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  1. I've thought about something similar before, an option of a cheaper subscription package where you can choose say 2 apartments only to have full access to for a month at a time, then at the end of the month, it runs out. If you wish to sub again, you can re-choose whichever apartments again. You can pick any, so stick with the same as before or choose 2 different ones. That could work.
  2. Yeah, they can't be finding much agency work outside, considering how they keep on coming back.... "Hi. I know it's very short notice, but is there a chance you...." "I'm on my way!".
  3. Hang on a bit yet, he may surprise you - Are you doubting Thomas?..... Wow. Even for me that's a terrible joke.
  4. Well, the game is being given away more than ever. Couples for whom every single person they know is a swinger, couples who invite their best friend to become a thruple, couples who may not even be a couple in the first place, girls who barely speak to each other until they get into the bedroom and become rampant lovers, couples who 'just happen' to know other couples, couples who 'just happen' to know vacationing girls, girls who are humiliated by their partner's infidelity on cam but let them get away with it scot free, couples who exploit hidden areas on purpose, etc etc.... If this lot from over the last 12 months (including 'Real' couples) weren't already signed to the same agency before being selected to join up, i'll be amazed. Total bull.
  5. With a couple of exceptions, the overall collection of tenants is the worst since the site began. JMO.
  6. The reason is that when another female auditionee is told to go and sleep with a lifelong friend arrives at Eva and sam, the amount of frantic traffic causes the chat to create an earthquake which registers on the Richter scale. All surrounding buildings have to be checked over before the chat gets clearance to be switched back on.
  7. If she's willing to allow herself to look stupid, then it's her fault. And he won't hesitate to try something again, after all, he was forgiven. It's amazing how the lure of online 'Fame' gets to this generation to the point of losing all identity and pride. People classed as 'YouTube Stars', and didn't masha herself say that she 'Sold her image' when asked what she did for a living? On their heads be it.
  8. This whole situation has to be addressed. In what life does any of this look anything other than staged? Ok, so we are led to believe that M&S have split up. S has moved onto D. Ok, that in itself is acceptable. But they all still live together. Hmm. Ok, maybe one party is waiting on the bosses getting them another place, could be. BUT THEN.... What happened at the weekend threw all of that into the garbage. Masha and Sasha, who have hardly spoken for weeks, are curled up together as if they are still a couple. She is literally rubbing herself on him to try and seduce him. He allows it. And what does his (supposed) new partner do about his Ex trying it on? Absolutely nothing. Really? Can you imagine this happening in reality? If this 'Split' has indeed been a storyline, simply to get viewers - And the sudden turnaround certainly suggest this - Then how is anyone meant to believe anything else that happens? I don't doubt that Masha is willing to do anything possible to get attention, she craves it. He hasn't got the balls to stop her, and his new woman is more than happy to do whatever is required. What a pathetic way to live eh?
  9. Clearly waiting in line at Sam and Fin's barber shop.....
  10. Now wait, there was a time when it was serious! I recall a party about a year ago, where a glass got broken and the shards were on the kitchen floor, so all those barefoot had to be very careful. And then the nerdy guy had his hand bitten by the cat, which resulted in it having to be bandaged up. Apart from those incidents.........Hmmm. Good point - Nothing else i can recall!
  11. I thought when i saw this it said VH1! Mind you, it's about as exciting....
  12. The attention-seeking, preening, pretentious DG is a huge concern, in that she is clearly there as click bait - She knows she won't do anything on cam, they know she won't do anything on cam. So therefore, it's purely to entice people into watching them. That is piss taking at the highest level. As for the extra marital activity, you know that when you are worse actors than MSD, you have a problem. Still insist that those 2 places are the epitome of what's gone wrong with the 'Project' over the last 2 years.
  13. Well, i'm glad nothing happened, but boy, did masha try her best to make it happen. And if anyone is still in doubt at Masha's power, how she controls everything and everyone (Especially her so-called 'Ex'), then you only need to look at tonight for evidence. I wonder what Dasha thinks of it all, and possibly where she now stands in the future. But one things for certain - You can't take anything seriously anymore with this lot.
  14. A long while ago, he seemed to be in charge, and was always flirty with guests, more than she was. Since then we've learned that she is the one in charge, she rules the roost, and he goes along with it all. But from supposedly breaking up and hardly speaking, to being all lovey dovey again? Pull the other one! And i can wager that this behavior was one persons decision. Clue - It wasn't his. This small piece of script from the Big Bang Theory sums up the dynamics of this apartment perfectly - Sheldon: We’re not flying, we’re taking the train. Penny: Oh, cool. Howard: Yeah, cool. Seven times as long as flying, and costs almost twice as much. Penny: Well, then why are you doing it? Leonard: Well, we had a vote. Three of us voted for airplane, Sheldon voted for train, so we’re taking the train.
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