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  1. Let us not forget about Julia's sexy pussy, my personal favorite.
  2. I actually would like to see more guys enjoying themselves on cam. Because we rarely have, I just assumed the guys were told not to when they get hired
  3. yes please! If one doesn't want to watch they certainly don't have to. A certain percentage of the population is gay/bi. If this is supposed to reflect reality then it only makes sense to include them.
  4. I haven't seen them yet, but it looks like N & K are back. The little airplane is gone next to their names. Was there a reaction to the tornado that hit their apartment? I feel so bad for them. It's like returning from a vacation to find out your were robbed. Violated
  5. This is the first time I have ever seen a capture of one of the guys jerking off. come to think about it, I have never seen any of the guys doing it live either. wonder why that is....shit we all do it, all the time
  6. impossible. love the skinny girls
  7. short sighted is exactly what it is
  8. Thank you so much! I must admit it did made me feel old, I never knew that
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