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  1. PoeBoy, re the pictures and videos, Real Life Cam decided about 18 months ago that RLCF and CC members posting videos, etc from RLC had gotten out of hand. Too much was ending up on porn sites. RLC got injunctions against RLCF and CC that shut them down until they agreed to remove all the RLC photos and videos from their sites. There was the threat if RLCF and CC did not keep the postings under control, RLC would go to whomever governs these things and get RLC and CC closed down on a permanent basis. That is what I recall of the dispute.
  2. Welcome Cherry. Looking forward to your stay. You have large cups to fill in taking Damira's place! 😉
  3. Goodbye Damira, you were a real treat on RLC. Looked forwarded to whatever and whomever you were doing. You will be missed. Wish you good fortune in all that you go to and hope to see you back one day.
  4. Welcome back Leora, I am glad you found your way to the former Donna/Steve apt. I simply hope that you have left the dog (the real one and Paul) behind you. Look forward to whatever you add to the Project. I believe you are located in Prague now. At least that brings you an hour or two closer to the west coast!
  5. Yanai has stamina that would put Sasha and Dick to shame! that guy is a human piston when he gets going! 😊
  6. Well I guess bringing your bf to town, then have him give the middle finger to the RLC subscribers and tell us "I'll fuck your mother's" is a bridge just a little too far for the owners of RLC! Good luck Karla, wherever you end up. And I would get rid of that loser bf and get someone who doesn't need to put his shirt over his head when he fucks you on cam as that is what you are doing to try to earn a living!
  7. Tom and Roza, welcome and looking forward to an entertaining stay.
  8. Welcome Damira to your own half room! LOL Count on RLC to try and skimp on saving $ by double bunking girls in a bedroom built for one, with enough room for a gal to have some fun in with a playmate of their choosing. Have enjoyed your first few days while RLC moved you around trying to find a home for you. Looking forward to an entertaining summer with you.
  9. Well, Inna is outta, now! LOL. I do not think I even ever saw her in the 3 days she was supposed to be here. From others I heard that she would come home, change clothes and then be off again. Inna, should you ever return, be sure to have RLC give you a 'new' name, otherwise Chatters/viewers will avoid you.
  10. Looks like Diva is packing. Moving to another apartment or is her Tour done shortly?
  11. Well another night of smoking, dancing and kissing. I must say, the brief glimpse you got when the girl friend changed into her night tshirt, she has a rack! LOL Another interesting drama to follow.
  12. Well I will miss the Kitty Fits, they were fun to watch. And the Fits lasted a lot longer than Smith could keep his dick hard. Best of fortune Kitty.
  13. Your Darkness, could not agree with you more! I think Belle's presence will really brighten up things on RLC.
  14. Worthy of Edgar Allen Poe, but I like to watch Salma weave her spells! LOL
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