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  1. what a change! salma was totally dominant and now, with anabella is becoming submissive. guess she's has a crush to Anabella
  2. someone in RLC hate me i wonder why everytime i renew my subscription. they put in B1 these 2 boring twins. hope this time lia and mia show us theyr dark side
  3. masha and the brunette guest, dasha,nina or kira or both ( i'm sure about kira the blonde), sabrina and sugarB,suzan, pablow gf, nelly, elisa, kami (she has cigarettes in her nightstand),maybe kristy.
  4. every time she went out, she was with him and his friends
  5. they are from south america. maybe colombia
  6. 2 days are not enough time to convince a married or fiance girls to cheat her man. the only place where i'd a chance is girls apt.
  7. i can't believe! today is the first time that elisa wears that blu dress in rlc but is the same dress she wore in my dream.
  8. she has 2 options: watch paul or watch herself in the mirror. i think she leaves
  9. nothing special to say. just to remember that danaya has been in the same apt where now lives the beirdo
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