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  1. what a change! salma was totally dominant and now, with anabella is becoming submissive. guess she's has a crush to Anabella
  2. someone in RLC hate me i wonder why everytime i renew my subscription. they put in B1 these 2 boring twins. hope this time lia and mia show us theyr dark side
  3. did you noticed that these 2 guys ( jhon denver and gf) now are living in an voyeur house.tv apt? their names are Mika & Layne
  4. masha and the brunette guest, dasha,nina or kira or both ( i'm sure about kira the blonde), sabrina and sugarB,suzan, pablow gf, nelly, elisa, kami (she has cigarettes in her nightstand),maybe kristy.
  5. i thought the same. the guy looks like elvis
  6. every time she went out, she was with him and his friends
  7. at least she was not afraid to have a shower in front of the cameras
  8. they are from south america. maybe colombia
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