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  1. If you can't argue the facts - attack the man! Anyway, I'm off for a couple of weeks and my subs are up tomorrow. I expect I'll be back because I like what is on offer at RLC. But for those of you who never have anything positive to say, 'boring' is what RLCF will be like when only you are left.
  2. I'm going to credit Anabella with the change in Salma since she arrived. Salma has become smiley, altogether more entertaining and less threatening. The psychosexual voodoo stuff that spooked the girls so they won't play anymore was quite fun last night with naked Annabella and Megan. Where others find Salma intimidating, Annabella just gives Salma a slap or a shove. Salma likes it. Love? I think so.
  3. Hi Scorpio, Instead of "shutting up" I should have said 'find something positive to say'. I don't agree with those who want to reduce variety of posts by suggesting people leave. Sometimes we express things badly, like those who in the past have suggested that those who don't agree with their point of view should leave. We should all be able to post whatever we choose, and if other people find it nonsense maybe they didn't see what I did, or lack imagination or humour. I'm always happy to be challenged on my posts and explain. Nonsense can be entertaining - Edward Lear? There has been so much relentless negativity about Chat and Barca I find it reduces the sense of fun on RLCF. 'Be Positive' is about the only rule on this site, which in my view doesn't preclude critical views, but does ask us overall to find the good along with the bad.
  4. Loads of negativity, especially from one or two. And the hint is they don't sub. So, not seeing most of what goes on, no wonder their view is not positive. But, while apparently not enjoying anything on RLC, they seem to spend huge amounts of time on RLCF slagging it off. Instead of pissing on RLC's efforts to recover from a disaster not of their own making (to my mind the most likely cause is they refused to pay up to extortion threats) how about helping by either paying up or shutting up?
  5. Come on guys. Sof is pretty gorgeous to look at, even doing nothing. She is usually at home being naked,. She is a long-term build-up girl. Perhaps the girl she will have proper girl-girl with hasn't arrived yet. Meanwhile, we get lots of bating, elegant shows with the other two often nude. Shows with Belle. And don't forget the Bf - he got to fondle her and Amalia (lucky bastard) and licked Sof's pussy one night a few weeks back. Sofie is great value.
  6. Got to admire their activity levels. Unfortunately, close up viewing of even the slimmed-down Carla is not for me. But I'm exhausted just watching the thumbnails.
  7. Asia does seem genuine in her liking for H, despite the other women. She accepts the way he earns his crust, just like the other male partners on RLC accept their women earn their crust displaying their bodies during sex. I guess its equality in relationships.
  8. Never been a clearer illustration of how a pig-headed narcisist Bf can mess a girl up. Poor Karla was clearly struggling with his attitude in phone calls. It made this visit a failure for her and the viewers. His frequent adoring glances in the mirror suggest she can't expect him to learn anything from losing her this job. She needs to dump him and come back with a girlfriend.
  9. Got to admire a post like this - funny, informed by actual viewing, not relentlessly negative. Too many posters just say "Its shit" or equivalent, which is neither interesting to read or true. I just take a different view: Sofie has given up on evening stroking of Karina, which had looked like her normal signature ploy to keep interest, a long term build-up to 'loving romantic' mutual masturbation after many weeks of fluffing. It has left Karina looking spare. Amira was spare anyway. I expect Sof will bring them back into her bed shortly. GP has been rudderless without a leader for 2 tours now; though hats off to Anabella for giving Salma enough love interest that she has abandoned her voodoo love doctoring that spooked the other girls. Belle is great value as Belle, superstar performer. Those around her are either supporting cast or nonentities The relationship between Asia and Hakeem is one of the most fascinating we have ever had. But she needs to find a way of showing herself off more. I recommend a lesbian affair! MSD grinds on relentlessly. Enough said. Linda has too many tattoos for my taste. Martina has kindled an interest in her friend, who we all want to see naked even though she has no tits. What she does have is life - more than can be said of Alberto. B1 remains my favourite, now with added Megan, although she seems to be nursing her pussy (piercing? infection?) Will she let the girls lick her up? Will her Bf turn up and fuck Meg while the girls fuck each other? You bet. Will Rebecca turn up to relive past times? Lets hope so. Lots of interest to come, my friend. And I'm pleased you watch everything with sardonic fun, because I'm away for a few weeks ( my subs are up in a few days anyway) and we need people who post informatively so we can catch up on what we miss. Even if lots of what you say is crap. LOL
  10. The recent RLC mail stresses the safety of the tenants. Perhaps this is a hint that there has been an extortion threat. I agree RLC are bad at the little courtesies of customer service. But the product was getting better and better. And the management that did this is I guess still in place. Much of the constant moaning comes from 'old sweats' who claim everything was better in the past, "more like real voyeurism" - actually more like watching paint dry. There was always an emphasis on tenant sex, but they got better at offering a likelihood of it happening. I'm betting RLC builds back up. Its a cash generator with an established customer base. My 180 day subs are up soon. Will I put my money where my mouth is?
  11. I'm hoping this is an image of tonight's action - Megan and Amira taking turns to be beaten on the bottom with a spatula to liven them up (Tip for Damira: they both have form for liking being spanked)
  12. Don't know about acquiring assets - he has made investments disappear!
  13. I like the way Pam looks, her pokey little tits, her deadpan expressions. I like her nakedness, her bating. I like her willingness to join in Amalia's sexy games. And for those of you who have not appreciated her (but watched her nevertheless) I bet she don't give a shit!
  14. Would not surprise me if there is some ownership in common. Whatever, I'm hoping RLC can recover the situation.
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