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  1. Slow rlc site

    Yep, it's working ok for me now as well. Thanks for the feedback, guys - have a nice weekend
  2. Fan Page for Linda and Tibor

    Dang, she looked so hot with the wig and sexy outfit yesterday
  3. Slow rlc site

    Yep ok, but his post was the first with same sort of problem I noticed. Thought maybe this could be a traffic issue but it's much the same morning and evening from what I can tell.
  4. Slow rlc site

    I think I read someone else said cams in R2 loaded slow, was it @RUBBERMAN maybe? Also when we talk about R2 - the freecam in LR is on nightvision 75% of the day. Should be easy to adjust?
  5. Slow rlc site

    Is it just me or did the RLC site change after they presented R2? I noticed it first with the cams at R2, they were slow to load when changing cameras and 50% of the time they're just spinning. You have to pick another apt to get the picture "back". It's now like this with all apts. Maybe it's just a new feature for us freeloaders
  6. Fan Page Angie

    I mean, this says it all.
  7. Fan Page Sonya

    This apt is off to a bad start - phone-tv-food, phone-tv-food, phone-tv-food and some sleep in between.
  8. Fan Page for Martina & Alberto

    They had a nice session today, first time I've seen them in LR.
  9. Fan Page Adeline & Markus

    There's a dark haired girl who visit alot. I think she was blonde earlier? Is she the same person who stayed at Lana&Robert's place when they had the long vacation earlier this summer?
  10. Fan Page Sonya

    Welcome Sonya and the rest of R2. Nice to see a new apt with a free cam. Do we know where it's located? I don't know who's who yet, but I've been watching a pretty brunette (with blonde hair), very nice curved figure. She's already changed clothes 3 times since this morning, she might be one of those fitness freaks lol She just left the apt, but had a quick snack first. It didn't look like she enjoyed the meal, but ate because she had to. Maybe she was in a rush.
  11. Fan Page Lia & Mia

    "Dang, how does this work again?"
  12. Fan Page Lia & Mia

    Think it was a big mistake to move Renata to B2 now that the twins arrived in B1. I think Renata is just what the twins need - maybe open up and explore a little, she would be perfect for this. I also see they're still a bit shy, covering up before they leave the bedroom.
  13. Fan Page Lia & Mia

    Oh no, they're back... Sure, they are cute but I think one time was enough.
  14. I'll miss you, but good luck in B2