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  1. Zoya Fan Page

    She was fucking excellent ...
  2. Timetable Sexual Activities of Leora and Paul

    No action for days and weeks - Paul seems to need no sex, or he has problems to get his cock stiff. I hope we do not find Leora and Paul find in the archives very soon!
  3. Linda Or Leora?

    Leora is very good in fucking, but Paul never ...
  4. Cumshot inside Zoya's pussy

    At earlier times (one or two years ago ...) it was very usual that Zoya and Lev finished their fucking sessions with a creampie: Lev used to shoot his cum inside Zoya's vagina. While watching their fucking activities within last weeks / months, I didn't see any fucking session with a creampie - Lev always pulls out to shoot his cum. Did anybody see a creampie finish of this couple in recent weeks, or has Zoya totally stopped taking cumshots in her pussy?
  5. Adriana Fan Page

    It's a pitty that we cannot see them fucking more often - Adriana is a very good fucker, with a beautiful body and hot movements.
  6. Don't give a fuck anymore.

    I have the feeling that earlier was more fucked in many appartements ...
  7. who has the best looking pussy ?

    In my opinion, Leora's pussy is the best. Her pussy is built very closed. And it's the combination of a beautiful pussy and a beautiful ass that makes Leora's lower Body so attractive.
  8. Linda Or Leora?

    I prefer Leora - she is so beautiful. But it's really easier to catch Linda and Tibor in action - much more easier ...
  9. Zoya Fan Page

    When Zoya is fucking, she always looks very natural. That's real Girl-friend-sex!
  10. Fan Page Eva and Sam

    Very nice to see Dasha in this apartement! I'm missing her!!!
  11. Although it is very usual for guys to practice masturbation nearly daily (or really daily) you cannot see any male masturbation on RLC at any time. Does anybody know what's the reason? Do the guy leave the rooms with cameras?
  12. Since months, every time they fuck Bogdan cums inside Nelly. But on the video of September 23th, Bogdan gives his cum once more into Nelly's pussy. Then Nelly lifts her ass to make the injected sperm flowing deeper into her vagina. Does anybody know whether Bogdan and Nelly try to make a Baby?