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  1. Membership Policy Change

    I was formally a Hero Member and really enjoyed the Gallery unfortunately my job called me away for good long while and while I was away the new rules went into affect and when I came back I lost my Hero Membership so I bit the bullet and Paid for the Membership. So now that I am a paid member I try to go thru the Gallery and there is not Crap there anymore. What happened to all the pictures and videos that were there before?? So now I am wondering what the Hell am I getting for my paid membership? Am I missing something in relation to the Gallery?? and not to mention just going back thru some of the old posts in the Forum nearly Half or more of the pictures have been taken down as well. What is Going on with this Site???
  2. Fan Page Lana & Robert

    Thanks @StnCld316 for the information. I will look forward to your success.
  3. Fan Page Lana & Robert

    Why is it that I am not able to view your *.png file?? The same thing is happening with other peoples *.jpg files. I have paid my membership so I am pretty srue that is not the reason.