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  1. My guess is Laima was more popular with the other girls - only friendship, she was always there to talk to - than with the viewers.
  2. Elvira and Adelita. They have the best slots - except no slot for them on this vote.
  3. Who doesn't occasionally visit Nocturnal House at the zoo? You can't see much, and mostly the inmates look furtive and underfed. Brief bursts of light reveal emaciated bodies locked together in joyless sex, or skin sloughed off and discarded as seasons change. Its not that entertaining, but every now and then you need to visit to check its still going on.
  4. Those girls have always been game to try something new. But a German Shepherd - however beautiful? - Our Elsie has got her licence to think of.
  5. I did see one of the twins make the crossed arms signal for 'no more, stop' at one point, as she tried to reduce the self-destruct potential, and when Gina was showing Rus her tits on the sofa they stayed each side of her to (I guess) make it less likely she would go too far. One of them was definitely on policeman duty. (I can only tell which is who when I can see their buttocks because of Lia's birthmark)
  6. Yes please, send them all home. Not because Dasha is having a meltdown/break from the nonsense. Its is supposed to be real life, warts and all. But because some other tenants could do with a chance, and we viewers could do with a break ourselves - from the MSD rubbish.
  7. Hey, while we are all having a love fest can I join in? Where would this site have been last year without Rubberman's willingness to say whatever came into his head, even though some of us - me anyway - sometimes found it challenging. It took many of us to keep posting during a difficult year to keep this site going, but Rubberman's contribution was more than anyone's. And do you know what, I think the old bastard realises that actually we all very much appreciate he has become more positive this year. I want to hear from Rhodie and from him, and everyone else. I want to talk my nonsense - I must allow everyone else to talk theirs (while occasionally pointing out they have no evidence for a casual drive-by assassination on one of my favourites). If we disagree we do so as friends. That's why we are not CC.
  8. I must have missed whatever energetic activity caused Mila and Laura to spend the whole of yesterday in bed. My guess: it was talking related. No surprise constant yapping sapped Laura's strength - and since Mila communicates with her eyes and that smile she must have got wore out just listening to Miss Yakkety Yak.
  9. Elvira and girlfriend Adelita went to visit B1 and the vacation apmt yesterday, and I guess a sex shop, because when they got home they had a new revolving dick to play with. Such a shame they are hidden in a dark corner with bad lighting and only one cam that can't help but mean one of their backs always obscures the action. And all so Diane could have her Bf for one night. But there is light ahead. At both sites they visited the other tenants treated them with respect, so my guess is they will be coming back as leaders some time.
  10. Great session from Alana under the faucet. All those years when she seemed like butter wouldn't melt. No idea who the guys were that visited with her, but she went to bed on her own even though one stayed over on the couch.
  11. I agree. Whatever it is she thinks she knows about, she sure thinks she knows a lot, because those poor girls have to listen to one boatload of crap from her.
  12. Adelita is very pretty. Her tits make my mouth water, and I love her round red cheeks. Seems to me she is very keen on Elvira - always aware of where she is in a room. Somehow though she is always hiding at the back of the pack, or in the shadows. My guess, once Elvira goes the other girls will be buzzing round Adelita's honeypot.
  13. I love it. Masha so deserves this weary cynicism.
  14. Does anyone else get vertigo from Cam 10? Its like looking over a precipice. No wonder when Rosalie's in the bath I feel like tossing myself off!
  15. Always have icing on a cake, and cream in the middle. You are right that Sera and her controlling ways needs to go before we will get any fun out of Ginger and Angelina.
  16. Maybe we owe this evening's sexy naked sex-tease to Laura …………. after all, she started by licking Mila's pussy so she wasn't too horny for the evening to come and then she gave instruction in how to make love to the 3 girls behind her on the bed and perhaps it was not her choice they stayed in the room with poor lighting and only one cam with a view worth having but she ruined it by constant yakkety-yak and obscuring the 3 naked horny beauties with her back
  17. Great they've found room for Rosalie in the unused cupboards in the LR. Indicates she is likely to be a smallish girl - porn category Petite, one of my favourites. NB that chest of drawers in what is now Kristy's room is barely used - space for beds for a dwarf or two!
  18. Great they've found room for Rosalie in the unused cupboards in the LR. Indicates she is likely to be a smallish girl - porn category Petite, one of my favourites. NB that chest of drawers in what is now Kristy's room is barely used - space for beds for a dwarf or two!
  19. So Alana is the most loyal of the Angels: always there for Kristy and regularly the object of the fake massages and strokings. But, just maybe …….. they both know the real ratings lie in some girl-girl playfulness. One day she'll stop resisting Kristy. I'm ever hopeful.
  20. The most lively Angel. My memory is when they first appeared, gawping in wonderment at how Kristy had landed herself such a cushy apmt, Maracuya was very keen to be the first in the bath and loved it, and every time since has been more open with her body than the others.
  21. iloner

    Social media accounts

    In many peoples' eyes we are all weird and creepy for viewing this sort of site. In my country voyeurism is a crime (fortunately, watching RLC cannot really be classed as voyeurism). Extremes of behaviour might be justifiably called creepy or obsessed, but accessing freely available social media accounts left up by participants/tenants on RLC I would consider to be fair game. I do not do any social media, but I am interested in astrology. When a tenant has a birthday they reveal much information about themselves to those who care to learn. Is this Creepy? Or showing interest in someone else's life?
  22. Great question. My immediate response is yes RLC is better. More apmts, more tenants. more cameras. clearer pictures. But, we have lost the sense of common focus that came from nearly all of us voyeurs viewing and commenting on the same event at the same time, and which was fed by the pics and vids it was possible to post and enjoy in the past.
  23. After the longest audition in RLC history ………… a couple of Angels at last have their names on the door
  24. Kristy has always seemed girl-friendly but, except with Kami who I'm sure she really did fancy in their first year or so, it has always been play-for-the-camera. It is not as though there haven't been girls she could have pursued. Quite what she has been doing with the old bloke recently is beyond my understanding - not at all her style. Still, I'm all for Kristy returning with a harem of virginal (ie lesbian) Angels to seduce. Meanwhile, if it was possible to have a link to Kami doing massage porn I'm sure we would all be very grateful. (This personal info would be allowable now I think because she is no longer a tenant.)
  25. So at last Kami has gone - to massive indifference.
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