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  1. No. Have you ever fucked at school?
  2. Yes, but not intensionally. Have you ever fucked two or more from the same family? Siblings, father/son, mother/daughter and so on (at the same time, or on different occasions)
  3. Yes. sex in a swimmingpool?
  4. Yes. Been caught during mastrubation?
  5. No. Have you ever used to spice things up during sex?
  6. No, only Europe on NYE! Have you ever been on more than the continent you are from?
  7. Perfect Teeth! Slim or curvy (girl) dadbob (boy)
  8. Yes. Have you used food for mastrubation?
  9. Yes (or not full on, but a little) Have you ever had sex at stroke of midnight on New Years Eve?
  10. At the right time and a mood .. Yes. Would you visit a RLC knowing a freind/Family/partner could end up finding out?
  11. Open. Be the wingman/woman or be winged?
  12. No. Sent a dirty pic to the wrong person?
  13. Yes, but no to the last part. haha Have you ever been caught watching porn / dirty stuff on your phone in public?
  14. 50/50 depends on the situation. Small flirty kisses or making out?
  15. No, dated a twin once when I was younger. But only been with one of them. Have you ever been with siblings?
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