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  1. Elvira has had a great 24 hours. Last night a tryst with Mila she seemed to enjoy. It was noticeable both girls pampered their pussies well before meeting up, so whatever they had planned they both expected some pussy play. Today she has had fun photo sessions with Laima and looked very chirpy taking exercise out in the garden. She at least is enjoying her time at GP. Its lovely to watch.
  2. iloner

    Fan Page Leia

    The 3 girls were beginning to come together nicely and then along comes Bf and ZILCH, NADA, NOTHING, FUCK ALL B2 died the moment he turned up.
  3. Tonight Laima seemed determined to offer Bea her lesbian virginity (well, so far as RLC goes). But Bea seems to have taken a vow of celibacy - obviously giant dildos don't count, nor fingering, or humping. Or perhaps she just doesn't fancy poor Laima. There was a lovely massage with handcuffs and a blindfold and then …. nothing. While Mila and Elvira upstairs moved inexorably towards a sensuous 69 (very nice) Bea stayed glued to her phone - my guess she was watching. And Laima sat on her bed naked - willing but ignored.
  4. iloner

    Nina and Kira Fan Page

    Just a thought: Few couples deserve more to have a better bigger brighter apmt. More viewers is the only certain way to open Our Elsie's wallet. How come they get few viewers for passionate lesbian sex? Because they make love with the light off and most of us prefer colour to night vision. Conclusion: turn the lights on - more viewers - bigger apmt.
  5. Dear Mum, I did end up at the wrong place - not the Church holiday I thought I had booked. Its a lovely big house rather out in the country and the girls are all super friendly. In summer we all have baths together which sounds fun, but its too cold at the moment. Though they don't seem to feel the cold so much because often they wear very little, but perhaps that's why they are always hugging each other. Still, they come and jump into bed and hug me too to keep warm because I wear my woolly warmers at all times like you said to. They say they always do something special on a Sunday evening, light candles and sing and share love and I should join in. Sounds wonderful. I have made a special friend now with Bea. She seemed disappointed tonight when I went back to my room but I expect she found a way to cheer herself up because later I heard a strange buzzing noise and gasps of pleasure. My first friend Elvira has become besties with the leader here Mila who is always too tired to do much. Some say she spends evenings helping lonely men in the city. Apparently last night she taught Bea some new ways of relaxing that left her quite glowing. She is so beautiful she must be a very good person. They're all such lovely girls - now that horrid Oksi has gone. Having a super time. Laima
  6. Got to admire Bea's sexual appetite - if only more of the girls were so horny. And the size of the dildo she uses. Yow! We can only speculate why she allows Laima to walk away from her bed when she has pressed other girls into a giving her a handjob at the very least. Perhaps she really is saving herself for Oksi. Poor deluded girl! Oksi has probably already fucked her way through the men and women of the local fire crews, the nuns at the Convent of Mother Mary Oblige and a donkey sanctuary. Yep. Those two girls were well suited to each other.
  7. Elvira has been waiting patiently, and tonight Mila at last turned up and seduced her, lying seductively on her bed looking up at her with those puppy eyes. At first nervous, and then obviously enjoying Mila's body, Elvira seemed at last at home. I find her very sexy. But - was it me - Mila seemed elsewhere a little. Focussed on the seduction, yes. But perhaps not really on Elvira. I suppose Mila has so many times been the girl who was made use of, now she has the power she has used it.
  8. iloner

    leora and pauls friends

    She has been visiting at least 6 years and every time I hope they will get 'close'. No luck so far. Moments on RLC - in my mind mostly about Ilona, but we all have different favourites - stay in my mind for years. Subtle, emotional powerful, and often about tiny things that were barely noticed. The millions of porn sites can never give us this type of response. One of the reasons I keep subbing.
  9. Leadership matters. Mila seems to have forgotten the troops need her guidance and support. Bea Elvira and Laima have been energetic in having fun for the evening, while Mila has just yawned her way into bed. But jigging about for hours won't earn them bonuses or gain new viewers. Mila needs to focus on GP and steer them into more overt relationship-play. Lovely as she is, Mila is a follower not a leader.
  10. iloner

    What Would ??

    Most of you want 'real' - which is not possible on a site like this because the situation is artificial. RLCF Comments: lots of moaning. Most viewers want and pay for 'entertaining' which is only possible consistently if the players deliberately perform. RLCF Comments: its all a script and none of the tenants ever does enough. I'm happy with 'real entertaining'! RLCF Comments: gullible fantasist.
  11. iloner


    GP Lots of girls. Regular changes. Most nights there is something entertaining going on.
  12. Lovely to see some of the original Angels back in the apartment, looking less young, more sophisticated than their very first day when they trooped round wide-eyed at the spaciousness and opulence. Kristy flirted with them by turns, Kami bitched. Occasionally they were treated like skivvies. Now they come back with boyfriends. I feel like I've watched them grow up. So come on girls, shower time!
  13. iloner

    Fan Page Kristy

    This apmt only becomes fun when Kami is away - fortunately that is a lot. How she keeps her name on the door is one of those mysteries - ........... like what is it about an average-looking older millionaire guy that attracts beautiful lively mid-twenties Kristy to swallow his cum?
  14. iloner


