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  1. curious101

    Fan Page for Martina & Alberto

    I agree, and Eva is right up there on the top of the good looking girls.
  2. curious101

    Whitney & Paul

    stncld, do you subscribe to this site? And if so, is it more real than RLC, and is it true they translate for you?
  3. curious101

    Leora Fan Page

    I agree she is more daring this time he is off of work. So maybe if he doesn't go back to work they can make the sexual aspect more interesting this time. Let's hope!
  4. curious101

    Leora Fan Page

    I think she loves Paul, but is not a big fan of having him walking circles around the apt 24/7. Unless he gets a new job, or returns to his old one she will probably be wanting to get out with her friends more often and let him do his thing
  5. curious101

    tech help

    Is this Irma?
  6. curious101

    Julya & Raul

    I used to see this couple on Chaturbate
  7. curious101

    Empty Chatbox.

    Alittle you do have a point there. I didn't realize it until I backed away and read some of these comments, but I do get fixated with the B apts sometimes. Usually I get fixed on one of the tenants and not the whole apt, but I guess to someone in chat it is the same thing. I think part of the problem is, sometimes there is nothing else worth chatting about. A lot of "dead wood" that needs to be trimmed out and new couples brought in that can take our interest away from Barcelona. If you promise to chat more, I will promise to broaden my horizons! By the way, great Profile picture!
  8. where is Dasha now

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    2. curious101


      No, I think they are split up


    3. ShaKa ZuLu Forum VJ

      ShaKa ZuLu Forum VJ

      then i will join too let me check it out first has she slept with anyone


    4. curious101


      That is the same question I asked oldgit ^-^  As far as he knows she has not. I have not joined yet, but I find myself looking at more stuff outside of rlc lately, so I must be getting bored with their site.

  9. curious101

    Happy Birthday @texl0. :)

    Happy Birthday Tex! I appreciate how you (try to) keep the peace in chat. Quite a challenge for anyone I would think
  10. curious101

    Funny Newspaper Stories.

    Funny stuff! I don't know where you find it
  11. curious101

    Fan Page Lana & Robert

    Nice looking couple. Did they move the couch, because it seems the cameras were closer to the couch than they are now
  12. curious101


    I was wondering who left their phone on my night stand!
  13. curious101

    Fan Page Danaya

    Yeah, I noticed who you were talking about and thought I had deleted that comment, but I guess not.
  14. curious101

    Fan Page Danaya

    Even in color Danaya has very light nipples, almost the same color as her tits. Some people used to think she bleached them, but I think they are just natural and different. Usually with big tits you see the nipples drooping, but what I like about hers is they stick straight out.
  15. curious101

    Fan Page Danaya

    Welcome back Danaya! You looked sad when you left last time, and I was sad to see you go. You kept the room together even though there were problems between the girls. I love the way you are not shy in front of the cameras, and maybe you can get Michelle and Candy to follow your lead. I hope you are here for a long visa of 90 days this time.