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  1. Fan Page for Anabel and Efim

    Efim's male friends rank somewhere around the Cro-Magnon/Neanderthal range when it comes to thinking capabilities, especially after they've been drinking. One of these days, someone will get hurt due to the stupid shit they do in their drunken stage. I think someone slipped some chemicals into Nelly's drink at one of the last parties since I've never seen her behave the way she did. She was sick the next day. As for an orgy, not too likely since some of Anabel's female friends are well aware of the cameras.
  2. From what I've seen lately, that's all Beatrice and Neia do.......entertain each other. There's a definite lack of communication between those two and Vicky and Renata. It's almost like when Lenora and her handmaiden were at B2.
  3. I'm inclined to think that Renata's boyfriend hasn't forgiven her for inviting that guy over a couple of weeks ago and getting laid by him. The relationship between her and her b/f is probably in the dumpster and that's why she's doing nothing..........OR....the b/f has forgiven her but she can't throw any further parties at B2. Either way, we're not getting anything from B2 unless it's via Victoria. I'm still hoping to see her bate without any covers.
  4. Both Beatrice and Neia do next to nothing except tease us by walking around nude in their room and the bathroom. They hardly converse with Victoria nor Renata. I can't blame Renata nor Vicky for leaving the apartment since the other two seem to avoid/snub them. Too bad but B2 is slowly going downhill again.
  5. Masha and Sasha Fan Page

    From watching M&S interact with "Olive", I fail to see any sign of her being "mentally challenged". I'm not a big fan of either Masha nor Sasha, but I don't see them taking advantage of "Olive". Yes, all three had been drinking and maybe that lowered any resistance any of them had, but "Olive" wasn't restrained in any way. You can't please everyone.
  6. Masha and Sasha Fan Page

    Currently, we have a never ending card game at M&S with the couple visiting/staying over. Sasha was in bed with the woman last night but nothing happened other than Sasha trying to cop a feel before falling asleep.What does Masha see in him other than his big cock? This apartment is getting boring like a few other on RLC.
  7. Fan Page Sher

    Both Sher and Regina are far beyond their "Best Before" date. Sher looks depressed most of the time and Regina looks like she's trying to look like the Good Year blimp.
  8. In reference to what happened tonight, it all looked like it was going to be another sexual tryst and we got to see Beatrice nude while Neia might as well have worn a one piece bathing suit. Why bother wearing those hooker shoes with the 6 inch heels? None of the girls look comfortable in them. The phony act of pussy licking was presented to us, once again. Note to Renata: As long as the recipient is wearing panties, it's not pussy licking. The whole thing came to a sudden end, leaving us to wonder: was it really scripted? I'm inclined to think so. The only ones who carried on for a bit were Beatrice and Neia in their bath tub.
  9. Welcome, Beatrice. Hopefully, your stay at B2 will be a happy one.
  10. It seems that Vicky will play when she's horny or with a little encouragement from Renata. Tonight, she was a willing participant at B2 with Neia and Renata. Too bad the lens on the bathroom camera fogged over so we couldn't see what was going on between her and Renata. Now that we know Neia is a player, things seem to be looking up at B2.
  11. Renata organized a little party at B2 today consisting of the girls stripping down so that we could witness some near-naked fondling and kissing. Then it progressed to body rubs using hands and upper bodies. Neia was placed on the table so that she and Renata could have a faux 69-ner. That progressed to both removing their bikini bottoms and Renata got a dildo that she used on Neia. Victoria got into the act to use the dildo on Neia as the latter laid on her stomach on the table. Renata sat at the one end to make it look like Neia was eating her out.The jury is out on whether she did or not. Then, the fun and games moved to the one bathroom where the three shared the tub. Overall, very entertaining. Watching B2 is beginning to be a hit-and-miss thing. When Renata is out trying to salvage her relationship with her boyfriend, things tend to be dull. Victoria isn't as sure of herself as Renata and Neia is still new to the venue, although today's fun and games should give her the green light if she's inclined to be into sex games, especially if she is bi-curious. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  12. I have to apologize for my earlier post. I was too impatient, apparently. Today, Neia decided to prove me wrong by divesting herself of her chemise and showing off her flawless body while in the bathroom. Stunning. It reminded me of Sofie when she first arrived at B2.
  13. I don't think that Neia is inclined to show much during her stay at B2. She's been exhibiting signs of being a bit of a neat freak, making sure that everything is just so. Anyone who straightens a bedspread to make sure there are no wrinkles prior to getting into bed is not about to lounge around nude. She is also always properly dressed while at B2. Too bad.
  14. After Renata participated in the 3some with Victoria and the unknown male last week, she has been busy trying to get her boyfriend back. She can't deny that she was a willing participant, getting laid and sucking the guy's cock since it was all on camera. Her boyfriend was seriously pissed and understandibly so and probably told her to take a hike. Since then, she's put in maybe 8 hours per day at B2 and spending the rest of her time trying to make amends, hoping to turn the clock back in her relationship with her b/f. She's still friendly with Victoria and Neia, but I don't think she will get freaky with Vicky again nor show too much for the rest of her stay at B2 since her b/f is more important to her.
  15. Now that Leona is out of the picture, Victoria is coming out of her shell. She's warmed up to Renata and Thursday was a prime example of what she's capable of. She plays bi-curious games, shared hugs, kisses and gropes with Renata and even shared a guy with her new best friend at Barca. Things are looking up at B2.