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  1. Honestly, this is a boring apartment. A lot of black furniture, no mood. And then three girls fumbling for hours on their cell phones. Not exactly exciting to watch.
  2. Estelle, friend of Nicole, arrived and stayed at Nicole's room Carina and Sabrina left the project
  3. When you're right, you're right. I'll change it. Other spelling errors?
  4. So Julia & Eric are from Prague, Czech Republic. And Vanessa and Thomas? And Elisa and Fima? Correct answers are welcome. Mona
  5. You mean: Masha and Sasha are in Russia? In Moscow? OK. I'll change it.
  6. All countries are updated now. Masha and Sasha speeak Italian. So I think the location, Rome, Italy is correct.
  7. I don't know if you get an answer from the RLC support I was in the same situation some months ago, and I contacted SegPay Customer Service mentionning that I have no access to the site. They cancelled the credit card transaction. When I asked RLC support how long the ban will be active … no answer.
  8. I just had the time… and nothing else to do in the office. And I'll update the list, whenever there will be changes.
  9. Thanks for helping. Here the update for January, 7:
  10. I am curious. So I wanted to know what we really get in the different membersphips or RLC. Here a first overview about the 18 apartements. Maybe there are still some errors in this list, and it is not yet complete. So I don't know the exact coutry of all locations. And the corresponding timezone. I am happy if you help me and give the missing information if you know it (no guesses please). Actually there are 179 cameras (a few of them rather senseless…) and we should see 13 guys and 27 girls in 18 apartements. (Or shall I count Elvis twice? 1 girl AND 1 guy? )
  11. What means Your account has been blocked permanently. Blocked for lifetime? Is the user blocked or the IP? Is there a possibility to revoke the ban? Has anyone any experience?
  12. Yes, it must have nbeen a temporary bug. Today, guests see only two FREE thumbnails. Two STANDARD and 11 PREMIUM thumbnails are blurred.
  13. The preview thumbnails have different color borders for NON MEMBERS, STANDARD MEMBERS and PREMIUM MEMBERS. The thumbnails of cameras you are not allowed to see were blurred. Did they change it? Today a NON MEMBER an see up to 15 thumbnails of free cameras. That's new. Right?
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