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  1. Harry1949

    Fan Page Irma

    Bye my sweet Irma. Sorry i missed your departure. You remain one of a kind. Mature, kind, funloving and beautiful in so many ways. Enjoy life and i hope to see you somewhere in the future.
  2. Harry1949

    The Chat Room!!

    Well, I for one, do enjoy the Chat room. I find there are a range of things discussed and I especially enjoy when nothing is happening in RLC World. There is a whole range of topics discuss and I find that I can comment on my favourite tenant apts or when Irma is back, and there are lots who discuss things with me. Perhaps because I am older, I have lower expectations than some. I also find some of what is relayed from the Girls social media sites interesting. Certainly on CC when Kitek comments on his translations of what the girls are up to, everyone over there welcomes it. I try to welcome all points of view, especially those who agree with me! LOL
  3. Bridget, thank you very much for your stay at Barcelona. I do hope you return. You were fun and adventuress. You will be missed. Best of fortune to you in whatever you do in the future.
  4. Harry1949

    RLC Apartment Poll

    A very good addition, thank you.
  5. Sandra, welome to RLC Land. If your opening bath scene with Lily becomes your standard, it will be an enjoyable stay for us voyeurs!
  6. Welcome Lily. If your bath scene with Sandra was anything to go by, yours should be an enjoyable stay for us, the voyeurs!
  7. Harry1949

    FUN FACTS about Nina & Kira

    Oh, the horror, the horror!
  8. Harry1949

    Fan Page Irma

    Not quite sure I would describe Irma as a Professor, more of a Doctor. She comes in to fix up what has gone wrong with the Barcelona apts. She does a good job with her gentle, through and polite way. Plus she is sexy as hell.
  9. Harry1949

    Fan Page Karol

    Karol, thank you for sharing 3 days of your boy friend with us. Clearly he likes and cares for you and he does his share of the cooking and cleaning. A treat given most of what we see. I have read that you have said, only girls 'get you off', so it will be interesting to see what develops after he leaves. And a big thank you to Irma and Danaya for putting up with Girls Palace so you could have your time alone.
  10. Harry1949

    Nina and Kira Fan Page

    Well I am waiting, tic toc, tic toc. LOL
  11. Harry1949


    Not to be too crass about it, but don't we all? Though for some of us it is a little late in life! LOL
  12. Harry1949

    Fan Page Danaya

    I çan not agree more. Irma Karol and Danaya have raised the standard in Barcelona. Thank goodness.
  13. Harry1949

    Fan Page Danaya

    Yes, they are and I agree with your comment re Meghan. I think Karol might be out with Val or Dal (which ever one of the B2 girls that slept with Karol the other night. I always enjoy seeing Irma but I think that Irma, Danaya and Karol have really brought a changed atmosphere to Barcelona with them on this Tour. Should be a very pleasant couple of months.
  14. Harry1949


    Oh, other than Irma on her present 4th Tour, who else has done a 4th Tour?
  15. Harry1949

    RLC FIGHT CLUB (male)

    I agree. I've watched The Bog spare which he does at the apt several times a year. He is good.