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  1. You know, wouldn't it be a major surprise to see D&J move into the apartment? You can see something like this coming a mile off, to present the same scenario as before - They move in, threesomes a plenty etc, etc. It happened once, so you wouldn't be shocked for it to happen again. And if not them, as you say, E&S would be on the next flight there if it's offered, Masha isn't fussy - As long as she gets watched. I bet the lack of public attention/adulation is eating away at some of them.
  2. Once again, the forum(s) tell me what's happening in the gutters, sorry apartments, so i don't have to go and look myself! That's the beauty of it, "I wouldn't go in there if i were you"! So Masha and her lackeys are just as pathetic, staged and desperate for attention as ever. Good to know. The ship is sinking fast, and the lifeboats are ignored.
  3. Probably already in the diary, with travel sorted out for them - 'Coz i'm reeeeally sure that D&J paid out their own pockets to travel all the way over there.....
  4. Thanks (genuinely) for the warning, i know not to have my weekly look at the sinking ship! Not if this shit is still the game. See, this is why i gave up on it all. Nothing. Will. Ever. Change.
  5. If she does, she wouldn't sleep on the sofa either. Or on the floor. Or take a bath or shower. Or walk through the front door.
  6. To me, it's simple. The chat room and the forum are 2 separate entities. The chat room is just the same half dozen people talking about the same 3 or 4 apartments, so anyone who isn't interested in the barcas or masha doesn't comment or look. It's more like a closed group-chat thing. The reason more don't join in, is the same as to why the forum has gone quiet - rlc resembles a shopping center that has more and more empty units each week! There are now only a small number of apartments to talk about, and the ones that are left are the ones many don't bother looking at anyway. So if you only have a small choice, and none of them are of interest, there's the answer. At least from my view. The way the forum could come back is if rlc itself comes back to the glory days - But have they gone forever?
  7. Got to be down both sides surely, but by how much of course is the key part.
  8. Hmm, not so sure. First part, definite yes, but the second.....I've said before that if the only thing on offer is Masha and the Barcas putting on fake shows, many are more than happy to take it (and it seems that's the case right now). So you can see why rlc are seemingly very slow to adjust anything, they have a captive audience already.
  9. Unfortunately, it's definitely them. "It's not 'our' girls" - The words i would have said about them beforehand, but it turned out to be true. Still find that sad.
  10. A legend in her own lunchtime.
  11. I've a feeling Masha sees herself as a Star.....
  12. Chipping in, i'm sure that any extra cash incentive was the catalyst for the emergence of 'shows'. Makes perfect sense of course, but it only leads (and indeed did lead) to people putting on regular shows - Too many for some. This led to the lack of any reality, thus resulting in many calls of fakery. I left because i wasn't prepared to hand over more money to watch pre-arranged shows. That is not voyeurism. However, i cannot blame them for doing it - Because, of course, you give someone an offer for bonuses in exchange for having fun, not surprisingly they accept! And if the site was returned to the old, what you say 'True' voyeur, then i guess that many would leave because of boredom. So it depends of who runs which site. I'm sure someone would be happy to run a site that is old style, but a lot won't. At the moment, i'm pretty sure that an old style site wouldn't shift many viewers from rlc to there, but it still could attract its own audience. But like any business, they don't want to wait and see, the modern (if you will) style of voyeur hits the ground running, guarantees more views right from the off. So guess which one they go for!
  13. I think all of us are around the same ballpark here. We know that these men and women are there for 2 reasons - 1) To entertain and 2) To make their bosses money. And that's it. So when any site, either VH or rlc stumble on a winning formula, it's bound to spread like wildfire, and it did. So you then get to the point where more places than not are doing the same thing. Many love it, many don't. But as i said at the start, where rlc fall down is that they persisted with the whole 'Real' scenarios, whereas VH don't hide what it's there for. VH know the audience mood and give the people what they want. And that's why it works for them. If rlc want to get back up the table, then they should either adopt a similar plan, or try the old fly on the wall style, rather than being stuck in the mud. The whole 'Voyeur' term for these sites has been lost due to 'Show' aspect, but hey, that in itself works. So if a site didn't label itself as such and maybe announced itself as just a cam site, people would know what's what. That's the basis of the whole conversation really. It's where rlc lost its way in the first place, when the cries of 'Fake' started to appear. So any site should be either 'Show' or a genuine 'fly on the wall, if something happens good, if it doesn't also good' Voyeur site. At least VH have got their image sorted, rlc are still stuck in no mans land. Everyone knows now that the tenants ARE putting on shows for the cams, but that's what many like to see, and that's fine and dandy. Myself and everyone above are kind of talking the same thing in a roundabout way, so there's no problem. There's no real difference between VH and rlc at the end of the day - It's how they are marketed, that's the difference.
  14. Glad that we're with each other Plank and don't forget, it's often the work that you and several others put in that keeps the forum alive! Some days there's dust gathering on it!
  15. As predicted, Masha has won the battle, and i agree, probably won't be long before a new place (Or a recycled place perhaps) will bare their names. Maybe they'll give us all a laugh and change their names! (It's happened with others!)
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