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  1. Simply amazed every day when I read the CHAT and FORUM stuff. This sucks; they are all on drugs; they are all on booze; it is all fake; RLC will fail and more of the same. If it is such a piece of crap what the hell are any of you whiners even doing here? And if it is so bad then why do you ever watch it? As boring as it is to pop in on RLC from time to time, it is even worse coming here to read the same old BS every day.
  2. I always love how everyone wants to girls to be more real, natural and themselves. If all these tenants were 'themselves' no one would watch them, all those here on RLCF would bitch because they were boring and useless. What people really want is someone who conforms to their idea of what the tenants should be like.
  3. You have faith the members will design proper controls. There used to be proper controls when there were moderators and those on chat would also tell those who were breaking the rules to stop. Why were the moderators eliminated? The members were never really told why: did they all quit from their volunteer positions; were they forced out; were they part of the problem? No clue. And you will want the chat members to vote on a warning? Maybe it is time to leave when the only suggestion is to make a second copy which will end up the same way. And I joined RLCF because there were some good folks on here; even the occasional lady but that is long gone. All who enjoyed chatting about other topics do not come on any more because, frankly, we do not want to chat with those who tie up the conversations.
  4. Not a member any more but: it would be really great if RLC would post something about what happened, why it happened and what their plans are instead of just dropping all those apartments and NOTHING!!!
  5. Please stop this incessant request for a new chat! If you had a second one the same folks on the current one will go over there and be on both so what will that accomplish? NOTHING! If you do not like the chat here are some choices: do not get on; say what you want and if someone tries to smack you upside the head for what you said, smack back; create your own website and limit who can get on and what they can say.
  6. Amazing. Ignore this place for a few months, come back on and find all the Russian places are gone, RLC has made most places for subscribers only and dropped the price and included REPLAY, but the chat is still the same crap as it has been for some time. OVER AND OVER AND OVER about 1 or 2 places in Barcelona. And people wonder why most of those who were on before no longer get on Chat. So sad. Hope they enjoy themselves.
  7. Gee, you go away for a week and poof! Maybe Tim can sell them all the assets he acquired for doing his site in the UK?
  8. I used to subscribe but stopped a few months ago. However, I have never had any sympathy for the complaints of those who feel it is their 'right' to see the apartments for free. If you feel that way do you think you should be able to go to a restaurant and get a free meal to see how their food tastes? If you want to change jobs do you think you should offer your services for free during a trial period so your prospective new employer can get an idea of your qualifications? RLC has the goal of making a profit; and they should be able to proceed in whatever way they want to do so. If we all think that is a dumb way, so be it; but it is not our money invested in their enterprise. If you subscribe and do not like the site, stop subscribing.
  9. Hello to you Marga. Hope all is well with you.
  10. I guess if you think this is what happens, which I think is BS, then it only reflects society in general.
  11. I find it totally hilarious that Kristy has turned into such a sex babe. Doggy collar, oral sex and face shots. Dang. And then to just wipe off her face and come out into the kitchen with her man and chat with Alana. Now that is what I call nonchalant. Go girl.
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