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  1. Fan Page Angie

    Angie has the kind of body that I like but I wish she would get more comfortable with being on Cam. I simply do not understand how she does not understand what being on RLC is all about. Angie needs to bring home a guy or gal that she really hungers for and fuck their brains out. Want to see those tits bouncing in the breeze.
  2. Nina and Kira Fan Page

    And the reason we haven't had a newsletter in over 3 months is nobody really works at RLC anymore. It is run by Russian robots.
  3. are you recording masha and dasha ...please 


    1. Harry1949


      I think I got some of it.  Unfortunately my computer is in the 2nd bedroom which the spouse also uses.  Normally I often have to set in on Auto Record and I get what I get.  I'll check with the room is free.

    2. Harry1949


      Oh, I got it so I'm uploading to Dropbox.  Will take a bit but I'll have it off to you as soon as it is uploaded.  By the way, you should find Magnify in your settings on your computer or tablet.  I spyglass will come up that allows you to magnify the screen.  Some of the Chatters that live alone have RLC hooked up to their tv screens for a full picture. 

    3. thetwatwatcher
  4. Masha, Sasha, Dasha Threesome.

    Damn, sorry I missed that but we on the west coast have to sleep at some point! So I guess this is a new variation on the traditional 3 some. Doing them one at a time.
  5. Adults Only.

    Damn, mikeusa, you have a fine portfolio that you can resort to! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Best Penis

    Even though I am a hetrosexual male, I have to agree with you there. I hope that when I come back on my next Tour, I come back as someone like The Bog!
  7. Live thumbnail previews out of sequence

    Yes, I've noticed here on the West Coast of North America, a number of screens have been blank or black off and on today, April 14th. RLC probably should be investing some funds in systems/Cams upgrades.
  8. Maya Fan Page

    Now that is braver than I would be but what do they do about the dog??
  9. Desiree and Raul Fan Page

    yes she has
  10. Nina and Kira Fan Page

    RLC NEEDS to relocate the Cams if living room to remain like this.
  11. Fan Page Glasha

    Yes glasha was juggling two of them 12 hrs ago!
  12. Desiree and Raul Fan Page

    Z man, I do not blame you. I would love to suckle at those breasts myself! Raul is a fool.
  13. The Chat Room!!

    Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. And I think many of us do chat about other apts ie M/S/D, Dick and Jane, Linda/Tibor, Chloe/Tyler to mention just a few that I almost comment on every day.
  14. Fan Page for Martina & Alberto

    And with Fima returning to RLC with Elisa at Couples VaCa, compared with Alberto, Alberto appears downright handsome!
  15. Perhaps things will get off, so to speak, to a faster start with Cerena. Does not appear to be shy.