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  1. Nice quickish masturbation from Naomi tonight. For the first time (I have seen anyway) she revealed what she watches because she was using a Pc screen (though covered by her body mostly) instead of covering her phone screen; it was two girls making love. Yum! She and Sofie had watched girls together occasionally, but mostly it was bloke fucking girl. So, can we hope Naomi's preference is girls, and that someday soon she will let herself go? I would love to think so, but I'm remembering Rebecca who was most definitely a girl's girl (she really wanted Megan) but only let herself go when rocket fuel overcame all inhibitions. But when she did …. WOW!!!
  2. I'm not sure Naomi will be pushing as hard at the girl grooming as Sofie did. All three seem to consider it enough to stroke each others' arms while watching Russian comedy shows. Just maybe, if Naomi's fingers 'accidentally' lingered in Aria's puss she might gush with lust and set all three girls on fire. More likely, she would biff Naomi on the chin and lay her out cold. Sadly, they are all likely to be recruited for their first porno films able truthfully to say "I have never tried it with a girl before".
  3. She was never my cup of tea, but she tried hard. It seemed to me the other girls avoided her. Perhaps that is what prompted her to support the skeletal Serena in her last couple of weeks as the others sensed she was doomed.
  4. Continuing our series: Why is GP so Dull? Poor Serena. She tries hard, is always up for everything. Rather like Belle though, she gathers round the action like a fly on a sweet, and is never at its centre. No star appeal. Sorry. I'd rather watch Sofie.
  5. Presumably Candy and Bf will progress to the holiday aptmt when Elisa and Fima leave. Until then I guess they'll continue to act as a drag anchor on GP.
  6. GP has become quite dull. Since there is nothing exciting happening to engage us we may as well use the time to wonder what has gone wrong. Leadership counts - and the Blue Peter Craft club on floor 2 is trying to convince girls whose main qualification is GCSE Hanging About that a hobby would be good for them. Can't see it working. But the rot started long before Mal and Anastasiia, with the arrival of Serena: oddly beautiful, unnaturally thin, sexy in the way a greyhound might look to a whippet. I cannot recall a single entertaining thing she has done. I would say a waste of space, except she takes up so little. Just a waste then, except her waist is so small. Only useful as the butt of jokes - no, her butt is too scrawny. Wake me up when she leaves.
  7. AMEN to that! Aria joining Sof and Naomi that is, not Masha's left overs - YUK. (Good image my friend).
  8. Malina and Anastasiia seem to have whipped up a froth of stunned indifference from us all. What do they bring to the party? Still early days, but they have offered no leadership, and if they have entertained I missed it. So far their message to the other girls has been: Carry On Jigging About.
  9. I had system problems during Sofie and Naomi's lovely tryst last night and it still managed to be the best encounter on RLC for weeks. Credit for the action must go to Sofie. Tonight I even caught a convincing masturbation. Left to themselves Naomi would bate in the bath and the bed (and look beautiful doing it - fun for us) and Aria would be round at the Bfs getting fucked (no fun for us). Thanks to Sof we get sensuous eroticism. Its fake, but a good fake.
  10. Well, I grant you it does seem most likely that the guest with the exotic hair is Adri's Mum OR her lesbian lover …………. She seems not old enough to be Mum; the paper decorations round the bed this morning to welcome her were hearts; and the sign said "Welcome Home"; both things more appropriate for a Bf or Gf. BUT last night she had terrific phone sex with someone, which suggests Bf elsewhere. Bugger - I seem to have ended up arguing this is most likely her Mum. Well, most blokes are a dampener on proceedings, but I'm guessing Mum will be a gas. Adri has been the best thing at B2 for a few months - and where could she have got her spirit from? MUM "Bridge anyone? Crochet? Where did I leave my teeth? You didn't drink from that glass Darling, did you?"