    Lets say average subber pays £1 a day and logs in 5 times a day (a guess - who knows?) and take the lower figure for visits of 167,000 and assume 3/4 were freeloaders who pay nothing this would be about £8,000 per day. If any of these guesses are nearish RLC income would be about £3Million per year. Then add to that income from Expensive Replay. PLUS it seems the same business owns other similar sites. When RLC was bought (was it 3 or 4 years ago?) BTR mentioned once on Chat he (his group?) had £half a million to invest. AND it is clear a good proportion of income is being reinvested in improving the site (thanks RLC). Nevertheless it is likely very profitable to run, though I expect 'security' is a headache. These are just guesses for fun and interest - but it must be a great business to be in.
  15. iloner

    Fan Page Gina

    Not necessarily a problem. Its a large barrel, containing some very nice bottoms!
  16. iloner

    Fan Page Serafima

    Did I spot some melting in the ice last night? After their bath together, during which Mila courteously started to frott Sera's pussy and Sera gently stopped her, there was a moment as they lay on the bed naked when Sera was looking down onto Mila's face with intensity. Kindness? Gratitude for being friendly? Or the normal human warmth when moist and trustful puppy-dog eyes turn up towards your own? Mila didn't seem to notice.
  17. iloner

    Fan Page Karina

    Karina's room has the tell-tale pile of towels on the bed and a spick and span look that suggests she has moved out. Though she did have very high standards of cleanliness like Serafina, which makes it surprising they didn't seem to get on that well. She did seem to be getting on well with Jenn, and even Frank, with their tryst the other night coming alive when she and Jenn kissed whenever Frank left the room. its very unlikely Stella will pick up with Jenn (or Frank - she's into men not boys). She used to hang around on the edge largely avoiding the action when any girl-girl got going on her past visits. So Karina may not have done that much but she will be missed.
  18. Good to hear there might be some progress. And who can blame him for keeping his cards close to his chest this time. It did seem he was beset with problems so this is great news. Looks like he wants to have his own technology instead of licensing others. A harder road, but will pay off. Mind you, some of the girls he had lined up for a holiday a few years ago have probably become grandmothers. Keep going Tim.
  19. iloner

    Fan Page Kristy

    Can't fault Kristy for effort these past few weeks. Quite why she is treating a guy who has the personality and looks of a brick shed to the most loving care and attention I've ever seen her lavish on anyone, including the dancer from America who she loved if briefly, who can say? But she has always taken her work very seriously!
  20. For my money (and I've just re-subbed) Oksi is great value. She lumbers from room to room stirring things up, and where she goes there is usually a possibility of some sexual adventurousness - as opposed to sexy posturing. Most girls need a kick-start to get over the line from naked on cam to actively sexual on cam, and without the leader setting an example or provoking some action there would be less for us to see. Elvira and Laima have done little that I've seen as yet, but maybe that will now change following the love-in in bed last night with Oksi and Mila. Noticeably, Mila kept chastely apart from Laima, the covers separating their bodies, whereas Oksi and Elvira hugged body to body and kissed. 5 stars for Oksi from me.
  21. Karina did her best to look engaged with the nonsense last night, but it only ever looked sexy when it was her and Jenn alone. Poor girl actually looked embarrassed when, during a short break from their supposed-to-be-hot threesome (LOL) Frank showed her the kids game he was playing on his phone - my guess she was embarrassed for Jenn. The last tenants had it right - just do girl-girl when the blokes are out.
  22. iloner

    Fan Page Serafima

    Wherever Serafima goes laughter, fun and nakedness flee the room. She's like one of those blue-light bug zappers in the butchers. Hygienic for sure, but she saps the life out of the girls.
  23. I've always found Chat too aggressive. I've preferred Forum because posts and responses can be considered. There was time to express thoughts and try to be humorous. The space felt open-minded. A wide range of opinion, provided it was based on observation, was welcome. There are parts of Forum where grown-up comment prevails. The tenants are admired. Language is calm and respectful. But sometimes there is a sourness, a bitterness in the comment or 'humour', that speaks of intolerance and even bullying. I'm concerned Forum is also becoming a place where only 'approved' views are welcome. Where the humour is passive-aggressive rather than welcoming. There is no longer a wide enough range of viewpoints; the audience for posts is now too small to garner a range of responses. Leadership has gone, and without it we are rudderless.
  24. iloner

    Does No Really Mean No..??

    Nice to see that at heart you are a caring pussycat kind of a guy! The visitor - they called him Ben when Jenn and Frank were trying to get him to stop being so aggressive - did get his fingers pretty much into Daisy's puss once or twice, and then she struggled her way out of him getting them right in. BUT when they were rubbing her pussy and he was kissing her mouth I felt there were some parts of her that were not minding the attention! I have phrased it very delicately - we all live in fear of the rabid feminist trashing our views (just to be clear, I'm NOT accusing Rubberman of Feminism). Whether Daisy enjoyed it a bit, a lot, or not at all, she kept coming up for more, when she could have walked off. So suggestions of Rape are over the top. Next night Ben's partner for the evening was Serafima and he behaved himself - mind you, her disapproving glances would stun an ox. I guess its a rare man would be clean enough for her.
  25. I was hoping by now she would have had both Laima and Elvira - maybe she did and I missed it. In the middle of last night she was licking Beatrice's ear with intent. We know Beatrice would normally be pleased, but perhaps she was tired, anyway Oksi stomped off to her own bed unsatisfied. Twenty minutes later I noticed Beatrice had joined her and both were chastely asleep. So sweet. LOL But I seem to remember Bea is just as dangerous with nice girls as Oksi. So I'm hopeful both Laima and Elvira will earn their keep very soon. (My subs are up this week so my guess is that'll be the night.)