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  1. I really enjoyed Gina this Tour and her highjinks with the Twins. Clearly they have lots of fun together. They are all young and relatively carefree so they should enjoy life to the fullest. They come from an area of Europe that is not well off, not certain what their education leads them too, but they are attractive and fun to watch. Time enough to settle down and become retail drones like so many others! Travel safe Gina and hope to see you on a future Tour.
  2. Yes, not able to access from the West Coast of Canada either.
  3. Well CowArt, I do hope you will post the occasional tenant changes (especially noting Returnees). I too will miss L & M. They are truly a delight. And you never know when they might be back! Hope springs eternal in the human breast!
  4. Has not been working since 10am PAT at least. Did not realize one could still access this! Thanks.
  5. Alberto and Martina are married. It was hilarious when word got to their Village that they were living 'on cam'. Mom and Dad came to visit. Dad clearly is not a fan of Alberto. Mom peered into each cam in every room. Not certain what she hoped to see? Little men running around in the background. At the end of the 3 day visit they said to Martina 'well you know what is best' and 'at least keep it out of the living room"! That was about two years ago. A & M followed that restriction for about six months! I don't speak Spanish but a friend on RLCF who does and really likes their apt translated for me.
  6. Ed2 re Nick, I could not agree more. There is something deeply disturbing about Nick.
  7. CowArt, thanks for the update. You would actually think that this is something RLC would put in a Newsletter, if they produced Newsletters and longer. That way long term RLC subscribers would be able to go back and reference old vids they had made.
  8. I am with Jugghead and Vampire. A "man sees what he wants to see and disregards the rest". I am willing to let others see what they want to see and leave it at that. Certainly I see what I want to see and most of that is just fun!
  9. So is that Dasha and Sasha asleep on the couch at M/S/D? They did come home this evening? Hmmmm. Guess I need to read Cam Caps more often LOL. More accurate than the sooth-sayers on here! LOL
  10. Ok so over on CamCaps they are reporting the young lady visitor's name is Dina, that Masha, Dina and the Italian boys went to a concert together last night, and that Dasha and Sasha will be home sometime on Feb 25th from their little vaca. Don't know how correct this all is, but I do have to say, that on the whole, Cam Caps does appear to have more participants that speak the languages of the tenants on RLC.
  11. I concur, regarding Leora catering to her audience (me included), though I do like many of the tenanted apts as well.
  12. I, for one, was greatly entertained by Masha's antics last night. One would have thought she got the pounding of her life. Then an hour or so later she has to jill herself off to get to sleep! LOL Nice to see her art work on the wall in the bedroom. Let's see what the next chapter in the story brings.
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