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  1. scbillsb


    My mac just stopped playing flash and I had to cancel my subscription. Does anybody know of any workarounds? I've tried re-installing it but it still doesn't work
  2. Whatever Leora is doing works for me. I love the clean prominent lips and the almost shiny sheen. I vote for variety in grooming - but keep Leora bald!
  3. My vote goes to Paul - but perhaps that is because I spend more time watching Leora groom and sometimes satisfy herself. I also watch her cook, clean and change several times a day. I will have to watch Lev when he returns to make sure I didn't get it wrong.
  4. I have to agree with Capeguy. Sasha is well endowed and can go forever in numerous positions. His long tool also allows him to penetrate in positions where most guys wouldn't reach. I wish I had seen more couples having sex but for some reason my work schedule and their sex schedule line up too well.
  5. I got a prepaid visa for exactly that reason - turns out visa rejected the RLC transaction (suspicious internet site or some nonsense) and I was forced to use a different card (very annoying). I also like pre-paid for subscriptions because you can stop paying by not topping off the card if other attempts to stop the service fail.
  6. I don't think RLCF and RLC are connected (else they wouldn't punish folks for posting images here). That said, hang out and you'll have 30 posts in no time.
  7. scbillsb


    It looks like flash support in the browser for laptops will go away soon as well. How do we suggest to RLC that they move to a more supportable format?
  8. Clever! I guess that means they don't cycle together.
  9. From the posts - it looks like voyeur villa has picked up. Do people recommend joining now?
  10. I have to agree - even in the past week or two she seems to have retreated her phone, the balcony and the bottle. Is there a duration for girls in the house? Who's the newest girl?
  11. Zinn, what is "older" in your book? I'ms sure anything get's less titilating over time - i'm just curious why you think age is the factor that makes it less exciting.
  12. Wow, active group. I was going to say "Running Marathons" - but looking at porn online is probably more accurate
  13. Oh, I also had to go to the second vendor for payment processing as the first one never worked. I'd love it if paypal or something was an option.
  14. I had the same problem - l tried a prepaid card - then a debit card. In all denied transactions it turns out the bank disallowed the transaction. I finally did get it to work on a debit card although I much prefer pre-paid. What I had to do was log into my debit card site and confirm the transaction wasn't fraud - then try again.
  15. I suspect you are on to something Piemen. I've also seen a distinctive lack of foreplay from the boys. If that is what you can get out there (If you're female) then I'd become a lesbian as well. At least with the girl on girl there is an investment in making their partner climax.
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