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  1. What stops you getting involved in chat?

    I've not been around for a while but i';m beginning to sniff around the free cams on RLC and am impressed by the growth in the site. I took a 6 month break because I lost the sense of fun on RLCF and RLC. It seemed to be too aggressive in Chat, even on Forum. And Ilona left - goddamit - and when she came back she had tits to die for but a hairy monster of a bloke attached to her every move. So, has RLC still got its mojo? Is RLCF a fun place to be?
  2. Thank you for thinking of me.

    I have had a break for 6 months - hardly logged on to RLC at all.

    Chat and Forums all got a bit too aggressive.

    Now I'm wondering whether to stay away or resubscribe.    has the sense of fun returned or is it still missing