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  1. Has anyone else noticed that now Leora occasionally looks directly into the camera while bating? The first time I noticed it I thought it was just a coincidence, but it seems to be happening more and more. I love the new & improved Leora!!
  2. RoadRage

    i miss Paul

    Im sure there are plenty of other places online where you can find a man picking his nose while ignoring a beautiful woman
  3. It is now 6am Wednesday morning and it appears that Leora is searching her apartment looking for the origin of a strange sound. Whoever put their own camera and/or bugging device in her new place, you've been busted lol
  4. Another theory would be that Paul and Leora were never married in the first place, and they were just an actress and an actor put together by RLC because at the time they were only taking in "couples".
  5. .......aaaaand here we are, 5 months later, and nothing has changed. Any time that it seems that Leora might "start up", Paul walks into the picture and ruins the chance. Of course there are a few occasions when Paul isn't home. It's then that Leora decides to clean the apartment. I WAS a long time premium subscriber just so I could catch Leora at every possible angle because she used to bate just about twice a week. I cancelled when Paul was home all the time so she never had a chance. Help Leora pay the rent and help RLC make a little more money, Paul. Find somewhere else to be.
  6. I don't know if this is old news or not, but I am looking at Leora right now and I see that she has shaved off the "landing strip". I agree with rayjay6..... I liked the strip. Anyone else have a preference on Leora? Landing strip or shaved?
  7. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You CowArt. I had gone to almost every Chrome advisory website that I could find to get a work-around for always having to click on that "permission slip". Finally I thought to myself "If I have to do it on RLC I'm sure everyone else does too. Maybe someone in the Forums has an answer", and I found this within seconds!
  8. I gotta tell ya I miss the days of Leora waking up at midnight ( NY time ) , having some coffee, taking a shower, then sitting down in the guest room with her phone or laptop and masturbating. Although it's not as often as I'd like, now every time that I visit their apartment Paul is there. Very disappointing.
  9. I agree. At first I thought maybe he had a week vacation, but he is home now too ( their Monday evening ). With Leora being one of the main draws to RLC, I believe they will see quite a drop in viewers if he continues to stay home.
  10. LOL I'm really glad that I've never seen any of the guys do it, but I almost wish there were more so we could see how many more euphemisms StnCld can come up with for "doing the deed"
  11. Well I feel stupid now. When I saw the title "RLC Bums" I thought it was going to be a complaint department about the male tenants who just lie around and don't do shit lol
  12. Breaking the 4th wall is film jargon for when the actors look at & talk to the camera. I'm thinking that with all these cameras around them in every room 24/7, there must have been at least a few times where the tenants either accidentally or purposefully looked directly at or talked to one of the cameras. I think I can remember near their end both Carla & Mario did it. Has anyone else?
  13. I don't understand why they complain about not enough free rooms either. That's like complaining about the price of the cow, when someone is giving away free cartons of milk nearby. I can go to any number of free porn sites and type "reallifecam" into the Search area and see at least a few videos, if not more depending on the site. Hell try it with just "Leora" (easily RLC's biggest star) and you can find almost all of her most popular scenes. I can think of at least 2 sites that have any of the RLC action posted within a couple of days. Sure if it takes place in a restricted room you don't get to see it as it happens, but the same can be said for action in the free rooms. Who the hell is glued to their monitor 24/7 watching RLC?
  14. I actually see that quite often. It's quite a letdown when I see Leora sitting in the GR, looking all hot, flipping through her phone, and then I see Paul in the living room so I know Leora probably won't "start anything".
  15. I am SO thrilled to see in hotwal's video that Leora is using a toy. Not that I don't love to watch her finger herself, but I've always wanted to somehow sneak over to their apartment and drop off a big fat dildo for her to use
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