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  1. @Rubberman-You certainly have a different perspective on what's going on than I do.
  2. Kim and Kenny were over at B1 today. As usual, Kenny was drinking and became his usual obnoxious self. As soon as Kim and Danasya got cozy , he decided to make a fool of himself by turning his attention to Irma, who just laughed. Kenny then touched Danaya, who eventually went out onto the Balcony. Kenny followed her and spoke with her, although Danaya said little in reply. By this time, Kenny had his shirt off to show his manly physique Later, while Danaya was talking with Kim, he walked behind her and grabbed Danaya's tits. He is such an idiot.
  3. I did not see Kenny going down on Danaya, so I can't comment on that, but she did appear to be less than enthusiastic about his advances.
  4. Another evening (night) where Ken showed just what an insecured and bullying shit he really is. After Irma went home, Danaya and Kim got together and they planned on some "girl-on-girl" time together. Apparently, Kim must have let Ken know what they had planned because he started being clingy with Kim, holding her and groping her. Eventually, Danaya went into the kitchen to have a talk with Ken. I have no idea what was said, since they spoke in Russian. Ken seemed to settle down for a while. Then he got touchy-feely with both Danaya and Kim. In the meantime, Amanda was quietly observing what was transpiring. Pablo and Ken started a stupid game that lasted until 05:30 a.m., Barca time. They dragged it out at Ken`s instigation, probably hoping that the women would be too tired to want to play at that hour. Pablo seems to follow along with whatever Ken comes up with. Danaya and Kim showered together while Ken was spread-eagled on the bed. He showered once the girls were in the bedroom. Rather than leave Kim and Danaya alone, Ken came into the bedroom for some attention. He thoroughly messed up the situation by forcing himself on Danaya, who had told him on several occasions that she wants nothing to do with him. Kim tried to get him to behave but he wanted in on the action. It resulted in Danaya on one side of the bed, Kim in the middle and idiot Ken on the far side and that was the end of what could have been an eventful night for Kim. It seems that Ken does not want Kim to have another bi session with Danaya unless he`s involved. He must be very insecure and he's shown that he's a domineering individual. I wouldn't be too surprised if Kim leaves the relationship.
  5. So Megan and her boy-toy talked Anita and Bridget into their bed for some carousing last night. It reminded me of the similar session a month ago and it played out he same way. The girls are all naked, hugging and kissing each other while the boy toy plays with Megan. He's only allowed to touch Bridget or Anita if and when Megan says so. He finally gets naked and proceeds to service Megan, but after half an hour, he still can't get off. Despite Anita's and Bridget's pussy being practically shoved into his face, he's not allowed to dip his wick into their honey pot. Another month, another show with the same results. Any other guy would have tapped Anita and/or Bridget, unless he was told before that they were off-limits and that it was just an act for the bonus money.
  6. Amina may be giving us a lesbian show but I noticed one thing missing in all the times she's performed for the cameras: she won't go down on any of her "lovers" nor do any of them go down on her. If these shows were not an act, we would see some '69' being done. Same applies for Anita and Bridget. It's all about the bonus money at the end of the month. Call me a cynic but that's my perception.
  7. B3 certainly seems to be doing well these days. The occupants are lounging around in their underwear and appear to be getting along well.With one female occupant now mostly topless, how much longer before the brunette will follow suit? Maybe they will get frisky in the living room area soon, as well. One can only hope.
  8. 03:50 hours, Barca time. Karol and Amina are on the big bed and teasing each other's pussy. Amina gets off first with Karol following a few minutes later. They hug and kiss before getting under the covers for the night. All this takes place an hour after Megan, Danaya and Irma had fallen asleep, with Megan spending the night with Irma. All three had given "hot tub" a new meaning when they spend a couple of hours in B1's tub, drinking wine and getting very touchy-feely. Best thing that happened in a long time. Big "thank you" to RLC for bringing Irma, Danaya and Karol back so that they can breathe some life into the Barca apartments.
  9. Now 22:35 hours Barca time, and Karol is at B2 with Amina. Will she spend the night with Amina? Stay tuned...........
  10. Here it is, 2140 Barca time and neither Karol nor Amina are in their respective apartments. Since they had an extended conversation the other night lasting well past 0400 Barca time, accompanied with some touchy-feely moments while lying in Karol's bed. with Karol nude and Ami just in panties. Perhaps they've met this evening away from the cameras to explore more possibilities?
  11. @sturmchaser.........So ya never got to finish what you started about Eva, the most enticing of all the women on RLC. I envy Sam for having that lovely and talented woman sharing his bed and at his beck and call. When you mention beautiful natural black wavy locks, that's Eva and her gorgeous body, eh.
  12. Now that Eva and Sam are back in Mother Russia, Dasha is more relaxed since she doesn't have to worry about Eva sampling Sasha's salami. Personally, I wouldn't touch Dasha even if I was wearing a haz mat suit. She just looks too skanky for my liking. Eva probably dodged a STD bullet.
  13. I'm surprised that crazy Kitty hasn't killed Smith yet. Mr. " One and Done" seems to leave her wanting for more most of the time.
  14. B2 is about as interesting as watching paint dry. I'd sooner see Aria's bf bang either of the other two than just Aria, or have them do a threesome just to keep things lively. The only things that are obvious now: the girls have gained weight due to doing next to nothing and Aria's bf shows up once per week to keep her satisfied.
  15. Now that Eva and Sam are back in Mother Russia, things seem to be getting back to what we're used to. Today, they're sharing a bath and teasing each other. Nice to see Eva nude, smiling and laughing.
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