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  1. Good catch on the error Capeguy....... I went over them calculations 3 times, and made the same error 3 times..... that's why it is always a great idea to have someone check your work !!! I will redo the math one evening and repost the corrected answer. Put one gold star icon next to your name, Capeguy !!!!! You earned it !!!!!
  2. Sometimes I think that these guys in the apartments just don't know "" HOW "" to fuck these girls !!!!! Limp dicks, a couple strokes and they shoot their load, don't even seem interested in nearly naked pussies.....what's the deal there ???????
  3. Maya is always busy doing something, refinishing a car bumper, making paper mache' heads, selling some kind of product, cutting and / or styling hair....etc.... Leora is quite boring, except for when she walks around naked showing her tiny hairless pussy, but never a closeup of it, when is she going to ride Pauls dong like a wild cowgirl, and not like a manakin who never moves... then falls off !!! That apartment is dullsville. It needs some serious action !!!!
  4. OK ... we will split the difference on the stroke length to 5 inches, the average ...... so here we go : > 5 inches in, and 5 inches out = 10 inches a stroke - - 125 strokes till you cum (per sex session) at 10 inches per stroke equals 12,500 inches per sex session. Since there are 63,360 inches in a mile, dividing by 10 equals 6,336 inches per 1/10th of a mile. If you have 3 sex sessions a week at 12,500 inches per session, it will equal 37,500 inches per week ÷ 6,336 inches per 1/10th of a mile, equating to 5.9 tenths of a mile, or just over a ½ mile per week, times 52 weeks, equals 26 miles per year you stoked that pussy !!! If you started your fucking sessions at age 16 and kept banging them cunts till age 75, that is 59 years of screwing that joy hole - - meaning that you have banged 1,534 miles of sweet poontang in your lifetime !!!!!! Try dragging your dick on the road for them amount of miles and see what's left of it !!!!!
  5. Maybe they have been trained to use the toilet.....watch for that and let us know !!!!
  6. Great dog and bartender joke....had to laugh at that one....Thanks !!!!
  7. You would be missing out on a good thing if you turn down a 70 year old....go look at Raquel Welch, or Ann Margaret, or Sophia Loren, all over 70..... I would do them with one arm tied behind my back.....experienced and knowledgeable....you would think twice about that 18 year old !!! Them MILFs would want to do it slowly, kissing, caressing, massaging, and licking...... try to get that out of a college student or someone you met in a bar. Especially Asian women, grandmas look like young mothers with bodies of models !!!! So, if all you crave is - wham, bam, thank you mam....then stick to the youngsters....and leave the WOMEN to us men who don't look at age as a requirement for a good loving !!!!! A 70 year old pussy is just as hairy or shaved, or as wet, slippery, and tight as a young girls, and this woman will be much more appreciative of you doing her all night long....and she may teach you something !!!! Try it. you'll like it !!!!
  8. Knows how to cook....conservative on her underwear......but is she good when it's play time ?? Nice titties !!! Wonder if her cooch is shaved
  9. I'd be rubbing more than my fingers down her back and buns !!!!
  10. HungDaddy


    I agree 100% with you both, wde22 + dougiestyle4u ...Alina was not shy about getting laid in different positions, she always had good looking friends over, kept the place clean and neat, and her kitty (not the one between her legs) was fun to watch as it meandered around the apartment !!!! Alina always had some kind of action going on....would be great to see her again....hell, I might just become a paid member just to view her !!!!! We can only wish !!!
  11. That would be a great addition to the site, English speaking tenants !!! ...... Maybe opening up some more cameras on a few apartments once a month on a 24 hour promo view to show us non-members what we are missing !!! Be sure to give advance notice of what day this camera promo might take place......so the maximum amount of viewers can be online that day.... just a thought to increase membership numbers !!!!
  12. Nice shower pic.... shaved cooch....titties look good, wouldn't mind taking a shower with her myself !!!! The backside view on the bed is worth a looonnnnng look......makes you just want to bury your face in that pussy and lick it till morning.... smells like fish, taste like clams !!!! Thanks for the pics Scotsman84
  13. Now that's what I call "hammering" a pussy...showing it no mercy...it takes a beating and keeps on bleeding....you'll never wear it out !!! Let's do the math - you pound that beaver 3 times a week, with an average of 125 strokes till you blow your load.... 3 times 125 = 375 strokes in and out a week.....times 4 weeks is 1,500 strokes in and out a month....at 12 months = 18,000 strokes in and out each year. You are together for 8 years till you break up, so that amounts to 144,000 strokes in and out !!!! Don't you wish your tires were made of pussy, you would get 1 million miles out of them Michelins !!!!!! That coochie is certainly magical and immortal !!!!!!!!!!
  14. Geez, she makes you hard just watching her.....would love to spend a night doing her doggie style.....tight muscular legs for snapping your back in missionary position...no panties under them jeans - that's my kind of girl - the fish and clam smell coming from the crotch of them jeans would keep me aroused all day and night long !!!
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