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  1. I guess if you think this is what happens, which I think is BS, then it only reflects society in general.
  2. I find it totally hilarious that Kristy has turned into such a sex babe. Doggy collar, oral sex and face shots. Dang. And then to just wipe off her face and come out into the kitchen with her man and chat with Alana. Now that is what I call nonchalant. Go girl.
  3. What I find f***ing amazing here is just how many posts there are on this page! Every culture probably has some form of this adage: 'I do not care whether you say good things or bad things about me, as long as you are talking about me'! For an apartment this is very true and with there being 100 pages of comments, which is almost twice its nearest rival, you are showing RLC that this is indeed a place to keep because you talk about it! And although everyone says it is ridiculous, boring, scripted, and so on; all the complainers, who say they never watch it, seem to know exactly what is going on. If you want them to go away, STOP WRITING ABOUT THEM!
  4. Very true. Unless you want to hear who does not like who and why, when the girls went out and left someone home or must have gone to a club as a hooker then chat a lot of the time is a wasteland of nothing.
  5. Having the other 2 girls in with Kristy has made a difference. Friends come over, Mara actually cooks and bakes, they laugh. Almost like real life.
  6. I remember when I first saw her and the other Angels. She was running around in a striped bikini and dancing. One hot young lady then and seems to be bearing that out. Such a cutie and she cooks!
  7. Well, it would appear Tim took everyone who invested to the proverbial cleaners. I certainly hope he enjoyed the funds he acquired; maybe on vacation with Kami.
  8. The whole thing is just like insanity; doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. You keep bringing in girls who are all from the same area, from the same agencies (assuming you believe what has been said over the years), friends of the same people and somehow expect them to behave differently. Same when you have the bulk of the apartments in cities (St. Petersburg; Moscow, Prague, Krasnoyarsk) with the same basic culture. All the same. No surprise they all behave the same. Unless RLC expands into different cities for the couples and get the girls from different countries there will be no changes.
  9. Without a doubt the rudest, most insensitive thing I have ever seen. You should be ashamed.
  10. Frankly, I would not miss Kaley or Kami; they are on vacation way too often and you could walk to downtown Moscow and find 100 women who would take that apartment and lay around in their underwear. There is really nothing special about them. No friends come to visit them; only Kristy. No more parties. They just sit around and do nothing, if they are even there when not on vacation.
  11. Tibor looks like a freaking idiot. They may be real but he just rubs me the wrong way.
  12. Adios, farewell. Do not let the door hit you in the butt on your way out.
  13. It was actually fun to watch this place while Kami and Kaley were gone. Kristy went nuts and her friends were great to watch. With all the time Kami and Kaley spend on their beds or the couch, I am surprised they have not brought in 2 bedpans so they would not have to get up and go to the restroom. Their time is long past and RLC should move them on to a permanent vacation.
  14. Lots of folks on chat have commented that there is no living room in this apartment and so RLC must be a bunch of cheap pricks. In the US I would call this an 'efficiency' apartment where that room is the living/bed room. The couch makes out into a large bed so it is a dual use room. Just means your friends cannot party once you want to go to bed.
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