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  1. Businesses in Russia can come under pressures not usual in English speaking legal-regimes. Especially where they act on the edge of norms and might benefit from a strong protector.
  2. Girls refer to this form of mostly male discussion as 'Willie Waving'! Let us hope RLC is working on some better ideas. Pussy Waving?
  3. Well, if you are both right (Rubberman and Johnny above) RLC will stop. My guess: it will open one or two new apmts very quickly, but it won't want to place everyone in Spain. The profit margins are huge so they are likely to have large cash reserves and the motivation to rebuild quickly. And re-starting with new tenants (instead of the tired old ones we are bored with) is going to encourage new subs. Just my opinion, which probably means I don't agree with you Johnny, but I'm afraid I don't know what I can do with myself!
  4. These two are among the most resourceful tenants RLC has ever had. Having lived rent free for years they probably have some savings - and there is an empty Vacation apmt in Barcelona would suit a nice quiet couple. And some real lesbians who like a threesome on occasion would really put the fox in the GP hencoop. I bet they're applying for their visas right now.
  5. I like the way you think JWLKR. Sadly, although visiting girl friends of girls usually share a bed I can only recall one occasion when it has turned to full-on sex, and that was Heidi years ago in Moscow. We can hope though!
  6. A percentage of free viewers converts to paying. I guess most of us who pay started as free viewers. But if you believe what you say why waste your time on RLC or on here? Sour grapes, anyone?
  7. Perhaps the girls have been told to up their game Or they are freer to have fun now the dampener of Erika has gone Session in the bath and bedroom earlier was great
  8. I've been enjoying free Replay now confirmed as included And I've always watched 90% Barca And you can't blame RLC for Russian govt policy - I expect they paid all the right people so, its an ill wind guys, but its blown good weather my way (Until RLC guesses we are all hooked and makes Replay expensive again)
  9. Hi Scorpio Yeah, I saw the suggestion this is to do with the Russian Govt walling off their internet like China's. But, Were all the cancelled apmts in Russia?
  10. Anyone Any Idea What Is Happening? We have lost many of the apmts but still have Barca - which I guess has always been the moneyspinner. At the same time there is a New Deal on Payment: everything is still the same price for fewer apmts but seems now to include Replay for free! (Though it isn't completely clear.) Very likely that all will become clear some weeks before RLC actually announce anything - if they ever do!
  11. Anyone else think Erika is craving Damira's friendship and approval. The aroma of rutting pussy must fill that flat. I think she is weakening. Won't be long before she joins in I hope …………...
  12. Salma in the big room is a big mistake. She's got work ethic, but no human warmth.
  13. Given a chance Ariela really got into lesbian sex. And she was given quite a few chances. But visiting others built their profiles while at home she and Olya ignored their job as GP leaders. Great enthusiasm, but she won't be remembered.
  14. Always good to look at, but she was not a leader. None of her 'relationships' developed, neither with Adelita nor Ariela. Happiest having sex with people who were similarly uninvolved - Chris' fingers, Salma. It was a job. She has moved on.
  15. Best bed. Best cameras. Empty. Three of those poor girls had to masturbate on the settee last night. (Which snooty Karla then had to sleep on - ha ha.)
  16. I always assumed Belle was in to older men for money, girls for companionship, and sex only as a lubricant to smooth these relationships. 'Love' an impractical complication. She's got expensive tastes and parents to support. Whenever they met, he stood by her just now when she got herself locked in the loo. She is fuzzy warm and gorgeous, and is trying to create affection. He would be a total fathead to mess up.
  17. She is always nice to watch. I heard a bit of conversation in English with Nate last night. Difficult to understand, but I was left with an impression that they may not be an actual 'couple' in any romantic sense.
  18. As one or two invading generals have discovered: Never underestimate Russians There are ALWAYS more of them
  19. Salma lurks alone in her room spinning her sticky web, waiting for the girls to get trapped and caught. But now there's some fun in the house they stay well clear of her. No one likes spiders.
  20. Overwhelming lack of interest from viewers (no postings here) is a puzzle for a girl built like the Taj Mahal. Last night's tryst with Pam was a disappointment. Pam tried, Karla couldn't be bothered. In the end, after Karla refused to let Pam take her knickers off, they clearly agreed a little subterfuge with Pam's fingers hidden off=cam at the edge of K's pants. A couple of minutes; Karla groaned with ecstasy and they called it a night. Nice to watch Pam. But Karla may have spent too much time making 'deals' on the phone and being the big shot. I suppose showing her pussy to a bunch of elderly perverts no longer matches her career aspirations.
  21. Hi Shaka, Elegance, gentleness. When matched with the right partner (like Naomi) she can turn flirtation into a thing of beauty.
  22. Years ago RLC kept live for days the feed of a completely wrecked B1 LR after a brilliant rocket-fuelled party, an early taste of the new owners' philosophy. I bet that pulled in a lot of new subscribers. Doubt if they'll care about a few more complaints. Plenty of boring couples ready to move in to a nice flat with noise-sensitive neighbours. Hell, most of those already on the list couldn't raise a complaint from a vicar. Amalia is a money-maker and she has moved her magic to GP.
  23. Her bloke did a great job with Pam last night to enable Damira to pursue a very erotic session with Amalia, but now alone with 8 other girls - wow!!!!
  24. I enjoyed Olya in a very tiny pink thong being rubbed off by Chris. And so did she.
  25. The other girls seem to have given up trying to include Erika in the 'games' - except for karaoke which she adores. Trouble is, they are all grown up and so have other things on their minds - mostly, how to get their pussies wet and earn a crust. Other girls in the past have stayed the course and done nothing. Even made a second or more visits once they have understood the bonus scheme. My guess, Erika will hang around like a pet until her tour is up.
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