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  1. Sounds like an interesting convent
  2. That apartment has been a complete joke for a long time anyway. It's amazing how many people are in line to go in there to enjoy her company, she must have more 'Close' friends than anyone else.
  3. Well, there's been more than a few comments about what that apartment must smell like at times.....
  4. Very true, but some actually admit to knowing its all fake, but are still happy to watch as long as something happens. With that kind of adulation, its hardly surprising why rlc won't change.
  5. The entire point of this apartment is simply to get attention for her at all costs. Anyone who goes there is only in there for one reason, to help her get views and bonuses. It's all planned, all created - Just think of the sheer amount who have 'visited' there in the last 2 years. The very epitome of how rlc lost the plot. She craves attention, the bosses are desperate to keep her. Hence the never ending run of shows with whoever happens to be there. This apartment has been a laughing stock for a long time. And thankfully many, many have realized this.
  6. But right now, it's a case of "Someone else will do it" or "I don't have to". When someone is wrapped in cotton wool and brought out for a catwalk, or a photo shoot, or in an apartment full of cameras, they are being told "We'll look after everything, you just do your job". So they begin to act like they don't need to look after things, because it's taken care for them. Like the old sheepskin coat wearing, cigar smoking music managers of the past, or the modern manufactured boyband bosses - "Just sign there son, we'll take care of all the paperwork, you sing your song". And what happens? At some point the people/product is no longer viable, so it's replaced by another one. Then that person/product is left to fend for themselves. These people choose to live a pampered life, and who can blame them for the riches they are promised. So they begin to believe their own hype, forgetting they are just considered a money making commodity. And it's a long drop back down to planet earth for them when it stops. And it's exactly the same for this lot.
  7. Remember the old original B1 - They couldn't even turn the TV off! Blaring away all night and day. Imagine them suddenly losing their sugar daddy agents and bosses and staring alone into the real world. Unless they could google it, they'd have no idea what to do.
  8. SORRY, MY MISTAKE - I mistakenly read that she was back, but i read it wrong, she hasn't returned. So i'm happy to correct it.
  9. We constantly ask whether rlc can pull back out of the mire that they mostly created themselves, find new people who aren't playing to the cams, who actually look like they are ignoring the cams, like they are meant to do. Certainly not someone who deliberately played to cam, even waving to them after a 'Show'. That's where they went wrong in the first place. That's what turned people off. You hope they are listening. So they bring back Kitty.
  10. It can hardly be a surprise when you look at what is being passed off as the product - A tiny amount of places, with very predictable actions taking place in there. It can only go so far before people get bored and walk away. The obsession with the Barcas is more than odd, whilst the bosses own obsession with hanging onto the likes of Leora and Masha for dear life seems a personal thing for them more than a business thing. If they present shit product, they should expect shit reactions!
  11. Oh of course you're right about the legal aspects, but as you say, the staring/attention seeking from not only tenants but also some guests took it away from voyeurism to plain performance. Kitty waving and blowing kisses to the cam, Leora and Masha making sure they have the right viewing angle for the cams etc....Originally people were meant to ignore the cams altogether. That's been blown away and replaced by a site just a fraction away from mfc. I just wish they stop the absurd pretense about it still being real. A lot of viewers are much smarter than bosses take them for.
  12. According to the official definition in Collings dictionary - 1. countable noun A voyeur is someone who gets sexual pleasure from secretly other people having sex or taking their clothes off. Secretly. That's the key word. So, even the word is not applicable when you think about it!
  13. I think there would have to be significant shift in the situation, probably quite a bit of advertising goes on in regards to money coming in. It's bad enough the hero worship of the apartments left here on rlfc, but it's nothing compared to some of the unadulterated love for them over on the other forum. There maybe a lot that have deserted, but the ones left are still as besotted as ever, so if they keep that core fan base, then i guess things will continue as they are, at least for the forseeable future. At the moment, they probably don't see any reason to change things.
  14. Can i just jump in here. I used the term 'Models' in regards to the women on cam sarcastically, hence the use of quotes. I didn't use it first, far from it, and how come the term 'Cam Model' is the general term for the likes of chaturbate etc? Even the latest voyeur site is listing 'Cam Model Experience' as part of their recruitment campaign. I was led to believe that this word was just the general term for women who are featured on this kind of site, having seen it used many, many times - Hey, they wouldn't dare use the word 'Actress' would they. I totally agree with everyone who say they are not models. Of course they're not. Couldn't care less personally, but why is the term used by even the sites themselves.
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