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  1. Capeguy

    Fan Page Ulyana & Marat

    I need to sing the praises of Ulyana's BJ skills. That young lady does a fine job. Brava.
  2. Capeguy

    Fan Page Varvara & Fedor

    Well it appears some folks think their little bondage escapade was merely for show and some sort of act of desperation. I disagree. They showed in their stay at Adeline and Marco's that they were kinky and did the same at Nelly and Bogdan's. I find him to be less than stellar as a lover, about the same as Sam; wishing they could get it up and keep it up. But I think Varvara was over the top in this performance. I think he got her off, and her lady parts by the end looked as if they had quite the workout. And at the end she seemed more than willing to lick his butt and take his load; and those smiles at the end did not look fake. I happen to know some folks who enjoy this kind of play as a way to keep their sex life lively so it does not fall into a rut; so I see it as more than just some money grab from RLC.
  3. Capeguy

    Fan Page Ulyana & Marat

    Well it may have taken a while but these 2 certainly know how to have a great time. Long lasting and great oral skills on her part.
  4. Based on everything it would appear that this will be a no go and the investors will end up holding the bag. Tim has not been very good at communicating with those investors which is not a very good indication of his management skills.
  5. Capeguy

    Fan Page Karol

    Well I must give Kudos to Karol and her man. They look great together. He helps around the apartment, treats her nicely (unlike some of the other men who have been on RLC), he cooks. And from the looks of last night he keeps her happy sexually. Based on her reactions it would appear she felt pretty good after the whole thing. He looks like a keeper.
  6. Capeguy

    Masha, Sasha, Dasha Threesome.

    Not trying to criticize, I was just saying I think all 3 are pretty damn skinny. Although they are all certainly pretty active and know how to get it on. No offense intended.
  7. Capeguy

    Masha, Sasha, Dasha Threesome.

    Why do you and others consider her malnourished? She is no less nourished than Nelly or Anabel yet people seem to pick only on Dasha.
  8. Capeguy

    Masha, Sasha, Dasha Threesome.

    Why is it any longer considered something special of M & S & D have sex together? They have been doing 3-somes for some time now and it is no longer something special.
  9. Capeguy

    Fan Page for Miami & Tony

    It would appear the heavy hand of RLC management fell after Tony's stupidity the other night. It is the one thing RLC does not tolerate and usually reacts very quickly. Good riddance.
  10. Capeguy

    RLC Overwiev: How many cameras?

    This was done by an RLCF member who pieced the information together as best as they could, with no guarantee it was correct.
  11. Capeguy


    Cmon, no holding back; tell us what you really think!
  12. Capeguy

    latest RLC E-Mail

    September 2018 Recent updates The duplex apartment with Irma, Danaya and Karol has now returned to the project SEP 16 Go to RealLifeCam.com Updates since the last newsletter Anita returned to the project SEP 14 Miami and Tony joined the project as a couple on vacation SEP 13 Tina joined the project SEP 11 Chiara left the project SEP 11 Valeria joined the project SEP 07 Amina returned to the project SEP 07 Ksusha left the project SEP 06 Aria left the project SEP 06 Miroslava left the project SEP 06 Jasmin and Jim left the project SEP 04 Shaila joined the project AUG 23 Dina joined the project AUG 23 Loraine left the project AUG 21 Elly left the project AUG 21 Kim and Kenny joined the project as a couple on vacation AUG 11 Chiara joined the project AUG 11 Mila left the project AUG 10 Miroslava joined the project JUL 13 Megan returned to the project JUL 13 Malina left the project JUL 13 Adri left the project JUL 13 Anastasiia left the project JUL 12 Bridget joined the project JUL 11 Candy left the project JUL 10 Julia and Ivan joined the project JUL 10 Ksusha joined the project JUL 08 Naomi left the project JUL 08 Jasmin and Jim joined the project as a couple on vacation JUL 04 Elisa and Fima left the project JUL 02 Mary joined the project JUN 25 Loraine joined the project JUN 23 Elly joined the project JUN 18 Darina left the project JUN 18 Serena left the project JUN 18 Alexa joined the project JUN 10 Sofie left the project JUN 10 Malina joined the project MAY 22 Anastasiia joined the project MAY 22 Blair left the project MAY 21 Emma and Julio joined the project MAY 19 Mila joined the project MAY 17 Rosemary left the project MAY 17 Candy returned to the project MAY 14 Anita left the project MAY 14 Aria joined the project MAY 07 Monica left the project MAY 07 Nica left the project MAY 05 Adri joined the project MAY 03 Darina joined the project MAY 03 ISSUES The camera on the balcony of Alexa, Amina, Valeria's apartment has been switched off for the last few months for the safety of the participants. The camera has now been returned to the site. Please excuse the inconvenience. The safety and security of the participants were and continue to be the top priority. Tips To keep receiving our newsletters, please add [email protected] and [email protected] to your address book. If you find these emails in your spam or junk folder, tell your email software that it is not spam by hitting the not spam or not junk button. I would say better late than never but that would be absurd. This one really helps! Not so much.
  13. Capeguy


    Then do not watch. That simple.
  14. Capeguy

    Current guests

    zzakary: Not sure what you complaint is. There have been lots of occasions where someone comes to pet/apt sit and have never done anything on cam or have done it in a bathroom without a cam. I would not have a requirement that a one-timer be required to do stuff on cam. We have also had folks come on to watch the apt/pet and go all out to impress us with their sexual prowess; such as when Lana and Robert did so at Nelly and Bogdan's. That was obviously an RLC audition and the landed an apartment. Same with Anabel and Efim while at Nelly and Bogdan's(much to many viewers regrets). Also Dick and Jane with Masha and Sasha. I have no problem with someone who does not want to be an audition person not showing all while there. I do have a problem with the number of vacations some of the tenants take, especially those who do nothing while they are home (can you say K&K&K). There are lots of things to bitch about with RLC but I do not consider this one of them.
  15. Capeguy

    Celebrity F**k?

    I think a certain major league baseball pitcher has her pretty well locked up! Lucky bastard.