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  1. Nothing happens in that place unless she says so. All of this is with her consent. If she ever looks upset, it's for some other reason (Probably because eyes aren't on her).
  2. What do you love that would make your friends and family laugh or squirm? Everyone has a guilty pleasure, be it music, a film you cry to despite being a big powerful dude, even food! So what is it then? I'll go first. I love cheesy late 1970's Disco! I shouldn't, being a rock fan, but it always makes me happy!
  3. @Dragnet Might want to change the poll list - You named Demid rather than Sasha. Whoops!
  4. Nina and Kira. Still real and not resorting to the contrived bullshit that other couples rely on.
  5. The sheer fact that what has already happened did happen sends in into the realms of absurdity. A couple move in one of their best friends to become a thruple, then the guy and the girl become a couple, yet the third carries on living with them? Can't they see that people are actually now laughing at them?
  6. That's the problem isn't it? If they are competing with other sites (including the porn cam sites) then by following their pattern, it not only steers from the very point of this site - Voyeurism - but it makes them all the same, just under different names. So what's the point if this becomes the same as VH, Cam this cam that etc etc. Rlc wasn't meant to be this. I don't include the Barcas in any argument as they are there for publicity purposes, it's some of the "Real" couples i have a big problem with. Agreed. I do still find Leora very attractive, but she does indeed play to the cam. I have to say that without her shows, virtually nothing happens there! But at the end of the day, if we start to pick up on the boredom of a daily routine, then we play into the hands of "It's Showtime!" to break the boredom. And we get back to square one! It's getting harder and harder to get the balance back.
  7. With the other sites in operation, particularly VH, the excessive action will increase further in an attempt to steal that audience. The site will go further towards that style i bet - After all, sex sells. End of. The day to day lifestyle will be replaced with the cheap Peep Shows some apartments have already guttered down to.
  8. She only has herself to blame. She agreed to all this in the first place, maybe it was her idea, so tough if it's backfired. And notice how no one is moving, like i said, the power struggle has encompassed this lot and it could get uglier. Totally caught up in now living a nonsensical lifestyle.
  9. They won't learn, they are MSD proteges after all. As fake as them. They are still bringing in people regularly to desperately have threesomes with. They are still desperate for pats on the head from their bosses for being good little tenants. Totally identical to Jane and Dick. All apartments will be like this soon. And if Eve wasn't so popular with many, this obvious behavior would have been sussed out a long time ago.
  10. Bet there is some silent grinding of teeth going on at HQ, with S&D in the living room, so it means free shows, because Masha has struck first base with the taking of the bedroom!!
  11. Trust me, i don't mean this in any heartless way, but if Dasha did have a passing in her family, or whoever it was, shouldn't she have left to visit? Unless she went during the 3.5 days it was UM - But then if she was out of the place, why UM it altogether? I know things can take time and maybe she will go somewhere soon for a few days, but right now, i'm struggling to fathom this out. It doesn't make sense. And she's back accepting Sasha's gift....
  12. So is this a brand new site, or an existing one but with a name change? What is the initial reaction, similar to rlc or to vh?
  13. Pleasant

    RLC Clearout

    Trouble is, as Scotsman says, a lot are happy as long as there is sex going on. Doesn't actually matter who it is, as long as they are at it. On CC some are genuinely full of praise for MSD, sorry, DSM (how rude of me!), loving it all. That's only because of the incessant action, nothing at all to do with the people. They could be any couple, any group of women. It's rlc's version of the manufactured boy band, stick any 5 together, doesn't matter who they are, and they will still scream in their thousands. But certainly, one casual glance at the forum would tell a newbie the overall feeling for the different apartments. But as i've said before, it's a funny coincidence the ones that have attracted the most criticism for fake behavior seem to be the ones most impervious to shutdown. They are without a doubt treated differently. Odd isn't it eh?
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