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  1. Fan Page Eva and Sam

    We all see things differently. I'm a sucker for Eva's eyes. Although she normally moves quite quickly, when she is kissing one of her girls (I mean all of her girls, but one at a time) or gradually working her hands through their clothing onto their breasts, I feel her passion - at once urgent and languorous. What a beauty. For me, hers is the best of the apartments and MSD the worst - but even that is worth watching a few minutes as you go past. Forum is full of great points of view - but they are just that. Give Eva a chance - you may come to love her.
  2. Fan Page Sofie

    Last night the usual inconclusive strokings with Naomi looked beautiful but ended with both girls yawning and going to sleep EXCEPT there were a few moments when, perhaps not yet ready to sleep unless tired by bating, Naomi initiated something tentative and Sofie responded delicately (For God's sake just grab her pussy I shrieked) They took a few moments under the duvet - completely out of sight head to toe, perhaps with Sofie's knees spread, perhaps a kiss, Naomi's hand, Naomi's lips. And just as Naomi is coming out of her shell Tiana comes to visit!
  3. Tiana's visiting Sofie Could be a match made in heaven And maybe it will persuade Naomi to be more demonstrative
  4. Fan Page Amina & Nil

    Hi Vortios, Amina loves Nil, but this is work, and seducing Nica is both work and friendship: Work because the viewers desire it, and Friendship because Amina wants it and Nica desires it. Amina's love for Nil didn't stop her licking Rose's pussy, and Belle's, Saturday night. She is sexually experimental, with beauty and a humorous smile. Perfect for an apartment leader so I'm sure she will be back for further visits.. I guess the girls are here for 90 days whereas Nil perhaps only for a month holiday. My guess is when he goes Amina will move back in to GP. I do hope seduction between them will happen. It will be beautiful to watch. Nica's masturbating session revealed her as a volcano.
  5. Maya Fan Page

    I'm going to be hard-hearted, even though I know Maya has built up fans from her years on here. Lets face it, both Maya's body and her hovel have deteriorated in those years. They are hardly attracting new subscriptions. Would RLC put her in a new swanky place? with her messy hobbies and menagerie? My guess is the only reason she is still on RLC is because they've got good business reasons to keep maintaining Leora's penthouse up the road.
  6. Fan Page Eva and Sam

    THREE girl guests last night, who stayed forever until they made up the LR bed as a hint to leave. But they had been made to feel welcome. Favoured girl guest (the small threesome girl) was snogged separately first by Eva and then by Sam. AND Eva had a lingering kiss with one of the other guests in a quiet moment when alone. Favoured girl guest then stayed and the other two left - shame, because the possibilities with Eva and three girls .......................... Eva did phone study while Sam persuaded Threesome girl into their bed and started her off, when Eva joined in. Loving stroking and kissing of the girl, who has a gorgeous petite body, got her naked, and Sam applied perfumed oil from a pot to her Eva and himself. Shortly his cock was in, and Eva had little of her to herself, only when Sam went to fetch water to drink. Eva had a tampon in so perhaps wasn't feeling up to much. Later, Eva was asleep on the LR couch, and Sam and Threesome girl were having another round of loving sex. Benefits all round I guess - Threesome Girl gets love bombed, Sam gets to fuck two beautiful girls, and Eva gets to line up a new beautiful guest for another time (the one she kissed plus perhaps her girl friend - we can hope)
  7. Fan Page Amina & Nil

