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  1. Sam Cuddly

    Who is your favorite Cam Girl?

    I do really respect people that do things like that. Can you tell us who she is now?
  2. Sam Cuddly

    Who is your favorite Cam Girl?

    She is in my list of women I watch for. I don't know where she is in California but there is a chance I will pass by her some day.
  3. Sam Cuddly

    Who is your favorite Cam Girl?

    I have no money to pay any of those wonderful women but I found one that I think deserves more attention than she is getting. See Chaterbate woman katerinarusskaya. She is a Russian readhead and very pretty and sexy. If big tits are a necessity then don't bother looking but otherwise she looks wonderful.
  4. Sam Cuddly

    Gia & Anthony

    And they are gone again. And they are back again.
  5. Sam Cuddly

    Gia & Anthony

    I think they did not return until now, at least two months later. The timezone is -8 and that is consistent with Las Vegas.
  6. Hi Sam,

    Good to see someone else has an interest in Astrology.

    Not sure that Pisces has any particular association with sexy women though.   How does that work?

    1. Sam Cuddly

      Sam Cuddly

      First, I realize that we cannot trust any of the profile information. A woman might say her birthday is totally different from what it is.

      Also, I don't believe that the planets influence us the way that Astrology says they do. However Astrology does seem to influence us, somehow.

      The definition of sexy is vague. I think that people use the term too much. The term is highly relevant to Chaterbate but I think there is more to what is appealing than sex. A woman's personality can influence how attractive she is in many ways.

      It depends on the people. In this case, the man and the woman. Perhaps if I knew both the man and the woman then I could explain why the man is attracted to the woman. I don't but I can suggest the possibility. That is all that I am saying; that perhaps her Astrological Sun sign is an influence. I am suggesting it in case it helps an understanding. The comment I believe is that it was not clear why she is attractive. I am suggesting that it might be worthwhile to notice if other appealing women are Pisces. I doubt that that is an influence always but it might make a difference sometimes. Scorpio people do have a reputation for being sexy and that does seem to be true. A Pisces woman is not likely to be sexy in the manner that a Scorpio woman is but there are other things about Pisces women that can make them very desirable.

  7. Sam Cuddly


    She is a Pisces. That probably is part of why she is enjoyable.
  8. Sam Cuddly

    Chaturbate Tokens.

    I will certainly enjoy seeing you but I assume you won't tell us how to do that. If you or anyone else can share tips on how to find women that just want to have fun then that would be nice. I can't afford to purchase tokens and I feel guilty about looking at women when they are not at least getting something from someone.
  9. Sam Cuddly

    Ruby & Calvin

    Have they moved into (and replaced) Monica & Dan and Selma?
  10. Sam Cuddly

    Monica & Dan, Selma

    Are they gone? Apparently Ruby and Calvin have moved into their place..
  11. Sam Cuddly


    Version 1.0.0


    Nothing much here. This is from Mary's new apartment in Voyeur House TV. I can't figure out what that thing is going across the room in the right side. I don't understand why this is not displaying.


  12. Sam Cuddly

    Ruby & Calvin

    In the case of Gerorge and Serena in RealLifeCam members often say he seems to be taking advantage of being the landlord. If that principle applies here then I don't like that. Since I don't pay, the management I am sure don't care what I think but I am expressing my opinion. If however the women are spending time with the guy because there truly is an attraction, even if they are confused about what to be attracted to, then that is different.
  13. Sam Cuddly

    Mira & Henry

    I really understand all that. I will keep that in mind when I am reading posts.
  14. Sam Cuddly

    Ruby & Calvin

    That guy is a jerk. I don't understand why the women are giving themselves to him. About an hour before the preceding picture, the guy was whipping the women. Yes, whipping them while laughing. The other woman (not Ruby) left the room. Ruby finally got him to stop, but it was not easy. Later the women were talking with each other and ignored him playing with his cock. Finally Ruby told him to lay down and do nothing; she wanted to be nice to him. He refused to behave, he just absolutely would not behave. He is a big jerk. I don't know what he did to get what he is getting but it is not love.
  15. Sam Cuddly

    Mira & Henry

    There has not been much posted here recently and not much this year. I have read all the posts and I have seen nothing about smoking. I think that every time I have seen Mira naked in the Loggia she has been smoking and she really sucks on the smoke. I don't like smoking and I sure don't like seeing her smoke and I especially don't like seeing her smoking so much. Yet the only time I see her naked or topless is when she is sucking hard on a cigarette. It is certainly not good for her health.