  4. If you are saying it was more Real Life back then, I could not agree with you more. What could be more real than Nelly and Bog getting married. Too bad most of the newer couples are so complacent.
  5. She has been doing a lot of that lately. I think she was ashamed of her body before she got her boob job, but she shouldn't have been
  6. I don't think RLC wants to invest anything in Maya's apt. I can't believe it is still there. They have configured the furniture so that you can't even see them anymore, and if they have sex it is as far away from the cameras as you can get. And RLC has the balls to raise their prices! I guess it's time for me to put up or shut up, but unfortunately I just renewed for 180 days 😖
  7. I agree this room is too frustrating for me to watch anymore. As soon as they got their own apartment they started to go downhill, and they are still on a downward spiral. I think Jane is sexy, and Dick thinks he is sexy, but only Jane is worth watching anymore. He is very seldom there and when he is he is trying to justify their apt by hiding in a room with his druggie friend. I don't fall for his bullshit, and I doubt many RLC subscribers do anymore. I know the fan page is supposed to have positive comments about the tenants, but this site is for voyeurs, which means they have to quit their hiding from the subscribers before that will happen.
  8. Thanks Scotsman. A true ass lover like myself. And we have had some nice ones over the years.
  9. I have to agree Jugghead. She is the first place I check when I log on, and the last place I check before I log off. Just something about her that turns this old man on. I do wish she would spend less time in bed, but I will take what I can get in the time I have to access RLC during the day.
  10. I agree, and Eva is right up there on the top of the good looking girls.
  11. stncld, do you subscribe to this site? And if so, is it more real than RLC, and is it true they translate for you?
  12. I agree she is more daring this time he is off of work. So maybe if he doesn't go back to work they can make the sexual aspect more interesting this time. Let's hope!
  13. I think she loves Paul, but is not a big fan of having him walking circles around the apt 24/7. Unless he gets a new job, or returns to his old one she will probably be wanting to get out with her friends more often and let him do his thing
  14. I used to see this couple on Chaturbate
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