    Yes Vortios, I agree ( I have seen some beautiful Spanish ladies and imagined them in their houses with each other - so I think it happens even in Barcelona!) Amina does all of these things while looking ravishing and with a smile Nica does want Amina in my view - but needs to be drunk to allow Nica the freedoms. Last night in the bath her body was ready, her inhibitions suppressed, but Amina was too busy elsewhere. When they are with Nil Nica is jealous. But in their first week together after Nil has gone I think she will make love to her Meena. If Rose doesn't get her first.
  8. We learnt a little more last night: Rose and Belle stripped Amina for a sexual massage; and immediately prior to starting work, with Amina naked prone between them, Belle leaned in to Rose's face and kissed her with open wide mouth to mouth - a kiss of triumph, of power. I guess Belle may not need sex much, but uses it whenever she can to be part of something with a powerful girl (Rose, Lola), Which gives her respect. Because, childlike and scatter brained, no one gives her responsibility, even though she has sorted out a successful life on her own terms.
  9. Last night's party must have had a plan but it went off track. Mostly it was a nice evening - all the B2 and GP girls together chatting and looking bored in equal measure - a change from the usual frenetic fol-de-rols.. Tiana looked nice in black, and shared some mature conversation with Sofie. Nice to see her joining in. 1 am LT Rose and Belle drew the big bath but no one went near it till Nica, at 3 am, drunk as a skunk, tried to warm it/things up. It seemed she was expecting someone to turn up and give her an orgasm, and after shouting for some time Amina and the others hauled her from the bath and put her to bed. Monica could hardly stay awake, even next to Jas on her bed, and they went to sleep. Likewise, Sofie and Naomi clearly thought they had met their quota of titillation for the week already and, after some quiet phone study in Belle's bed, both went chastely to sleep. Blair, hardly noticed during the evening, disappeared too. Which left Rose Belle and Amina plotting in the stairwell what to do. Each other, was the answer. Quickly all three were naked and first Amina, then Belle and Rose, were massaged face down, attention with the palm of the hand and then tips of fingers given to their pussies, and then obscured by their abundant hair, each was licked by each to a speedy orgasm. Some fakery perhaps - it was very late. Fingers fluttered near pussies edge rather than inside, but at least once Amina pushed a finger right in to Rose. Maybe more followed but I needed sleep - I guess so did they. I longed to see at least Amina face up receiving the treatment, so this bodes well for another time when Nica manages the booze better - once the sluice gates open, and she wants Amina to open them - that girl knows how to come.
  10. The Seduction Of Nica

    Hi Shaka, I think the love between Amina and Nil is too strong to allow for a 3some. And Nica will refuse anyway. And while Nil is there Amina will not be horny enough to cajole Nica into something that is tempting to her but she wants to resist. Hopefully we will continue to get show play between Nica and Amina, but only when Nil leaves might we get anything real. Meanwhile Amina is cleverly boosting viewings by making all things seem possible. Whether this is enough to justify leaving Nica's room empty at GP I am doubtful.
  11. Poor Tiana. Still keeping to her room alone. Its over a week now. I want to give her a hug and say the others aren't so scary - its mostly just pretence. They want to talk to you. Lets hope we see Rose and/or Jas make some approaches to her before the weekend to dig her out of her room..
  12. Fan Page Sofie

    Sofie is working hard on Naomi (see Naomi's page) and has had some success - but Naomi allows freedoms rather than meets Sofie with passion ( example the chocolate massage - Sof rubbed her clit against Naomi's bum). My guess is this must be an RLC inspired plot. Sofie is in charge, apparently following a plan, gradually encouraging more and more lesbian action. She strokes Naomi's shoulder for ages, but it is unclear whether she is hoping and waiting for a response or whether this is an agreed boundary. Naomi also seems to stick with the plan but remains aloof and slightly amused. Only a few weeks ago the same plot involved Sofie and Monica, and at that time it seemed Monica had decided not to take things further, preferring lonely masturbation. UNTIL Rose and Belle introduced her to the licking orgasm. Maybe this wasn't her first - or maybe I watch too much lesbian porn - but the Monica who shared many tender moments with Sofie perhaps hadn't needed too much of an extra push to allow Sofie to do to her what Rose and Belle did. We just have to wait for the plot to unfold.
  13. Fan Page Naomi

    Hi TBird, 'Playing to the cameras', of course, that's what she is paid for, but I wouldn't call Naomi devious. My guess is she signed up for some weeks of the usual partly pre-planned lesbian flirtation and is struggling to relax into the part, even with the beautiful and incredibly patient Sofie. Another week has passed and Naomi is now used to the cameras. She allows Sofie some freedoms, probably as dictated by RLC, but without desire on her part. She stays detached from the rubbings and strokings, often by focussing on her phone, and avoids kissing with a laugh or a grin (of embarrassment). Poor Sofie - to work so hard, be so gentle and beautiful, only for Naomi not to respond. Solution: plenty of alcohol and she might.
  14. Fan Page for Chloe & Tyler

    So I pressed the hide and show buttons loads of times and nothing - then their names appeared - and disappeared again. This morning they are there. Tyler nice body, Kamilla boobs (one bigger). Previous tenants Stesha and Marco started well, but eventually there was only one good couple came, and there were far too many blokes in underpants for the apmt to gain a following. Girls just don't take their clothes off it there are too many men circling. Not sure I like the hairless pussy - the animal one.
  15. Fan Page for Chloe & Tyler

    Help! I haven't got a Chloe and Tyler apartment.