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  1. "So Miss, can you explain this to us please?" "Just something that happened on the hoof".
  2. Yep. Total strangers introduced to each other overnight, then told to partake in bizarre, scripted sex bullshit. Probably told 'You did great, we'll keep your number handy'. Masha has most likely forgotten who she is already. But of course enough viewers will have jizzed themselves silly, so the bosses will be toasting another success.
  3. Now that's a blast from the past! Wonder if the surgeons ever managed to successfully remove the playstation controller from lev's hands....
  4. Because she is one who has a job for life if she chooses, there are some that the company treats like royalty. So by removing all free cams, it means that people must pay to see her. More subs, more money. Simple as that. Good luck trying to tell this to those who still believe it's all real....
  5. Yes, but we know it won't happen. Look at what's going on now - Both Leora and Masha (Who rlc seemingly can't exist without) are provided with female housemates in the vain hope that this will encourage lesbo activity to boost views. Now, of course it works in masha's case, but will leora suddenly & conveniently after all these years do a 'Nelly' and find she's bi? It's like "What can we do to help our regular tenants?" They close down the Russian places, so the first plan is, rather than find spanish, italian people for Spain and Italy, to rehouse (and of course relocate at cost) the company tenants. This shit is what pisses so many off. But their fans are so devoted that as far as they are concerned, they are rlc. Without them and the barcas, it might as well no longer exist.
  6. Just a heads up for the dry cleaners.... I don't know what's worse though - Too lazy to do it herself or Not even having to pay for someone do clean her own shit up. Talk about being pampered.
  7. You know as well as anyone that she was only brought in for one reason - To get more views for masha, and it worked. But she accepted so it's her fault. Same reason why David Cop-A-Feel and his portable dungeon was hired. Won't be long before another puppy is sent over for more of the same shit. Trouble is, some people like it.
  8. It would appear that from what's been seen over the last few days/nights, the agenda for this year will be 'Specialist' stuff like BDSM for the next level of Real Life & more scripted lesbo from the Barcas. As soon as you see another apartment doing what went on in one place, then it's all part of the deal. Sophie the 'Shrinking Violet' (Coughs) has shown over just a few days exactly why she was hired, what an image she is projecting for herself (If however, she gets more interest than her landlord, well we know who will win that battle). Other supposed normal couples are now copying as the cam hit results trickle down to HQ to get the orders to do the same. The whole thing is hilariously terrible, farcical. But guess what? This activity is what the chatters adore. It's Manna from Heaven.
  9. Problem is, too many enjoy what they see, so still give them money, so it encourages them to continue. When you see ridiculous fake shows like Masha's last night, with her latest puppy finally doing as she was told with the Companies' hired help David Cop-A-Feel - And it then fills the whole top row of repeat views - you just throw your hands in the air and think "Why bother?". So 2020 will be just as bad, maybe even worse.
  10. It didn't take her long did it? But let's face it, she's only doing as she is told, the only reason why she is there in the first place - To get Masha more views. I would hope that she has realized this but probably not. And even just one glimpse of the whole bondage thing made me laugh. Another cheap tawdry gimmick that is now rlc's stock and trade. Don't expect any improvement next year, just more scripted bullshit from Fake Life Cam.
  11. I wonder whether 2020 will be all about fake lesbians conducting scripted shows, single tenants well past their sell by date still being pampered, and bad management, bad design and bad site maintenance. I know, a bit out of left field as it's never happened before.....
  12. Yeah, it's a conveyor belt of participants for both sites. One person goes, the next is ready to take over. Same activity, same results. No way are they all regular guys and gals seeing an ad somewhere - So obviously all connected to the same agency or whatever they wish to call it. They think we're stupid.
  13. True. Basically, the role of any tenant there is the show. It's like the contract is a one liner, simply reading..... "You're in - NOW PERFORM! Otherwise you're out".
  14. Not to mention the obsession with certain apartments and following every move of the people inside.
  15. I think it comes down to the location/atmosphere/arrangement. What we see now is basically no difference to chaturbate, mfc etc. Rlc and VH are now the same as those - Live Cam Show sites. Especially VH, which doesn't even hide the fact. The idea to broadcast them 24 hours a day, so you get to see them 'Pre/Post Show', is where the lines have now been blurred. The reason why the Barca places exist is for the women hired to put on cam shows, nothing else. But the difference is when chaturbate has 2 women going at it the attitude is "Cam site, cam show, doing it for money. Can take or leave it". When the exact same happens on rlc it's "Certainly looks like real passion, great chemistry, great chance of more, feel so much for them". It looks like because it appears like a real home, as if you are peering through the keyhole, then it's not the same, this is real. Which of course it's perfectly not. If the same woman, who had been on cam sites for years, suddenly appears on rlc or vh, there is now a protection towards them, an anger if criticism is directed at them, like "Leave her alone, she's a sensitive soul who is being herself". Why the change in attitude simply when they are in 'The House'?? Why want to know everything about them? Why try to get involved in their lives? As if any of these women give one tiny toss about any viewer. As long as their 'Career' continues, that's all they care about. They're taking part in a paid acting job, for want of a better phrase. Separate 'Real life' from 'Real life cam'. 2 totally different beasts.
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