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  1. The Weirdness that is Salma continues to puzzle those of us who watch her room. Why watch? - quite simply, the prettiest girls open their legs for her. And she has got Karla in her sights - the only time I have seen any real life in her cold analytical eyes was her regular glances at Karla's luscious tits. Salma was drooling with anticipation. But last night Karla had to wait. My guess is she sees herself as some kind of sex adviser. The prey was Amalia and Chris. They bonked on her bed, and she prowled round peering into crevices, and got out of the way when Chris felt up her pussy but lingered when Amal was kissing her. Suddenly Pam, Dani and Olya burst through the door and wanted to watch - I thought things are getting better! It is a voyeur show FFS - but Salma shooed them away with a clear message "This is serious business". And afterwards a few words whispered in Amalia's ear. No doubt some kind of Witchdoctor advice: "Do the Dance of the Seven Feathers. Boil chicken entrails and apply as a suppository. Come to see me next time with Pam and Dani and we can work on your Shakras …………. "
  2. Farewell Adelita. A lovely body, a lovely girl. Disappointingly she went to bed early. Did Olya see her off? She did switch abruptly from being Elvira's girl to Olya's BF the moment Elvira left. I expect she'll be back - her talents were very apparent (ie TITS) - and if its with a friend it may well be neither of the foregoing.
  3. What has Amalia done, moving into single sex prison? Already she looks caged and bored, missing her buddies. I don't believe she'll let it dull her. Lots of visitors is my guess. And meanwhile, lets hope for some lesbo fun with Blair who will try to control Amalia and (I hope) get bitten on the pussy.
  4. Yo, Rubberman, comical as usual. It was certainly a brilliant show, and there were girls! They got drunk, yes, but High? - I saw no evidence to support that. And what I saw was Pam not joining in. She came into Amalia's room to watch at one point, but kept her clothes on. And though I would have loved her to join in, Hunk was struggling to cope just with Amal and Dani. So, I guess you watched part of the show only. Its just unjustified to call them 'cheap tricks' and 'drunk H...….ers'. They are gorgeous, and their friendship makes everything they do pleasant fun to watch. My guess is RLC is paying out a fortune in bonuses for B1 at the moment, if only to distract us from the dullness-fest of the other Barca places. It was a really good entertainment by a hard-working trio who deserve our respect and thanks. (hey, but I always read your posts my friend - not that you give a fuck for what anyone else thinks, I know. We all love your bitter-sweet take on things.)
  5. B1 UM this morning probably to fix the downstairs loo door - perhaps there were more ladies locked in that lavatory! Karla turned up and gave us a great shower - those tits are magnificent. Noticeably she paused as she stripped naked, it seemed to me realising she had forgotten how it felt to be naked in front of the cams. And of course, I hoped she and Pam would be unable to resist the animal sound of love from the other side of the wall. We remember Karla gets horny enough to frig a girl for lust. Imagine Karla's tits against Pam's bee-stings! I expect Karla's not on duty yet, but now that Daniela's floodgates have been truly opened I'm hoping she will target Pam more and not wait for GP girls to come over. But I'll settle for a Karla sandwich. B1 is the apmt to watch.
  6. Daniela lost her reserve with Amalia last night. Lets hope now she is out of her shell she will gave Pam a great seeing-to.
  7. FIVE STARS AGAIN In fact they deserve even more. Tonight had everything, with Amalia encouraging her Bf Hunk to give Daniela a great time. At first, when I saw them sharing his cock with their mouths, I thought there goes my idea they might be sisters! But as the love and care Amalia was showing towards helping her friend get to a clearly much needed orgasm I wondered again. Yes, until now there have been boundaries with each other. Over the weekend both Amal and Dani have had tears, and suddenly those boundaries were gone and an extreme intimacy instead - at one point when Hunk was really struggling Amalia was trying to finish Dani off with her tongue. These two are 'sisters' whatever their actual relationship.
  8. B1 is for me the best place to spend time these days. I love the friendly - indeed, affectionate - pairing between Daniela and Amalia, and the friends with benefits pairing of Amalia with Pam. Las night they just hung out together singing karaoke on the settee; they argued, they joked. Daniela seemed to have a large bald patch in her hair, Amalia broke down in tears a time or two, and Pam was content to sing and be with them. Except, when Daniela went to the loo PamAmalia did a brief fake sex session, more a dance, on a mat and stopped before d emerged. It set me thinking about the apparent boundaries between Amalia and Daniela, and noticing the really strong family resemblance. No, I haven't read anything on chat or looked at CC, buts some of you have special information. Could it be Amalia and Daniela are sisters?
  9. Lorraine went down on Adelita last night, but I had the impression both were faking a little. Half way through the clit-kissing noises from Lorraine (but the angle looked like it was near-clit not on the button) and the orgasmic groans from beautiful Adelita, Adel shot a brief glance at Lorraine to check what she was up to. Now, we know Adel likes to lick a pussy, but gorgeous Lorraine must have said no thankyou. Yet she actually let Ariela lick her (but only for a few minutes) at Blair's 2 nights ago. Two beautiful girls. So what is between Adel and Olya? They love their friendship, they look so comfortable together and choose when they can to spend time with each other. I know at least once they kissed and meant it - hidden behind a towel one drunk night. My guess is at least one of them is going back to a loving relationship and so has put the breaks on their love (I know lots of you he-men are afraid of this word). What's your guess?
  10. Last night's session , Olya and Salma, kicked off with some great kissing. Olya looked into it. She had spent the afternoon having Adelita do her hair and make-up, perhaps for this session. Then, bum in the air, with one dildo deep in the pussy, another vibrating on her clit, Salma brought Olya to orgasm by licking her anal hole. Affection? or job dedication? A companionable pause, and then Salma took a turn at receiving for the first time. Scissoring, side by side masturbation, and suddenly show's over and Olya slips back to bed with Ariela. My guess, Olya really wants affection with sex and Salma fakes it well. BUT see Adelita's page
  11. My guess is the Showgirls subsidise the rest of the site. Why not enjoy the Variety? Allow others to have fun their way. And if you don't want to watch the Showgirls ……….. then don't.
  12. I have no idea what is going on at B2. I like the look of Antonia, but with 2 spare girls almost all of the time various girls are just asleep in beds and on settees, and I've yet to see any of them do anything remotely entertaining. Someone was 25, but who is anyone's guess. At least one of the girls with an initial K looks like she has chosen to be 25 for a number of years already.
  13. I wonder why Our Elsie is taking so long to put Marat on a slow boat to Siberia where Maya might lick him into better shape. Historically, Siberia is the normal next stop for men who fuck things up in St Petersburg. I reckon Maya would welcome a bit of variety from the boring Stepan 2. Are they waiting for the Chloe and Tyler apmt to empty? This would be ideal for Olivia who would fill it with friends. It has a proper kitchen for her cooking and better space for her lesbian entertainments, may they continue. And Ulyana? She doesn't like being on her own so she could move back home with that nice blonde friend.
  14. Good points, well made my friend. Nothing spoils a girl-girl fantasy like no-ideas beefcake blundering onto the scene throwing his weight about. And since Salma gave Lorraine's pussy and tits a thorough going over she has been happy to stay around at GP looking seductively apart instead of being made a fool of at Blair's. But the romantic in me misses lovely Mila.
  15. Ariela was the cock in the hen coop last night. She is building some real affection with Daniela. Seemed to me Pam who stayed aloof from the licking fest, and Amalia, who joined a threesome as observer, are sticking to a script ………. but Ariela is there for pleasure, and Dani is responding.
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