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  1. Harry1949

    Fan Page Jasmin & Jim

    TBird97, woops, almost lost your Canadianism there pal! We are the polite ones, remember? LOL
  2. Welcome back Megan. You and I were both newbies on your previous stay but I enjoyed your presence.
  3. Hillbilly I join you. ana has left too soon, others should have gone. But hopefully she will be back. Enjoy whatever happens next in your life Ana.
  4. Agree. RLC should move GP girls with b's to Couples VaCa for their stay.
  5. Harry1949

    Fan Page Yulia and Ivan

    Yes, and it is such a big apt. Wonder if they will recruit a 2nd couple. Welcome folks and we do hope you are entertaining.
  6. She takes her showers in the open, thnks Ksusha. Nice looking gal.
  7. Harry1949

    Fan Page Eva and Sam

    Well, I guess Sam does not want to be alone. Quite the sessions with the girl from the first 3some, who we are now calling Tatoo Girl til some better name comes along.
  8. Harry1949

    Red screen warning?

    A ittle I've got that red screen on occasion. I simply close the screen and reopen and it is gone.
  9. Harry1949

    Nina and Kira Fan Page

    I think the RLC Observer is asleep at the wheel. That have been gone for how many days now????
  10. Harry1949

    Delay between cameras

    I;m on west coast of canada. my problem is frames freezing. I think it migh happen when a whole lot of users are on one Cam and it slows everything down. Annoying.
  11. Yes, we call it Girls Palace but there have been several men living there off and on for the past few months so we should probably change the name! But welcome. Looking forward to your stay Elly.
  12. Harry1949

    tech help

    That certainly is Irma in all her glory! Thanks StnCld316. That appears to have helped. I am also trying to move a bunch of stuff off the computer which might assist as well.
  13. Harry1949


    Speculation in the moment, I think is not unreasonable ie you see an interaction on the screen, say when Nic and Estelle got into their phsyical altercation. We don't speak the language but sometimes we can 'speculate' as to what has happened to lead up to it. Or the closing of an apt. Otherwise perhaps 'speculation' should be mainly exchanged in the appropriate Forum for that person or persons. Just a thought.
  14. Harry1949

    Desiree and Raul Fan Page

    I do enjoy seeing Desi bating, especially in bed where the Cam angles are better.
  15. Harry1949

    tech help

    Today, June 7th I have been having difficulty with my screens either being black with 3 flashing white dots or white with a message saying screen timed out. Anyone have suggestions on what I need to do? It happens on both my computer and on my tablet.