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  1. If she has gone (her name is still up at the moment) the site has lost a budding star. She smouldered, her tits heaved, under her fingers her vulva glowed like hot larva. Wow. From rampant sex for themselves between her and Deborah to her last performance in the bath allowing Tina to frott her cunt, Karla entranced. Come back please.
  2. iloner

    Fan Page Alice

    I may be dreaming, but I'm the one with the smile on my face!
  3. iloner

    Fan Page Amanda and Pablo

    I do think Amina has over her visits given us great entertainment. So I'm a fan. And am puzzled by why you call her a selfish cow. What do you refer to? And why would that mean it would be a bad thing to be appreciative?
  4. iloner

    Fan Page Alice

    Wishful thinking is powerful. Alice seemed to enjoy stripping off for us, and massaging naked Dalia watching porn. Perhaps only the tiniest push would have sent her into someone else's bed. In reality, though, my guess is her boundaries were firmly set, so there was never any chance of more than we got. Still, she was more open than many of the girls who occupy that slot - not really expected to be part of the entertainment except for undressing and showers.
  5. Poor Amina has been having a hard time lately. She's been putting a brave face on being second best for Karol, she's stuck with Dalia who doesn't have much spark, and now the pair of them are homeless and having to share a bed. Normally, Amina would make the best of things and assault Dalia's virtue until she gives in ………….. but she isn't her normal self at the moment. And it is reducing the fun she shares with us. So my question for you heartless critics who call her a snake is why? 'Snake' suggests untrustworthiness. Evidence please (amusing if possible).
  6. iloner

    Fan Page Amanda and Pablo

    Amanda has many more positions than just on her back. Which is what makes her hard-working in RLC terms so far as I'm concerned. Admittedly, standards are low.
  7. iloner

    Do you like the new theme?

    Seems to offer greater clarity. (If only all of the posts did!)
  8. Miranda is stunningly elegant, but I haven't seen her come yet. She needs someone more beautiful. (My apologies to Tina). I reckon a tryst with Deborah would probably do it. But imagine if she found her way to B2. All three of those girls are feeling lonely and unfulfilled at the moment.
  9. The girls - Karla, Deborah and Miranda - gave early shows last night which I missed because I can't normally watch until midnight LT. Then they dressed up and I guess went on the town - or off to a job? Karla arrived with only one pair of presentable knickers, but has richly deserved whatever bonuses she has been earning.
  10. iloner

    Fan Page Amanda and Pablo

    Kind Amina turns up to rescue poor bored Amanda. Lets face it, she loves Pablo I'm sure, but for his body I guess rather than his mind. She must crave some female companionship. Now Kim has gone Amina and Amanda are natural allies. Amina is hard working and so is Amanda. Whereas at home Amina has two stay-a-beds without an idea or spark. They have a job to do, entertaining us, and they put effort into doing so.
  11. iloner

    Nina and Kira Fan Page

    These are the pages to come to for grown up comment. I love it. So why don't I watch N & K? - preferring instead the girl-girl interactions of the Barca apmnts,which many dismiss as 'fake' (even though they stay glued to the goings-on). I think the clue is that great moments come from tension, and though Nina creates loads, it is when they row and both faces contort with pain as they struggle to make up that this apmnt really grabs me. Otherwise its a done deal - they love each other, they will have sex - and in the end I don't really fancy either of them. At Barca I love to try to work out what is real, what false. The girls change, the pairings change.
  12. Lily and Sandra set about solving the riddle of their sexuality last night, and called in Anita to help them find it. Pre-match spoiler: when the rent-a-dick blokes were there last weekend the girls kept their clothes firmly on all night. Last night they all started in the bath. A great time was had by all, the dildoes came out, there was pussy licking. Everyone came, mutilple times probably. Lily became very assertive and eventually wore Anita out. Near the end Deborah turned up in the room (returned same time as Miranda), Lily threw her on the bed and all three kissed her breasts. Deborah and Lily then disappeared off cam but the word Niet could be heard clearly several times, then Lily returned to another session with Anita. And Debs - well, she disappeared and is still not in her bed. So we solve one puzzle - yes, the girls like pussy. But are left with another. Debs likes pussy too, but must have had something better on offer. Where did she go?
  13. iloner

    The RLC Midterm Elections

    To keep this apmtmt going, so handily situated close to the centre of the Kremlin, one of the girls must have a very powerful protector. Someone powerful enough to banish past favourites with a long stay in Siberia, some place called Krasnoyarsk. Who could that be?
  14. Dalia and Alice seem unable to keep themselves entertained once Amina has gone out. Perhaps they'll manage a desultory massage - if Dalia wakes up in time.
  15. I am hoping Amina and Karol get their passion back. Good for us, and good for them. I take a romantic view. Love is hard to find, and they found it - temporarily perhaps - but delicious. My view, Karol's partner fought hard for her and made her feel bad about her feelings for Amina. Maybe she shouldn't have listened to him. Left to their own devices they would be very good for each other.