  11. Aria is a tinderbox of sex waiting for someone to strike a spark. But Maya's Dog has more postings on its fan page! Aria needs to start striking her own box. All three naked on Sof's bed last night was intensely erotic. Sofie thought so - she came gangbusters once the others left. Naomi had already had a great bate earlier in the day, and she isn't into Aria the way Sofie is. She stroked her, but like it was a job. But still lovely to watch because her body is so beautiful. Sofie stroked her with delicacy and consideration - occasionally straying near her nipple. Aria seemed to me to be feeling horny, her face was concentrating hard, and when Sof stopped she seemed reluctant to leave. But, the part of me that thinks Aria wants sex but needs the girls to be more forceful, is contradicted by the other half that points out Sofie had her legs wide open near Aria's hand as though hoping for a pussy touch and Aria chose to ignore it. Those girls share a real affection for each other. But as they went to bed Naomi and Sofie seemed to share a shrug of disappointment, as though they felt they had done their best and Aria wasn't playing. Drift and dither girls. Get some wine in. Have some fun.
  12. HEADMISTRESS REPORT - HALF TERM I take a gentle and caring approach with the girls and feel we have become close. Their Physical Wellbeing is paramount - I carry out regular close inspections. A kind word, a friendly caress, good work rewarded with a kiss; these have always been my watchword. I have been pleased by how well the girls have responded. The success of my approach to Pastoral Care can be seen in how readily both girls come to me if they are scared. Poor Aria has found comfort with me on several nights, while Naomi shows her maturity and confidence by looking after her own needs in bed and in the bath on many occasions. I hope Aria will start soon. Good progress. Fashion: I am pleased that Naomi continues to look stunning in her skimpy thongs. Aria is learning fast, and is starting to abandon those dreadful baggy pants, more suitable for a rugby scrum than for our gentle girlie fun sessions, but I suppose that is what her Boyfriend encourages. Naturally, I have hinted that going at it like a Bull in Heat is not decorous, but she only laughs and tells me how she can make him Bellow. Slow things down I advised, whisper always your endearments. She joins us now for most lessons in a thong. Exposing the tummy and buttocks throws the breasts into focus, and both girls look and feel magnificent. The previous Headmistress, Madame Lola, took a more stiff-fingered approach to the girls' education. Sadly one of the girls ran away, and the beautiful Megan (wouldn't we all love to see her return to school - perhaps as Prefect) avoided close lessons, especially Kissing and Fingering, to all of our disappointment. For next half I hope Naomi will show a little more aggression and firmness. Naomi conceals her hot desires beneath her cool demeanour but soon there will be an opening, and I hope to put my finger on it. We recently gave a trial to a German Teacher - a handsome man who the girls sneakily admired from their ipad while I was interviewing him in my room. His Oral skills were very impressive. But his Hand Control was out of order; without permission he strayed from the material of the thong covering the slit to the soft flesh either side and the lips beneath so he has been dismissed. I often wish Naomi would show a little such forwardness in her one-on-ones with me. Next Half we hope to explain to the girls these areas are for the Tongue, not poking with a finger. This will be in preparation for Prize Day, followed by Technique with Dildos. I suspect Aria will be a natural. Kissing: I feel, once kissed, Aria would be very responsive, but Naomi continues to hold back. For Homework: Both girls need to practise on each other, and then come to me for assessment. Building work continues on the balcony, but I cannot comment on rumours that School will close down soon for Internal Repairs. We hope this will not happen so I can continue my important work with the girls. Headmistress.
  13. I guess belief here is a bit like oral sex: if you like someone you'll swallow her crap.
  14. My take on last night was nearer zzakary's than Capeguy's. Seemed to be a first date, and the lucky man got passionate snogging on the settee then the bed, and then to caress an almost naked beautiful Sofie, going on to humping her crotch and her bum both in just their pants. On all fours she writhed her bum sexily against his cock. I think he got lucky because she wanted to put on a show for us. And it was lovely to hear her soft voice speaking English. And then the bastard moaned and complained when she said she wasn't yet ready to be touched there! I would be pathetically grateful (even when I was in my prime) for such a beautiful girl to allow me any freedoms on a first date. Meanwhile in the other room Aria and Naomi bonded close together with an ipad and seemed from their occasional dirty (but affectionate) sniggering to be watching. Sof even offered her body to him to caress again, even though she clearly would prefer him to go. Mr I-Just-Wanna-Fuck couldn't be bothered "to play her games". At the exit he asked if she wanted to see him again and I think she said NO. Good for her. Sofie - 1,000 points and my love. Miserable German arsehole - 0 points.