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  1. Capeguy

    Intimidated by the chat

    I have never been intimidated by the chat. I used to enjoy it when it was not focused on 2-3 of the girls in the Barcelona apartments, what they do outside of the apartments (obviously hookers) and whether they looked poorly at someone. Now, I am selective when I participate.
  2. Capeguy

    Wedding ring?

    Just as an aside here, how many of the other men AND women who have been on here do the same nose picking thing? Take a quick poke up there, review what they found and then get rid of it!
  3. Capeguy

    If Leora left RLC would you stop watching?

    I doubt Leora will ever leave on her own, unless she and Paul start a family now that it appears they may have finally gotten married. If not then someone will get to see her toddle out with her walker and try to get one going. Although, she has gotten Paul more involved lately so maybe it will no longer be just her with Paul as an afterthought.
  4. Capeguy


    I still fail to understand how anyone thinks a second chat would help. The same people who you find objectionable will end up on both or get split across them both. Nothing will change. We will still hear that GP girl A missed shaving off 1 leg hair, went out all night so she must have been hooking on the local street corner, came back and gave GP girl B a sideways look and therefore hates her. Or because 2 girls from GP visited the couples apartment they are ignoring the other GP girls and they should stay in their own place.
  5. I was wrong and it is the same woman. I finally saw her in full light and it is her. My bad.
  6. Different Stella. She was a person of color. And yes, she was the one who supplied the drugs to Belle and Carolina.
  7. Capeguy

    What Would ??

    I have no idea how those 2 keep their apartment. If all someone has to do is sit on the couch all day in their underwear then that is surely 'real'. They never see anyone, never do anything, so they might as well be stuffed toys.
  8. Capeguy

    Have You Ever.........?

    Yes, Australia. Awesome place. Have you ever had sex on 2 continents at the same time on the same day? (Yes it is possible).
  9. Capeguy

    Return of the Angels

    If there was ever any doubt the angels are really devils in disguise with big horns it ended this morning in the restroom. My favorite Angel and her man had what is probably the best thing to ever happen in this apartment in there. Wow!!! Kami and Kaley should just stay on vacation and move her into Kami's room and one of the other angels into Kaley's room. Based on how much she kept her hand over her mouth I think this would have been over the top with sound!
  10. Capeguy

    RLC Clearout

    You are paying people to attract viewers and compensating them based on their performance. How do you ever expect to get 'real' life from that?
  11. Capeguy


    Maybe approach from the side without the feet pointing at you!
  12. Capeguy

    What Would ??

    Most of the apartments do whatever is necessary for the money; unless all those single girls out there in the world lounge around naked and play with themselves every day. The only ones which do not seem to (K&K&K for example) are just boring as crap because they are sort of 'real'; although if they got jobs that would be wonderful.
  13. Capeguy

    What Would ??

    Anyone who believes any of these apartments are 'real' is just fooling themselves.
  14. Why not send an email to RLC and see if they will give you an answer instead of asking everyone to speculate?
  15. Capeguy


    I never said I was happy with the way the chat is sometimes, as your re-print of my comment shows. Regardless, the comments I made had nothing to do with that; I simply stated I do not think a second chat will change anything. If you want to quote me, at least find something that pertains to what I said.