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  1. Pleasant

    Nina and Kira Fan Page

    Do a straight swap with F*him's place, it's bigger and better, same city. They deserve that much more than him and her. Also, imagine them slowly descending that spiral staircase. OOh yeah! (Keep calm Sturm!)
  2. Pleasant

    Masha and Sasha Fan Page

    For what it's worth, if Masha leaves this apartment - and that is a big IF she leaves - then my money is on one of two things. Either she would move to another place on here, perhaps back home, but still on the site, which would allow S&D to visit and keep it going to some degree, or she would be offered a place on VH or similar. Because let's face it, she willingly plays the game, she provides exactly what the bosses want, so she is an important commodity to these kind of sites. The only reason she would quit altogether i reckon, is if she met someone she fell for and went off with them to start a new life.
  3. Pleasant


    As far as i'm concerned, you don't have to be a genius in human behavior to work out that some are doing more than drinking Shandy. I've seen the befores and afters quite recently - One person disappeared from view to reappear a few minutes later with a spaced, wide eyed expression on their face. But they are adults, it's their choice, and if they think it's cool and clever doing whatever kind of shit they choose, then on their heads be it. Not our problem.
  4. Pleasant

    Fan Page for Jane & Dick

    Once again CC tells the story of this lot. When only JD are there, no chat, no interest. When any of the hired entertainment turns up, the chat goes into overdrive. Maybe the bosses will put 2 and 2 together some day and realize. (Unless they are exempt from expulsion due to them befriending the right people as many suspect).
  5. Pleasant

    Fan Page for Jane & Dick

    rlc will continue do what they want regardless of what anyone thinks. They don't care about any viewer, and I don't care what they do with their actors anymore.
  6. Pleasant

    Fan Page for Jane & Dick

    Oh, we all know she must be very high up in the recruitment area. What she says goes, period. It is obvious how some tenants are clearly impervious to being thrown out, there must be a thing were if you know certain people, you're there for as long as you wish with no fear of being evicted. I strongly suspect JD are the latest. But in regards to the GPs, there's no problem in getting rid of a tenant because there's always another waiting to arrive. I guess if they don't put on the shows, they can fall down the ladder for potential work and it can affect their careers outside. That's why the GPs activity is so over the top.
  7. Pleasant

    Fan Page for Jane & Dick

    These 2 places that would be better off on VH, at least that's what you expect from there, no ambiguity or subtlety, no messing around. You know what those apartments are for. *LC was always meant to be 'Ordinary' people, not this type of theater.
  8. Pleasant

    Nina and Kira Fan Page

    Ok, maybe the heating is on full, maybe she is feeling better, but i know damn well you should sweat it out when unwell, not walking around wearing next to nothing! Come on Nina, that doesn't help!
  9. Pleasant

    Fan Page for Jane & Dick

    I think you, me and a lot of others know the real answer to whether she knows or not....!
  10. Pleasant

    Laziest Tenant?

    Some have been pampered and wrapped in cotton wool, they will have such a shock when they have to fend for themselves eventually. Some women will probably find a Sugar Daddy though.
  11. Pleasant

    RLC 2019

    Oh just wait. We've already seen hints - The prick teasing attention seeker at J&D looks like a good indication of the level of Mensa members applying to be a part of it all in the next 12 months
  12. Pleasant

    RLC 2019

    I guarantee that this time next year, we'll be saying - "Wow, and we thought 2018 was a bad year....."
  13. Pleasant

    Laziest Tenant?

    I know we can say this about a lot that's been on *LC, but these 2 are exactly the kind that shouldn't be given a free apartment - Get out there and earn a proper living! They are like the ones you see on all the 'Reality' TV shows, never had to go out and earn money for themselves, just seem to get it given to them, and then made into 'Stars'. He reminds me so much of Lev, someone who should be the last to get this kind of deal!! (PS Yes i know he may have had a job/I know nothing of his past/He could be a clever guy etc etc before anyone says....)
  14. Pleasant

    Laziest Tenant?

    Takes longer adjusting his baseball cap than to satisfy his partner.
  15. Pleasant

    Fan Page for Jane & Dick

    I really hope that no one watching is being taken in by this total crap. Does anyone think that this love triangle is happening for real? This is purely taking place for one reason and one reason only - THEIR CONTRACT. Once again 2 tenants have taken their lead from MSD, the grand masters of audience manipulation. Maybe the girl herself is as much of a pawn in their game as the subscribers are, maybe they are using her as much as she's using them. But i'm sure she is as involved with this script as they are. And if she is auditioning for her own place, then she's already proven to be one of the fakest, posing clickbaiters possible - Perfect for RLC 2019 then!! As for this trio - You're not pissing down everyone's leg. We know the game, we've seen it all before. We're way ahead of you. And all three of you are demonstrating why rlc has been allowed to descend into farce.