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  1. iloner

    New Moderators

    There are a lot of good posters left, even some who are sometimes abusive! We all sometimes have problems of self-control, and having a Mod around to keep us in order has got to help improve things. Thank you for volunteering Rob.
  2. An Entertainment Rich in character short on plot Expect nudity and sex
  3. iloner

    Leora's First Visitor

    If she had brought the Dog with her and it was now in a period of quarantine it would appear to have turned up on its own when she fetches it once the quarantine ends.
  4. Poor Leora all-Alone is used to the solitary life of Siberia but I'm hoping she will soon be having a visitor or two.
  5. Why be abusive? Rubberman called me a pedofile in a PM a week or so ago. I posted in past months that I have tried Chat and the experience was good. Why does that make me fucked up? It is the climate of abuse and trashing everything such posts and posters create that has driven many reasonable people away. Only recently good clever posters like Alittle and Sturmchaser posted in anger about the decline of the site. Perhaps too many have gone already and it is now too late.
  6. Forum has also featured one bitter twisted-view voice far too prominently. Calling the tenants Tricks and their partners johns, referencing imaginary diseases, Rubberman defends his nonsense in a rude aggressive way that has encouraged others of like-weak mind to ape him. Rubberman's constant nasty posts (although his energy can also be fun) is another reason fun-minded and reasonable posters have deserted Forum.
  7. Leora turning up suggests RLC is fighting back. I'm hoping she will have lots of lady visitors - didn't we all hope she and her only friend would one day indulge with each other? We don't want her getting lonely. Meanwhile, I expect she's missing the companionship of the Dog.
  8. Sounds to me like you guys can't wait for RLC to fail. I think your judgement is flawed. My guess is RLC is sitting on a pile of money, and most of their Subscribers like what they do. On RLCF, your constant sniping and miserable negative views have driven away many posters who actually enjoyed the product. Worse, rudeness and bullying have become routine on RLCF. Destructive bile is spilled quite unnecessarily, often contrary to what we observe, over tenants and other posters. I think RLC will build back up. If they do I hope you will be too ashamed of your negativity to stick around. Whether RLCF survives depends on whether the posters who had a sense of fun return.
  9. Hi dougiestyle, I wanted to make a longer post about RLCF. I understand your frustration. Firstly, Chat. I've tried Chat a few times - everyone friendly, I had a good time. Sure, some make claims that are hard to understand and maybe they've assumed more than they know, but this happens on Forum too. People should be able to post what they want. Mostly we all agree this should be so, but there are some caveats, and posting things that did not happen or are not true must be one of them. When I have challenged people about unjustified posts I find they just fade away. But sometimes people have an idiosyncratic viewpoint and post with a verve and style that deserves admiration, even if what they say is not accurate. Too many posts are negative in tone. It is harder to post in praise than to trash whatever goes on. Sometimes the suspicion is these posters are freeloaders so actually don't see everything. Lately, they have seemed keen that RLC fails. Its an internet wide problem - its an easy sense of fun for the unthoughtful to trash everything and refuse to engage. Now Barca is the main game many of you are unhappy. Positive posts about the Barca apmts are either ignored or attract a lot of negativity. Actually, how I feel it is really hostility. Puzzles me that so many of you who have nothing good to say about most of the offering nevertheless continue to hang around moaning. Find something you enjoy. RLCF is a place where like-minded people interested in RLC (primarily) can share insights in a fun way to share and promote enjoyment. When the predominant tone is negative, tenants and posters alike are trashed, no wonder posters who like RLC's product stay away. I think you have a point about site management. Goodness knows how or why the owner of RLCF funds the site, but it seems to me if RLC itself ran it and ensured a more positive tone we would all enjoy the site more. StnCld deserves only praise for his hard work over the years, but in the last year or two the people who hate and bully have had too much their own way.
  10. I haven't paid either, and won't. This constant abuse of Chat and Chatters is one of the reasons RLCF is no longer any fun to visit.
  11. Got to admire Megan's ability to put on a show. Ok, we've seen similar before with Hunk and other girls. But there is much to enjoy even if you are one of the Outraged Its Not Real brigade - for example, the subtle joy Debby showed after she had kissed Megan; or the keenness with which Annabella got her tongue or fingers into Megan whenever she could.
  12. Don't Panic! Neither Annabella nor Debby got very close to Hunk's huge organ. And if they had I guess they would have had Megan on their case, and those nails could be lethal! A nice show though. All these imaginings of diseases are only from my friend Rubberman's fevered brain and are no more than that - diseased imaginings.
  13. Cannot remember Sara - perhaps she disappointed in the past - but last night with Aurora was a thing of beauty.
  14. Aurora and Sara love-making last night was quite delightful.
  15. If you can't argue the facts - attack the man! Anyway, I'm off for a couple of weeks and my subs are up tomorrow. I expect I'll be back because I like what is on offer at RLC. But for those of you who never have anything positive to say, 'boring' is what RLCF will be like when only you are left.
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