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  1. iloner

    RLC Slow

    Tech department recommends a speed of 5 Mbts or better for comfortable viewing. Where I live I don't have that. I did make the point that even when my connection speeds are slow other sites and most of the cameras still behave acceptably. If it was my speed that causes the extra slowness would not the display on my system of all of the cameras be affected equally? It is the most popular cameras that become impossible to watch. This suggests to me that it is the feed from the most popular cameras at the most popular times that is slow. Tech response suggests one of: I don't understand either the problem or their suggestion properly at times the feed from the most popular cams is slowed by lack of bandwidth but they have not got a solution at the moment they don't give a rat's arse
  2. Anita - Bridget - Mary Mary - Bridget - Anita That's how they swapped positions on the bed last night, turn and again; kissing, stroking, Bridget early naked, her pussy swollen red and agape. Bridget fingered their pussies over their pants and Mary seemed to orgasm early, then her pants came off. M and A brought Bridget to orgasm a drizzle of oil and their flat palms on her pussy. Yum! The kissing was very erotic, and B and M got well into it, Anita reluctant at first then succumbing to eat at the love feast. Bridget looked like her dreams had at last come true, with a huge raw lovebite on her neck (I thought from Mary). Was this the damn bursting? All those weeks of fake 'not quite' lovemaking turning into some real lust? Or a bonus-hitting swansong before leaving? I'm hoping they'll do it all over again tonight so we can judge.
  3. Alexa had a long stay, memorable more for frustration than anything else. (Ours - she had the shower head.) She went on near a high, with Amina bringing her off with a little black thing like a finger night before last. (I missed last night - my laptop froze for 2 hours). Even though she found it difficult to let herself go, she showed determination with both Amina and Mila but bottled it before anything too intimate.
  4. Good post Rubberman. with a memorable image. Whatever happened under the bedcovers after Alexa finally realised she was a gooseberry and went to bed, I think the girls actually do like each other. You couldn't blame Mila if she wasn't a little in love with Amina. And Amina seems able to have a little love for everybody - like Irma but prettier (that's going to raise some people's hackles). Amina's out there at the front leading, and its a lonely place, so she must be grateful to be adored. Alexa seemed a little jealous but she has only herself to blame for rejecting both girls' advances. It is a tad puzzling she hasn't gone yet.
  5. iloner


    Fuck me. Forum turns out not to be dead (despite what many of have been thinking these past months!) When did we last have a Hot Topic discussion here? It shows the problem has been RLC has been in the doldrums for a while and RLCF was only sleeping, just waiting for RLC to get us all excited.
  6. With these old hands now in B1 …. …. ready to lick any new girls into shape ……… I'm hoping we will soon see some new fresh girls at GP and B2
  7. iloner


    Good to have B1 back. Site of many happy scenes. My vote would go to keeping the Old Girls House as B1 because so many of us have watched and commented on it for years as B1. Often we want to comment on the interaction of the girls, or comment on more than one girl at the same time. More than once I've started a post on a girl and realised that I actually am talking most about a different girl or more than one. It makes sense to have an easy way to refer to the House or Apmt rather than using the girls' names. And if that is B1 then B2 should be as always. GP seems to have stuck. and the couples vacation apmt does not have the same type of expectation around it. Just my view.
  8. iloner

    RLC Slow

    13 minutes so far and still no screen!
  9. iloner

    RLC Slow

    RLC has definitely been running slower than usual on popular cameras. Tonight, Sat 15th September 10.30 pm UK time I have waited 7 minutes so far for the most popular cam at the moment GP3.2 to appear. I have the black screen with 3 dots instead. Unwatchable.
  10. What is Alexa's problem? Only a girl with a heart of stone could have turned down Amina's advances last night. (yep, my guess is even I-don't-do-girls Aria would have made an exception for Amina last night, she was so hot). Is she worried she will turn into a lesbian? Sometimes she watches girl-girl porn, even on her own. She has a high sex drive - I'm amazed that shower head still screws back on. yet she wouldn't give in to Mila and won't give in to Amina. She has stopped drinking - perhaps worried about weight gain. So she stays always in control. She seems to make a firm friend. But she does seem to miss all the fun.
  11. Amina put on an erotic seduction of Alexa last night. She massaged her back, she stroked her breasts, she kissed her ears and shoulders. She looked beautiful. She shone. And Alexa continued to play hard to get. Don't do that. Stop it. Yet half way through she washed her pussy - which was already super clean from using the shower head on it a few hours earlier. Seemed to me that once again Alexa had promised freedom to Amina and then backed out at the last minute. And sweet Amina allowed her off the hook with a hug and a kiss goodnight.
  12. Bridget has always been a friendly girl. But what a shame her Best Friend - the one with the delicious tits who wore pale blue night clothes with cartoons on - only stayed the one night. Stunning looks. The erotic way they washed each other in the shower wasn't just for us. B couldn't keep her hands off her, and they slept cuddled so close. Mary won't allow Bridget access beyond the 'show' (mind you, there's not much they haven't done with each other). Let us hope BF gets to stay again. We might just get to see the 'real' Bridget.
  13. Nina and Kira's Fanpages are a haven of positive comment. Reflects well on them, and on their fans who comment. Best of all, it teaches the rest of us how to enjoy and admire. I have started to watch them more because of others' enthusiasm. Thank you.
  14. Straightforward, no-nonsense, willing to join in. Shame she's gone so quick. I'm sure she will be back.
  15. Lucky Valeria. Lord knows how Alexa avoided the cull - perhaps some open bating, (making some effort at last) but her days must be numbered. Amina is already working her magic, and within a day this apmt has gone from in-the-doldrums to the-one-to-watch. Which means Valeria is in for a masterclass in how to be successful at RLC. And that is likely to come with some fingering, some pussy licking, and likely even banana insertion. Lucky Valeria! Lucky Viewers!