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  1. Is too bad that they will move soon. Is my feeling on that.
  2. Doe-eyes is back, but this time will be different. She will go for both of them, we will see.
  3. I think Nina es the angry one, Kira is the lady that do everything. Now the third lady show up again, that she was push out of the apartament for having a close relation with Nina. I am waiting for a threesome relation in the best appartement ever.
  4. She only have the doe eyes but she is sneaky.
  5. One year ago or more they have threesome with unknown lady. Maybe this is the beginner of a new trio.
  6. Yes, I saw too. Yesterday Kira and the guest went to bed together. Kira wasn't in the move to do anything but the guest tried. Maybe Kira want Nina get jealous and the game went to another direction.
  7. I don't think so, I saw last night Nina very close of the guess. Kira was sleeping. Both left at 5am aprox. I think is the end of this two girls, to bad.
  8. Last Thursday I saw K&K kissing in Kamila bed . They play a little one over the other one and in the end french kiss for at least one minute, That is something or not.
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